Saturday, July 22, 2017

PUMA13 Summer

Hot summer, born players in the body of the cells are infinite excitement, call your best partner, toward the blue sky and blue sky, to carry out an absolutely "play" beach party it. Followed by the world's best rock music swing position, and the United States girl boys to start Social offensive, sail to the boundless border to the field of fantasy drift ... ... this summer, the internationally renowned dynamic brand PUMA Madden launched to the summer summer dress, all the cool cool elements Together Shoulong, with invincible light fabric, creative collection of dynamic rock and play elements, the "play" in the end. Music theme section Tee series, designed inspiration from the souls of rock music and events, with heavy metals highlight the attitude of life, easy to play "music" the whole summer; Social series is the new generation of white-collar life claims, large print interpretation of the essence of the brand "Work Hard , Play Hard ", the lightest fabric so that light play no burden; beach series will be the most popular tropical style, coconut trees, sand and the sea with the pattern, people relaxed and comfortable to leisurely leisure. In this summer, throwing a heavy tedious clothing, the liberation of the long bound of the mood, to bring the PUMA's light play equipment, boldly in the blue sky and blue sky wantonly, unrestrained "light play"!

Easy to play "music" - Music Style

Each piece of music has a story, each T-shirt is telling its story. This summer, PUMA music theme Tee series, blowing a wave of waves, exaggerated personality behind the prints, are the greatest rock music history, to commemorate the different periods of music style and characters. Invincible "light" cool cotton fabric, so easy to play "music" So Easy!

Music theme Tee series female models mainly for the character printing, selected the history of rock music the most representative of the well-known figures, electronic music "hacker" Miss Kittin, garage rock originator Nirvana, new wave rock red star Grace Jones and disco music on behalf of Chic , They use the distinctive style of expression of unlimited play "music" attitude - not to listen, but the whole body to feel, the release of inner passion, play the taste will be able to lead the trend, which is also PUMA's play attitude!

Music theme Tee series of men's design theme as rock music memorabilia, 73 years the rise of electronic music wave; mid-70s, punk fashion has become the pursuit of all wild uninhibited young people, a pursuit of happiness and freedom; At the end of the year, Hiphop came in the New York black area, with hip-hop gestures to show the street culture; electronic music in the mid-80s popular, pay attention to social and fun to become the soul of such music.

This season the PUMA music theme Tee series with rock music to express its advocated play attitude, no matter how much life life, with rhythm and singing can be happy, choose a suitable mood pattern, to express LOHO claims, Understand music, can play music - wearing a play "music" attitude of the T-shirt, do "play" spirit of the natural players!

Easy music live - Sony Style

In the bustling fortifications of reinforced concrete, we rush to the busy, but the central CBD is still fun paradise for us, because we are happy to play the fun of people! This season PUMA Social series for us to bring suitable for everyday work wear fashion equipment, all T-shirts are extremely thin and cool fabric, feel comfortable, to break the routine TEE hot nudity, easy to play the ultimate "play" spirit, put an end to Summer all boring, and PUMA Work Hard, Play Hard! Bright and dazzling color stitching striped T-shirt close to the summer theme, for the work to bring relaxed and happy mood; graffiti-like printing casual T-shirt, with a large area before and after the collision with a large area, eye-catching and swagger, exaggerated exaggeration Urban PLAY words, like the world of the announcement - I am the player.

Easy Carnival --Beach Style

Weekend, and to the wantonly time. Bihai Sands prepared a large ocean, raging bonfire and warm handsome boys and girls, fast to bring the beloved surfboard, to join in full swing with the "play a summer" beach party it! This season PUMA beach series of clothing inspiration, mainly from the Caribbean coast is located in the island - Jamaica. As the world's first trapeze Bolt's hometown, Jamaica has its own unique style of the beach, so, exclusive to the Bolt Jamaican yellow and ocean blue become the main color, wear Jamaican beach elements of the T-shirt in the waves rolling , And the blue sea into a faction, feel the tropical style, thin fabrics so that any beach play have become easy; female short-sleeved T-shirt big collar design unique, do the beach Matou's playful small sexy, palm tree prints Unparalleled, to help you become the most shining on the beach Party Queen, filling the "play a summer" charm.

