Sunday, September 24, 2017

Air Jordan 12"Dark Grey"

Sports shoes is a man like shoes, it is not only comfortable to wear, it is also very strong fashion, wild characteristics of the comfortable experience, so there are huge followers of sports shoes. Now people's living standards improved, no longer satisfied with the most basic needs, there are a lot of people like shoes, as a shoe collectors, no matter what you are, their own comfortable on the line.

Air Jordan 12

Air Jordan 12 "Dark Gray"

For boys, most still like the kind of low-key color, this pair of shoes is dark gray-based color, gold buttons exquisite, played a very bright effect, suede covered body very restrained, and Stitching the same color leather, more texture. This pair of shoes is expected in October and we meet, like low-key texture of sports shoes can continue to focus on relevant information.

adidas Originals by White Mountaineering

HtmJefv3566 , HtmJecn3480 , HtmJenq3769 , HtmJeha3597 , HtmJedt3512 , HtmJeal3426 , HtmJeow3801 , HtmJeig3629 , HtmJeez3544 , HtmJebr3458 , HtmJemu3747 , HtmJejm3661 , HtmJege3575 , HtmJecx3490 , HtmJeo153 , HtmJeks3693 , HtmJehk3607 , HtmJepf3810 , HtmJeec3521 , HtmJeav3436 , HtmJely3725 , HtmJeiq3639 , HtmJefi3553 , HtmJeca3467 , HtmJend3756 , HtmJejw3671 , HtmJego3585 , HtmJedg3499 , HtmJeoj3788 , HtmJelb3702 , HtmJehu3617 , HtmJeem3531 , HtmJemh3734 , HtmJefs3563 , HtmJenn3766 , HtmJegy3595 , HtmJeot3798 , HtmJedq3509 , HtmJeid3626 , HtmJeew3541 , HtmJebo3455 , HtmJejj3658 , HtmJegb3572 , HtmJecu3487 , HtmJekp3690 , HtmJehh3604 , HtmJee143 , HtmJeas3433 , HtmJelv3722 , HtmJein3636 , HtmJeff3550 , HtmJeby3465 , HtmJena3753 , HtmJejt3668 , HtmJegl3582 , HtmJeog3785 , HtmJedd3496 , HtmJekz3700 , HtmJehr3614 , HtmJeej3528 , HtmJeme3731 , HtmJeix3646 , HtmJefp3560 , HtmJenk3763 , HtmJekc3677 , HtmJegv3592 , HtmJeoq3795 , HtmJeli3709
Brand cooperation is very common, this shoe is adidas Originals and Japan's pioneer fashion brand White Mountaineering continued the front, because both sides have a wide range of genes, in 15 years after the long-term cooperation with the plan, And launched a series of reactions are good. This pair of shoes continued the performance cut, the classic Boston Super and Seeulater Alledo joined, equipped with Primeknit material, the details of the design can see full of sincerity.
Nike Air More Uptempo

This pair of shoes you from its shape and color, will feel very new, blue and white color is also very dynamic, launched this year in the Nike Air More Uptempo, this one is very personal.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Beluga"

This shoe should be a hot season, since the popularity of heat has been high, this pair of shoes exposure is not the first time, and may be in October will meet with you. Its color is very low-key, with orange embellishment and its zebra texture, it is more exquisite vitality.

This several shoes are fresh colors, there are styles more unique, everyone is not the same preferences, it depends on what you like what, this is the latest single product information, there are poking in your heart , You can focus on some relevant information.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Just the first time when the mountain rest, shoes permeability is very good, the feet have been very dry.

The simple uppers look very nice.

Stone and soles are wet, measured non-slip anti-skid or better, single feet standing on the wet stone, the soles are wet, and the slope is also larger, single feet Oh!

Experience the overall evaluation: This section of shoes looks more than other hiking shoes walking shoes to a single Pu, but the actual use will find its advantages, not only light and feet are also very comfortable inside, outdoor two days time off the shoes at night After the socks are basically dry. Outdoor and usually wear can be, walking in the cement road is also very comfortable. It is recommended to do a little higher after the root, so that the backpack will be more comfortable walking, and then the upper is not to add some softening, I wear the evening after the left foot of the left foot toe root some pain, it is clear shoes The face is too hard, the curvature is not suitable for every step.

