Friday, May 26, 2017

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Gathered in the Mizuno products, the need to taste the taste is often a rigorous brand culture. For this experience for more than a century of the brand, the heritage of the spirit of the brand at the same time to explore for the future breakthrough is wonderful. When Xiao Bian get this pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17 will find it out of the ordinary, dazzling color design really make people shines. In this eye-catching color arrangement, we can find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 has a detailed details of the final control, and Mizuno brand traditional running shoes contrast, open up a Mizuno Wave Rider 17 a world.
Experienced more than a century Mizuno brand, the core technology gathered in front of the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 on top. In the use of materials to maintain the current lightweight mainstream, lightweight body weight, delicate production process. In the wearing experience to give running enthusiasts, high-quality wear experience and strong performance support. Now the outdoor temperature has gradually close to the freezing point, Xiao Bian with this pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the winter, some fine articles.
Tighten the shoelaces, you can find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 uppers system feedback to the feet of the high comfort, delicate upper material with DynamotionFit vest technology, different from the general static uppers technology, throughout the shoes The face of DynamotionFit focuses on running shoes products in the course of exercise to play a role, able to close the wearer's feet. To achieve a perfect fit at the same time to create a harmonious and comfortable shoes inside the environment, a large area of ??mesh material throughout the shoe body, so that breathable performance to give full play to the upper side of the Mizuno Logo at the moment the use of more ingenious, its Material with a certain hardness with DynamotionFit vamps in the decoration at the same time to bring a good upper support.
Take a look at Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the end of science and technology, Mizuno brand will be gathered in the essence of this. After giving the feet of the feedback to the feet is a mature and stable. The new U4IC composite material has a higher than the previous ap + technology comfort, weight than the ap + 30 percent lighter. After the palm wave wave wave technology, with a relatively exaggerated upper color composition of a strong visual impact. Wave-like Wave Buffering Technology's ability to cushion has always been commendable. This use makes the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the middle of the height of a natural drop, the former high to low shape helps to correct the wearer's incorrect running posture, so that the body center of gravity naturally move forward.
With a commendable midsole cushioning performance, with the arch at the TPU using Mizuno Wave Rider 17 equipped with the SmoothRide gait system can be feet in the movement of the range to a minimum. The use of such a match to ensure that the wear in the course of the application of the feet can be in smooth contact with the ground. In addition, the use of X10 rubber outsole, compared with ordinary rubber, X10 rubber to more than 80 percent of ordinary rubber wear resistance, used in the main easy to wear parts greatly enhance the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 durability Sex.
Throughout the Mizuno Wave Rider 17, the exaggerated appearance of the scribe with the internal schedules proves itself. In addition to color, we still find it difficult to find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 publicity. This is also the Mizuno brand has always been the traditional low-key show to everyone rich in great strength of running shoes products.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gel Hyper33 2

A good running shoes not only need to have a strong performance, in appearance, people are increasingly the pursuit of dazzling design, today we evaluate the shoes asics Gel Hyper33 2 will meet our two needs, in order to meet the At the end of the New York Marathon event, this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 uses a standard "New York" color, dazzling blue orange color in the running shoes we are not common, and its practical performance is also the reason people love asics Gel Hyper33 2 reasons One, now, let us run up to see this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 can bring us what kind of surprise.
Asics Gel Hyper33 2 in terms of comfort is quite satisfactory, although the upper use of a large area of ​​synthetic materials, but this material is soft and hard moderate, and will not appear Ge foot phenomenon, tighten the shoelaces , Excellent package to make Xiao Bian on the asics Gel Hyper33 2 good doubled in the course of five kilometers of running, asics Gel Hyper33 2 breathability is also very satisfactory, the upper large area of ​​artificial mesh material with inside Layer of the mesh material, the foot movement can produce hot gas quickly discharged, while the outer layer of artificial materials can withstand the temperature of the external environment, so that the foot and the temperature isolation, and always keep the feet dry.
Asics Gel Hyper33 2 can only be said that the law is quite satisfactory, although equipped with asics of the trumpce cushioning technology GEL silicone cushioning technology, but because the area is small and hidden in the end, so Xiaobian did not feel too strong Of the flexibility, and the use of SOLYTE in the end of the technology to make up for the lack of shortcomings of this shortcomings, this strength and structure are different from the EVA material, lighter and more flexible, and GEL silicone with each other, slow Shock performance can be satisfactory, especially for those who like long-distance running friends, hard feet can avoid foot fatigue, in general, asics Gel Hyper33 2 cushioning performance, although those high-tech running shoes, but also Absolutely enough.
Speaking of support, Xiao Bian for this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 in the early has been holding a skeptical attitude, because we in this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 body, we can easily see the body of the support system, but on Feet, asics Gel Hyper33 2 support is not so weak, the design of the upper sub-regional so that all of these support bars hidden, only in the upper, toe and so the most critical force to enhance the position of support, this design not only reduced the The weight of the shoes, but also to ensure the performance of the whole pair of shoes support. Arches at the foot of the album asics Gel Hyper33 2 equipped with asics unique Propulsion Trusstic technology thermoplastic unit, in addition to play the appropriate arch support, Propulsion Trusstic can also produce heat generated by the movement and then quickly changed back to the original, so Can effectively speed up the forefoot of the pedal speed, the release of energy.
Xiaobian ran nearly five kilometers on the road and found that the outsole of the asies Gel Hyper33 2 did not show any signs of wear, thanks to AHAR + outsole rubber, which was more resistant to wear than traditional rubber Sex, even in the sharp as a knife-like asphalt pavement, you still do not have to worry about Asics Gel Hyper33 2 wear resistance, which also maximize the extension of the asics Gel Hyper33 2 service time.
Throughout this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2, although it does not use the new technology, but its practical performance will make you doubled its favor, and sometimes a pair of good running shoes need to wear on the feet run, perhaps asics Gel Hyper33 2 And no new technology to attract you, but as long as you choose it, you will never regret it.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Puma Fox.V2

