Thursday, January 4, 2018

nike aj31

As a Jordan series shoes famous, Nike aj31 Galaxy has been much attention, especially the nike aj31 All-Star style is more obsessed, regardless of external style or internal configuration. This is a shoe that just can not be disliked in appearance. It is the perfect combination of function and appearance.

Many people at the first sight of the Galaxy, it will be attracted by its gorgeous colors. It is a gradual color. From the toe of the orange red constantly over to the deep blue. This allows the shoes to grasp the eyes of others at a glance. So this is a very showy bag from the appearance of shoes. Especially in the past to see the stars in the basketball court to wear it to run, nfl jerseys, after wearing a big slam dunk, not only a pair of shoes, but also to let them have a feeling of playing with the stars, very addictive. Of course, it still performed well inside, it belongs to the defender's shoes, can be seen from the nike aj31 low help. It does not have too much restraint on the ankle, allowing people in the movement of all kinds of emergency stop, jumper and other intense moves, can have ease. This is the biggest difference with bulky center shoes.

In addition, Wei less belonging to knitted shoes. So let the color transition more natural, more vivid colors. At the same time also make the shoes more breathable, especially in the winter when the wind can clearly feel the foot of a blow, very comfortable, will not let your feet uncomfortable. This point can be seen that the strength of the shoes, although it has been launched for many years, but still in the engraved version of new elements, so that shoes perform well, naturally let the fans can not do not like it, no wonder will be subject to Fans continue to be sought after, as the industry benchmark.

Speaking of China's Jordan and Nike Jordan, perhaps many people are asked if Jordan is a foreign brand, the vast majority of people think that Jordan is a foreign brand. Some people know that Nike and Adidas are foreign brands, Anta, Pick, Hongxing Erke, etc. belong to the domestic brand, then Jordan belongs to the end is how the same thing? Nike and Jordan's relationship is like?

What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan?
In fact, Jordan is a pure "domestic descent" sports and leisure brand. And the name associated with Michael Jordan is Nike's "Air Jordan" brand, although the brand entered the Chinese market, but did not register for the use of the corresponding Chinese name, so, "Michael Jordan" became the main thing , Jordan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Fujian registered trademark, the edge of the ball for the subsequent development of the company has made Jordan. But there is a similarity between them is the brand LOGO, Air Jordan brand Logo is a shooting athlete logo; and Jordan is an athlete dribbling action.
So Nike and Jordan's relationship is this Jordan non-Michael Jordan. Compared with the old sports brand Nike, Jordan company in China as junior. Jordan is a registered Chinese brand in Fujian Jordan Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. At present, the company has thousands of specialty stores all over the country. Its products have also rapidly expanded from original sports shoes to include sports shoes, sportswear, bags and accessories A number of sporting goods series.

Born in 1984, when Michael Jordan was still a fledgling basketball rookie and only 21 years old, Nike took a fancy to his development prospects. With him, began selling basketball shoes with the Air Jordan logo, which Chinese consumers call "Jordan shoes." In 1984, Nike produced the first generation of Jordan shoes, then introduced each year a new paragraph, called the "generation", has been out of 23 generations of shoes. Nike every new shoes, have become the world's fans crazy bereavement of Jordan object. Jordan retired even in 2003, but also failed to weaken the trend of selling Jordan shoes every year.
What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan? Through the brand marketing and effective management of their own enterprises, Jordan has been in the country have a great impact. In 2001-2003, the brand series of products won the honorary title of the best-selling products of key national large-scale retail stores issued by the Information Center of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China successively. In 2005, it became the "Famous Brand of China".
Having said that I believe many people have a more complete understanding of the relationship between Nike and Jordan. In short, the domestic created Jordan and Jordan's foreign Nike is two different things, so when it comes to Nike and Jordan what the relationship, do not confuse Oh!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

nike zoom soldier viii ep

Want to know the nike soldier 9 Oreo's details and inherent quality, then to the nike soldier 9 Oreo to make a detailed analysis, so that everyone knows under the powerful Zhanhuang boots and its characteristics, for a similar style of play Fans, you can easily start, ride in the basketball court.