Wild tide package travel essential

So colorful day, how can we put the vitality of the bag? Multi-pocket design of the handbag is very practical, whether it is hit color stitching or cool black, all for your summer light dress uniform clothes Q. Tropical style strong bright bag is definitely playing the beach play magic, with any color swimsuit are very bright, so you easily play the beach.

Summer, in the blue sea Sands drying enthusiasm, listening to life with rock music, bring the comfort of PUMA equipment easy to play the whole summer, the "play with light" spirit to flourish, regardless of heaven can be fun to heaven!

Friday, July 21, 2017


Founded in 1993, the popular Japanese brand A BATHING APE, with its unique design of the ape Yan was sought after, has been regarded as the Japanese street fashion and the trend of the industry representatives. In April this year, the brand has been unaware of its 20th anniversary, to celebrate the event, the brand specifically in April 27-29 holiday on behalf of the official DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY held a large exhibition, Series of 20 years do not pay attention to a single product, and in May 4 will be in Beijing / Shanghai BAPE STORE? Grand sale of two do not note a single product, with the public to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BAPE important moment.


A BATHING APE? To thank all over the years of support, specially invited 20 NIGO? Friends with their own ideas to re-design the distinctive ape Yan mark, the name of the exhibition, "Thank you for all years, Each is in the trend of the community to play a pivotal role in the ring, including the chapter is now chapter, Noguchi strong, Xishan Che, Takahashi Shield, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, KAYNE WEST and so on (for a detailed list please refer to the right table). A series of works will be presented on April 27-29, Japan's Shibuya DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY, which will be presented in t-shirt and canvas, respectively. Some of the items will also be available for sale during the exhibition period. The joy of the anniversary. For the solemn thing, the brand on April 26 at 6 pm to 8 pm at the exhibition venue held a grand cocktail party, but also invited to a number of influx of celebrities friends attended the first to enjoy the exhibits, the scene star-studded, bound to push the atmosphere To the peak.

BAPE 20 anniversary limited single product in the global BAPE STORE? Limited sale

In order to share this celebration with all the fans, the two BAPE20 anniversary will be limited to a single product will be in May 4 in Hong Kong and Beijing, Shanghai and other countries BAPE STORE? In limited form of public offering, including 20 years T-shirt and canvas works.

T-shirt, the front of the large "20" words as a pattern, which "0" word replaced the brand's ape Yan mark, and t-shirt on the back of the neat arrangement of 20 by NIGO? Friends of the design of the ape Yan Mark, can be described as a great collection of value, supporters must not miss! The canvas works also with 20 by NIGO? Friends of the design of the ape Yan marked as a call, completely highlights the "20" anniversary of the essence of the focus.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Nike Dunk Sky Hi City women

Designed for the transformation of Nike DUNK SkyHigh City
In the spring of 2013, Nike Sportswear released the Nike Dunk Sky High City Pack series, it will be the classic Nike Dunk shoes to build, in order to seek to break the existing height of the girls tailored. Nike designer to retain the Nike Dunk classic shape at the same time joined the stealth slope with, and strive to faithfully in the Nike Dunk design prototype.

Nike Dunk Sky High City Pack inspired by London, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo, the characteristics of these five cities. Each pair of shoes are used in the top material, enough to think of each city's most unique charm.

As we all know, all the black represents the characteristics of New York. The shoes with a metal flake uppers design, with the heel black horse and the side of the leather texture of the Nike Logo, enjoy its luxurious appearance.

Milan, a city known for its fine craftsmanship. The shoes in the upper with a three-dimensional feel of the crocodile embossed leather, with heels tan leather and gold Nike Logo, designed to Milan famous lace production skills to pay tribute.

London, has a world-renowned music culture, its quite symbolic grid pattern is also popular. The shoes with a vibrant red lattice pattern of fabric stitching each other as a vamp, with green patent leather logo to reflect the positive attitude towards life.

Paris often dubbed the romantic capital, this unique Nike Dunk Sky Hi with a white tweed pattern, embodies the modern city and female aesthetic collision. Weaving design of the upper with blue leather details, full of texture in the full embodiment of the city's culture.