Manufacturers point of view: the upper foot according to foot anatomy and design to ensure the stability of the heel and the effective support of the arch, skeleton of high-strength PVC in the end of the structure, doubling the stability of walking and foot support.

HtmJdgz2920 , HtmJdlj3034 , HtmJdpu3149 , HtmJdue3263 , HtmJcjk2307 , HtmJdyp3378 , HtmJcnv2422 , HtmJcsf2536 , HtmJcxj2670 , HtmJdbt2784 , HtmJdgd2898 , HtmJdko3013 , HtmJdoz3128 , HtmJdtj3242 , HtmJcip2286 , HtmJdxu3357 , HtmJcn100 , HtmJcwo2649 , HtmJday2763 , HtmJdfi2877 , HtmJdjt2992 , HtmJdod3106 , HtmJdso3221 , HtmJchu2265 , HtmJdwz3336 , HtmJcme2379 , HtmJcqp2494 , HtmJcv108 , HtmJdac2741 , HtmJden2856 , HtmJdiy2971 , HtmJdni3085 , HtmJdrt3200 , HtmJcgz2244 , HtmJclj2358 , HtmJcpu2473 , HtmJcue2587 , HtmJczi2721 , HtmJdds2835 , HtmJdic2949 , HtmJdmn3064 , HtmJdqy3179 , HtmJdvi3293 , HtmJcko2337 , HtmJdzt3408 , HtmJcoz2452 , HtmJctj2566 , HtmJcyn2700 , HtmJdcx2814 , HtmJdhh2928 , HtmJdls3043 , HtmJdqc3157 , HtmJdun3272 , HtmJcjt2316 , HtmJdyy3387 , HtmJcod2430 , HtmJcso2545 , HtmJcxs2679 , HtmJdgm2907 , HtmJdkx3022 , HtmJdph3136 , HtmJdts3251 , HtmJciy2295 , HtmJdyc3365 , HtmJcni2409 , HtmJcrt2524 , HtmJcwx2658 , HtmJdbg2771
Experience point of view: the beginning of the end of a good elasticity, the outer layer at the end of a good grasp. I carry a large bag of forty kilos, plus my weight is about 170 pounds it, embarked on the downhill arch can be very good on the force, the end of the shock effect is obvious, walking, running easily.

Manufacturers point of view: soles have a good shock and flexibility to ensure the comfort of the foot.

Experience point of view: In order to test the shock absorption, I deliberately ran from the three meters high twice, feet do not feel numb, that this pair of shoes vibration is good, more suitable for short trips, and personally think that only suitable for boarding Under the elevation of 2000 below the hills.

Manufacturers point of view: all of the upper material after waterproof treatment, with the general waterproof performance.

Experience the point of view: Water test I spent five minutes in the water, stay to four minutes or so when the tongue began to slightly water, stay ten minutes when the shoes began to have signs of wetness, feeling This pair of shoes after wearing a long time may be waterproof will be worse, see not to use this equipment to the water and more environment.

Manufacturers point of view: quick dry insoles can keep the feet dry.

Experience point of view: quick dry insoles or good, stay in the water for more than 10 minutes after the socks are basically wet, socks is wet, but walking to no sense of slippery,

Manufacturers point of view: good ventilation performance

Experience point of view: before the permeability of the shoes on the deep feeling, this pair of shoes permeability is very good, in the two days of the road in addition to measuring water in the water wet socks, the socks are not wet, Very hot feeling, the feet have been very comfortable to wear this pair of shoes, without the slightest feeling of heat. Outdoor and usually wear can be, walking in the cement road is also very comfortable.

Have to say 1: have to say that the breath of this pair of shoes is really good, try the process, the foot seems to be wearing sandals feeling, that is not hot, if there are more sweat sweets donkey short trip Not to try this pair of shoes, especially quick-drying insole, socks wet after still maintained a good performance, I really like this shoe two points, very good.

Have to say 2: This is the new shoes, if out three or four times, this shoe will not have any water, and feet into the water immediately put up the words still not wet inside.

Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Although not all shoes fans can accept the style of Dad sneaker, but had to say that the trend of Dad shoes is already slowly set off. Has a number of different color show people Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner in today and exposed another color, also by Kanye personally feet. This color to the whole fresh and a lot of simplicity. But according to rumors that this pair of new color will be available in 2018, interested friends may wish to continue to pay attention to our reports.

