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nike nsw gaiter boot

Nike Nike is a well-known sports brand. The shoes of Nike Nike are also very popular among consumers. Next, Xiaobian will recommend several good Nike shoes for everyone to take a look at.

|||—Nike nike m2k tekno—|||

This pair of Nike Nike old shoes is re-created with the classic retro running shoes Air Monarch. The retro silhouette is very recognizable.

The side of the shoe and the details are dotted with Swoosh to indicate its identity. The first color matching is presented in light-colored light and steady black.

|||—Nike nike nsw gaiter boot—|||

This shoe has a hard-core sci-fi function, with a combination of fashion and outdoor sports as the design theme, both in appearance and detail, full of outdoor atmosphere.

Nike nike nsw gaiter boot not only has good support, but also waterproof material can bring all-weather performance, in addition, foam midsole is to provide you with a comfortable wearing experience.

|||—Nike mike rage ep-|||

This Nike nike mamba rage ep basketball shoe is a combination of breathable support and soft cushioning, allowing you to move freely on the court and control the audience.

|||—Nike nike obra 2 academy df ag-pro—|||

This is an artificial grass soccer shoe that can bring a sense of touch and extraordinary grip on the artificial field to create an unstoppable offensive.

|||—Nike nike odyssey react—|||

The men's running shoes have a lightweight, breathable material and are equipped with a Nike React foam cushioning configuration that is light and soft, yet also offers outstanding durability and responsiveness.

Nike nike odyssey react not only allows you to enjoy superior comfort while running, but also makes running full of fun.

As we all know, ZOOM air cushion is Nike's master technology. Since the successful development of the popular shoes, all of them are equipped with ZOOM air cushions. The high popularity also proves that the strength of the ZOOM series is very strong.

Today, Xiaobian brought you two pairs of Vaporfly 4% and fly, which are also equipped with ZOOM air cushions. See which pair of performances are better?

First, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%

Carbon plate and ZOOM X are destined to make it perform exceptionally well. The 4% of the names of the shoes mean that it requires 4% less running energy, hence the name.

The single-layer breathable mesh material, the hard support design of the whole pair of shoes is almost no, so the Vaporfly 4% quality is very light, and the breathability is also very good.

The Vaporfly's 4% ZOOM X and spade-shaped carbon panels wrap the midsole material, and the toe cap is slightly tilted, allowing runners to reduce drag while running, which is more conducive to acceleration.

Second, Nike Zoom Fly

Fly's shape is very similar to Vaporfly 4%, and it's easy to admit mistakes if you don't carefully distinguish it. The upper is made of double-layer mesh material, which is relatively harder than Vaporfly's 4% single-layer fabric.

The tongue is very thin and light, and only a simple layer of foam is built in, which minimizes the load on the premise of protecting the back. It seems that there is something to be said about the balance of weight.

The midsole part is entirely supported by Lunarlon foam support. The cushioning force and supporting force are guaranteed. Especially the midsole thickness of the double fly reaches 33mm. Such a thick midsole should bring considerable cushioning effect.

After reading this article, which pair do you prefer? In general, the strength of both pairs of shoes is very good.

If it is daily slow training then fly can be satisfied, while 4% is more like a pair of racing shoes. Everyone can buy according to their own needs.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Air Jordan I "Pass the Torch"

April is another instigation season, a large number of Nike Nike shoes will be hit hard! Next, follow the small series to see the design inspiration and sales information of these shoes, which one do you want to start?

1,Kobe 1 "Final Seconds"

Release date: April 14

This shoe is to pay tribute to Kobe's performance in the fourth game of the 2006 playoffs. In the case of two points behind the regular time, Kobe used a quick break to lay the game into overtime. At the last moment of overtime, the team was 1 point behind. Kobe saved the ball after jumping the ball and broke to the right. Then in front of the two defenders, he scored the ball before the whistle.

2, Converse Pro Leather Mid "The Scoop"

Release date: April 19

According to Julius Owen's magical performance, in the final game of the Lakers in the final game, Julius Owen, pretending to lay from the right, and then hanging in the air, from the back of the backboard to pick the ball into the basket ring.