From the appearance point of view, nike warrior 9 Oreo is very awesome, a strong support sheet, not only for the overall style of the shoes very tough, but also a very good appearance. This, like now mature James, is a heart-stirring combination of power and beauty. Especially Oreos black and white black style, very domineering, so that fans like it very much. As for the shock absorption, thick soles, coupled with both hands have joined the ZOOM, nike warrior 9 Oreo so that each fan can have a very comfortable wearing experience. Of course, due to the characteristics of James style, excellent performance in shock absorption, but also to start the shoes on the feedback will be a little slow, but there is no ordinary fans there is no problem, you can rest assured wearing a ball.

In addition nike zoom soldier viii ep has been on the support has been very good performance, it is not only reflected in the powerful fly line technology. Also lies in everyone even after removing the shoelace, wear very paste foot, wrapped in a formidable mess, this is simply a lot of lazy gospel. The other is the part of the forefoot joined the strap, so that you can let the fans in the game can do whatever you want, without fear. Of course, the details of the more able to experience the excellence of this series of shoes, we just have to wear nike zoom soldier viii ep after a lot of experience, is the heart of many people the most powerful combat boots.

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With the nike wave of surprise, almost all Chinese sports fans want to have their own nike shoes, the top international basketball NBA, nike brand has been almost won. Then there are so good Nike basketball shoes? Below for everyone to better known, much attention Nike cushioning basketball shoes, Nike full palm cushioned basketball shoes.
When it comes to Nike fully air cushioned basketball shoes, everyone knows how deep it? When it comes to air cushioned shoes is indeed a complete revolution, abandoned the midsole thick sponge rubber, let the air flow in our feet, in fact My weight makes me feel like that air spring. Air cushion technology from time to time there will be a qualitative leap forward, this leap forward directly to promote the maturity of today's air technology, and each leap is again a pair of specific air cushion shoes as a sign, these iconic air cushion shoes are many young people Essential collection, has always been full of air cushion basketball shoes the most exciting, but when it comes to Nike basketball shoes are full of classic models.
Here is a description of a Nike cushioning basketball shoes / Nike full palm cushion air shoes. JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes price 1229 yuan.

This Nike full palm cushioning shoes JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes for every one of the all-purpose player ingenuity custom, so shooting, dunk, rebound, the cap has since become your best.
First: Color: This pair of blue and white and black color JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes will be used as Antony's fifth-time All-Star game boots, shoes side of the white trapeze against the backdrop of the blue background is particularly striking, The black burst crack pattern design of the upper AJ classic elements of the perfect heritage.
Second: support: FLYWIRE technology to wear JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes players to create super support, so that the shoes and you really enter the "shoes" status, the perfect support for your every shot.
Third: Cushioning: NIKE ZOOME technology to bring super-light cushioning protection for both feet, more rapid response to foot movements, enhance your reaction and flexibility.
Fourth: Outsole: JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes designed specifically into the Anthony's ideas and concepts, a unique outsole lines can help players full outbreak, with extraordinary flying force defeated the opponent's defense line of defense, to achieve the perfect lore.

This Nike air cushion shoes has the following advantages: 1, full palm TPU cover to enhance the stability of the side; 2, synthetic leather upper and leather nubuck leather coating to provide excellent wear resistance; 3, hard rubber outsole to provide Excellent abrasion resistance and grip for less space; 4, designed for the same versatile player as Carmelo Anthony; 5, Herringbone lines to enhance grip; 6, shoe design, easy to wear.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Nike Cortez Lagos Laurel