As we used to live in the city, sometimes you may want to go outside, to feel the fresh air and beautiful scenery in recent years with the rise of cross-country running the sport, we also find a relax in the wild, the best, to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, run in the Woods and mountain, it must be a wonderful adventure.
Before the cross-country running, you need a pair of running shoes to protect feet outdoors to deal with rough pavement and complex environment, different from the traditional running shoes, cross country running shoes stability, grip and upper performance is highly demanding, today we take a look at this pair of Puma Fox.V2 is equal to our passion for trail running
Puma Fox.V2 of upper not out we by material, abandoned has traditional shoes of mesh material, used has big area of closed protection network cloth material, this material of breathable sex and comfortable sex although than mesh material as excellent, but material itself of hardness can makes double feet from by outside environment of hurt, and due to upper of hardness will effect shoes of package sex, designer deliberately using has Qian foot lock design, and laces mutual connection, pulled tight laces Hou can guarantee shoes excellent of package sex, except these, we in this double Puma Fox.V2 I see protection design of tongue, is connected with the bottom, can effectively prevent debris inside the shoe, effects of running.
Puma Fox.V2 properties can only be described with great cushioning, after foot, due to the large injection molded EVA midsole densities, so small and not feel sense of highly flexible feet, larger differences between it and traditional running shoes, in a simple warm-up, through running, Puma Fox.Soft down gradually by the end of the V2, give the feeling of a practical and simple, more in the bottom lateral incisor can be enhanced to a certain extent the cushioning of, on the whole, Puma Fox.V2 cushioning to feel and not give too much of surprise, practical in actual wearing of feeling absolutely enough, after a certain running time, Puma Fox.V2 will be soft.
We talked about before, Puma Fox.V2 cushioning performance is solid, without too many surprises after small series of Puma Fox were immediately found.V2 advantages in stability, due to the high density injection molded EVA the end of, at the expense of after shock, Puma Fox.V2 stability is outstanding, small series, Puma Fox.V2 in terms of stability and slow earthquakes up to a very good balance, neither the excessive pursuit of foot feeling soft, also failed to stress stability of hard, inside of the midsole heel reinforcement is the Puma Fox.V2 stability to a whole new level.
Puma Fox.V2 of outside end of pattern can be described as alternative, in shoes in the, we rarely see a double shoes has so complex, lines so deep of outside end of, this is to off-road run and carefully design of, forefoot very deep of pattern design and outdoor shoes paragraph is similar, can guarantee wearing who in any road Shang are can has lasting of power, and followed by of lines is can provides powerful of stability, avoid followed by skid and injured, middle of broken nail design is can auxiliary before and after Palm of function, up to must of excessive effect.
Look at this pair of Puma Fox.V2, excellent off-road performance make it can easily handle any cross country trials, with the audience of trail running more and more, we might as well put on this pair of Puma Fox.V2, engaged in the field, give your body and mind a break.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Supernova Glide 5