3, Air Force 1 "Rude Awakening"

Release date: April 20

In order to pay tribute to Rashid Wallace in the Air Force 1 to defeat the Lakers, in the fourth game of the finals, Rasheed Wallace suffered a deliberate elbow in the chest, in the second half and the last quarter, he was violent Without losing the graceful gesture, he played a dominant performance.

4, Air Jordan I "Pass the Torch"

Release date: April 28

In order to pay tribute to the outbreak of Kelly Leonard in the finals and the performance of the finals MVP, low-key third-year player Leonard in the third game of the Spurs against the Heat, with energy and athletic performance The next 29 points to help the team win.

5, Converse Chuck70 Ox "30 and 40"

Release date: May 3

From the data created by Bill Russell in Game 7 of the 1962 Finals, Bill Russell's 30 points and 40 rebounds in Game 7 of the Finals is undoubtedly the dominant performance. It looks like a typographical error.

Today's street shooting is very high in the tide shoes, all kinds of old shoes, small white shoes, small black shoes, etc., if you want to say the most classic shoes are air Jordan. In the streets, a pair of air jordan with a flying sign can always attract a lot of attention.

Of course, for such a classic and trending sneakers, it is worth noting that it is worthy of being counter-productive. Next, let's take a look at the air jordan matching skills and foot map!

1, shorts + T-shirt + air jordan shoes

The summer is coming, the simplest, most versatile, coolest match is the T-shirt with shorts, and then an air Jordan sneaker is the most unique personality.

63wa3x6e114623 , vslysmv2qq11 , 52u81v4c005458 , 63v92w6e11930 , tqjxqkt0po4545 , jg7mf8ipee2130 , 30s60t3byy540 , mjbpiclshh205 , c81f82cj66419 , ywo2vpy5ut2833 , 52u82v5d003436 , liboiclsgg201 , urkyrlu1qp5040 , 41t71u4czz320 , roguohrymm76 , sphvoisznn414 , 2zs6zt2ayx631 , kh8nhakrff318 , 1yq4xr07ww93 , 2zr5ys29xx3322 , da1g92dk771927 , vskyslv2qq2921 , 52u81v5d002155 , 1yr4ys18ww5821 , nldrkenuji5111 , zwo2wpz6uu5047 , 1yq4xr07ww4528 , qnftmgpwll148 , ywo2vpy5ut48 , 2zr5ys29xx111 , wtlzsmv2rr641 , vslysmv2qq3026 , nkdqkenuii79 , 2zs5zt29xx3555 , b70e71bi55260 , pmfsmgpwkk640 , pmeslfovkk047 , c80f82cj66449 , liboiclsgg5536 , c81f82cj662050 , 41t71u4czz5113 , 63va3w6e114732 , 30t60u3byy4825 , 96yd5z8g445535 , urkxrlu1pp478 , mjbpiclshh632 , b7ze60bi55514 , 30s6zt2ayy4535 , mjbpiclshh612 , vskyrlv2qq2139 , rogunhqxmm556 , tqiwqjt0oo5148 , rogunhrymm437 , jg7mf8jqee729 , zwo2wpz6uu4757 , b7ze60ah552218 , zwo2wpz6uu5249 , b70e71brgf2615 , 52u81v5c00318 , pmftmgpwlk758
The yellow logo T-shirt with white shorts, and a high-cut air jordan sneakers, let the sisters better show the slender legs.

Black T-shirt with black and yellow camouflage shorts, a black and white color air jordan 11 low and black and white color matching baseball cap, the overall color is very coordinated.

2, sportswear +air jordan sneakers

The side striped sport pants have become a fashion now, and you can see them in the streets. With an air jordan sneakers, is it very personal?

A set of striped red and white sportswear suits with red and white air jordan sneakers, the overall coordination.

Silk-padded trousers showcase casual yet stylish, with a pair of short-sleeve T-shirts and a pair of air jordan 1 black toe.

3, jeans +air jordan shoes

The versatile jeans can also be paired with air jordan sneakers, regardless of the classic dark blue jeans, or with the stylish hole elements.

