Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nike Lunar One Shot

Love shoes are very understanding of the major brands are good at what the area, especially sports shoes brand, when we think of buying basketball shoes, we will think Nike basketball shoes; and when we want to buy football shoes, then Adidas must be what we must see Brand; then when we want a pair of casual shoes when it is the king of the board shoes Vance is preferred; canvas shoes, no one beyond Converse will be our choice ... ... Although these brands have the most well-known shoes, but they The other shoe is also very famous, though not the first, but are much like everyone's. Today let us look at Nike's one-board shoes Lunar One Shot.

Lightweight and flexible, this Lunar One Shot shoe features a superb touch-feel and a lightweight design. The designer uses a durable fabric called Hyperscreen to create the shoe body, Abrasion resistance, but also the perfect upgrade touch the board, so that the cooperation between the two feet and skateboard more tacit understanding. In addition, also equipped with Lunarlon midsole cushioning system, this powerful technology brings us unprecedented peer control and cushioning on the board, so that there is confidence to challenge a more challenging action we have always from NIKE professional security protection,
Lightweight mesh tongue and thickened collar guarantee lightweight while firmly locked heel, greatly enhance the protection. Soft rubber outsole to further enhance the sense of wear, with herringbone lines for the foot to create a skateboard when the perfect grasping force, ultra-durable quality to help you navigate different skateboarding venues. This pair of Nike shoes with gray shoes, with mint green Swoosh Logo and lining, with a full brisk jumping feeling; black and white shoes body is stressed steady wild, with yellow details of the design can also highlight the vibrant atmosphere. This spring will have such a pair of shoes.

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In 1987, the first pair of nike air max was released, air max 1 is changing everything, pouring the mark paker and tinker hatfiled revolutionary crystalline shoes, visual cushion and bright red to create a great appearance. From the first appearance of the visible air cushion in the past twenty-five years history, AIR MAX series has undergone a variety of transformation, although it was born in the runway, but also with a unique appearance popular on the streets, as the trend with the classic single One of the products.
Was born in 1990, the use of air red 90 was once referred to as "red" red, this design marks the birth of a new generation of legendary air max 90, which is the 90's common memories. Today Nike also introduced a replica version of the air max 90s, to create a sense of movement and design of sports shoes, sports enthusiasts demonstrate vitality, confidence, the best choice.

Air Max 180 was born in 1991, from the most "bottom" layer to start, air Max 180 air cushion midsole 180 degrees visible, so named 180, cushioning skills upgrade. 90 degrees from the air Max 90 can be seen today's 180-degree visualization is a great initiative. In 1995 Nike design air Max 95, designer sergio lozano draw inspiration from human anatomy - spine, ribs and tendons, coupled with dazzling neon yellow color, these shoes became the classic as soon as they were born.
In a blink of an eye into the 2014, the air Max lunar90 is known for its superior lightness and comfort. The lunarlon midsole combines visual cushions with a light, gentle, seamless upper design to provide a lightweight, breathable feel. Tongue and lining of the soft fabrics bring excellent comfort. A new member of the air Max family in 2014, the Air Max 90 jacquard, offers great comfort, traditional luxury fabrics, innovative interpretation of one-piece upholstery, air cushion wrapped in foam midsole for light comfort Earthquake effect, the curved groove in the forefoot allows our foot movement more natural.
This is a family history, but also we witness the history of Nike running shoes, let us be more sure if you want to buy a pair of comfortable and gentle running shoes, please visit the Nike air Max official website, and if you want to buy basketball shoes, air jordan official website is The entrance.

Friday, December 8, 2017

nike tech fleece aw77

nike tech fleece series is mainly Nike introduced leisure sports jacket, in this series all products are pure wool knitwear. nike tech fleece aw77 is one of the more famous in this series, in the recent broadcast of advertising, the full display of this series of clothes and the characteristics of this dress. There is a lot of such sportswear in Nike's history, but the line of garments is the most successful and the most outstanding in a series of garments that have created a powerful shopping spree after entering the market.

nike tech fleece this series of sportswear, and nike tech fleece aw77 this very popular one, are in recent years a very good Nike products, first of all technically, this series of products using advanced wool knitting technology , This technique is made out of sportswear is very complete, with good thermal properties, this series of clothes can be said that the essential autumn and winter season of the cold cutlery. In addition to talk about their design, and this series of clothes is a famous fashion designer design, fashionable and full of flavor and fashion elements of the times, it is very popular.
Nike tech fleece some of these clothing and nike tech fleece aw77 this excellent style, is the main Nike clothing in recent years, after entering the market received good results. The quality of Nike products has always been guaranteed, first-class quality, which they have been pursuing, and precisely because of this, people will be so trust Nike products. I believe in the future development path, Nike will design better works to meet the needs of consumers.

