Friday, November 17, 2017

nike air huarache hyper pink

In 1991, the nike Air Huarache first year model was born, created by legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who draws inspiration from Indians sandal styling and uses sock-like synthetic rubber linings for custom fitting Experience. Recently, the classic Air Huarache shoes ushered in the new Hyper color release.

New release of a color caused a sensation in its full recognition of the outline of the above, the use of fluorescent powder with carbon gray synthetic leather material made of shoes, supplemented by pink and blue embellishment, times Vibrant. In addition to the tongue and heel TPU reinforcement into the turquoise blend into a sharp contrast, and fluorescent red outsole is in sharp contrast with the body of the shoe, full suction eye. At the same time then equipped with Air cushion blessing white lightweight midsole rendering.

Finally, to introduce the nike air huarache hyper punch color, Nike Air Huarache unlimited scenery, cool concept to create, suitable for summer wear, the nike air huarache hyper punch shoes with deep black shoes with bright red in the bright end , Heel and tongue into a trace of dynamic apple green to embellishment, making the overall tone of the shoes brighten several times, the trend of the shoe body UP!
After reading the new series of nike air huarache series, there are pink and punch color punch, two color are very stylish, by the tide people like it. Do not hesitate to like them, move it.

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A 2008 series has been published, and now after the precipitation of time and technology into, I think only better, not the best! Let's take a look at this Nike hyperdunk 2014 xdr give us what kind of experience it !

First: On the 2014 new shoes actual combat evaluation, our most advantage lies in the ultimate lightweight and flexible feet. This shoe advocates the use of FLYWIRE cable construction concept applied to basketball shoes, with the first development of the forefoot LUNARLON cushioning technology, make this nike hyperdunk 2014 xdr hd compared with other models have extraordinary flexibility and lightweight, Friends like this feature can wear it to try it!
Second: This shoe can be described as a full range of basketball shoes, suitable for any stature and position of the player, the new FLYWIRE design with improved LUNARLON cushioning, HYPERDUNK series of shoes to reposition, through different technologies R & D to improve the movement effect, this is HYPERDUNK's design approach. Of course, after two years of research, the design is also more mature!

Third: Every shoe shape is also relish the point. Change any one shape, can bring unexpected results. nike hyperdunk 2014 hd Believe [V] to describe is the most appropriate, because both the upper, tongue, heel or sole has large and small V-shaped and triangular design, toe in front of the V-shaped design, so that Adjustable space stretching to near the toe position, for different foot players to bring more flexibility!
Fourth: Nike hyperdunk 2014 xdr shoes more convenient. Just tighten the lace will feel the toe position by the upper cover, so that when you increase the adjustable space to solve more toe or over loose toe situation, reduce the possible discomfort, the design is very intimate.
How do you like this shoe? Have you passed the 2012,2013 style of friends can clearly feel the changes in 2014? Like it on a quick income!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

nike lunarglide 6

nike lunarglide 6 Evaluation results for the people who have been looking forward to Nike sale is very crucial. Of course, now these shoes have been on sale for a long time, while the sales of shoes has also been very high. Such a high degree of concern also illustrates the advantages of shoes. In fact, this shoe is definitely not only highlight the fashion. nike lunarglide 6 evaluation from the color is also remarkable. To know its color is indeed very clean, the use of white, blue and orange color matching can be more attractive eye.

Of course, wearing this kind of shoes during training is just enough color to make yourself a bright spot. But do not think this shoe's success is due to fashion. It's a great place to go far beyond color matching. nike lunarglide 6 evaluation must not ignore it in the overall weight control. Because the shoes with a new design of engineering mesh, so let the shoes become more lightweight, but also has a higher permeability.

From a technical point of view to do nike lunarglide 6 evaluation, NIKE FLYWIRE technology to make shoes and feet better fit. The midsole of this pair of shoes uses a new material, and the application of this material is to make the shoes a lot more softness, functionality has also increased a lot. In fact, the overall technical application of the shoes are to make it to reduce the weight as much as possible, this is the nike lunarglide 6 evaluation said no sense of weight.

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Some people say that the biggest advantage of this shoe is that it reached a very delicate balance of many key performance. nike lunarglide 6 evaluation results show that, whether it is from the appearance or performance point of view, this is a very worthy to recommend a good shoes, start with such shoes will not regret it.

Nike basketball shoes rankings on the Nike in the end what shoes better recommended. In fact, for more people, Nike Jordan is the real Nike basketball shoes. This type of basketball shoes, whether performance or comfort are very high. Of course, the price of Nike Jordan series is not low. Nike basketball shoes list in the end is what kind of it?