2012 new Nike Nike Gump shoes launched a new set of 2012 summer series of new products, which 2012 new Nike Agan shoes will be the perfect combination of tradition and style, as the Nike2012 summer of the most appealing works of the requirements of the series, Nike Forrest Gump The new shoes 2012 expresses the tribute and celebration of the tradition and development of Nike running products in the course of 40 years of innovation. More and more urban women love wearing retro running shoes, the pursuit of simple and handsome dress. This trend will come back, run classic products and Liberty printing fusion once again.
Nike Cortez came out in 1972, as Nike's first pair of running shoes, was also the track and field the most lightweight running shoes. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the birth of Nike Cortez and the 2012 Nike Agan shoes will be combined with two other classic running shoes to incorporate Liberty's Lagos Laurel prints. Lagos Laurel printing is the season's most popular and provocative pattern, the design from the 20th century, a traditional psychedelic pattern, Liberty is one of many classic patterns. Back in the 1940s, Lagos Laurel prints first appeared. Today, Lagos Laurel prints add a pattern of laurel wreaths to this motif.

Throughout Nike's innovation process, we witnessed in 1987 another landmark product - Air Max 1. This is the first Nike shoes with exposed air cushion unit, was the best cushioning running shoes. Today, Air Max 1 has become the classic street fashion items. This time, it will be Empire purple color Liberty Lagos Laurel printing brand new appearance.
Nike keep opening up the boundaries, adhere to product innovation. 2012 Nike Agan shoes comeback on the Nike product shows the constant innovation and improvement. 2004 Nike Free technology once again ushered in the introduction of sports product design revolutionary progress. Developed Nike's first groundbreaking shoe that simulates barefoot running through the use of bendable grooves in the outsole. Nike Free 5.0 is the core product of this year's Nike Sportswear Liberty collaboration series, which is the first time that professional sports shoes have been included in the Liberty collaboration series and the only one in the collaboration series to provide sports red, college gold and empire purple all three A color of the shoes.

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In May this year, this series of cooperation Nike Agan shoes 2012 new will also be introduced into the Nike Blazer Mid, Nike Hyperclave and Nike Dunk Sky High these three pairs of basketball inspired shoes, Nike Dunk Sky High is Nike's first shape using slope With the design of shoes. Friends like 2012 Nike Agan shoes can pay attention to the classic shoes, do not miss it.

The movie Forrest Gump left behind not only Forrest Gump's indomitable spirit of perseverance and perseverance. At his foot running, Nike is wearing a pair of Nike shoes named Cortez.
As the cornerstone of NIKE product files, Cortez shoes often appear in the list of each sale in different appearances, and 2012 coincides with the 40th anniversary of the birth of Cortez, so classic Cortez Classic OG primary colors "Forrest Gump Biography "nike Agan shoes will appear in front of everyone this spring. White leather shoes with a red Swoosh midsole there is a simple and refreshing blue trim.

Cikee shoes Cortez Nike is one of the most classic in the history of running shoes, also known as "Agan shoes," because Forrest Gump Forrest Gump wearing these shoes, traveled throughout the country, since then, Cortez popular global. This is the first running shoe to embody the design talent of Bill Bowman. By the end of 1968, nike Argan shoes Cortez has become the annual best-selling running shoes. But designers are still brewing more innovation for the running shoe, thanks to what Jeff Johnson nicknames "49-cent Crappy Slippers."
Time flies, Nike Agan shoes Cortez is still a Nike footwear line, but it has been from the former "first card" training shoes into casual shoes. Since its inception, there have been several nike Agan shoes Cortez debut on the market. Including early mixed shoes Nike Deluxe Cortez. The nike Argan shoes Cortez listed in the summer of 1973, with raised and padded heel, hard rubber followed by shoe studs and flip leather uppers. This was followed by the women's Senorita Cortez shoes, which debuted in 1974.

Although the number one training shoes aura is no longer, but the Nike Agan shoes Cortez is still the classic evergreen Nike shoes series, and now still in the Nike ID and Sport Culture store showcase their presence. Later appeared Nike Cortez-based mixed shoes, such as women's Nike Shox Rivalry is the combination of Cortez and Nike Shox shoes.
The nike Argan shoes to reproduce, for people like nike Argan shoes, will certainly cause everyone's special attention.