Adidas Supernova Glide 5 inherited the adidas since 1920, inherited the unique temperament, the iconic three-bar logo and steady shape in the history of nearly a hundred years to accumulate the firm quality. Funky modeling and technology use Although the lack of flash point, but also from the side that this is a mature performance, the organic combination of traditional design through adidas good adjustment played an unexpected effect.
Adidas Supernova Glide 5 overall profile is slender, the upper is not very high, forefoot space almost no surplus, followed by the package is also tight, not suitable for too large foot type. Although not using ultra-light design, but in terms of weight is also quite good, the feet did not feel any burden. Insoles choose a more flexible material, simply stepped on the feeling after the soft and moderate, but in the end how the performance or in the end to know.
Uppers are still the traditional mesh material, and no special technical material support, but in the slim fabric into the white ribs, to ensure a certain upper strength. Now popular hot posts and the use of technology to reduce the upper suture, after the foot of the lining feel more smooth. The tongue of the filler is not much, the edge is also more smooth, the whole test did not occur under the phenomenon of foot. Followed by the use of the GeoFit foam full of flexibility, the heel of the parcel is in place, tighten the lace after the whole feet fixed more dead, Xiao Bian individuals prefer this pragmatic feeling, reducing the unnecessary sliding brought Sprains risk.
In the end of the configuration to show the adidas Supernova Glide 5 luxury side, forefoot using adiPRENE + almost always extended to the arch position, bringing the full length of the forefoot buffer protection, in the ten kilometers test at the foot of adiPRENE + elasticity more and more obvious , This is very amazing. After the palm for the ForMotion can be said to be a standard configuration, in the stability of the force and adjust the gait has a good effect. And on top of this also joined a piece of adiPRENE cushioning rubber, small series of this often used to the heel to the primary runners is definitely the gospel, the whole test down the ankle and knees almost did not feel too much impact.
Outsole design is often able to represent a level of shoes, and adidas Supernova Glide 5 outsole design perfect. The sole of the lines according to the force needs to be divided into different sizes of particles, help to share the impact of landing. The outside of the forefoot uses a large area of ??Blown Rubber elastic rubber material, in addition to the end of the feet to give additional protection. The rest of the location of the use of Continental Mark brand rubber to create, without stingy, and then a large training intensity are sufficient to cope. But a good outsole design is not a panacea, try to choose the use of flat road.
For the long history of adidas, the force is perfect is the eternal pursuit of the realization of the way can be innovative, it can be the transformation of the details. Adidas Supernova Glide 5 Although there is no big bright spot, but in the world of adidas, low-key never mean mediocre, solid and stable wearing feelings is the biggest bright spot.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Puma Faas 1000

Puma Faas series of cushioning grading from 100 to 1000 a total of 6 files, with the increase in the number of midsole cushioning material thickness also increases. The Faas 1000 is this series of cushioning feel the best of a running shoes, a midsole is also a major highlight of running shoes design.
Composite upper, both breathable and stable
Shoes to get the first feeling of hand is the construction of complex, but also reveals a fine workmanship. Throughout the upper system can be found, AirMesh and MonoMesh combination of Faas 1000 has become one of the highlights of the upper system. AirMesh mesh which placed in the upper layer, for running shoes to provide excellent breathable performance. And MonoMesh mesh surface is placed in the upper surface to ensure the durability of the upper. After nearly two hours of running test, the foot can maintain a more dry state, Faas 1000 breathable performance is evident. And in the subtlety of the upper hexagonal pattern design makes the upper strength greatly improved. In addition, the heel position placed 3M reflective paste, such a clever arrangement not only enhance the beautiful, more choice of night running friends greatly enhance the safety factor.
"Rice" word cross, clever package design
The Faas 1000 uses the EverFit Lace System strap system, from the upper we can clearly see three black elastic protection belt through the shoelaces, in the tongue on the composition of the "rice" font, extended to the shoes The front palm and back palm position, the formation of a 360-degree all-round package form, by pulling the lace action, you can clearly feel the binding system to bring the excellent sense of parcel, from the toes to the heel, from the soles of the feet to the feet, EverFit Lace System offers excellent three-dimensional parcel feel. Tighten the shoelaces, you can clearly feel the foot was shoelaces and binding system firmly locked in the shoe, there is no slippery phenomenon. During the running process, the feet are kept in the state of being bound.
Mature in the end of science and technology, the source of comfortable cushioning
This time Puma on Faas 1000 in the end to create quite innovative. In order to meet the requirements of long-distance runners, the Faas 1000 uses a midsole design that uses the newly upgraded FaasFoam + material in the front foot of the shoe, which is lighter than the original FaasFoam, with better cushioning. Followed by the use of FaasFoamLite material to provide a soft foot feeling and excellent cushioning, when your feet into the shoes of the moment you can feel from the light cushioning material soft feedback. And a piece of the end of the design, but also makes the front and back of the cushion after the transition without a trace of dragging water. Followed by the 12mm HTD logo that before and after the height of the gap is 12mm, making the shoes more suitable for the habit of followed by the runners wearing. Ortholite foam insole is widely used in all kinds of sports shoes, thick insole is very comfortable running, and the advantages of antibacterial, breathable can quickly adapt to the spring and summer season.
Breakthrough tradition, cutting the way and then innovation
Faas 1000 outsole design is very interesting, EverRide + rubber used in the forefoot force point and toe parts, this foam rubber is characterized by light, cushioning, wear, this material is placed in the toe position is mainly used Its wear characteristics. Followed by the use of EverTrack rubber, compared to the former, this material is more wearable. Wear-resistant rubber placed in the sole wear the most serious heel area, which effectively extend the service life of the shoes. The middle of the material is not the use of wear-resistant rubber, which is to ensure that a major element of light shoes. Sole cutting method with the traditional horizontal or vertical cutting is different from the oblique cutting lines in the run which better adapt to the foot of the movement trajectory. In the course of running, both the front and rear direction of the emergency or emergency movement, the soles are able to quickly make the corresponding, making the author in the testing process has been confident.
Puma Faas 1000 is a focus on cushioning feel running shoes, in ensuring the cushioning effect at the same time is also a good balance of the weight of the shoes. And FaasFoamLite and FaasFoam + application makes this pair of running shoes have a luxurious and comfortable foot feeling, this is a pair of long-distance running for the runners and create the fine running shoes.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Air Jordan 7 Retro Pure Platinum