        Appears in many users, Nike basketball shoes rankings to ensure wear resistance and comfortable performance Nike basketball shoes come as Nike zoom kobe venom 4. The wear resistance of these shoes is indeed very high, of course, its price is high. Nike Kobe Bryant series combines cutting-edge technology strength, the use of innovative woven mesh material Engineered Mesh uppers, to create a fit for both feet fit, extreme lightness and 360 ° full range of breathability but also to provide foot bending All the flexibility needed. Seamless synthetic shoe tongue and shoe body to provide support in the intense competition.

        The second most wearable shoe on the Nike basketball charts is the JORDAN F2F. Many Nike basketball shoes fans think this is a shoe when it comes to cost-effective. Nike Jordan basketball shoes due to wear comfortable, stylish appearance and good protection, loved by the majority of basketball fans. Jordan basketball shoes list Jordan basketball shoes main features and identification method is that the shoe body or heel will be printed with Jordan dunk action signs. The latest generation of Nike Jordan 20, exudes a rich retro style, though the whole shoe seems heavy, but smooth, obvious sense of cohesion of the shoe body, not difficult to find above almost all the previous Air Jordan shoes shadow.

        In fact, even if the Nike basketball shoes list, nor necessarily have to be based on the performance of various Nike shoes rankings, a lot of shoes rankings can not even tell the story. In addition to the above two kinds of shoes, there are also HYPERDUNK HD2012, NIKE ZOOM HYPERCHAOS shoes are also very good.

Monday, November 6, 2017

puma Mobium Elite SPEED

When the captain, sold Meng! When Deng supermillionaire encounter "Monkey King" Baoqiang, what kind of sparks will be rubbed? Plus the most funny "hiding king" Wang Zu blue witty humor, you still have to laugh Let's see how they do siao!
Abdominal tide men Baoqiang run brother with the same paragraph nike Air Max 90

Not long ago, Wang Baoqiang gym muscle photo appears, but also to many onlookers surprise! But you make it? In addition to abdominal muscle, Wang Baoqiang still like the air max series shoes tide men one! Although the color low-key, but we "climb "Vigorous.
"Funny than the dad" Deng Chao favorite Nike Flex Supreme TR 3

Performance superb love! Deng Chao to a fluorescent green Nike Flex Supreme TR 3 bright blind audience, and vibrant personality is also complement each other. The performance of Nike training shoes seems beyond our imagination, Deng Chao on this shoe simply love not to mention "feet"! In the second runner, but also all day wearing this shoe.
Loyal loyal kitty Wong Choi blue run brothers with the same paragraph shoes puma Mobium Elite SPEED

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Following the first period of the program wearing the main lightweight Puma Faas 300 v3, Wang Zu Lan once again put on a Puma Shoes Puma Mobility Elite SPEED. Compared with the former, the latter is PUMA's new shoes, and the use of the brand-headed science and technology bionic cat claw outsole. As Mobium Elite second-generation products, still used to run the forefoot or midfoot runner. Please give Zu Lan strength!
Huaihua Kai Kai run it brother with the same shoes Li Ning retro classic men's casual shoes ALCJ061-6

As a spokesman for Li Ning, Cheng Kai is still quite responsible, the show also put on new shoes Li Ning. This shoe is the classic best-selling 3KM shoes, retro heel shape, midsole punching shape classic 90's jogging shoes style. Large area suede leather, enhance the texture of the upper. The more Kai Kai, the more stylish it!

In the "Run it, brother" program, whether it is a fixed team or guests from each period will wear a wide range of sportswear to participate in the program, run it brothers with the same paragraph, run it brother with the clothes section is the whole network everywhere There are. We can see the mix and match the wind has also been invaded the scope of sportswear, and now few people will buy a set of sports suits, more is based on their own preferences, with a truly their own sports assembly, the following we Learn together how to pick it up?

Poke photo Get run Tuan God equipment
The first is running in the sports suite right brothers with the same clothes, exercise more first reaction should be the same as Xiaobian or should choose a sports coat? Can cover the wind and rain, light and comfortable. Like a "baby", a green sports coat with a black loose sweatpants, you can definitely become a Monkey King, flinging down all alone. In fact, these windbreaker are very basic models, the internal lining to increase breathability, perspiration windproof effect is very good; zipper pocket to facilitate your usual exercise when carrying some valuable small items; shut design further reduce the cold Invasion. In fact, these windbreaker is also one of the biggest Aspect is color, although the style is generally the same, but you can make a fuss in the color, it depends entirely on whether you like lively and bright colors or low-key deep color.

