Friday, July 7, 2017

HTM Flyknit

August 24, Nike will be released in Shanghai, the third generation HTM Flyknit series. HTM Trends Fragment Design Founder Fung Yuen Ho, Nike Design legend Tinker Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) and Nike CEO and designer Mark Parker (Mark Parker) between the long-term cooperation series, To create a breakthrough performance performance, and enough to change the way shoes manufacturing new technology to commemorate.

Since 2002, the three people began to work together, emphasizing innovation, re-interpretation of the existing design, explore new concepts, so that Nike brand reached a new level.

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A new look is the main feature of the latest series, by showing the fabric, color and pattern of the United States of the various possibilities, Nike Flyknit technology to be pushed into a new realm. This series of HTM Trainer + a total of six dazzling color, four of which use the classic woven color, respectively, black, blue, fluorescent yellow and red, and in the heel decorated with Swoosh logo. The other two of the biggest feature is the color of the upper, by mixing the original classic yarn and staggered weaving to achieve a variety of color effects. This method allows different colors to be combined into a complex, fine and varied fabric pattern. Resulting in the bold color of the upper, but also show the accuracy and complexity of knitting technology. Nike's unique Lunarlon buffering system makes the HTMTrainer + trend perfect, smooth Lunarlon white soles are the same as all the shoes of the joint design achievements of the series.

The third generation HTMFlyknit series of all six colors will be on August 24 in Shanghai I.T. Xintiandi shop limited sale, the proposed retail price of RMB 1399.

Shanghai I.T. Xintiandi shop Address: Shanghai Industrial Road, Lane 123, Xintiandi South Building, Building 6, 10 units

The first opportunity to buy: August 23, each participating in the Nike Sports [] guests can participate in the lucky draw to get a pair of opportunities to buy a pair of HTM Flyknit, Nike Sports Meeting A total of 12 pairs of HTMFlyknit will be released. Participate in the lucky draw method is also very simple, just in the August 23 afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm to Nike Sports in the NikeFlyknit Collective display area and registered lucky draw. The lucky draw will be announced at 7:00 pm on the 23rd, and lucky people can book their favorite colors and sizes in the field and within 24 hours (as of 24 o'clock on the evening of 24) at I.T. Complete the purchase process. More than 24 hours, the product will be returned for sale. Size and color to the actual sale shall prevail.

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