Finally, this Nike Dunk Sky Hi "Tokyo" reflects the city's continuous exploration of high-tech, while deeply rooted in the characteristics of traditional Japanese handicrafts. In the new and old, handicrafts and high-tech collision between the most vividly reflected in the delicate and delicate shoes, beige fabrics and heels in the compelling rainbow color.

The first wave of Nike Dunk Sky Hi City Pack is scheduled for sale in the Nike Sportswear retail stores in New York (February 9), London (February 16), Milan (February 23), Paris (March 2) and Tokyo (March 19). March 27 full range of products will be designated in the global market as a whole listed on sale.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mercurial Vapor IX

Nike Mercurial Vapor IX for the world's fastest players bring performance innovation and extremely explosive speed

The use of Nike high-speed ball technology to bring better vest friction and touch, to help players catch the moment to turn the tide

In today's highly technical and rhythmic competition, in order to overcome the enemy, only the straight line speed and simple extraordinary is not enough. Nike Mercurial Vapor IX not only continues the performance of innovation and tailor-made for the speed of the quality of the lightweight features, while helping those who rely on rapid change to the rapid change and explosive speed to win the players to reach a new height.

Mercurial Vapor IX uses a new vamp, can provide players with extraordinary support and touch, to help players at the crucial moment to give full play to speed and skills, overcome the enemy to win. The upper use of Nike's new high-speed ball control material, optimized friction and more rapid response, so that players in the high-speed running state confidence doubled - this is the Mercurial boots logo characteristics. The upper use of high-speed ball design, without sacrificing the soft touch of the case to provide the necessary friction. Fit the upper to prevent the feet in the shoes unnecessary movement. And simple soft heel, to maximize the comfort and the performance of the players.

Nike's innovative All Conditions Control (ACC) technology further enhances performance; the technology is now being used in all Nike shoes to ensure a consistent sense of touch in the wet or dry weather.

Fighting is critical for those who wear Mercurial Vapor IX and are known for their speed. The soles of the soles of the feet of the two spikes help the feet quickly get rid of turf, spear structure of the asymmetric design is to start more explosive. Quick response to the spikes can cut into the turf, so that the direction of the moment of change occurs, thus changing the rhythm of the game.

Mercurial Vapor IX's unique lightweight soles consist of two separate glass fibers that increase flexibility and responsiveness to provide more energy to the players in intense matches.

Since more than ten years ago since the advent of the Mercurial series has been dazzling. Its bold color and design, so that the players wearing it always eye-catching. The new Vapor IX is no exception. Berries and sunset orange two color, will be exceptionally eye-catching on the pitch. Two color shoes will be accepted on January 18 reservations, and on January 31 landing and the world's major retail stores.

Nike "Assassin 9 generation" boots technology analysis:

Grab force: perfect grip design brings great explosive speed

1. The soles of the soles of the soles of the feet help the feet quickly get rid of the turf, the spear structure of the asymmetrical design is to start more explosive. Quick response to the spikes can cut into the turf, so that the direction of the moment of change occurs, thus changing the rhythm of the game.
2. Light soles are made up of two separate glass fibers that give players the flexibility and quicker response in the intense game.

Comfort: the support of the upgrade and stability of the perfect fit

1. According to the natural shape of the feet used V-12 shoe last to ensure the speed of the players.

2. Light, soft, stretchable synthetic upper material perfectly fit the foot shape, without sacrificing comfort under the premise of ensuring rapid response. Uppers lock technology to prevent the feet in the shoes unnecessary movement.

3. Simple, soft heel to enhance the comfort to the extreme.

Touching: a fatal combination of speed and skill

1. The upper use of high-speed ball design, without sacrificing the soft touch of the case to provide the necessary friction.

2. The upper use of the Nike All Conditions Control (ACC all-weather ball) technology, both in wet or dry weather, are consistent touch.