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nike classic sports shoes

Forrest shoes with what pants? The brand has its own style, you want to know what kind of pants Forrest Gump shoes look good, more suitable, we must first understand what kind of Forrest shoes brand shoes. And you want to understand this brand of shoes, we can visit the name shoes shoes brand shoes site search to see what their major brands of sports shoes style, whether for their own, have their own favorite. This will know Forrest shoes with what pants for themselves.

The reason why people now wear more and more fashion, all with clothing with this one, always be able to make people feel better the importance of this dress, learned that this is a good dress, which is The most important thing for this point I believe we all know more clearly. And this Forrest shoes with what pants, see if they like to look at the brand shoe site. Casually understand Forrest shoes with what pants can also be directly on the name shoes plus website to buy a pair of their own brand shoes. Name shoes library brand shoes, affordable, quality clearance, and counters no two, so consumers friends choose to buy on this platform, the well-meaning brand shoes, it is easy.

If you also want to know what kind of pants Forrest Gump shoes, then pick a real fit for yourself, you can go to the site to buy, the above shoes of good quality, quality clearance, is a very good choice. And with the picture, you can also refer to, by the way pick out the real style for their own. Shoes are worn on the feet, in fact, only with a good match, to be able to truly belong to their own style.

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How many people Nike Bird's Nest slippers? Many people may see this problem may have two doubts, and then seriously: What is the nest slippers? Well, Nike, how much money? Have to admit that the development of social science and technology , Many things change rapidly, innovation is changing. Accidentally, there have been many new words, fresh things. What do we need, what is the society to create, only you can not think, can not be done, I think it is probably the meaning of it. So today we will discuss how much Nike nest slippers!

First of all Nike this big brand, I believe we have heard of, and it is estimated that many people have also supported Nike products. Nike this brand have to say, is indeed a good brand, by everyone's praise and practical action support. Buy a brand, we are most concerned about is the quality, as long as you are excellent quality, go where you can hold your head high and chest, and in addition to quality, the price is everyone's concern. According to Xiaobian understanding, Nike nest slippers on the site to see the price is more than one hundred to more than two hundred and so on. I do not know if this price is still quite acceptable, I think it is quite reasonable.
I remember before Xiaobian said, do not know if you still remember, buy a thing, sometimes can not simply look at the price high. If the same product, you can buy a lower price, then of course you are very lucky. But completely different grades of products, you can not mix them together, such as the Nike's nest slippers and general brand nest slippers is not appropriate slightly. Nike nest slippers, of course, the price will be higher, because there are many factors there ah. So, we have to think Ha from the aspect of cost performance.

Nike nest slippers consumers said very good, very comfortable to wear. The price, and sometimes the purchase should also choose the right site Kazakhstan, Xiaobian recommend you look at the name of the library, I believe all aspects will meet everyone's requirements, will not let everyone down Oh!

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Nike high basketball shoes

Jordan basketball shoes which is the best? About basketball shoes, I do not know what you usually wear what brand of love. Which brand of basketball feeling, or which series of basketball shoes better, more comfortable to wear it? Jordan basketball shoes have not crossed the way, Jordan basketball shoes which know best? Xiaobian today to discuss with everyone this question: Jordan Which best basketball shoes?

As the saying goes, radishes and vegetables have their own love, there is no best only better! Xiao Bian also think. This thing is not the best of this argument, after all, we like the style, style, function requirements are not the same, only their favorite, suitable for their own is the best, so I now introduce this Jordan basketball shoes Xiaobian mind think it is the best. This item number is Nike 574417-003 Jordan basketball shoes, color is silver plus black plus dark night. First, the color is very attractive to me, comfortable low-key gray gives the feeling of leisure and smooth. And this is the Nike 2013 new basketball shoes Oh, basketball lovers are the preferred choice boots, help design, playing can protect our ankles are not easy to hurt, ZOOM cushions shock cushioning, gorgeous shape, let us On the pitch to play better. In general, we like which pairs, which shoes make us feel comfortable, our hearts will default that it is the best.