Silver series has always been a high popularity, including Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" and other shoes are planned to return this year, and Jordan Brand will be this classic color scheme transplanted to Air Jordan 7 shoes on top, to create a "Pure Platinum" New version. This time the upper selection of white through the laying of fresh tone, gray details interspersed in which to create a very rich sense of hierarchy; Jumpman logo details are decorated with metallic silver, to bring out the elegant and extraordinary texture. It is reported that Air Jordan 7 Retro "Pure Money" will be officially launched on June 3, priced at $ 190.
Silver color in the majority of shoes fans have a very high status, including Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" and other shoes, including has been regarded as a classic, this back to Jordan Brand this color scheme transplanted to Air Jordan 7 shoes above , To create a new version of "Pure Platinum". Design, the upper to the white as the tone for the fresh show, and gray interspersed in which to create a sense of level of the visual effects; Jumpman logo details are added metal silver embellishment, bring out the elegant and extraordinary texture. Air Jordan 7 Retro "Pure Money" is scheduled for sale on June 3, priced at $ 190.
Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" in the majority of shoes fans have been regarded as the classic, this time Jordan Brand will turn this color scheme to Air Jordan 7 shoes on top. The new version of the tone to lay the white, and interspersed with them, to create a sense of level of visual effects, Jumpman logo is the use of metallic silver, but also highlights the extraordinary texture. It is reported that Air Jordan 7 Retro "Pure Money" is expected to be officially launched on June 3, priced at $ 190.
Air Jordan 7 Retro "Pure Money"
Color: White / Metal Silver - Pure White
Item: 304775-120
Release date: June 3, 2017
Price: $ 190

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Osaka Marathon Edition
Next week, the 2014 Osaka Marathon is about to leave, Japan's top running shoes brand Mizuno, also timely introduction of their own classic shoes Wave Rider 18 Osaka Marathon special edition. In this particular version, still using a beautiful rainbow pattern, but compared to the previous color has played down a lot, more is a simple and simple visual effects, but this is actually and marathon, and even the Japanese state Its own characteristics are very similar, it can be said for the shoes to increase the more concentrated regional color.
Should deal with a variety of foot type
Simply look from the appearance, Mizuno Wave Rider 18 contour and the former is very similar, compared with only in the back of the shoe less an external leather, but also makes the overall integrity of the uppers stronger. Shoe last, Wave Rider 18 as a professional running shoes, still provide a variety of shoe last width of the choice, the author to get the normal width, but before and after the palm of the space are more abundant, I believe the general foot type of friends are Can be well adapted.
Breathable lifting and parcel of defects
The upper use of jogging shoes in the common mesh material, with Mizuno exclusive InterCool technology, in the exercise can effectively ensure that dry and breathable. But the upper and the use of hot posts and materials to increase parcels and support, so the front foot in the movement process will be a trace of shaking, but overall harmless. Followed by the parcel more adequate, cup-shaped tray can be a good package foot type, in the actual test followed by a steady state, people can rest assured that bold movement.
Simplify the technology portfolio
In the end of the same use of the classic with the former, large volume of U4IC lightweight and flexible material, after the palm of the Wave structure is taking into account the comfort and cushioning. In the end of the technology configuration on the surface although not very rich, but Mizuno is to have such a simple and simple magic, a simple combination of technology after many years of running, the actual effect is perfect. In the long-distance test, the end has been to provide a good elasticity, especially the forefoot of the foot changes did not appear obvious ups and downs.
Taking into account the beauty and efficiency
The back of the color is very rich, and the overall rainbow color shoes echo each other, practical addition to a beautiful addition. Outsole is the use of the SmoottHide technology, it can make the foot in the ground to maintain a smooth, and then guide the movement of the foot track, similar to the current technology in the field of running shoes is very popular. Outsole rubber is still using the Mizuno brand flagship X10 composite material to ensure that a pair of running shoes should have the durability, in the long-distance jogging activities more reliable.
Not the flagship is better than the flagship
Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Although it is not the flagship product of the brand, but in the professional performance is in a leading position, since the birth has been numerous praise, although this is not a revolutionary change, but also small step forward, still Maintain a high level. Since the fall, the world has entered the marathon season, the international marathon followed, whether you are a top runner or just a beginner, it is a worth trying, trustworthy boots.