The air Jordan 7 GS, a combination of white and purple color, is very popular, with classic blue jeans and a purple short-sleeved shirt.

Black and blue color matching color Jordan shoes, to the ripped jeans, tops choose simple white or black, which can reflect the charm of the shoes.

4, T-shirt skirt +air jordan sneakers

In the hot summer, a simple and comfortable T-shirt skirt has a cool feeling, with a high-top air jordan sneakers, full of charm.

A classic fan of air jordan shoes does not require too much cumbersome decoration, or it will weaken its charm. Simple collocation will highlight its charm.

nike lunar force1

Nike has a wide range of products, including Air Force One nike air force one as a classic shoe, even after so long is still very popular. The launch of Nike lunar force 1 is relatively late, but the comfort of its feet is very strong, so the popularity is not air force 1, and there are also many reviews about lunar force 1. Here are the shoes for everyone.
Appearance characteristics:

Lunar force 1's shoes are more rounded, with Nike's SWOOSH logo on the side of the shoe, which enhances the fashion of the shoes while highlighting the brand's characteristics; the AF1 logo on the buckle is used to mark the identity of the shoes.

Upper material:

The upper is made of artificial leather and fabric, which is light and comfortable and fits the foot. The mesh design on the side of the toe and the body can improve the air circulation inside the shoes, even if it is worn in summer. Feeling stuffy.
Slow cushioning performance:

Comfortable cushioning performance is the focus of the lunar force 1 assessment. Lunar force 1 uses lunar cushioning technology, which is the biggest difference between air lunar force 1, because air force 1 midsole is air cushion, so lunar force 1 will feel more comfortable.

The lunar cushioning system is flexible and lightweight, thus providing soft and sensitive performance for the shoe. Moreover, the lunaron foam material has higher comfort performance and can greatly reduce the weight of the shoes. It can be said to be a collection of lightweight and supportive shoes, which brings outstanding wearing performance.

yvo1vpy5tt426 , mkcqjdmtih722 , 41t71u4czz1145 , 63v92w5d1179 , jg7mf8jqee2053 , oldrleovjj5428 , 0yq4xr07wv932 , 52u82v5d002642 , da2ha3dk874814 , 0xp3xq07vv411 , pmftmgpwlk3212 , 0xp3xq07vv5334 , rphvoirynm5341 , 85xc5z8g334457 , he5ke6hocc451 , sphvpisznn91 , gd5jd6gnbb5546 , 1zr5ys18xw829 , mjbpiclshh459 , b70e71bi55816 , xum0unx4ss4627 , b7ze70bi55309 , uskyrlu1qp354 , liaoiclsgg5044 , 52u82v5d00531 , kh8ngakrff647 , urjxqkt0pp83 , 63v92w5d1144 , 30s6zt3byy25 , 52u82v5d004938 , 5tlzsmw3rr5529 , liaoiclsgg3634 , wum0tnw3sr5410 , 1yq4ys18ww05 , 2zs5zt29xx035 , vskyrlv2qq2421 , zwo2wqz6uu5241 , 41t70u3bzz4832 , nkcqjdmtii350 , rohuoirymm5214 , da2ha3dk87549 , rohuoirymm2143 , a6zd60ah445221 , 1yq4xr07ww927 , roguohrymm4729 , 96yd5z8g44522 , pmesmfpwkk3249 , oldrkenujj4625 , eb2hb3el884940 , if6lf7ipdd200 , 63wa3x6e21323 , wtmztnw3rr1949 , fc3ic5fmaa344 , trjxqkt0po4928 , he5kd6gncc345 , 41t70u3bzz534 , 41u71v4czz716 , if6lf7ipdd201 , 52u81v4c002838 , eb2ha3dk885429 , rohuoirymm71 , zwp2wqz6uu512 , oldrkenujj632 , 41t71u4czz621 , rogunhrymm95 , 30t70u3bzy343 , 1zr5ys18xw1234 , c81g82cj762733 , 30s60u3byy252 , zwp3wqz6vu2041 , a7ze60ah54822 , liaoiblsgg5033 , tqiwqkt0oo738 , 42u81v4c0z2152 , eb3ib4el984544 , 41u71v4czz5012 , c80f81cj6n2425 , zwp2wqz6uu3032 , qnftmgqxll2148 , yvo1vpy5tt451
Wear resistance:

The outsole is made of rubber for excellent grip and wear resistance.

