Saturday, July 8, 2017

NewBalanceM991 with M993

Was born in 2001 is a pair of fusion of high-tech and fashion elements of the innovative design of running shoes. Following the development of C-CAP and ENCAP, New Balance in 1992 after the main and patented cushioning material ABZORB was born. The ABZORB material made from foamed polyester, in addition to being lighter and weary than the C-CAP EVA foam rubber, effectively disperses the cushioning force at the same time as the main selling point, reducing the impact of walking or running Force, ABZORB research immediately after the New Balance attention, first used in the M998 who received a burst of praise, in 2001 at the time ABZORB technology has been very skilled, upgrade the ABZORB system, in the heel and forefoot pad position design Group and with other systems C-CAP, ENCAP injection, was the name of the President running shoes among the M991, creating a new brand of cushioning technology. In addition to the technology in the flash point, the materials used in the shoes are also very particular about imitation crocodile skin blessing the whole pair of shoes low-key and luxury.

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For this pair of shoes to give us the greatest impression is not its technology is not its material, but the father of Apple Steve Jobs, October 5, 2011 for the apple powder is a bad news. And he left us a lot of memories, which the feet of the pair of gray New Balance M991, M992, especially deep. After 992 and 993 design is also inspired by 991, as their benchmark.
2008 ABZORB-DTS shock absorber system with the M993 king return, 2009 is unprecedented in the introduction of the collection version of the M993, limited edition of 2009 sets, to pay tribute to the leaders.

M993 low-key appearance, rich content for a variety of collocation. With New Balance a number of top technology ABZORB, N-durance, Blown rubber support, called armed to the teeth. To anti-fur as the main material, light and breathable. Smooth lines, with breathable mesh with suede upper, dry and comfortable. The lining of the suede material is like a good fit for the second layer of skin and feet. 3M anti-decorated trim, in the low visibility when given security protection. Toe within the application of the supporting material, so that the toe part of the better fixed support. N-durance super carbon rubber wear outsole solid and durable, comparable to the US tank car track material.

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