Monday, April 24, 2017

adidas Springblade Drive 2

To attract the eye to shape, to bring enough to make people feel nostalgic wear feeling, Springblade appeared enough to make people amazing. Adidas in the near future released adidas Springblade Drive 2, as a pair of evolutionary version of the running shoes, in a number of subtle changes have taken place in the perfect distance to go further. At first adidas the emergence of springblade is adidas on the end of the technology in another revolution, 6 years of research and development process, 16 polymer reed composition of the energy feedback system research and development success, after shocking the world, the new surprise again.
Visual experience so fragile in the end of the structure, in practical applications can withstand the great impact from the wearer, so sharp overall performance in the adidas Springblade Drive 2 to the perfect inheritance. Smooth overall shape, coupled with exaggerated in the end of the form, such a combination in the new product has been retained. And this biggest change focused on the upper system, on the basis of the original sublimation again.
First of all, adidas Springblade Drive 2 presents a thick vamp system, only in the forefoot position using a breathable mesh material, remove the front palm position of the upper system to improve the upper thickness, so in a low temperature environment More conducive to keep their feet temperature. In addition, in the foot of the "three bars" using a special way to deal with the hollow at the entrance to the 3M reflective elements, so that the night of running training to enhance a lot of safety factor, under the lights are more eye-catching.
In the end, adidas Springblade Drive 2 is still surprising to the presentation of elastic feedback, and our tests are deliberately chosen in a park where the road conditions are not uniform and fairly complex. For a more smooth road conditions adidas Springblade Drive 2 in the end of the structure to perfect conquest, only need to enjoy the strong stretch in the feedback can be. But when faced with a more complex road environment, due to the larger gap between the feet and the longitudinal distribution of polymer reeds, so the performance has been reduced steadily, so that the use of adidas Springblade Drive 2 there is a certain Limitations, for the choice of the road has become a major issue.
In addition to a thicker insoles over, adidas Springblade Drive 2's polymer reeds are kept with the most direct energy available. The elasticity of the midsole polymer reeds is passed on to the feet, and the endless driving force is gained during the running process. Such exaggerated wear experiences require a long process of adaptation at first, and this process is somewhat unacceptable. The midsole polymer reed has 16 partitions. Each zone is equilibrated with an impact force, forming feedback at the fastest speed, and its unique foot feel is particularly prominent.
Integrated didas Springblade Drive 2 in the evaluation of the performance, first of all, exaggerated elastic feedback really need some time and patience to adapt. More limited use of the range it seems slightly less, and for the revolutionary reed design or people are very impulsive attempt. After the innovation of the upper system, comfort has improved, and deal with the cold outdoor environment has a better protection. Finally, the new work to come to let everyone agree that such a "revolutionary product" may also need to spend some time.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

Although people's life is getting faster and faster, but the stability is still foothold, today's test is to stabilize the protection of running shoes as Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, let the small tape with a taste of it!
Everyone on the appearance of the aesthetic are different, when Xiaobian see this pair of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 at first glance, it was fascinated by its appearance. The heel position of the "Logo" and the middle of the shoe similar to the general ISOFIT support material so that it looks so rounded, Xiao Bian such "bread control" really a little love. The same use of EVERUN cushioning technology makes the foot experience has become the only desire!
The lace tied tight, the biggest feeling is that it is indeed wrapped like the same, stable and practical. After the heel and high leg lift, in addition to EVERUN cushioning technology to bring the soft, the biggest feeling is Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 outsole unusually large, but not the shoe last hypertrophy brought insecurity, perhaps this is the stability of the Department Running shoes the biggest bright spot. Nonsense not say that the road running test began!
Since it is stable running shoes, Xiao Bian will be the length of the test for the 10KM. Probably run less than 50M, mentioned above Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 wide outsole will play a miraculous, Xiao Bian just stepped on a sort of a small stone, but because the outsole wide and stable, did not happen Wei Feet or other discomfort. Cold sweat fall, continue to feel, this pair of shoes in the end of the EVERUN cushioning technology and no other series Saucony running shoes to the soft, but still full of flexibility, the whole test down, there is no pain in the foot,
This pair of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 work problem is still relatively unsatisfactory, too much overflow glue and flaws or let a lot of friends want to start a difficult, so it is recommended to buy counter, so you can also have room for selection.
Summary: stable and yet lose weight, this is the best summary of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, the current price of 1299 yuan, although there are little regret, but yet a pair of excellent training running shoes.