Playing football is a strong sport and many people want a good pair of shoes that will protect our feet from injury! So we remind all consumers that they must choose when playing football Professional football shoes, Nike and Adidas, are the authoritative brand of football shoes, many consumers, for Nike and Adidas soccer shoes also have their own evaluation, then the soccer shoes Adidas or Nike is good? Today we For everyone to come to a full analysis of these two different shoes.

        Buy Adecco shoes Nike is good or good? A lot of consumers, Nike and Adidas soccer shoes also do not know how to choose, in fact, these two shoes have their own advantages, such as Nike shoes, focus on Flexible, the bottom of the more soft, many consumers, wearing the process, you will also feel significant comfort. The adidas shoes, the more emphasis on breathability of shoes, even after our intense exercise, it will not be excessive because the shoes sweat, and feel uncomfortable.
        That our consumers, buy soccer shoes Adidas good or Nike good? This also depends on the amount of exercise and our use of Nike and Adidas soccer shoes every style different, the price is different, the introduction of various types of different models, All have their own characteristics, our consumers need to make relevant purchases based on their actual use. If you are engaged in more professional football, you need to buy more professional equipment, if only occasionally exercise, then these two brands many civilian style, but also more practical, consumers can buy according to their own purposes.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

nike roshe run sneakerboot

Consumers taste more and more unique, more and more their own style, then the brand designed products even more able to stand up to the fans, "critical." Popular by the popular series, perhaps in the next new season on the introduction of other improvements to the series, the series enriched. Such as the nike roshe run series launched last year 2013 nike roshe run sneakerboot released a new version of nike roshe run slip-on in this year's 2014 in April of this year, and now in many platforms are also selling, the experience is also believed Have their own feeling of wearing, we enter the product, together to understand the series!

Consumers are now pursuing the footsteps of sports shoes is not just the function in place ok, oh, fashion elements have to be integrated into the sports style, this style is everyone's pursuit. nike roshe run sneakerboot The following figure in the shoes with black suede sandwich nylon material, the outsole is also black, nylon fabric ankle collar is made of gray, deep introverted color matching for the fall and winter Very handy. Of course, we are in the hot summer, of course, the style needed is comfortable and breathable as the main stream! This new version will conform to the needs of everyone in our field of vision!

Or the continuation of the nike roshe run series of advantages, lightweight shoe body, wild shape, excellent sense of foot and a variety of color so that the series in the consumer's shoe in a place. This time increase version slip-on is no shoelace style. First of all, for the experience of bringing the advantages of simple and convenient; Second, in many high-top, lace style will undoubtedly bring a unique advantage, fashion easy to mix, perforated design so beriberi release, breathable and comfortable exercise to bring Fun, such as this fluorescent green, the unique shape of shoes so shock the future!

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Nike always give us a surprise, whether it is basketball shoes or casual shoes, running shoes, Nike is in its most sincere heart tells us what is fashion, what is really considered for the customer. This time, I believe we see the most Nike shoes must be nike roshe run, what is this shoe? Nike roshe run how?

Designed by Dylan, one of Nike's top ten designers, Roshe run, though Dylan is less active in our field of vision, has designed the roshe run at astonishing sales worldwide with minimalist styling And high-performance features and captured the global shoe fans. More for some time Nike Roshe Run hot even sold out of stock, we can see its popularity. So why so many people are fascinated by it?
First roshe run design concept is very unique, its design inspired by the concept of meditation and "Zen", simple and simple, simple in the shoes do not add any decorative accessories, the new design has injected new life and create Out of a different style. Every part of the shoe body makes sense, representing a scene in a Japanese zen garden, improving the stone steps of a waffle outsole like a garden, while the insole sits like a landscape of dry landscapes in a garden, Zen garden landscape. Appearance and design have captured the hearts of most shoe fans,