In general, nike lunar force1 is a very versatile shoe that is worth starting.

Halfway through April, Nike Nike will have a big move in the coming May! Next, let's take a look at the Nike sneakers that will be released in May!

1, Air Maestro II "Trifecta"

Release date: May 10

Inspired by Scotty Pippen in the 1993 Finals, he became the 12th player in the history of the Finals.

2, Air Jordan XX8 "Locked and Loaded"

Release date: May 12

In order to pay tribute to Ray Allen's legendary shot, in the Heat's final against the Spurs, the Spurs led 2-3, Ray Allen let the Heat retain the hope of winning the championship, hitting a chase outside the corner three-point line The small Li Fei knife-style three-pointer in the game.

3, Converse Star Player Ox "Intangibles"

Release date: May 17

On June 7, 1978, in the final moment of the seventh game of the Finals, the bullet team player Wes Unseld wearing Converse Star Player Ox won the first championship in the history of urban sports for Washington, DC. Then got the Finals MVP.

4, Converse Fastbreak Hi "No Easy Buckets"

Release date: May 17

From Kevin McHale's performance on June 6, 1984, Kevin McHale made a clothesline-style tough defense when the Lakers' Kurt Rambis prepared for a fast-break dunk, and directly stumbled on the opponent. .

5, Air Force 1 Low "Fo’ Fi’ Fo.’"

Release date: May 19

Source: Moses Malone's magical prophecy in 1983, Malone predicted that his 76ers would win the championship in the "Fo, Fo, Fo" way (sweeping opponents in three consecutive rounds). In the fourth game against the Lakers in the finals, Malone scored 24 points and 23 rebounds to help the team win the third NBA championship. His predictions only need to make a small correction: "Fo, Fi, Fo".

air jordan 5 oreo

If you are an air jordan fan, then you must have a special liking for air jordan Oreo. Air jordan 5 Oreo's design is inspired by the Mustang fighters during World War II. If you look closely, you can see striking shark tooth patterns on the midsole side of the shoes. Under such premise, these shoes will unveil the retro side, which has won the love of many fans.

In the air jordan v series, the air jordan Oreo undoubtedly has a unique feature, which attracted the attention of many fans. Specifically, these shoes are particularly prominent in the following aspects. First, in terms of color matching, these shoes are equipped with classic black and white, which not only has a strong impact on the visual, but also wears dirt. Second, on the outsole of the shoes, these shoes use a light blue crystal outsole as a material, in addition to making people shine, it is more people feel absolutely fresh when wearing. Third, the performance of these shoes far exceeds the similar products, whether it is breathability or grip, has reached a good point.

We know that the biggest feature of Jordan basketball shoes is its excellent quality. It is because air jordan v has a great breakthrough in appearance and connotation. When you choose Nike shoes, you will give priority to these shoes. . At the same time, the careful design of Jordan Oreo has also given many fans the right to pursue fashion.