Monday, April 17, 2017

PUMA Ignite 3

2016 and the signing of the stars make the PUMA brand status once again be improved, this pair of PUMA Ignite 3 is the golden age of running shoes masterpiece. Streamlined shoe body is very handsome, full of the trend of breath.
From the toe part of the mesh vent hole, to the shoe side of the Logo hot posts support, and then to the heel at the TPU heel stabilizer, the whole look down to continue the PUMA, as always, the sense of avant-garde, white and white in the end of the design Is the general trend of the "yin and yang" elements which reference, wild attribute can be seen.
The weight of the PUMA Ignite 3 is not small, mainly due to the thicker Ignite foam cushioning material from the midsole. The original Ignite foam in the end and the "chevron" within the slot, in the running to feel greater energy feedback, running will feel a little bit hard, but after about 5K run, Ignite foam cushioning Upanishads will be highlighted, it is a hard with the feeling of bombs, will make you full of power.
Above mentioned in the end of the material is too thick, can not help but think of the lack of stability, so in the heel position to do a high hardness of the large area TPU package, which is Ignite series of consistent practice. In the plastic road 10K road test, did not encounter a big shake problem, stability or a certain guarantee, high wear-resistant EverTrack outsole can almost meet a variety of road conditions.
The value of such a high pair of shoes, the shortcomings are obvious, that is, the weight is too large, which also makes running shoes in the presence of a relatively high, for long-distance training is still a certain impact, so this pair of shoes as 10K Training or restorative training is appropriate.
Regardless of the movement or out of the street, the official price of 999 yuan PUMA Ignite 3 are considered a good choice, of course, PUMA Ignite 3 professional performance is still excellent, very suitable for the trend of the movement of people.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Hyperdunk 2011 Elite