Jordan basketball shoes which is the best? Xiaobian introduction of this section is also what you just want it, if you like to go to the name of the library to see oh, the price is very affordable, but there are also other styles for you Choose Ha!

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Online shopping Jordan men's sportswear expensive? Online shopping is now a lot of people are very pro-Lai shopping. Affected by the 3G network, a hand phone allows young people online shopping life more convenient and quick. Subway station, bus, walking or even toilet, you can open the network anytime, anywhere, log in to buy your favorite products. The biggest advantage of online shopping is not only convenient way to shop, but also because the price is cheap. So, online shopping brand-name products, such as online shopping Jordan men's sports price is it? Whether it is cheaper than the physical store it?

I log in Taobao shop, enter the price of Jordan sportswear, many of the products retrieved, the author and other sites price and the price of the store were compared and found that the network of Jordan men's sportswear prices really than the physical store Cheaper. In addition to some specials, overall, a lot cheaper than the store. This is one of the reasons why we like to buy branded products online. In addition, in addition to Jordan official website, I found there are many small Jordan Jordan sportswear in the price is very low, but the purchase is not much, there are some consumers questioned the quality of the product and whether it is genuine.

In contrast, I found in the name of the shoes in the library, although the price of Jordan men's sportswear is also much lower than the physical store, but sales are very high. Insiders believe that this is because the source of goods in the library more positive, but also very good reputation, there has never been a fake. "I would rather expensive than other outlets, but also do not want to buy fake." Jordan is wearing a sportswear shop boy shoes said.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Nike brand to bring you the shock

Nike brand is no stranger to anyone. If you are very fond of sports brands, then the first one to understand the brand should be Nike. After all, this brand has a long history, even in the stars have a very good reputation. More than that, there are also many Nike brands in all competitions. In short, from all aspects, Nike is certainly one of the best sports brands.
Nike Women is advocating sports style girl will choose a dress. Sportswear does not mean that there is no line. We go to see a variety of Nike clothing will find that, in fact, these women also have good lines, but said that these lines are not a very tight line, so as to be able to achieve the effect of its movement. Women adopted a very smooth line design, it also makes people more spirit.

Nike latest clothing and shoes and not just for women, men can also see a variety of the latest clothing and shoes. No matter what the season's clothing, Nike introduced new every year, these new and old models can clearly see the difference. In the latest listing, buying a pair of new men's shoes or a new sportswear can make you a timely fashion Nike brings fashion.
Nike men's shoes are not the only one, when buying shoes can also be based on their needs and style of shoes to choose. For example, if it is usually worn shoes, buy casual shoes on it. However, for students who practice running, buying running shoes is easier for them to play. If you like to play basketball, then you can consider buying a pair of comfortable basketball shoes.

Nike shoes, the market is the most popular sales of a sports shoes, the international brand shoes, has been recognized by many consumers, with the market a huge consumer groups, Nike shoes, has a very stylish appearance, and more diversified The performance, so that our consumers, wearing a variety of shoes, not only can be more stylish, but also can be more comfortable, is a more practical type of shoes. Because consumers are concerned about too high, but also on the market Nike shoes, there have been mixed fishes, many unscrupulous traders, misappropriation of Nike brand, producing some fake and shoddy products, confuse our markets, so that consumers We, deceived.