Poke photo Get run Tuan God equipment
Finish clothes, let's look at it running brother brothers with the same paragraph pants, the choice of pants is generally loose and tight optional, if you do not want to run for a long time or need long-term use of the knee to exercise, choose loose exercise Pants, these pants enough to ensure that you exercise the necessary ventilation and windproof performance. But if you want to protect your knees, it is best to choose a tight-fitting supportive pants. In short, the sweatpants are generally dark-colored, the choice of focus should still be functional on Oh! Finally, if you buy a stop to the sports suit you want, directly on the name of the shoe store can get Oh!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Jordan Dub Zero

Jordan Dub Zero, which is nike Jordan Brand's first hybrid shoes, which combines a variety of classic Air Jordan shoes essence, including the Air Jordan 4 soles, Air Jordan 6 heel, Air Jordan 12 tongue, Air Jordan 13 shoe body, and Air Jordan XX laser pattern design and so on. To celebrate the birth of Jordan Brand has been 30 years old, Jordan Dub Zero, the originator of hybrid shoes, appeared again with a new color appearance in people's attention. This year, there will be a variety of Jordan Dub Zero new color matching shoes to meet with you. Do you want to enjoy it in advance? Xiaobian to share with you Jordan Dub Zero: Color Guide.
First, [Jordan Dub Zero] 2015 new color appreciation wolf gray color

The picture shows the wolf ash color is the return of Air Jordan Dub Zero first new color Jordan Dub Zero. It is dominated by gray wolf color, supplemented by details of blue and gray embellishment.
Jordan Dub Zero Wolf gray color Official release on January 24, 2015, Item no. 311046-007, Release price: $ 160.
Second, [Jordan Dub Zero] 2015 new color appreciation of the carbon-gray color

Following Jordan Dub Zero charcoal color listed, Jordan Brand has introduced Jordan Dub Zero Charcoal color shoes.

The same shoes with laser motif, dotted 3M reflective material details, insoles with the words of the 30th anniversary. Its article number: 311046-004, release date is February 21, the sale price: $ 160.
Third, Jordan Dub Zero 2015 new color appreciation of the "Laser" laser

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The Jordan Dub Zero is an all-white laser combination shoe with a white shoe body and a blue crystal outsole. The Jordan Dub Zero "Laser" laser shoe is covered in a laser motif with details adorning silver and gray 3M reflective material, the overall show elegant style, a great love.

In addition, its Phylon midsole equipped with double Air-Sole cushion configuration brought out by the cushioning effect is not as good as today's luxury shoes, but it is quite classic configuration. It is on sale on February 28, 2015, and is priced at $ 185, part number 310106.
Fourth, [Jordan Dub Zero] 2015 new color appreciation black green red

Also on sale on the same day as the Dub Zero "Laser" laser shoes are the Jordan Dub Zero women's new color - the Jordan Dub Zero GS black-and-green infrared color-matching shoes.

It is black shoe upper stitching light green shoe body, with the details of the infrared color with a sweet green highlights the style, on February 28 this year officially on sale, the official price of $ 120, Item: 725742-035.
Fifth, [Jordan Dub Zero] 2015 new color appreciation of the "Teal"

Finally, Jordan Dub Zero introduced the new color is jordan dub zero "teal". It is mainly water green color tone, at the details are selected bright green and black to embellishment, the overall sense of the color hierarchy, can be described as deep and shallow.

In addition, Jordan Dub Zero "Teal" midsole is ink design, while the upper is still the laser pattern, the application of both the overall effect of the sneakers a lot of color.

However, the 30 figures on the insoles still mark members of the Jordan Brand 30th Anniversary Series. The shoes section number: 311046-330, officially on sale March 7, the sale price: 160 US dollars.
Jordan Dub Zero NIKE Jordan Brand as a mix of design derived shoes, collection of the essence of many generations of classic Jordan shoes, shoes naturally performance is self-evident. However, new colors such as the Jordan Dub Zero "Laser" laser, released in 2015, add even more obsession to it. The new Jordan Dub Zero 2015 color scheme introduced above has been posted at designated sales outlets as well as the Nike online store, so check out these stores if you're interested.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

nike air max 90 le

the introduction of a lot of unforgettable new color. A shoe through the color of the study, always for everyone to launch a more "color" style. Xiaobian today for everyone to introduce bold hit color, stylish type of 90 le and other color models!

"LACROSEE" new color, shoes with gray nylon material as the main material, with the Navy blue leather and black fender color design, white lining, shoe body Swoosh and in the The end brought a lot of fresh feeling, colleagues colorful shoelaces and tongue, feet bare and air cushions have joined the eye-catching fluorescent green color embellishment. The whole section of the shoes for everyone to pass a very cool type of feeling, and multi-color bold collision, but also quite bold!
In addition to this nike air max 90 le, the following Xiaobian also for everyone to introduce several other classic color models.