Then it's performance more for shoes fans screaming. Its waffle rubber outsole gives excellent grip and durability, while the midsole is made with full-length straight-forward IU to create a light cushioning effect on the shoe, whether it's for exercise or going out We provide a good wearing experience. So see these, everyone for Nike roshe run how to have some understanding of it.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

nike free hyperfeel

Nike Barefoot 4.0 Authentic identification is important for consumers who love Nike barefoot. Some consumers are very concerned about Nike shoes, no matter from what way to buy Nike barefoot products are particularly fond of judging the authenticity of shoes. Nike barefoot shoes are generally priced at about 500 yuan. Nike Barefoot 4.0 for many consumers are not very cheap shoes. If you buy a pair of shoes spent a lot of money, eventually bought the imitation goods is not cost-effective.
There are many ways to identify shoes, and now there are specialized forums to help identify shoes, such as the tiger flutter Forum there are specific sections on the identification of Nike shoes. Nike Barefoot 4.0 Authentic identification Tiger Forum also has a lot of similar content. Consumers can take their own shoes bought into a photo posted to the forum, and then let the professionals help identify the authenticity of the shoes. There are many professionals in this forum to identify Nike shoes.

This Nike Barefoot 4.0 true and false identify the need to pay attention to one of the details of the shoes are shot into a picture, not to say that a direct shot on it. This is because the true and false identification of shoes should be judged from many angles, not to say that casual shoes can be true and false point of view. Which need to include the details of the Nike barefoot 4.0 soles, shoes standard, vamps, shoes and so on.
If you buy shoes from above the site, be sure to buy the product from the name of the shoe store or the official flagship store, in fact, the real shoe store is the official sales site in direct cooperation with Nike. Nike Barefoot 4.0 purchased from here must be genuine. One of the advantages of the name of the shoe store it can also help consumers find Nike shoes identification.

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When buying Nike barefoot shoes should know nike free size. No matter what shoes are purchased should first understand the size. Nike as a world-renowned sports brand in the design of shoe size will be strictly in accordance with international standards to design. Generally speaking, as long as you know when you recently wear Nike shoes size basically know their most suitable size. This is because most Nike shoes are designed according to uniform size standards. Only occasionally one or two series of shoes may be larger or smaller.

Look at the size of shoes should be divided into specific European code, the Chinese code and the United States code to distinguish. However, the most common habit of Chinese consumers to buy shoes to see the size is the Chinese code and the European code. In fact, the development of China's code is to distinguish in accordance with the length of the feet, while the European code is to distinguish in accordance with the size of the shoes. Whether it is a men's size chart or a lady's size chart are actually a unified size table. The difference is the size of the nike free inside the lady size there will be 36,36.5,37,37.5 size, but the size of the man is 38 European code.

36 for the European code corresponding to the Chinese code is 230,37 European code corresponding to the Chinese code is 235. In fact, we do not necessarily have to know these specific size, in the purchase of shoes can see these size chart. When you shop in the store because you can try on, so you can quickly know your own shoe size. In the online shopping shoes can also see the specific size table introduced.
For example, in the name of the above shopping gallery will certainly be able to learn more about these Nike free size, because in every Nike barefoot shoes will also provide Nike shoes size table. According to these tables, you can fully understand the appropriate size.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

nike air foamposite one silver

Nike Bubble Series has a very classic creation of the world that is to become a silver war soul nike air foamposite one silver, just look at this basketball shoe designer will know how much thought into it made so High recognition, however, nike air foamposite one silver is not unique, its high recognition except because of its cool appearance because of its use of many technological elements.

nike air foamposite one silver most eye-catching is that it's color, reflective silver with fluorescent green, low-key colors but it highlights the people can not ignore the sense of aggression, in addition, the fluorescent green addition to the use of the sole in addition has also been inadvertently applied In the shoes of the surface and shoelaces, this also makes shoes look more colorful and colorful. nike air foamposite one silver Inheritance of simple, smooth lines, the light and breathable reached the perfect balance, is absolutely superior to the daily leisure sports, its shock absorption function can also give more gentle protection of both feet, in short The perfect combination of top technology and classic technology to create a more perfect sense of foot wear, with a powerful rear visual Visual AIR cushion for you to create a more perfect bounce and shooting action, you continue to create outstanding performance basketball myth.
Nike air foamposite one silver Whether it is color or performance to meet the pursuit of young people's personality requirements, walking on the street will definitely become attractive eye artifact. In addition to this bipolar fashion basketball shoes, even if you do not play basketball with daily life can also be easily controlled, whether it is jeans or casual pants, with the nike air foamposite one silver will appear passionate and tidal range full of children, absolutely Essential for everyday wear essential items.