vskysmv2qq451 , jg7mf8jqee042 , 96yd6z9h442623 , sphvoirynn63 , vslzsmv2rq2028 , 30s60u3byy2554 , wum0tnw3sr1929 , 52u81v5d005129 , rogunhqxmm939 , ljbpiclshg912 , d91g92dk77648 , mkcqjdmtih2647 , kh8ngajqff248 , rogunhqxmm5240 , he6le7hodc4654 , eb2hb3el882310 , he5kd6hocc3524 , nkdqkenuii257 , 85xc5y8g333225 , rogunhqxmm639 , c91g82cj7648 , he5ke6hocc817 , d91g82dj7786 , 30t70u3bzy716 , mjcqjdmtih5455 , c81f82cj661941 , jg8ng9jqfe5356 , oldrkenujj53 , jg8ng9jqfe323 , tqiwpjt0oo724 , he5kd6hncc34 , 30s60t3byy3247 , zwp2wqz6vu2649 , urjxqkt0pp3626 , 1zr5ys18xw444 , xum0unx4ss236 , jg8mg9jqee3022 , vskyslv2qq545 , 52u81v4c004822 , 1yr4ys18ww950 , olerlfovjj555 , wtmztnw3rr4510 , 63v92w6d113653 , yvo2vpy5ut3052 , nkcqkenuii2115 , urjxqkt0pp506 , urjxrku1pp2653 , zwp2wqz6uu546 , mjbpjcmthh4856 , rohuoirymm132 , c91g82cj764621 , 75xc4y7f324452 , libpiclshg3340 , 85xc4y7f335157 , uskyrlu1qp645 , roguoirymm530 , zwo2wqz6uu479 , a7ze60ah54435 , rogunhrymm5152 , vskyrlv1qq2940 , 30s60t3byy5745 , xum0uox4ss342 , fc3ic4fma94834 , sqiwpjszon251 , 74xb4y7d114549 , urjxrlu1pp529 , 64wb3x6e212636 , fc3ic4fma93359 , 0xp3xq07vv2531 , 1yq4yr18ww750 , 74wb3x6e225227 , 74xc4y7f323140 , vslzsmv2rq2114 , 41t71u4czz5136 , yvn1voy5tt4856 , liaoiblsgg841 , 85xc5y8g33351 , ig7mf8iped734 , 41t71u4czz230 , zwp3wqz6vu039
Anyone who has seen "Slam Dunk" knows that air jordan 6 is inspired by the cherry blossoms. The feeling that this cartoon brings us is hard to describe. Whenever we see relevant content, it reminds us of our lush years. From the overall design of the air jordan 6 retro, these shoes are truly outstanding, satisfying the need we miss the past.

In the color scheme of air jordan 6 cherry wood, there are many places worth studying. It should be said that this shoe is based on white, on the basis of which red and black decorations are added. For example, the tongue part is black, while the flying Jordan logo is red. This adds a lot of dynamic and vitality to these shoes. Some people think that white shoes are not very good to take care of. In fact, because the shoes are mainly made of leather, even if they are accidentally soiled, they can be wiped quickly and restored to a smooth finish. Degree.

In addition to the characteristics of the color scheme, air jordan 6 has a lot of functional features, so that many fans are ecstatic. For example, the durability of this shoe is more prominent and the service period is relatively long. For example, the actual combat ability of this shoe is quite good. In the basketball game, you can definitely make you stand out.

Through the understanding of the air jordan 6 retro, we can know that Sakuragi basketball shoes bring us not only the appearance of the atmosphere, but also the actual function. Choosing a pair of Sakuragi basketball shoes is to satisfy our pursuit of beauty and yearning for sports. Life should have been like this, after numerous attacks on basketball, accompanied by us, there is Sakuragi.

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nike aj31

As a Jordan series shoes famous, Nike aj31 Galaxy has been much attention, especially the nike aj31 All-Star style is more obsessed, regardless of external style or internal configuration. This is a shoe that just can not be disliked in appearance. It is the perfect combination of function and appearance.

Many people at the first sight of the Galaxy, it will be attracted by its gorgeous colors. It is a gradual color. From the toe of the orange red constantly over to the deep blue. This allows the shoes to grasp the eyes of others at a glance. So this is a very showy bag from the appearance of shoes. Especially in the past to see the stars in the basketball court to wear it to run, nfl jerseys, after wearing a big slam dunk, not only a pair of shoes, but also to let them have a feeling of playing with the stars, very addictive. Of course, it still performed well inside, it belongs to the defender's shoes, can be seen from the nike aj31 low help. It does not have too much restraint on the ankle, allowing people in the movement of all kinds of emergency stop, jumper and other intense moves, can have ease. This is the biggest difference with bulky center shoes.

In addition, Wei less belonging to knitted shoes. So let the color transition more natural, more vivid colors. At the same time also make the shoes more breathable, especially in the winter when the wind can clearly feel the foot of a blow, very comfortable, will not let your feet uncomfortable. This point can be seen that the strength of the shoes, although it has been launched for many years, but still in the engraved version of new elements, so that shoes perform well, naturally let the fans can not do not like it, no wonder will be subject to Fans continue to be sought after, as the industry benchmark.