Recently, adidas's signature shoes adidas Ultra Boost launched a new upgrade version, the strengthening of the help in the design, upgrade the socks, and in the original adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 on the basis of the upgrade to help, the upper upgrade Waterproof Primeknit weaving material. It is reported that this adidas Ultra Boost Mid ATR has been available for sale, priced at ¥ 1699 yuan.

Friday, September 22, 2017

KEEN Ochoco


1, eVENT waterproof fabric


EVENT waterproof fabric permeability with the legendary good, in the entire experience process, due to seasonal reasons, wearing clothing thick, resulting in heat is too large. But the foot of the heat quickly be discharged, the basic feel less hot, soles of the feet are slightly moist, but compared to other similar fabrics have been much better, comfort is very good.

2, non-symmetrical, free telescopic shoelace design

Shoelaces "asymmetric" design different, distinctive personality, which is one of the highlights of this pair of shoes. This design of the shoelace bundled with special, lace of the force distribution point is more reasonable, easy to wear off a lot easier. Department of lace with a lot of the process, tied to the foot after the package has also been strengthened, and not easy to release.

In addition, the unique design of the shoelaces so that the overall shape of the shoe chic, a lot of fashion, color coordination, personal very much like.

3, plus carbon rubber outsole, under the three-mm multi-directional flange

Plus carbon rubber outsole do not want to imagine so hard, but full of flexibility, in the course of walking obviously feel effort. Cement on the road role is obvious, the rugged mountain road is more prominent. In a certain thickness on the basis of the degree of flexibility can be maintained, it is not easy.

It is worth mentioning that this pair of KEEN Ochoco grip is very good, under the three-mm multi-directional flange to absorb the ground, increasing the friction, to strengthen this feature.

In about 30 degrees of climbing process can clearly feel the soles and the road friction, super grip to play a power, there is no basic decline.

In addition, non-slip performance is also very good, walking on the ice only a slight slip phenomenon, it is difficult to get.

4, yuan atomic EVA shoes bed

HtmJayy1359 , HtmJbca1439 , HtmJbfe1521 , HtmJbii1603 , HtmJblm1685 , HtmJboq1767 , HtmJbru1849 , HtmJbqx1826 , HtmJbua1907 , HtmJbxe1989 , HtmJcah2070 , HtmJcdl2152 , HtmJapm1113 , HtmJasq1195 , HtmJavu1277 , HtmJaux1254 , HtmJaya1335 , HtmJbbd1416 , HtmJbeh1498 , HtmJbhl1580 , HtmJbkp1662 , HtmJbnt1744 , HtmJbmw1721 , HtmJbq77 , HtmJbtd1884 , HtmJbwh1966 , HtmJbzl2048 , HtmJcco2129 , HtmJcfs2211 , HtmJaop1090 , HtmJart1172 , HtmJcev2188 , HtmJaqw1149 , HtmJau55 , HtmJaxd1312 , HtmJbag1393 , HtmJbdk1475 , HtmJbgo1557 , HtmJbjs1639 , HtmJbiv1616 , HtmJblz1698 , HtmJbpc1779 , HtmJbsg1861 , HtmJbvk1943 , HtmJbyo2025 , HtmJcbr2106 , HtmJcdy2165 , HtmJapz1126 , HtmJatc1207 , HtmJawg1289 , HtmJazk1371 , HtmJbcn1452 , HtmJbfr1534 , HtmJbhy1593 , HtmJblb1674 , HtmJbof1756 , HtmJbrj1838 , HtmJbun1920 , HtmJbxr2002 , HtmJcau2083 , HtmJbzy2061 , HtmJcda2141 , HtmJcge2223 , HtmJapb1102 , HtmJasf1184 , HtmJavj1266 , HtmJayn1348 , HtmJbbq1429
Yuan yuan EVA shoe bed design is also very good, fine workmanship, reasonable structure, and foot shape is very consistent At the same time, there is a certain degree of toughness, you can keep the shoe shape unchanged, the foot, foot and other parts of the part of a certain degree of protection.

5, heel integrated stable structure


"Exclamation mark" --KEEN patent soles symbol in the middle of the heel, very conspicuous. Heel is very thick, in the actual walking process, the back heel has been relatively soft, very comfortable, in the rugged road to reflect the good shock performance; in the sharp turn and other strenuous exercise when the stability is very strong, the direction of control is very good.