Nike how to distinguish between true and false? First of all, after the purchase of shoes, we have to make an initial identification of shoes from the packaging. Genuine Nike shoes, packaging is very complete, shoeboxes into quality, shoe box, all kinds of information is complete. The poor quality of the packaging is more rough, and manufacturers, item number, style, and other basic information, are not complete, so the shoes, businesses must be very careful to buy. Then, we can also, Nike shoes through the tongue, provide the relevant information, compared with genuine shoes, for example, the shoes of the information is complete, or you can also some minor details of shoes, such as LOGO, bar code, related The contrast, genuine shoes, related LOGO, are unified. And printing is also more obvious, and encountered vague situation, then prove that the shoes, imitation goods.
Professional shopping platform, the sales of all types of Nike shoes, Nike shoes have logo identification, which also allows consumers, for this authoritative website, more trust. Professional shopping platform, the sale of genuine Nike shoes, to allow our consumers to spend less money, to buy more good quality products, so that our legitimate rights and interests of consumers are protected.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Winter, many people have reduced the movement, but there are still some people still active in the outdoors, the cold weather still can not stop the pace of these people's movement, they wear suitable equipment for sports, many people in the choice of equipment , They will choose Adidas, Nike, Li Ning and so on, they know very well about the sports equipment, but also very well aware of the outstanding new equipment out of each brand of products, then Nike in this winter will bring you what surprise?
NIKE TECH FLEECE CAPE Women's knitted jackets pretty female elements and professional sports design wake up our infinite vitality, let us have the urge to exercise, want to bloom in the playground to enjoy themselves. This Nike sportswear fabric is TECH FLEECE, this new fabric is very smooth, underscores NIKE's commitment to innovation and life, the high density breathable material between the knitted cotton cloth to keep the air in the interlayer , So warm and light effect. The internal breathable material is to enhance the functionality of cotton wool, for us to create the best movement to withstand the wind cold playground equipment. The split-sleeve design reduces the needles and stitches on the surface of the jacket, giving us plenty of freedom to move in and out.

Fashionable drop back hem is more stylish, so a piece of sportswear with NIKE LEGEND women's knit trousers is very suitable, this tight-fitting Nike sports pants with a special sports tailoring, legs can get the best sense of fit Degree of freedom, give us more comfortable skin feel and more adequate stretching space, it is also worth mentioning that this pants NIKE DRI-FIT technology allows us to produce a lot of movement in the movement of moisture and sweat quickly leave the skin Surface, creating lasting coolness and comfort.
Nike always give us too many surprises, let us in the sport more passionate, more sports-loving.

Year of the horse is approaching, Nike is to meet the Chinese Lunar Year - Year of the Horse launched a special horse a lot of special, and we are impressed by the official Nike flagship store that Year of the Horse specially created new red color Kobe 8 yoth, KOBE 8 YOTH system Upper color is inspired by the costumes of the East Cavalry, and in the soles of the joints with weapons feather arrows pattern, the basketball spirit of Kobe Bryant and traditional Chinese culture perfect fusion, but also a symbol of Bryant extremely threatening offensive and defensive capabilities.
As the shoes with the Chinese elements as the theme, these new works adopt a red and gold way to interpret the classic Chinese style. The Chinese red is very festive, but very much in line with Chinese aesthetic standards. The golden color represents hope, Invincible. In the details of the shoes, Nike integrated into the blue lining and outsole coordinated shoes overall color. In addition the horse as the core of this design LOGO is incorporated in the rear of the shoes tongue, very rich.

The KOBE 8 system combines state-of-the-art technology - the perfect speed, accuracy, insight and versatility for Bryant and the pitch you are overwhelmingly overwhelming. It is hard to find the right shoes in the brand of sports shoes. Kobe 8's Engineered Mesh upper provides superior fit, lightness and 360 ° breathability for both feet; Phylon support plate for a lightweight, comfortable and stable feel; fiberglass composite mid-pallets provide superior resistance to twisting Sex and midfoot support; XDR rubber outsole lightweight wear-resistant, superior grip; 3D structure heel stabilizer to create extraordinary fit and excellent foot lock sense.
This new version of Kobe 8 allows us to be more confident on the pitch, pitch to pitch, invincible, become a dark horse on the court, shine audience.