Speaking of China's Jordan and Nike Jordan, perhaps many people are asked if Jordan is a foreign brand, the vast majority of people think that Jordan is a foreign brand. Some people know that Nike and Adidas are foreign brands, Anta, Pick, Hongxing Erke, etc. belong to the domestic brand, then Jordan belongs to the end is how the same thing? Nike and Jordan's relationship is like?

What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan?
In fact, Jordan is a pure "domestic descent" sports and leisure brand. And the name associated with Michael Jordan is Nike's "Air Jordan" brand, although the brand entered the Chinese market, but did not register for the use of the corresponding Chinese name, so, "Michael Jordan" became the main thing , Jordan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Fujian registered trademark, the edge of the ball for the subsequent development of the company has made Jordan. But there is a similarity between them is the brand LOGO, Air Jordan brand Logo is a shooting athlete logo; and Jordan is an athlete dribbling action.
So Nike and Jordan's relationship is this Jordan non-Michael Jordan. Compared with the old sports brand Nike, Jordan company in China as junior. Jordan is a registered Chinese brand in Fujian Jordan Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. At present, the company has thousands of specialty stores all over the country. Its products have also rapidly expanded from original sports shoes to include sports shoes, sportswear, bags and accessories A number of sporting goods series.

Born in 1984, when Michael Jordan was still a fledgling basketball rookie and only 21 years old, Nike took a fancy to his development prospects. With him, began selling basketball shoes with the Air Jordan logo, which Chinese consumers call "Jordan shoes." In 1984, Nike produced the first generation of Jordan shoes, then introduced each year a new paragraph, called the "generation", has been out of 23 generations of shoes. Nike every new shoes, have become the world's fans crazy bereavement of Jordan object. Jordan retired even in 2003, but also failed to weaken the trend of selling Jordan shoes every year.
What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan? Through the brand marketing and effective management of their own enterprises, Jordan has been in the country have a great impact. In 2001-2003, the brand series of products won the honorary title of the best-selling products of key national large-scale retail stores issued by the Information Center of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China successively. In 2005, it became the "Famous Brand of China".
Having said that I believe many people have a more complete understanding of the relationship between Nike and Jordan. In short, the domestic created Jordan and Jordan's foreign Nike is two different things, so when it comes to Nike and Jordan what the relationship, do not confuse Oh!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

nike zoom soldier viii ep

Want to know the nike soldier 9 Oreo's details and inherent quality, then to the nike soldier 9 Oreo to make a detailed analysis, so that everyone knows under the powerful Zhanhuang boots and its characteristics, for a similar style of play Fans, you can easily start, ride in the basketball court.

From the appearance point of view, nike warrior 9 Oreo is very awesome, a strong support sheet, not only for the overall style of the shoes very tough, but also a very good appearance. This, like now mature James, is a heart-stirring combination of power and beauty. Especially Oreos black and white black style, very domineering, so that fans like it very much. As for the shock absorption, thick soles, coupled with both hands have joined the ZOOM, nike warrior 9 Oreo so that each fan can have a very comfortable wearing experience. Of course, due to the characteristics of James style, excellent performance in shock absorption, but also to start the shoes on the feedback will be a little slow, but there is no ordinary fans there is no problem, you can rest assured wearing a ball.

In addition nike zoom soldier viii ep has been on the support has been very good performance, it is not only reflected in the powerful fly line technology. Also lies in everyone even after removing the shoelace, wear very paste foot, wrapped in a formidable mess, this is simply a lot of lazy gospel. The other is the part of the forefoot joined the strap, so that you can let the fans in the game can do whatever you want, without fear. Of course, the details of the more able to experience the excellence of this series of shoes, we just have to wear nike zoom soldier viii ep after a lot of experience, is the heart of many people the most powerful combat boots.