6, high density, stable block, EVA in the end; complete foot board


In the end of the shock effect is obvious, with the bottom at the same time bending, in the road, to maintain long-term flexibility, so that the forefoot from the squeeze. Foot position slightly raised, more fit the soles of the feet, ease the shock, so that walking becomes easy, very comfortable. These features make KEEN Ochoco easy to walk for a long time.

KEEN patented toe, thick heel and carbon rubber outsole on the feet to provide a comprehensive protection.

Overall feeling:

1, get the feeling of this shoe is distinctive, in addition to KEEN signs patented toe protection, the asymmetric, free stretch shoe design is also very eye-catching, these two points can make people in a lot of shoes can recognize KEEN Ochoco to;
2, shoes outsole, in the end of outstanding performance, both stressed the waterproof, breathable, non-slip, steering and other functions, yet comfortable. Suitable for spring and autumn season walking and other outdoor activities.
3, the overall layout of a reasonable, color with harmony, as a professional outdoor products, as in the city as a daily wear does not seem abrupt. To emphasize the professional and yet fashionable people should be a good choice.

have to say:

1, compared with the conventional, KEEN shoes slightly smaller 1 to 1.5, the user is likely to cause errors;
2, the details to be improved, local workmanship flaws, although not obvious, but should not appear in the KEEN this brand.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Experience the overall evaluation: for many ALICE, a pair can be used for outdoor climbing on foot, can also be used for casual wear multi-purpose shoes, is undoubtedly the best choice. TARGHEE Ⅱ design fully take into account this point, style design more attention to the usual wear, low-help design and brown leather with, stylish, elegant colors, natural ideas and fun fun, the perfect combination. Very suitable for OFFICE family climbing hiking and recreation. This time in the city to experience I wear TARGHEE Ⅱ work, to participate in a friend party, and even K song, jumping, feeling very cool, my friends say Ting Hyun! Is it really so please you slowly experience it!

Experience experience experience 1: Treksta's deodorant insoles with two different hardness of the material, the front part of the green with a relatively soft rubber layer, and to assist the design of more fine ventilation holes to ensure that the front foot of the flexible and breathable Sex. Behind the blue part is relatively hard rubber layer, the entire arch and play a certain role in supporting. I believe most of the ALICE and I like, each trip will bring a few pairs of spare socks it! Although the socks are not too heavy, but also take the volume of backpack it! This trip rush to forget with spare socks, and that the shoes will produce odor. But the unexpected result is after two days of Bashan wading, the shoes do not have a little smell (think about it, with the nose smell the shoes of the photos or not upload, and let everyone disgust!), And the insoles are very dry, , With TARGHEE Ⅱ the next two days of short-term do not need to take spare socks slightly!

Experience point 2: the importance of the soles for a pair of shoes I believe we all know that the feet, the shoes like four-wheel drive SUV, and the soles is the engine. TARGHEE Ⅱ soles design using double high-strength carbon-free anti-skid wear-resistant die EVA in the end, to provide support for the arch, ease the shock, to avoid foot injury. Kill the edges and corners to increase the friction, drive forward. Special transparent hard rubber, support the case without deformation, reinforcement to protect the arch. Anti-wear rubber and has a large area of ​​particles, increasing the durability of the shoe. Especially worth emphasizing the big bottom under the four mm flange, suction the ground, the flexibility is very good.

Experience point of view 3: I believe that ALICE and I like, each trip will inevitably hit the foot of the stone at the foot of it! Slight collision under a little activity on the normal, too heavy sometimes affect the back of the trip and even hurt the toes. This time wearing TARGHEE Ⅱ also have a few casual collision, but the results and wearing other hiking shoes is completely different, with the patent toe protection, there is no need to worry about the toes in a slight collision will be injured. Even so, please do not deliberately wear this shoe to play the stone slightly! Because it does not have the strength of the helmet after all!

Experience point 4: TARGHEE Ⅱ in the waterproof and breathable use of eVENT shoe lining, making breathable perspiration performance increased.

Test environment: the temperature of 5-15 degrees, wearing the whole day for 12 hours, ordinary cotton socks, the city for 5 consecutive days (to be replaced every day socks); actual effect: feet no obvious wet feeling, no obvious sulk phenomenon. In addition, EVENT LOGO logo also changed from the traditional logo to a small sun logo, more KEEN personality brand characteristics, comfort, leisure, sunshine.