3. iconic Nike logo, NIKE words first appeared in the assassin series boots shoes body. The new assassin 9-generation shoes offer two options for berries purple and sunset orange.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alicia Keys x Reebok

In October 2012, Reebok has announced a new collaboration with 14 Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys, who is also a singer, author, producer, actor, New York Times best-selling author, cutting-edge entrepreneur and philanthropist Multi-identity Alicia Keys will be in the new Reebok 2012 autumn and winter series of classic listing activities, and Reebok jointly launched Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics2012 autumn and winter limited edition tide shoes. In this cooperation with Reebok, Keys will launch Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics 2012 autumn and winter limited shoes, including Freestyle Hi (that is, fans are well known 5411), Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess four Section, giving the classic style lively modern new feeling. The launch of the Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics limited edition shoes will be available in the exclusive sale. Alicia in the cooperation with the Reebok product design team will be very creative talent exposed, and extended to all aspects of the design, from the selection of her favorite classic style, to the choice of materials and color, all revealed Alicia strong Personal creativity and love. The final design works not only luxury materials, and design eye-catching, very personal color, no doubt in the young people set off a new wave of upsurge.

Keys said, "I have been the first pair of 5411 has become a loyal supporter of Reebok, the cooperation with Reebok is a very special experience for me, because my creative ideas have been a new "Reebok is a brand that has been tested over time and is able to work with such an innovative and vibrant brand, and is a proud and natural thing for me.

"Alicia is a long-time loyal supporter of the Reebok brand, and Reebok is also very fond of Alicia, so the cooperation between the two sides can be described as strong and powerful, and we are working together," said Todd Krinsky, global head of the Reebok Classic series, in an interview. Not only the design of new shoes, but also mining the Alicia music outside the field of extraordinary creativity.Whether the design of shoes or promotional activities of the concept of production, Alicia are actively involved, the final effect highlights the Reebok spirit and Alicia Personal qualities, all of which are designed to inspire young women around the world to actively participate and participate in this activity.

Hand in hand Alicia Keys Reebok classic autumn and winter joint shoes listed

Friday, July 14, 2017

Three Rose3 limited edition special color

This year's autumn and winter, with the return of # # # Blessing blessing activities swept the country, basketball lovers and Ross fans are waiting for the return of the wind rose rose the enthusiasm is also rising. On the eve of # Rose, Adidas and then push three Rose3 limited edition color, let us have the opportunity to once again revisit the story of the growth of the son of Fengcheng City and approached his home has been proud of - Chicago.

This is the three pairs of limited edition boots color of the most affectionate is a Derek Rose's mother - "Brenda" named after the shoe body to the main tone of red, with black and white. The inside of the tongue is not only printed with the signature of Rose and the mother of Brenda, and the detailed look will also reveal that the background of the design is painted with the family line of the Rose - the family part of the "Rose Tree" that records the Rose's story, Outside the Ross exclusive LOGO each other, fully demonstrated Rose on the mother Brenda and all family members of the infinite love and respect.

In addition to this "Brenda" color, the other two special colors for basketball lovers and Ross fans show is the son of the city of the growth of the city - Chicago city style and cultural style. "Michigan Avenue" color shoes design inspiration from the third largest city in the United States at the end of Chicago shopping season gorgeous lights and billboards. White synthetic leather upper and midsole on the spot represents the famous Michigan Avenue flashing street lights, blue beef leather leather toe, heat red tongue and heel bright yellow three stripes logo, all from Chicago's most famous Michigan Avenue every year November 17 opening of the light festival. The inside of the tongue and the half of the stars represent Ross's "Poohdini" tattoo. Surrounded by the coordinates of the Michigan Avenue around the pattern, the number 1,000,000 represents the number of bright lights illuminated by the Michigan Avenue Light Music Festival.

The last Rose 3 special color inspired by the Chicago local reputation of the football team - the US National Football League Chicago Bears. Shoes body to the Chicago Bears team color dark blue, orange and white tone, the left tongue printed on the Chicago Bears helmet and the ubiquitous classic Ross exclusive LOGO, right tongue is coated with the team founding year "1919 " This pair of special colors to show the spirit of the city of Chicago and Ross as the representative of the Chicago people on the city's sense of belonging and pride.