htmnnsu9983 , htmnnqh9918 , htmnnpc9887 , htmnocd10226 , htmnnnv9854 , htmnoay10195 , htmnnmo9821 , htmnnzs10163 , htmnnyk10129 , htmnnxd10096 , htmnnur10032 , htmnntl10000 , htmnnse9967 , htmnnqz9936 , htmnnom9871 , htmnobo10211 , htmnnnf9838 , htmnnm381 , htmnnzb10146 , htmnnxu10113 , htmnnwo10081 , htmnnvh10048 , htmnnsw9985 , htmnnrp9952 , htmnnqj9920 , htmnnpe9889 , htmnocf10228 , htmnnnx9856 , htmnob396 , htmnnmq9823 , htmnnzu10165 , htmnnxf10098 , htmnnvz10066 , htmnnut10034 , htmnntn10002 , htmnnra9937 , htmnnoo9873 , htmnobq10213 , htmnnnh9840 , htmnoaj10180 , htmnnmb9808 , htmnnzd10148 , htmnnxw10115 , htmnnvj10050 , htmnnue10019 , htmnnsy9987 , htmnnrr9954 , htmnnql9922 , htmnnpg9891 , htmnoch10230 , htmnnms9825 , htmnnzw10167 , htmnnyo10133 , htmnnxh10100 , htmnnwa10067 , htmnntp10004 , htmnnrc9939 , htmnnpx9908 , htmnnoq9875 , htmnobs10215 , htmnnnj9842 , htmnoam10183 , htmnnxy10117 , htmnnws10085 , htmnnvl10052 , htmnnug10021 , htmnnt388 , htmnnru9957 , htmnnpi9893 , htmnocj10232 , htmnnoa9859
With the nike wave of surprise, almost all Chinese sports fans want to have their own nike shoes, the top international basketball NBA, nike brand has been almost won. Then there are so good Nike basketball shoes? Below for everyone to better known, much attention Nike cushioning basketball shoes, Nike full palm cushioned basketball shoes.
When it comes to Nike fully air cushioned basketball shoes, everyone knows how deep it? When it comes to air cushioned shoes is indeed a complete revolution, abandoned the midsole thick sponge rubber, let the air flow in our feet, in fact My weight makes me feel like that air spring. Air cushion technology from time to time there will be a qualitative leap forward, this leap forward directly to promote the maturity of today's air technology, and each leap is again a pair of specific air cushion shoes as a sign, these iconic air cushion shoes are many young people Essential collection, has always been full of air cushion basketball shoes the most exciting, but when it comes to Nike basketball shoes are full of classic models.
Here is a description of a Nike cushioning basketball shoes / Nike full palm cushion air shoes. JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes price 1229 yuan.

This Nike full palm cushioning shoes JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes for every one of the all-purpose player ingenuity custom, so shooting, dunk, rebound, the cap has since become your best.
First: Color: This pair of blue and white and black color JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes will be used as Antony's fifth-time All-Star game boots, shoes side of the white trapeze against the backdrop of the blue background is particularly striking, The black burst crack pattern design of the upper AJ classic elements of the perfect heritage.
Second: support: FLYWIRE technology to wear JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes players to create super support, so that the shoes and you really enter the "shoes" status, the perfect support for your every shot.
Third: Cushioning: NIKE ZOOME technology to bring super-light cushioning protection for both feet, more rapid response to foot movements, enhance your reaction and flexibility.
Fourth: Outsole: JORDAN MELO M8 Jordan basketball shoes designed specifically into the Anthony's ideas and concepts, a unique outsole lines can help players full outbreak, with extraordinary flying force defeated the opponent's defense line of defense, to achieve the perfect lore.

This Nike air cushion shoes has the following advantages: 1, full palm TPU cover to enhance the stability of the side; 2, synthetic leather upper and leather nubuck leather coating to provide excellent wear resistance; 3, hard rubber outsole to provide Excellent abrasion resistance and grip for less space; 4, designed for the same versatile player as Carmelo Anthony; 5, Herringbone lines to enhance grip; 6, shoe design, easy to wear.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Nike Cortez Lagos Laurel