Basketball is the movement of five people, the team is an integral part of any person, five people together to get the final victory of the game. Today's major brands seem to pay more and more attention to this concept, a variety of team shoes dazzling, five people wearing the same pair of shoes is not just a spirit, but an attitude, teamwork, until the highest honor.
NBA playoffs are in full swing, 16 teams are in order to the supreme O'Brien Cup and fight, and strive. And we are surprised to find that, whether it is Griffin inside the beast inside, or Iguodala such a swingman swing, they are invariably put on a pair of shoes - Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite. A pair of shoes really can meet this style of golf players with great contrast? Such a pair of super team shoes really can do five positions take-all? Let us use the practice on the pitch to solve these doubts .....
Traditional innovation super grip
Hyperdunk 2011 Elite outsole with the traditional herringbone pattern, which also allows the whole pair of shoes as many of the predecessors as outstanding, which is good at breaking the players of the Gospel, no matter what kind of site, Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite Of the grip are trustworthy, and it is worth noting that in the forefoot at the end of the designer deliberately joined the slot design, without affecting the grip of shoes at the same time, the maximum to strengthen the flexibility of the shoes, Let you break through the first step can not only tighten the ground, but also to the feet can maximize the force, break your opponent in front of you. But when you see here, that Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite is a pair of outside shoes, then you are wrong, forefoot extension design we are not the first time to see, and it allows you to provide shoes when the jump Higher stability, to prevent shoes overturned This is precisely the inside players most in need. In the "crowded" paint area, you will not want to step on someone else's feet, so your feet will be very serious Wei, and the shoes before the palm of the extension design is greatly reduced the risk of this injury , So you struggled to compete for every rebound, there will be no worries. Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite outsole performance let us really see a pair of excellent team shoes should have the performance, whether you are inside beast, or scoring weapon, it can meet all your needs, and this is just the beginning. ...
Inside and outside through the food to maintain stability
Before we said Hyperdunk 2011 Elite field performance enough to meet the needs of any position on the field, and shoes in the end of the performance will not give us a surprise? The answer is yes. After the palm of the large Zoom Air air cushion can fully meet the needs of any location, and because the back of the Zoom Air air cushion pressure is higher, so the weight of the larger friends do not have to worry about you in the paint, the knee ankle is unnecessary Of the injury, and in front of the palm, the excellent sense of the venue so that you will never break in the mud with water, fun feet feel more than a hundred times. The carbon fiber board at the foot of the shoe to enhance the anti-torsion shoes, not only is the carbon fiber board, the designer is also the appearance of the carbon plate added a layer of TUP protective film, which not only extends the life of the carbon plate, The rigidity of the shoes raised a new level. Because of the double protection, so just hand, you almost can not Hyperdunk 2011 Elite in the end of the distortion. Excellent protection to Hyperdunk 2011 Elite enough to meet even the center position of the players, and the forefoot of the venue and flexibility for the small players to play a lot of motivation to play.
Light breathable and compact wrap
At first glance this title, you will feel that these two aspects of the performance is opposed, on the contrary, but in this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite who has reached a perfect balance.
The first is the breathability, this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite vamp of the large use of the Flywire fly line technology, we all know that this technology can significantly reduce the weight of shoes, increase the toughness of the upper, but in terms of permeability is There is no place, the entire shoe body without any ventilation holes, which also let Xiaobian in the early evaluation of a little worry, but this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite breathability in the author's two hours of testing gave Xiaobian not a small surprise The After careful observation, we finally found one of the mysteries, the original seemingly hot Flywire under the hood, but it is the ultimate thin boots, although the tongue of the anti-cell surface to a certain extent, affected some of the breathable Sex, but this does not affect our Hyperdunk 2011 Elite as a "watch the best example" of the shoes model, seemingly hot appearance but hidden under such a thin boots, so Xiaobian in the scorching sun, feet on Like opening a pair of ventilation fan, two hours down, not only did not feel hot, but very refreshing.
Breathtaking performance does not mean that Hyperdunk 2011 Elite package will be disappointing, but in the last two links, Hyperdunk 2011 Elite's performance completely subvert our original idea, and the package is I have seen the most powerful shoes. Hyperdunk 2011 Elite belongs to this year's Nike for the playoffs to create a series of elite, this series are used Kevlar (Kevlar) fiber made of shoelaces, this is used to make body armor fiber material strength is very high, and Almost no flexibility, when you are ready to play, tighten the shoelaces, you will feel almost oppression of the package, plus Hyperdunk 2011 Elite had a relatively narrow shoe and the use of boots, so that this package Almost to the crazy state, and this is not all, the lining for the 3D stereo design coupled with the same concept design followed by carbon fiber TUP bite design, fully fit the foot shape, Hyperdunk 2011 Elite insoles is the most amazing part of the surface according to The foot of the force point and carefully arranged anti-skid, to ease the feet in the shoes sliding, in the test, the author obviously feel the socks is almost "sticky" in the insoles, this feeling I never felt The This design not only enhances the protection of the shoes, but also played a package of the most important role. And the surface of the tongue material has a certain memory function, just when the feet will be some fit, but after wearing a period of time, it will firmly fit your instep, the advantages of the material also let you Have a sense of security. Tongue, insoles, shoelaces and vamps, these four parts for the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite has brought a very good sense of parcel.
Throughout the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite, it is now a collection of Nike is now almost all of the high-tech, which also makes the whole pair of shoes really done internally and externally, although there are some small flaws, such as wear off inconvenience and so on, but this The little flaws in the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite face are almost negligible. If you happen to have chosen this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite, then congratulations, whether you are inside the beast, or air sub-people, high school bench, or school team main, you enter the best chance of each week has been doubled!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nike LunarEclipse 3

