Saturday, July 1, 2017

Nike Clash football shoes

In Poland and Ukraine held the European Cup has entered the countdown stage, this summer's summer feast banquet is about to open, Nike launched Nike Clash boots series. Including Christie Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Wayne Rooney and Gerard Pique, including the world's top players will wear this war boots on the European Cup stage for the fans Show dazzling style and football skills.

Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII, CTR360Maestri II, T90 Laser IV and Tiempo Legend IV four boots are eye-catching colors (that is, with the traditional white with another eye-catching color) eye-catching, each war can In the pitch on the shine

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The series boots will debut on May 19 in the Champions League final in Munich. Then in Poland and Ukraine to fight the European Cup of many national team players will also wear this boots.

Nike Clash series for different styles of players to provide high-performance boots. Each of the boots are selected with a unique color with a white soles, highlighting the personality at the same time, but also reflects the entire series of coordination philosophy. The selected colors convey the characteristics and style of each boot. Such as the sun red Mercurial Vapor VIII represents the explosive speed, blue glow of the CTR360 Maestri II on behalf of the control of the overall midfielder, fluorescent green T90 Laser IV on behalf of always waiting for lore shooter, and black Tiempo Legend IV It represents the ease of play the classic style.

"Great modern and young vibrant colors with traditional white can produce a very stunning and disruptive effect on the pitch," said Andrew Kane, director of global design for Nike Soccer Shoes. "Nike Clash is a high-end design The idea of ​​a strong color contrast represents the match we will see in this summer, and we meet this moment with a distinctive combination of colors.

Performance and innovation

Nike Clash series adhering to Nike's product design and innovation will never compromise the pursuit. The use of the latest lightweight materials, soles process and the upper structure of the boots, to meet today's technical content and physical requirements of the higher requirements of the game.
Redesigned boots, born for explosive power.

Will be innovative and fashion integration, with perfect comfort, touch and grip, so that the wearer easily win and become the key moment of the leader

Teijin Microfiber technology using the upper let the feet have a more delicate touch, the upper with suede design effect, enhanced ball and touch the ball

Ergonomic shoe last shoe to support the strength and stability to a new height, so that your feet more comfortable

The unique sole structure consists of two different glass fibers to improve the flexibility and reaction speed of the boots
Designed for midfield master design, allowing players to use accurate and creative pass to control the overall situation.

The front foot of the cushion on the side of the first foot to touch the ball more freely

For the ball and pass the design of the pad so that players more accurate transmission control

The asymmetric lace design extends the ball control area of ​​the boots

The soles are designed to help players accumulate energy, and blade-type spikes provide optimum friction and stability
The ultimate killer of the exclusive boots in an instant reversal of the overall situation.

Its weight is 20% lighter than the T90 Laser III, and the streamlined profile makes the boots more comfortable and comfortable

The foot of the foot of the foot of the shot area and the rotation area was redesigned, the ball when the ball is more natural to shoot more casual shot

Re-mold the spike to maximize the grip, and will not have additional pressure on the player's foot
Tradition and innovation, to create a classic boots

Strong, soft high-quality leather so that the wearer more comfortable, touch the ball and control more freely

Lightweight TPU soles combine strength and flexibility

The reshaped spike construction provides better grip

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