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Basketball has always been a favorite of boys, not only can exercise in the exercise, but also to develop teamwork skills, although basketball can give us so much, but basketball is also relatively easy to hurt, so basketball also need professional Basketball equipment to protect us, especially the protection of the feet, professional basketball shoes is essential to play, often playing basketball, there is a certain understanding of the choice of basketball shoes, Nike's Hyperdunk and Hyperfuse certain Not unfamiliar, then basketball shoes hf13 and basketball shoes hd14 which is better today Xiaobian introduced hf13 and hd14 for everyone.

Before introducing basketball shoes hf13 and basketball shoes hd14, let's take a look at Hyperdunk and Hyperfuse series. Designed for the best players in the world, Hyperdunk was born in 2008 with unparalleled lightweight performance and is the winner, Hyperfuse has been a real weapon since its inception in 2009 for outdoor hard courts To wear to win. Two series have been developed for many generations now. Which refers to the basketball shoes hf13 Hyperfuse2013 generation, and basketball shoes hd14 Hyperdunk2014 generation.
Hyperfuse2013 breathable, strong stability and have a good resilience, rubber sole soft and medium, coupled with the forefoot Zoom Air, after the game does not feel too tired after the foot, hf13 let us surprise is still its Grip, soles herringbone texture to strengthen the friction with the floor, the foot is not easy to slippery,

As a new generation Nike Hyperdunk series Nike Hyperdunk 2014 on sale on July 21, the first yellow, fluorescent, black and red five colors, more color will be on September 2 listing. HD14 configuration and 12 generations, 13 generations of similar, before and after the separation of lunarlon and with the phylon in the end are not much worse, the color is still bright, a variety of color let us shine, the Flywire technology used and lightweight composite Material makes shoes lighter.
So to ask hf13 and hd14 which is good, we must look at the venue and their preferences, if the outdoor sports venue, then hf13 more suitable, and if you like lightweight stickers foot basketball shoes, hd14 absolutely not to be missed.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NIKE free 5.0 shield

For those who love running, even unpredictable bad weather, they can not stop the pace of their run. In their eyes, these factors are just one of the endless pleasures of running. To provide even more protection to runners, the NIKE free 5.0 shield came into being! This running shoe meets the multi-functional needs of runners such as: breathability, lightness, warmth, water resistance and reflectivity.

Reflect the light, blooming really me:
Nike Free 5.0 Shield iD for each runner to create a barefoot-like comfort, but also to achieve excellent cushioning performance, superior grip and thorough foot protection. Specially designed reflective vamp, even at night running, can be clearly seen. Patterns, colors and other personality collocation, can highlight your charm style.
Shining eye-catching:
Do not let the night block your footsteps. Choose from one of six reflective colors to create a flashing protective upper that will shine even in the night. This section NIKE free 5.0 shield flashing shoes running shoes to provide two optional patterns, one is the personality Ling pattern, the other is the sexy Leopard oh!

Flexible and flexible:
Elastic groove outsole with vertical and horizontal arrangement along the midsole deep groove design, so that freedom of movement without restraint, so smooth and agile gait, so that every step is more stable and efficient.
Very supportive
Nike Free Shield iD uses the ultimate lightweight flying lead technology, soft, wear-resistant wire harness from the soles of the foot and arch around. Extreme fit, strong support legs, so that every step of the runner are extremely comfortable.

In addition to the above four highlights, Nike Free 5.0 Shield 8 mm height difference between the front and the back, making Nike free 5.0 shield brings between barefoot and traditional sports shoes between the running experience. Flywire technology brings a glove-like dynamic fit, while Free articulated elastic grooves provide the barefoot flexibility.