Such as Nike Air Max 90 Winter PRM, in fact, earlier NIKE Sportswear also brought several new color for the air max 90, and this section in the design of the continuation of the classic running shoes contours, and through different colors of suede, Leather and mesh material use, for the upper into a trace of vitality, and finally equipped with iconic Air Max 90 running soles show. Color is very rich, a sense of vision!

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Finally, to introduce the Nike Air Max 90 Ice from the 2014 Halloween do not pay attention to color, from the Halloween symbol of the pumpkin lights to remember inspiration, the use of leather and suede stitching the production of shoes, the use of orange, red and black intersection through the upper Also equipped with a translucent air cushion at the end of the show, very festive atmosphere!
More than three colors, do not know how to bring you how to feel it? More different inspiration color, waiting for everyone to dig together!

Air max is Nike has been favored by the classic series, its visual design of the air cushion created NIKE brand 25 years of legendary status. Design a shoe, many of its ideas are derived from life has occurred or is about to happen. Such as air max 90 hyperfuse prm, from the Olympic color shoes!

Amazon is the summer of 2012 launched a new shoe, in the new technology of lightweight lightweight plus, but also with the upcoming London Olympic Games echoes. Shoes to the Olympic rings for the color, intertwined in the upper, in addition to the shoe body highlights the "air max" people feel the power of science and technology, in fact, five rings [color, to bring you a different kind of senses, novelty, innovation And color embellishment, are very attractive to the public eye!

In 2013, the United States launched the theme of the independent day of the shoes, red, white, blue color, but also to air max 90 for the design of the blue, the picture of the shoes with lightweight lightweight composite material to create Uppers, in order to create a higher permeability for the shoes, always keep the feet dry, to create a better wearing experience. Because this section is the United States Independence Day as the theme, so the tongue in the tongue of the US flag pattern, solid color is not a small temptation!
the perfect blend of the two great technology, for everyone to create a very good shoes, and color on the novel design, but also for the shoes to add a big selling point.... In the well-known sports electric business name shoes library, there are air max90 series models, a pair of classic, excellent shoes, is no matter what time are popular with everyone, and the name of the shoe library there are more such shoes, hurry to pick it The

nike zoom vomero+ 8

With the improvement of living standards, we are more and more enjoy the fun of sports. In many sports, running is the most popular and most simple to move up the project, but all this requires a pair of very good running shoes. Here to introduce a running shoes from the international brand Nike - snack zoom vomero +8!

To understand whether a pair of shoes for you, from the intuitive appearance to the inside of the experience are very important, the following describes the nike zoom vomero + 8 has the function!

To create the top gallop experience: nike zoom vomero + 8 for the natural runners to create a top-level experience, with a comfortable and fluent weary gait to help you improve the overall speed, to achieve a dream-like journey. Light shoe body design to reduce the burden, so that the pin to the peak of the perfect completion of the ride goal. More powerful equipped with NIKE + technology, so that your feet in the strongest escort under the technology to create a new record.
Comfort: fabric and artificial leather from the upper, for the feet to bring the top comfort and wear, combined with toe reinforcement design, easy to hurt the toe parts to provide better protection and enhance durability. Light mesh fabric covering the entire shoe body, greatly enhance the permeability, to bring their feet extremely refreshing feeling of movement.
Cushioning: before and after the palm nike zoom air cushion to play the ultimate, unique ultra-light, ultra-fast response to the performance of your feet can be closer to the ground closer to significantly enhance your gait flexibility and fluency. CUSHLON foam in the end can provide excellent elastic touch for the feet, extraordinary shock effect will reduce the external impact as much as possible for the two feet to build a more reliable security protection, even in the face of bumpy sites, still unbearable you head Row.
Grip: the perfect touch of the sense of more feet cast a challenge to the strength and confidence, nike zoom vomero + 8 men running shoes will be rubber outsole and grasp the pattern of ingenuity, targeted grip effect when running Foot movement characteristics, to bring you more stable, smooth gallop state.
I believe this nike zoom vomero +8 men running shoes have been deeply attracted to you, and want to run quickly, we must pick a pair of good pair of running shoes partner Oh!

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nike air zoom generation is LeBron. James first double hidden their own soul basketball shoes. In 12 years when James wearing a wheat color in the All-Star rookie stadium, Yan Jing four! I believe that today, we still immersed in the shock at that time. And NIKE to commemorate the classic color, its perfect copy of the NIKE LeBron 12 on top!

