Friday, March 31, 2017

Nike Air Pegasus 32 test

Continuation of tradition
Nike Pegasus series this year has come to the 32nd year, as has been designed for daily training to build the running shoes, Pegasus series never let us down. Continuing tradition At the same time, the new design and the rational use of technology makes the Pegasus series always provide this comfortable wearing experience. And this represents the traditional series, this year has brought us a new surprise.
Family design
As last year, this year, Nike Air Pegasus 32 also adopted a family of design. Nike Zoom Air series running shoes all use the fabric uppers and dynamic fly line technology, in terms of permeability and support have excellent performance. The Nike Air Pegasus 32 shoe last design is more generous, forefoot part of the space and arch design, are more suitable for Asian foot type. In the end of the Cushlon with the subsequent attached to the Zoom Air unit is to provide a gentle comfort foot feeling.
Breathable first
Nike Air Pegasus 32 of the upper to create the fabric, while ensuring a light at the same time to provide a good ventilation. With the application of dynamic flying line, the middle of the shoes have a good package and support. And the heel of the design is relatively more traditional, but after ensuring the support of the sex, it can be said to be wrapped in a gentle heel inside. In the actual test, the breathable fabric uppers make the feet do not have a sense of hotness, and followed by the dynamic fly line parcels, making the pace in the running process to maintain stability.
Keep style
Nike Air Pegasus 32 in the end compared with the previous generation did not change, in the end of the gap before and after the 10mm, so the sense of loss when wearing is not obvious. While the middle of the overall use of the main Cushlon foam, although the elasticity of the material in general, but in response to the speed and support performance is indeed outstanding. But in the bottom of the most bright spot or the heel position of the Zoom Air cushioning air cushion unit, thick air cushion unit full of flexibility in the running process every step will feel full rebound. And it is because the location of the air cushion Nike Air Pegasus 32 is more suitable for the runaway after the runners.
Continuation of the outsole
Outside the same side with the previous generation and not much difference, with similar products using environmentally friendly rubber material to create the outsole to the traditional waffle shape design, in terms of grip and durability needless to say. And Nike Air Pegasus 31 is the same as the outside of a slow shock track, with auxiliary cushioning to help adjust the gait effect. But with the previous generation with the opposite surface of the design is indeed somewhat unsatisfactory.
Entry level preferred
Overall, this pair of Nike Air Pegasus 32 performance is indeed excellent, after all, Pegasus series should be a continuation of the traditional, rather than time and time again. For this pair of new Nike Air Pegasus 32, as a tester, I think the dual running shoes are very suitable for entry-level runners, in their own running and the demand is not very understanding when the error is not wrong Nike Air Pegasus 32 is definitely A correct choice.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jordan Ultra.Fly

New series of new positioning
During the Toronto All-Star Game, Jordan Brand brought us a long history of the new basketball shoes, by the new spokesperson Jimmy Butler force of the Jordan Ultra.Fly. If Super.Fly is to deal with Blake Griffin type of power forward, that Ultra.Fly is specifically dealing with Jimmy Butler such all-round small forward. As a new series, it is only enough of these understanding is not enough, how its performance, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this evaluation will be announced for everyone one by one.
Panthers are remembered
Jordan Ultra.Fly was inspired by "black cat", which is Michael Jordan's nickname, more domestic called "black cat". The nickname followed him for childhood. And after entering the NBA, the nickname is to praise his agility, elegance and those fatal blow, and now the nickname in a Chicago rookie inherited down. In the Ultra.Fly the upper, irregular holes imitate the spots on the panther (panther is actually a pattern), this complex pattern some people will like, such as Xiaobian I, and some people very Do not like, such as dull patients.
The complex pattern on the upper is thanks to the Kurim material, which is a brand new material that has only been tested on the Nike Lebron 13 Elite. Kurim's hand feels like a layer of rubber, with a certain thickness and hardness. In the process of actual combat, it reflects a very good toughness and parcel, feeling like some of the traditional leather uppers, but a large area of ​​hollow woven fabric with boots, reflecting a better sense of parcel, fly in the ointment is followed Support slightly weak.
Jordan Brand's several series, have their own characteristics in the end of the system, but unfortunately Ultra.Fly slightly mediocre in this regard. Forefoot with a 9-inch hinge-style Zoom Air, and then the palm is only Phylon filled, under the arch under the support. In the actual process, the front palm of the response is very sensitive, start the action quickly, and cushioning in general. Although the palm is not a special design, but in fact the feet feel more soft, as a small forward shoes have been enough to meet the actual needs.
Outsole with wavy lines, this is similar to Air Jordan XX9. Waves through the entire outsole, arranged relatively fine, and under scrutiny the thickness of these waves in different regions have different changes, which is also learned from the experience of the older generation. Evaluation of the Ultra.Fly grip is quite good, emergency stop and change the action to complete very smooth, in the face of rapid response without dragging the water. Outside the end, although not advertised XDR, but in view of the lines deep enough, too dense, but also makes the durability has been fully protected.
Segment the market to make up for the vacancy
On the surface, Jordan Ultra.Fly under the Super.Fly, Jordan Brand continues to subdivide the market a product, in the Super.Fly increase the price of the case to make up for the end of the actual combat shoes vacancies. And when the eyes aimed at Jimmy Butler, he and Ultra.Fly fit perfect, a low-key game elite, a low-key combat boutique, their fame is not big, but never in the game Disappointing, not to mention he is the Chicago Panthers' descendants. Jimmy suffered injuries this season, resulting in Ultra.Fly lost a certain degree of exposure, only by the experience of everyone to prove its value, but also look forward to them in the next season have more stunning performance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

