Thursday, July 6, 2017

Crocs Around the World

Founded in 2002, the United States fashion leisure brand Crocs in this year ushered in its 10th anniversary celebration, for which the Crocs specially launched the 10th anniversary of the special models - classic card Luo Siqi (Crocskin), Crocs classic Keluo Ge modeling to its 10 years "go comfortable, wear out the tide" of the history of tribute. At the same time Crocs also launched the "Crocs Around the World" and a series of 10 anniversary celebration, inviting the world's card honey together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Crocs this event. Rich in color, with style design, as well as in the material on the constant innovation, from the initial hole shoes, has been developed to now have 300 models of well-known fashion leisure brand, Crocs really meet the family to meet the fashion Demand, in every day, every occasion can lead you to experience "go comfortable, piercing the tide" of fun.

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Crocs has been available since its unprecedented unique design, creating a new era of casual shoes. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the year, Crocs will be the classic design into a new design elements re-interpretation of the launch of the CrocsTM 10 anniversary of the special section of the classic card Luo Siqi (Crocskin), its inspiration from the Crocs classic grams of Luo series, plus On the pure hand-painted full of power sense of the crocodile leather upper, each side is unique ingenuity design.

Continued Crocs shoes comfortable and lightweight features, this section CrocsTM 10 anniversary special classic card Luo Siqi also uses Crocs unique CrosliteTM material, ergonomic design, secure feet support, excellent breathable performance, and super Of the grip, plus up to 5 kinds of colors with, so you can enjoy anytime, anywhere wonderful wonderful comfortable wearing experience. This special section also introduced the same crocodile skin surface design Iphone and Ipod shell configuration, let you free to play the trend of fashion.

In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Crocs not only launched a special section of the classic card Luo Siqi, the classic shoe legend again deduction, and from May 29 onwards, Crocs also opened a global range of "Crocs Around theWorld" 10 anniversary series celebration Activities, inviting the world of Camry together to share the wonderful story with Crocs, and Crocs with the taste of 10 years of growth.

Just as Cross's chief marketing officer Andrew Davison said, "We have been working on providing our customers with comfortable, high-quality shoes," he said, "from the original hole shoes to the well-known fashion and leisure brands that now have over 300 styles. In the future, we hope to continue to grow, and has been like Crocs shoes people together to meet the Crocs more milestone development.

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