After the continuous development of science and technology, and gradually mature, today appeared in front of the pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 compared to the previous two generations of products, at all levels have a more mature performance. With the previous two generations of products as bedding, adhering to the foundation, combined with the experience of this pair of more perfect Nike LunarEclipse 3 presented in front of everyone, today Xiaobian will put on this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 came outdoors, feel Nike LunarEclipse 3 The charm of where.
Get this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 in appearance than the previous generation is more slender and more sharp, large area dynamic use of the fly line is one of the highlights, the upper texture is more light and soft, Nike LunarEclipse 3 overall weight is very light , Xiaobian foot after the most obvious feedback from the Nike LunarE3 3 package feel, thanks to the use of dynamic fly line, soft upper let the feet without any discomfort, after a simple quasi-adaptive exercise test began.
Comfortable wrapped in excellent breathable
In terms of breathability Nike LunarEclipse 3 has a breathable hole in the mesh structure, after the test can still keep the feet comfortable and comfortable, soft upper in the Flywire needle thread under the arrangement of a skeleton implanted as a double Feet to bring three-dimensional support and comfortable package feel, and can effectively increase the strength of the upper, for the original soft upper to enhance the protective, tighten the laces firmly lock the feet of the dynamic fly line can prevent the feet In the movement of the phenomenon of sliding, the overall linear structure in the material on the effective control of the weight of the shoe body. For Nike LunarEclipse 3 overall upper, the soft with a three-dimensional support, comfortable sense of the package so that the feet in the shoes of the space just right.
Improved midsole cushioning
Carrying Lunarlon in the end of the natural inseparable from the flexibility and softness, but Nike LunarEclipse 3 in the end of the feeling is changed, the development of the third generation of Nike LunarE used Lunarlon midsole soft hardness moderate, soft than before Degree added a trace of hardness, this soft and hard in the Xiaobian seems to be very appropriate, because the excessive soft midsole in the long run after the feet will produce the feeling of pain, so moderate soft and hard performance Can effectively overcome this problem. Also in the Nike LunarEclipse 3 with Dynamic Support (dynamic support system) to use, making the height of the posterior palm slightly higher than the forefoot, dynamic support system with the use of soft and hard Lunarlon, in the course of running to ease the fatigue of the feet to provide support Good protection.
After a small series of about 40 minutes after nearly 6 km test, the feet can maintain a more comfortable level, Nike LunarEclipse 3 as a whole is very light, the end is not too soft, just right feedback experience in the testing process to play very well , The same just right from the dynamic flying line of the package feel, but not too much of the feet, such as empty is too restrained, with a certain degree of flexibility, this feeling in the running of the comfort brought by the higher, small Compiled by the pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 can be said to be very obsessed with.
Through the small series to complete the test Nike LunarEclipse 3, Lunarlon in the end of the cushioning effect is still strong, Flywire dynamic fly line role is like a cable-stayed cable in general. The application of the core technology makes this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 the most powerful connotation, and constantly innovate the technology, the continuous development of the design concept, for the current convergence of running shoes products we give affirmative, for the future running shoes products we look forward to.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Blue yellow

Nike Hyperdunk 2013 ---- Energy Star
As Nike this year, the main push of the team shoes, it took for granted the NBA field appearance of the highest rate of shoes, every position on the track you can capture its shadow. After several years of development and accumulation, now presented in front of us Hyperdunk 2013 has been very mature. Weighing the various needs under the state of motion, for an effective balance. Design style inherited the traditional, retain the original blood, and more Seiko carved. Hyperdunk will penetrate the essence of the players in the actual combat experience, the following we have to savor the mystery.
Hyperdunk into Flywire, Lunarlon and other new technology, the perfect Hyperdunk will be a change to create. When we get Hyperdunk 2013 when the first may be greeted with the heel is similar to the organ-like bend design. Lunarlon at this time has become particularly dazzling, this is Hyperdunk 2013 showing the first change, then it is more emphasis on the use of the fly line, compared with the previous generation more intuitive increase in the number of flying lines , Which is another change in Hyperdunk 2013.
Hyperdunk into Flywire, Lunarlon and other new technology, the perfect Hyperdunk will be a change to create. When we get Hyperdunk 2013 when the first may be greeted with the heel is similar to the organ-like bend design. Lunarlon at this time has become particularly dazzling, this is Hyperdunk 2013 showing the first change, then it is more emphasis on the use of the fly line, compared with the previous generation more intuitive increase in the number of flying lines , Which is another change in Hyperdunk 2013.
Now we will look at Hyperdunk 2013 in the end of science and technology, exactly the exaggerated style. Thick in the end of the material, has been extended by the heel upwards, for the protection of the ankle has improved. But the soft but have some toughness is still Lunarlon presented to everyone's unique style. In fact, small and medium-sized deliberately increased for the end of the test, start the time to force the Lunarlon at this time to show the rich flexibility, can promote the start in combat more quickly. The overall feeling of return to practical and sound, will not let the wearer feel uneasy.
Hyperdunk 2013 support system to switch to ordinary TPU material, which can not help but some disappointment. But taking into account the weight of shoes, such a replacement may be more nuanced to reduce the weight of the shoes, so that would not be so lost. Hyperdunk 2013 outsole design is also very elegant, not simply the word pattern arrangement, but according to the movement of the feet of the difficult parts of the layout, so the ability to grasp the grip, in addition XDR application is Extend the life of the shoes, reducing the loss of the outsole.
We can see the fine traditions of the previous generation, and also find the design that is more elaborate in detail after careful crafting. Practical sense of foot feeling feedback, more emphasis on the use of the package flying line, a solid outsole configuration, all for your actual needs to do the homework. Not gorgeous appearance, has the most practical strength.