From Stan Smith! This pair of phenanthrene Dong new show brings bright new performance

Following this year's sweeping global Hu NMD, adidas Originals and Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams) to jointly build the Human Race plan is still maintained a new rhythm. Recently, the shoes photographer @ sneakerprophet_ share a new set of color on the foot Mito, really amazing!
Using the widely known small white shoes Stan Smith for the design of the blueprint, Primeknit knitting mesh to build Multicolor colorful color shoes body, with purple tongue skin and iconic heel leather standard design, echoing the overall color performance.
Experienced the baptism of green tail in recent years, adidas Originals has captured many Stan Smith diehard, this branded Philippine Dong design language of the Human Race is more street appeal, presumably similar to last year. Is still a million people sought after a strong new!
At present the official also yet announced the sale of the shoes of the market information, I believe that with the color gradually increased, this time Human Race will soon meet with us, interested friends may wish to wait!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Air Jordan 11 Low University Blue

Air Jordan 11 Low "Columbia" is about to return to the news of the release has attracted the attention of many shoe players, this classic color is bound to set off a storm.
This time, Air Jordan 11 Low "Columbia" to deduce white shoe body with blue paint, fresh and pleasant feeling exciting, hot summer without a touch of cool?
It is reported that the Air Jordan 11 Low "Columbia" will be available in April 15th of this year, the sale price of $175 dollars, the same period will also release the GS, the sale price of $$130, interested please pay attention to us buddy tracking reports.
Air Jordan 11 Low "Columbia"
Item: 528895-106
Release date: April 15, 2017
Offer price: $$175
Air Jordan 11 GS Low "Columbia"
Item: 528896-106
Release date: April 15, 2017
Offer price: $$130
Every summer is the Air Jordan 11 Low low shoe style shine day!
Not only to undertake the Air Jordan 11 shoes of the classic shape of the eleven generation, low design is also more flexible and suitable for hot weather wear.
This summer's Air 11 Low two color has been identified, are highly concerned about the quality of the Jordan!
A white blue hit color rendering, not only bring the invincible fresh vitality, shoe collar material is also made of leather, the overall texture of the performance has also improved a grade, will be officially released on April 15th.
Air Jordan 11 Low "University Blue"
Item: 528895-106
Release date: April 15th
The other was dubbed the big devil, the title, from the details to the material are continuing 72-10 fashion temperament! This Air Jordan 11 Low "Barons" in the low-key introverted, but also exudes a gorgeous personality, not only all-match, and texture and gloss performance is excellent!
Will be officially launched on May 27th, this low help big devil will be afraid to copy Air Jordan 11 72-10 hot popularity!
Air Jordan 11 Low "Barons"
Item: 528895-010
Release date: May 27th
In addition, of course, you can also choose 3 pairs of last year as a street match, each pair has a unique bright spot, the unique effect of the foot can be turned back to become the best guarantee!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Air Jordan 14 Oregon Ducks

Another AJ14 PE! Air Jordan 14 "Oregon Ducks" PE release!

Recently, Air Jordan 14 and then exposed "Oregon Ducks" PE version, the previous version of the eBay shot on the astronomical, so many players can only envy jealousy hate hate.

This time, Air Jordan 14 "Oregon Ducks" PE is still familiar with the green cow leather leather upper interpretation, iconic "duck" pressure pattern is still conspicuous, PE version of the distinguished identity ready to come out. In addition, the slogan at the tongue of this time to "B.Ball" rather than before the "Track", eye level burst table!