Accompanied by three Rose 3 limited edition special color sweeping the country, # Rose return signature blessing activities are also perfect ending, two pairs of Chinese basketball enthusiasts and fans filled with Ross fans, support and full of love Rose 3 will be on the return, Went to the other side of the ocean back to its owner - Derek Ross in the hands of # # # Rose back to the peak of the boom again. In the wind of the son of the child to prepare for the critical moment of return, he will wear these two pairs of Chinese fans bless the special boots to fight, their own basketball focus, progress, faith, perseverance and hope attitude back to the game after more The performance of the ruling level to show so much attention to his love of his fans, let us look forward to the Rose City bloom.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hypervenom 3 Football SHoes

New Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer shoes for the player's two core mission to create: tear rival defense and manufacturing Murder. In order to meet the key elements of the two break points, Hypervenom has undergone disruptive innovation, in the first introduction of Flyknit uppers also bring new soles design.
"This is a golf course 'Terminator' shoes," Nike football shoes, vice president of Max Blau (Max Blau) said, "the shoes of each component is to break the score and tailored."
The focus of the Hypervenom 3 on the scoring is best reflected in the design of the upper firing area, where the multi-layer composite Poron® foam bumps are fused in the Fkyknit vamps. These independent rules of the distribution of the individual can only be in the low-speed ball when the soft soothing touch, but also in the high-speed contact with the ball to bring enough hardness to meet the shooting needs.
The protrusion in the firing force area is 2 mm thick, while the other areas of the Flyknit upper are designed with a hollow, variable visible texture designed to enhance the touch. This texture design is also in 2013 to launch the first generation of Hypervenom football shoes mesh material tribute.

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"We wanted to bring a softer and more flexible upper for Hypervenom 3, and Flyknit was the best choice to achieve that goal," explains Dylan Van Atta, a designer at Hypervenom 3. Through extremely sophisticated research and design, we can use this texture only in the necessary parts, so as to keep the upper soft and ensure the comfort and good touch of the shoes.

To provide an adjustable fit, Hypervenom 3 in its upper floating channel in the use of a total length of up to 3 meters Nike Flywire fly line, compared with the previous generation increased by 2 meters. Shoes on both sides of the shoelace system so that Flywire can be automatically adjusted according to different foot, which helps athletes to effectively adjust the fit of the shoes, and provide them with the ball when the need to cut the precise lock.
Hypervenom 3 new with a sensitive cut the dynamic fit shoes to further enhance the shoes on both sides of the feet of the lock. "The ankle part of the bone protrusion can be up to 10 mm, which in the Hypervenom 3 shoe collar design will be reflected," Van Ata explained, "athletes in the ball horizontal cut, the ankle often bend to the limit angle, This is also the element of the shoe design process.

Taking into account some of the 'Terminator' to wear low to help shoes preferences, Nike also created a low for the Hypervenom 3 Flyknit version, which is the first launch of Nike football low support Flyknit shoes.
Hypervenom 3 is also the first pair of Nike's first pair of shoes with a new ultra-high response (Hyper-Reactive) shoes, the soles of the front foot used in the flexible Pebax ® material and more tough, better support for the combination of nylon material. Van Etta said, "ultra-high response to the soles after six years of research and development time, we draw inspiration from Nike Free technology, to create a more flexible and flexible design of the forefoot.When the heel in the emergency process of being changed When lifted, the new soles with high stress will be in close contact with the ground.

Based on the Nike football has just completed the innovation of the shoe grip, Hypervenom 3 also used by the finite element analysis method designed by the grip system, designed for large-angle horizontal cut into the design. "We use hexagonal spikes to help the players turn and start, so that they dribble more confident when the cut at the same time, the outer humanoid nail for the shoes to bring more grip." Van Ata said.

In addition, the shoes inside the traction design is also taken into account, Nike Grip socks can effectively prevent the foot sliding in the shoes.
Based on the Nike football has just completed the innovation of the shoe grip, Hypervenom 3 also used by the finite element analysis method designed by the grip system, designed for large-angle horizontal cut into the design. "We use hexagonal spikes to help the players turn and start, so that they dribble more confident when the cut at the same time, the outer humanoid nail for the shoes to bring more grip." Van Ata said.

In addition, the shoes inside the traction design is also taken into account, Nike Grip socks can effectively prevent the foot sliding in the shoes.