The figure of the overall selection of light brown suede to create, raw rubber color at the end of the golden details of the blessing of the overall for our perfect interpretation of the 12 years ago that the initial. Shoes as a whole to the charm of pure color for the temptation to everyone's eye, the upper three-dimensional to create a more intense visual sense, and the golden LOGO, shining your eyes, together to review the year's nike air zoom generation!

At that time, NIKE's design staff to Hummer's hard to pass on the pair of shoes, whether it is shoes on the hole on the metal buckle, or embellishment in the shoes of the imitation of metal decoration, there is a "very man" feeling. The whole is very simple, the atmosphere is not refined, very stimulating consumer desire to buy!
In the end of the configuration and protection
Main technology: forefoot Zoom, after the palm Air Sole, Sphere boots, large area of ​​carbon plate. For the top players to provide a very great experience! Followed by TPU guards strong protection is good!
Sphere boots in addition to good wrap, the comfort and permeability no less, this shoe material toughness full, set in the feet very comfortable, more importantly, very breathable. The second half of the shoe is woven, coupled with the relatively thin filler, which are no doubt to improve the permeability of the shoes, thin tongue is also part of the Sphere boots, breathability naturally not bad. Nike is also very intimate inside the shoe opened a big hole, make up the big opening of the knitting layer, which corresponds to the insoles, but also carefully left the ventilation holes.
I believe that regardless of the year of the year, or now re-engraved style, or James himself, let everyone very much like. More James products, we can also go to the name of the shoe library to buy!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

air jordan 4 retro gs

a lot of shoes under the series today, let's take a look at 1,4,10 three different sub-series of their own future it!

Basketball shoes is not just the exclusive shoes of the boys, many sister will also buy a pair for their own, whether you leave the boy cool cool handsome sister, or sweet and lively sister will always have a pair of you, today we want to recommend this pair of air leather shoes, a large area of ​​reflective treatment so that shoes look more glossy, metal powder dazzling at the same time for you to add sports charm. The grid part of the use of eye-catching electroplating purple, with the tongue and heel of the white trapeze logo particularly eye-catching, to help you bloom out of the infinite light. Pink and leather to join and lined with the grid complement each other, so that the whole appears full of pink, and just the right purple embellishment and a more mysterious, in order to avoid the shoes are too thin and still in the bottom and heel part of the introduction of a small amount of Gray, very suitable for the sister of the summer exclusive sports shoes!

Then let's look at the same, but also the female design, this neutral taste more foot. Female version of the Air Jordan 10 Retro 30th GG with green, white, black color with a show, highlighting the fresh and pleasant feeling; upper "23" embroidery is particularly eye-catching, highlighting Air Jordan 10 elements.

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Finally, to push a 30 anniversary of the establishment of Jordan Brand, re-engraved tide and of course, of course, ultimately, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Chicago". Loyal to the iconic white / red / black bull tones, will also be used 9 hole shape and the first year of embroidery details of the tongue, so that the first year to pay tribute.
Love the young partners to act quickly!

Today for everyone to introduce a super rare section aj7 Easter eggs, is definitely a limited number of limited edition, everyone together to feel it!

Easter in the West is one of the most important festivals, so every year this holiday Nike will launch a particularly different shoes, such as today Xiaobian to introduce this aj Easter eggs girl wearing AJ shoes will always give people A different feeling, and the AJ series to take into account the needs of the majority of girls and children, launched a special design of their Easter egg color AJ7, so that we can easily with a family of three family of eggs series.
This time for the girls launched a particularly dazzling Easter egg color aj eggs, seems to have inherited the previous Year of the Rabbit AF1 gray turned leather shoes body, AIR JORDAN 7 GS vamps white leather and light gray anti-fur sewing Into the white leather stitching the body as the main color base, tongue lining and soles are used water blue + bright purple to modify, which is the girls prefer the color. In the tongue of the purple JORDAN LOGO embroidery, but also echoed with the purple lined. Soles by the white and sky lake blue color, and in the soles of the side of the purple wave edge decorated in the days of the lake part of the lake, the whole, this AIR JORDAN 7 gives the feeling is still more lovely, highlights the Easter The egg is pink and bright.

In addition to a child version, aj7 Easter eggs will have baby version of the launch, is absolutely unprecedented choice of color models. This specially designed a lady color of the AIR JORDAN 7 RETRO, and this color of the engraved version of Joe 7 only for women, young people and babies on sale. March 26, this shoe will be officially in the JORDAN retail stores began to sell, like girls can often go to see, the market price of 1,400 yuan.