Monday, July 31, 2017


Lance Mountain Lance Mountain draw inspiration from past experience and design a unique look for this release of Nike SB x Jordan I.

Initially Air Jordan I is specifically for the emerging edge of the basketball star to create high-performance basketball shoes, but unexpectedly to promote the skateboard culture innovation. Air Jordan I has so far more than thirty years of history, but still one of the most famous skateboard shoes. In order to commemorate this history, Nike SB and Jordan Brand co-launched by the skateboard legend Lance Mountain designed Nike SB x Air Jordan I, which is the two sides following the previous and multimedia Artist Craig Stecyk (Craig Stecyk) after the cooperation, once again launched Nike SB x Air Jordan I shoes.

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Skiers are always trying to redefine the surrounding environment, such as the idle swimming pool into their skateboarding paradise, the large pipe as a meeting point, the challenge is not suitable for skateboard terrain experience to conquer the fun, so the basketball shoes become slippers Choice is also not surprising. Air Jordan I and ankle high to help design, protective pad, Nike Air technology and strong wear-resistant high-quality leather can cope with severe landing and provide scratch-board performance, just to meet the skateboarding needs.

In the 1970s, a slippery circle centered on Craig Stecyk was formed in Santa Monica, and later Lance Mountain was born out of Pasadena, became the representative of the time; Stecyk was even a mountain skateboard Draw the pattern. In 1987, Mountain in a skateboarding film in the emergence of a great concern, the global audience will be the eyes gathered in his feet, of course, he also control the ultra-large skateboarding superb technology. In the film, Mountain left wearing a sapphire AJI, and his right foot wearing a white / light blue AJI - this contrast is the classic style of the skater. And deliberately asymmetrical wear method has become a skateboard shoes in the history of a peak moment.

Mountain is not Air Jordan I only unofficial spokesperson, many legendary skaters are wearing this shoe and feel proud. Some put on the most classic of the Chicago color, and some in the shoes to draw iconic patterns and printing to highlight the personal characteristics, as well as the exchange of shoelaces to show the contrast effect. Later, many skateboard shoes are designed to Air Jordan I inspiration, using a non-traditional color.

The skater of that era will mix and match different shoes to extend the Jordan shoes wearing time, Mountain's design is very realistic to show this history. In order to make the appearance consistent, they will brush each pair of shoes on the color. Lance Mountain design two Nike SB x AJI reproduce this scene, in the same shoe with a black / red and black / sapphire so inconsistent color, and then use black or white to cover these colors, showing the feeling of DIY. With the wear of the shoes, the outer coating of the colors continue to fall off, revealing the bottom of the color, for the wearer to bring a different style. Finally, Mountain still put a hand-painted text on the insoles "Paint shoes not walls" (brush shoes instead of brush the wall), his design was originally revealed.

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