Experience point of view 5: S3 heel structure. The patented S3 heel system provides excellent shock, slip and steering. Heel and uppers are a large number of fluorescent line stitching at night will reflect the silver, cool!

The following is the outdoor experience:

1, in front of a stream, just when TARGHEE Ⅱ show their talents to the time. EVENT surface waterproof breathable material, there is a gurgling stream flowing through the feet fresh feeling.

2, to deal with slippery slate, not to mention.

3, and later encountered a 50-degree slope of the gravel pavement climb, TARGHEE Ⅱ double high-strength carbon plus non-slip wear-resistant die EVA in the end, to provide me with good power and anti-skid performance.

4, the next morning to get up, but also a "devil" level of climb, because the morning just under the dew, with gravel and mud, the road particularly slippery. We are hands and feet, accompanied by the ALICE are here to suffer. If there is no TARGHEE Ⅱ, I believe I can not easily complete this "devil" level of climb.

5, finally climbed to the mountainside, easily along the ridge forward. Finally, a test of the PP, thank the experience of the Union to provide me with an experience of this experience, thank TARGHEE Ⅱ accompany me to spend a happy two days, hope that this happiness can bring more ALICE.

Overall feeling 1: comfortable, breathable, waterproof, anti-skid performance is extremely excellent, and may even have seen the same type of hiking shoes inside the best non-slip soles, especially for the South's four seasons outdoor activities.

Overall feeling 2: as off-road and daily outdoor activities, definitely worth 5-star recommendation, the only shortcomings may also be the end of the wear resistance as the majority of the bottom of the V. More experience needs: KEEN series of other products.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Brooks Glycerin 15

July 1, 2017 US famous running brand Brooks officially entered China, together with the landing of China's brand has long been well-known Glycerin series of new upgrade models - Glycerin 15.

As the 2017 autumn and winter heavy flagship shoes, Glycerin 15 using Brooks new upgrade Super DNA dynamic cushioning technology in the end, according to the wearer's weight, pace, attitude, etc. to provide adaptive cushioning effect, and additional About 25% of the cushioning performance, for each runners to bring a tailor-made dynamic slow shock running shoes!

In addition, Glycerin 15 with a unique full palm segment cushion cushion design, to create a surprisingly soft cushioning transition zone, so that the soles of the feet and joints to get better protection.

Lightweight 4-way elastic mesh upper breathable lighter, decorated with 3D stretch printing and provide support, with soft plush inside, for the runners to bring a very comfortable and easy to run to enjoy.

At present, Glycerin 15 has landed Brooks regional sales stores and days cat flagship store, now available to buy experience. At the same time Brooks has now opened WeChat, microblogging official account, check the store or learn more product details, can be concerned about the Brooks Brooks WeChat public number.
About Brooks
Brooks was born in Philadelphia in 1914 and is now headquartered in the famous "technology corridor" in Seattle. Sports shoes manufacturer Brooks has been committed to research, promote the development of footwear technology, and in 1975 the first EVA material used in the end of the sports shoes, its light and excellent buffer capacity to show the epoch-making influence.

Later, Brooks also launched a new concept of adaptive DNA in the end of the material, Run Signature posture test and other running optimization technology, better for the world runners to provide personalized running equipment.

Kaile Stone Fuga2.0 since its inception, by the majority of cross-country run enthusiasts favor and appreciation, help cross-country runners ride in the mountains. Whether in the forest trails, or gravel road, whether it is in the slippery mud, or snow, have a very good performance. This time, Kay Le Stone Fuga2.0 as a priest portrait of the power of 2017 ring Anima Qing extreme cross-country race, I wish you athletes to achieve excellent results.