The University of Oregon women's basketball team also released their own PE version, respectively, Nike Kobe 11 and Nike Solider 10, the two shoes are shoes players familiar with the green and yellow dress, Nike Kobe 11 also has a unique pattern printed on Uppers above, bring a unique visual experience. The conspicuous sign is in the heel, and it is very recognizable.

It is reported that this several PE version are temporarily no commercial plan

Friday, March 17, 2017

jordan 5 raging bull

As the most popular color of the five generations of shoes, angry bulls Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" always in the hearts of players occupy an unforgettable position.

Earlier rumors as "Raging Bull" angry bull color, but the real debut, this pair of red suede full coverage of the AJ5 brings a more pure visual dress, really amazing!

Now bring SWISH SUPPLY fresh baked on the foot of the real shot, together feel the obsession of the red whirlwind!

Air Jordan 5 "Red Suede"
Item: 136027-602
Released: July 1, 2017
Offer price: $ 190

With red suede, compared with the original, the end is also used in red paint, and then with silver gray 3M reflective tongue and black in the end of the flame shape, amazing index even better!

Will be on July 1 officially on sale, priced at $ 190 US dollars, China's offer price should be around ¥ 1399 RMB, cost performance should be very good!

As the most popular color of the five generations of shoes, angry bulls Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" always in the hearts of players occupy an unforgettable position. And this summer, Jordan Brand will bring a "Red Suede" to reproduce that obsessed red whirlwind!
In front of this pair of Air Jordan 5 "Red Suede" with bright red leather leather leather shoes to 3M reflex tongue to reproduce the style of the year, and in the end of the iconic shark fighter coating is black texture. In the end of the coating and shoelaces and the details of the year is different, showing a more beautiful and unrestrained visual impact! In contrast, I wonder if you are more attracted to which pair?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Air Jordan XXXI AJ31 Sneakers

Air Jordan XXXI as Jordan's flagship shoes, combat performance and value are very prominent!

This time, with the classic "Black Toe" as the theme of Air Jordan XXXI "Black Toe" will be on sale, in the color design and Air Jordan 1 "Black Toe" have the same purpose, tribute to full! Black and white Flyweave uppers bring superior combat performance, and then supplemented by light blue crystal outsole, simple domineering visual effects is memorable!

It is reported that this Air Jordan XXXI "Black Toe" will be on sale on January 7, the sale price of $ 185, interested little partners can not miss it!

Air Jordan XXXI "Black Toe"
Item No .: 845037-108
Release date: January 7, 2017
Offer price: $ 185

Air Jordan XXXI boutique color wave after wave, there are a lot of new material to join, it is very much looking forward to!

This time, Air Jordan XXXI "Snakeskin" followed by Swoosh to python cortex, python's wild breath blowing, can not stop. Upper leather also uses high-quality leather, bring full texture, can not refuse.

It is reported that this Air Jordan XXXI "Snakeskin" is also not available for sale information released, interested partners please continue to pay attention to the tracking report we bring.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Air Jordan 12 OVO Black

Drake on the feet Air Jordan 12 OVO "Black"! Release information published!
Today, on the Jordan Brand's official Instagram on the drying out Drake feet Air Jordan 12 OVO "Black".
This pair of Air Jordan 12 OVO "Black" to black matte leather with a superior texture of the devil made of the devil, the same eye-catching gold details of the blessing, smoke crystal outsole not only into the gold embellishment, OVO owl is more direct Highlighting the identity of its unique. The overall body full of cool and delicate exquisite luxury style, but also to OVO words and owl Logo show from the cooperation of Drake x Jordan Brand identity.
Black gold Air Jordan 12 OVO "Black" will be officially on sale on February 18, China will also be sold simultaneously, priced at ¥ 1699 RMB. Is expected to February 9 at 9:00 AM landing China official website. Compared to the market monopoly has been around ¥ 4000 gold color, the black gold color less volume! Start the difficulty will be higher!
Black gold color of the Air Jordan 12 OVO "Black" will be officially on sale on February 18, China will also be synchronized sale, priced at ¥ 1699 RMB. Is expected to February 9 at 9:00 AM landing China official website.

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Black cattle leather with pearl skin material, unique texture and highly visual level under the black, and gold embellishment, but also to OVO words and owl Logo show from the cooperation of Drake x Jordan Brand identity.
Compared to the market monopoly has been around ¥ 4000 gold color, the black gold color less volume! Start the difficulty will be higher!

Item No .: 873864-032
Release date: February 18th
Offer Price: ¥ 1699