2012 new Nike Nike Gump shoes launched a new set of 2012 summer series of new products, which 2012 new Nike Agan shoes will be the perfect combination of tradition and style, as the Nike2012 summer of the most appealing works of the requirements of the series, Nike Forrest Gump The new shoes 2012 expresses the tribute and celebration of the tradition and development of Nike running products in the course of 40 years of innovation. More and more urban women love wearing retro running shoes, the pursuit of simple and handsome dress. This trend will come back, run classic products and Liberty printing fusion once again.
Nike Cortez came out in 1972, as Nike's first pair of running shoes, was also the track and field the most lightweight running shoes. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the birth of Nike Cortez and the 2012 Nike Agan shoes will be combined with two other classic running shoes to incorporate Liberty's Lagos Laurel prints. Lagos Laurel printing is the season's most popular and provocative pattern, the design from the 20th century, a traditional psychedelic pattern, Liberty is one of many classic patterns. Back in the 1940s, Lagos Laurel prints first appeared. Today, Lagos Laurel prints add a pattern of laurel wreaths to this motif.

Throughout Nike's innovation process, we witnessed in 1987 another landmark product - Air Max 1. This is the first Nike shoes with exposed air cushion unit, was the best cushioning running shoes. Today, Air Max 1 has become the classic street fashion items. This time, it will be Empire purple color Liberty Lagos Laurel printing brand new appearance.
Nike keep opening up the boundaries, adhere to product innovation. 2012 Nike Agan shoes comeback on the Nike product shows the constant innovation and improvement. 2004 Nike Free technology once again ushered in the introduction of sports product design revolutionary progress. Developed Nike's first groundbreaking shoe that simulates barefoot running through the use of bendable grooves in the outsole. Nike Free 5.0 is the core product of this year's Nike Sportswear Liberty collaboration series, which is the first time that professional sports shoes have been included in the Liberty collaboration series and the only one in the collaboration series to provide sports red, college gold and empire purple all three A color of the shoes.

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In May this year, this series of cooperation Nike Agan shoes 2012 new will also be introduced into the Nike Blazer Mid, Nike Hyperclave and Nike Dunk Sky High these three pairs of basketball inspired shoes, Nike Dunk Sky High is Nike's first shape using slope With the design of shoes. Friends like 2012 Nike Agan shoes can pay attention to the classic shoes, do not miss it.

The movie Forrest Gump left behind not only Forrest Gump's indomitable spirit of perseverance and perseverance. At his foot running, Nike is wearing a pair of Nike shoes named Cortez.
As the cornerstone of NIKE product files, Cortez shoes often appear in the list of each sale in different appearances, and 2012 coincides with the 40th anniversary of the birth of Cortez, so classic Cortez Classic OG primary colors "Forrest Gump Biography "nike Agan shoes will appear in front of everyone this spring. White leather shoes with a red Swoosh midsole there is a simple and refreshing blue trim.

Cikee shoes Cortez Nike is one of the most classic in the history of running shoes, also known as "Agan shoes," because Forrest Gump Forrest Gump wearing these shoes, traveled throughout the country, since then, Cortez popular global. This is the first running shoe to embody the design talent of Bill Bowman. By the end of 1968, nike Argan shoes Cortez has become the annual best-selling running shoes. But designers are still brewing more innovation for the running shoe, thanks to what Jeff Johnson nicknames "49-cent Crappy Slippers."
Time flies, Nike Agan shoes Cortez is still a Nike footwear line, but it has been from the former "first card" training shoes into casual shoes. Since its inception, there have been several nike Agan shoes Cortez debut on the market. Including early mixed shoes Nike Deluxe Cortez. The nike Argan shoes Cortez listed in the summer of 1973, with raised and padded heel, hard rubber followed by shoe studs and flip leather uppers. This was followed by the women's Senorita Cortez shoes, which debuted in 1974.

Although the number one training shoes aura is no longer, but the Nike Agan shoes Cortez is still the classic evergreen Nike shoes series, and now still in the Nike ID and Sport Culture store showcase their presence. Later appeared Nike Cortez-based mixed shoes, such as women's Nike Shox Rivalry is the combination of Cortez and Nike Shox shoes.
The nike Argan shoes to reproduce, for people like nike Argan shoes, will certainly cause everyone's special attention.