Htmimud9343 , Htmimke9084 , Htmimvo9380 , Htmimaf8825 , Htmimtl9325 , Htmilyd8771 , Htmimjm9066 , Htmimuw9362 , Htmilzo8808 , Htmimst9307 , Htmilxl8753 , Htmimiu9048 , Htmimgr8993 , Htmimsa9288 , Htmilwt8735 , Htmimfz8975 , Htmilwa8716 , Htmimhj9011 , Htmimpf9215 , Htmilty8662 , Htmimfg8956 , Htmimqq9252 , Htmimon9197 , Htmiltf8643 , Htmimpy9234 , Htmiluq8680 , Htmilsn8625 , Htmimdw8920 , Htmimbt8865 , Htmimnc9160 , Htmimdd8901 , Htmimmk9142 , Htmilrc8588 , Htmimcl8883 , Htmimvr9383 , Htmimai8828 , Htmimls9124 , Htmilqk8570 , Htmimjp9069 , Htmimuz9365 , Htmilzr8811 , Htmiml355 , Htmimix9051 , Htmimug9346 , Htmilyz8793 , Htmimsd9291 , Htmilww8738 , Htmimie9032 , Htmimto9328 , Htmilyg8774 , Htmimrl9273 , Htmilwd8719 , Htmimhm9014 , Htmimsw9310 , Htmilxo8756 , Htmimqt9255 , Htmilvl8701 , Htmimgu8996 , Htmimer8941 , Htmimqa9236 , Htmilut8683 , Htmimgb8977 , Htmimdz8923 , Htmimpi9218 , Htmilua8664 , Htmimfj8959 , Htmimnf9163 , Htmilry8610 , Htmimdg8904 , Htmimoq9200 , Htmilti8646 , Htmimmn9145 , Htmilrf8591
KAILAS FUGA2.0 orange with oblique opening design concept, from the appearance of giving a refreshing feeling. Beautiful bright orange enough to become a mountain scenery, the whole palm to adjust the system design concept in the protection of the feet at the same time, but also more space to release the feet. In the cross-country running mountains complex terrain more strength of its capability. Can also play a sweat breathable function.

KAILAS FUGA 2.0 cross-country running shoes with protective toe, whether it is climbing steep uphill or sprint downhill road, effectively protect the impact of external forces on the foot. For the participants to provide the speed of the security force. Safe and reliable is the most effective of this award.

KAILAS FUGA 2.0 cross-country running shoes shoelace system carefully designed. Shoelaces with fast wear system. One hand operation makes the shoelace fast wear off, you can protect the movement to avoid loose shoelaces, reduce the foliage of the foliage, to avoid the whole game in the shoelace release and other issues.

KAILAS FUGA 2.0 with high wear-resistant artificial leather design, high permeability wear-resistant mesh, seamless connection of the upper, in cross-country running enough to protect their feet, to adapt to the complex unknown road conditions, long distance shoes can also be very good protection.

The ankle of the package just right heel design, wear the first feeling is fit, when the shoelace tied later. Feeling feet have reached with the shoes "consistent", stable fixed feet. After running the mountain feel three points, wear resistance, feel more flexible and flexible, better moisture perspiration and breathability.

The use of the overall design of the tongue, left and right sides are connected with the soles, where the design is not only to prevent the tongue in the running side of the movement to affect a side, and the feet play a very good package.

The sole is Vibram's latest Megagrip rubber formula. The purpose of the Megagrip is to solve the problem of Vibram soles passing through the slippery surface. After hundreds of recipe tests and tests, the Vibram Megagrip rubber formula solves the need for slippery surface friction Outdoor activities difficult problem, is becoming a new generation of cross-country running shoes soles standard configuration. At the same time, the triangular particles distributed in the soles provide a different direction of grip.

Before and after the height difference of about 9 mm, can effectively protect the impact of the knee and ankle. Soft and comfortable moderate. Soles of different depth of the ear design, for the off-road downhill to provide better cushioning performance. Grip and wear resistance, to adapt to the more complex harsh terrain, running up Rulvping, any mountain between the wild, enjoy the beauty of the tour.

In the case of mountain meadow / forest trail / gravel pavement / water pavement / creek and other road conditions, KAILAS FUGA 2.0 wide shoe last can let the feet enjoy release, let ride in the mountains, Feedback of various pavements is responsive. Step on the more smooth stones in the mountains, KAILAS FUGA 2.0 has been grasping this degree, step on these stones, shoes and stones are running in place with each other. Using Megagrip big bottom without any sense of sliding, you can completely rest assured that free running.

The front foot of the ground to start, the soles of the ground feedback in a timely manner, and instantly can start the move, excellent buffer shock effect, long distance running do not feel the slightest pain in the feet. Wearing KAILAS FUGA Ⅱ, starting in the mountains, let the legs, pay attention to the front, the rest only need to fly all the way ride ...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

adidas ultra boost is the best?