James 11 generation boots very much attention, after all, is the new product just released, the superiority of this product is difficult to match before the James boots. The current issue of how much money James 11 generation boots on the Internet also asked more. Because it is new, so the price of this shoe is quite expensive. About 160 to 400 US dollars may need to be converted into RMB probably in more than 700 to 2000 range. This price is still slightly more expensive for most Chinese. However, good goods are not afraid of such, if for economic reasons temporarily can not buy, fans can wait until next year to buy, when the price is believed to have a different range of reduction.

Although the price of James 11 generation boots expensive, but not also can not imagine. As we all know, the reason why the series of shoes is high, mainly new products. So just wait for a while to get a lot of benefits. The other one is through different ways to compare the purchase price after the purchase. In general, the real estate store price of James 11 generation boots slightly higher than the shop. As the shop to reduce the intermediate links, the price advantage is more obvious. For users, online shopping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy James 11 generation boots.

But on the issue of how much money James 11 boots, we can now understand that the cheapest online shop in time, the price of James 11 generation boots will not have much decline, after all, this year's new product, plus On the world's leading sports brand. This boots to think in the short term there is a substantial reduction is not possible. If netizens are still James boots can not be relieved, then consider entering a group of previous generations of boots had fun, until the coming year to consider this pair of 11 generations of boots.

Friday, November 24, 2017

air jordan 3lab5

Explosion full version of cracked expensive but why has been the price of pro-Lai? Of course, have a good high-priced things, you pay for. For the air jordan 3lab5 full explosion crack limited edition, the price of this shoe for many ordinary people, can not be said no pain. Expensive prices of up to more than three thousand yuan to make this shoe gives a person out of reach. However, this shoe in addition to the athletes with a speedy and exhilarating sports experience, even the layman who also decided to enjoy a look.

Full burst crack limited edition in the style is very unique, quite attention to detail. In the upper with a full burst of crack form, the whole world belonged to the air jordan 3lab5 full burst crack limited edition as the first. This publicity and unique style also allows this shoe quickly attracted the attention of athletes. The seamless upper will also crack the crack perfect presentation, no next time at all. In the shoelaces, reflective tongue, transparent rubber, etc., but also the beauty of the appearance of shoes to the extreme. The overall effect it presents is perfect. And its spokesman, Jordan is wearing it invincible.

Explosion full version of the crack in addition to crack burst aspect, the color is also quite bold. Crack the use of black and white, while the shoes are inlaid with blue, white and other dazzling colors, so that shoes give a great visual impact. Full crack crack limited edition price can be so expensive, not just from his appearance, the high-end atmosphere on the level of comfort also make a lot of similar shoes unparalleled. Whether insole or foot support, or soles, this shoe is made of high-end material production, the evaluation of the market is very high, with many fans.

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With the popularity of exo portfolio, they bring the brand appeal is also growing. Currently on the network or physical store exo Nike shoes with the same promotional efforts are also increasing, many people will refer to this combination or combination of members wearing Nike shoes on different occasions to carry their own clothing and shoes with not only pop, Because of the brand itself, the quality is good too.

About the same paragraph Nike shoes pictures People can search the Internet, including the combination of many Korean stars like Nike this brand, with the richer. According to the already released exo with the same section of Nike shoes pictures to choose, you can also mix and match. We see in the picture they are generally wearing Nike brand more personalized or newly introduced shoes, in terms of popularity is guaranteed. The price may be too expensive, people can choose according to their economic ability.

With exo Nike shoes with the same time consider the following points: Generally speaking, there will be the difference between high and low help, it is recommended more stature fat or relatively small people can try to choose low or high help but rich with increased Shoes.
In addition, wearing the same paragraph exo Nike shoes, in order to wear a star temperament, but also pay attention to the color of the match, if the color of the shoes more fancy, the choice of clothing when the shoes can be used in accordance with the existing color or use gray black and white so Low-key color to buffer.
Also taking into account the exo Nike shoes with the picture on the mix and match effect, people wearing sports shoes or running shoes can also be more formal clothing to demonstrate the trend, but not suitable for formal occasions.
People who like exo with Nike shoes certainly have a lot, just the power of fans are very large, of course, Nike's own quality assurance is the fundamental choice of them.