When 2013 adidas first introduced incredible Boost technology, many people think that this looks and cheap foam is almost the same thing just adidas come up with a gimmick only. But when more than a year later Dennis Kimetto wore the record of the human marathon at the Adios Boost2, which was in the middle of Boost, and all the questions were vanished.

More than two years time, adidas not only all of its running shoes products are replaced by a new Boost midsole, on the other hand they are also painstakingly, will accumulate more than 70 years of road running data and the new Boost technology on the basis of Design a revolutionary, suitable for all people can stimulate the full energy of running shoes products.

adidas Ultra Boost uppers used adidas original Primeknit weaving technology, before we have seen adidas adizero Prime Boost and Pure Boost used on this increasingly popular high-end running shoes uppers design. The fine one weave the upper, which can bring excellent wraps while placing the best breathability and comfort of the feet.

Tilt the toe, so that Ultra Boost's shoes have a perfect arc, but also more in line with the runners before the palm of the paste the efficiency and response to a certain extent, increase the flexibility of running shoes.

Htmiljm8390 , Htmijyg7422 , Htmikhb7651 , Htmikpy7882 , Htmikyu8112 , Htmilhp8341 , Htmikfe7602 , Htmikoa7832 , Htmikwx8063 , Htmilfs8292 , Htmiloo8522 , Htmikdh7553 , Htmikmd7783 , Htmikv313 , Htmildv8243 , Htmilmr8473 , Htmikbk7504 , Htmikkg7734 , Htmiktc7964 , Htmilby8194 , Htmilku8424 , Htmijzo7456 , Htmikrf7915 , Htmilix8375 , Htmijxr7407 , Htmikgm7636 , Htmikpi7866 , Htmikye8096 , Htmilh325 , Htmilpw8556 , Htmikep7587 , Htmiknl7817 , Htmikwh8047 , Htmilfc8276 , Htmilnz8507 , Htmikcs7538 , Htmiklo7768 , Htmikuk7998 , Htmildf8227 , Htmikav7489 , Htmikjr7719 , Htmiksn7949 , Htmilbi8178 , Htmilke8408 , Htmijyz7441 , Htmikhu7670 , Htmikqq7900 , Htmikzm8130 , Htmilih8359 , Htmikfx7621 , Htmikot7851 , Htmikxp8081 , Htmilgk8310 , Htmilpg8540 , Htmike296 , Htmikmw7802 , Htmikvs8032 , Htmilen8261 , Htmilnj8491 , Htmikcc7522 , Htmikkz7753 , Htmilcq8212 , Htmillm8442 , Htmikaf7473 , Htmikjb7703 , Htmikry7934 , Htmilat8163
Heels and shoes are often many running shoes on the neglect of the place, and Ultra Boost in these places have carried out a distinctive treatment. Tongue is no longer a separate part, but extended to the heel formed a U-shaped arc of the mouth of the boots, with more stretch and breathable fabric inside to ensure that the ankle parcel and stability, but also by the way to solve the tongue fixed The general problem for running shoes.

Heels in order to ensure a stable force, Ultra Boost retains the adidas running shoes traditional heel hard protection structure: Heel Counter.

The soles are naturally the finest parts of the Ultra Boost. After more than two years of recommendation, Boost Materials Technology has evolved in constant data to achieve the best balance of energy release and control.

Ultra Boost's new Boost midway compared to the past will be enhanced by 20% of the performance, adidas official claimed: Ultra Boost Boost midsole will bring unprecedented energy feedback and shock absorption experience. We see Ultra Boost before and after the middle there is a significant height difference design, but Boost thickness is not an exaggeration, give us the feeling is between energy Boost and adios Boost.

Ultra Boost soles will be placed in the bottom of the bottom of the anti-torsion system Torsion System completely implanted in the middle of Boost.

The Torsion System implantation in the midsole is a good way to solve the integrity of the entire soles of the design, and for the Boost high elastic material characteristics, a complete split soles design can be more excellent to play its desired characteristics.

Strech Web four-direction elastic mesh through the hollow and raised four-direction bite design to solve the problem of grip.

A pair of real best running shoes, obviously not the fastest pair, but can make more people get up this pair, Ultra Boost will be so a pair.