Monday, October 23, 2017

nike air max the a print 90 87

As Nike well-known, the classic series of shoes fans for the introduction of a large number of shoes, and each shoe has its own characteristics. But the introduction of the series of shoes will be used for a lot of comparison, as is the case for both, then what is the difference between nike air max the a print 90 87?

        Among them, in general, the difference between the two shoes is not great, but the name is different, in general, these two shoes, whether from the appearance or performance are not Very different. the two shoes are used in the technology are Nike transparent Max Air cushion technology to ensure that the shoes have the best impact protection, coupled with the ultimate light and both cushioning performance Phylon midsole and The Solarsoft insoles bring the ultimate comfort to the wearing experience, so both shoes provide a good sense of comfort.

        Both are the use of fashion design and the integration of top technology, unique details of the design to create ultra-light, breathable wearing a sense of minimalist style of the upper with a synthetic leather leather and leather cover, to provide Targeted support while ensuring a sense of light wear. the combination of beautiful and smooth low-cut upper to create a lasting comfortable wearing experience, vividly interpretation of low-key charm, excellent wearing a texture to make you feel the most pure movement of the journey.
        two shoes are light and delicate design, is set beauty and comfort as one, can be a good modification of the foot type, in addition to running, the two shoes are also Can hold live with a variety of trends, is beautiful and practical strong shoes.

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Summer and can wear a cool style of shoes and apparel, in the summer T-shirt is the main melody coat, shoes, then the type of beach shoes, sandals this one. With sandals walking in the street, wearing a decent body and not because of wearing sandals and was sloppy, but more lining leisure. Of course, wearing sandals can wear a gas field also need to rely on the brand to hold the field, so Xiaobian recommended Nike Nike slippers and sandals here style.
Nike slippers recommend one: Nike Air Force 1 LV8 VT "Star" series

Nike launched this one Air Force 1 LV8 VT "Star" series at first glance look like home slippers, there are friends that is not very suitable for shopping wear, indeed. But this pair of shoes, but there are personality, made by the soft rubber body of the body, the designer through the three-dimensional sculpture technology in the upper show five-star pattern, which men's casual sandals to create a strong high-end street atmosphere, and Red, white, blue three-color design also cater to the "Independence Day" patriotic theme, and finally with a soft and comfortable foam outsole.
Nike slippers recommended two: Nike sandals Free Rift Sandal series

To say that domineering do not want Nike sandals, have to recommend this a "Free Rift Sandal" sandals. With the monochrome into the streamlined appearance, both comfortable and trendy, to "East Africa Rift Valley" as the inspiration for the Air Rift running shoes, it is conquering the desire of the trend of people, this series also has Nike female sandals version.
Nike slippers recommended three: Nike word drag

The flip flop is a must for a single product in summer, and it is also popular with men's casual sandals. Nike flip with open design, providing excellent drainage performance to achieve quick-drying effect, so that you wear the process of enjoying the ultimate comfort experience.
What kind of sandals do you start in summer? The above is Xiaobian recommended to everyone in the summer must be a single product, I hope the pro who can like.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

nike air force 1 nai ke

Air Force 1 is the first in the history of NIKE air cushion technology basketball shoes, Nike is also the most important member of the classic shoes, and the US President's plane to share the reputation of the Air Force on the 1st. Today, Nike will be a classic combination of many new generation of shoes such as yacht club, is still favored by many people.

At the beginning of 2015, Nike Air Force 1 improved after the introduction of high security money. It uses the Air Force 1 after the birth of a year (1983) launched the entire leather version and with breathable toe design, in the color has also been inspired by the 80's basketball culture tradition, the use of home to create the upper black soles and soles , So Air Force 1 with its 80's classic appearance in front of Chinese consumers.

As a major classic series of Nike, Air Force also with other brands to join hands to launch a number of cooperation which includes and Givenchy together to create the nirvana, with its gorgeous colors in the classic AF1 shoes The presentation has brought a different fashion experience. , In addition to the Air Force 1 High, high-gang version of the joint models, there are low-help version, Nike Air Force 1 Low x RT, in kind. White upper of the Air Force 1 Low, shoes with colorful lines decorated, the overall effect is quite gorgeous colorful.
With the popularity of Snackers in the past two years, Nike has once again introduced the legend of the Air Force 1 series of sports shoes, including a number of Nike HTM team (HTM representative of the fragment design founder Fujiwara Hiroshi; Nike Creative Concept Vice President Tim Hartfield and Nike President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker, the three initials of the HTM abbreviation.) Continue to explore the new concept of Nike design, launched the nike air force1 htm Simplified version of a variety of Air Force 1 series of products.

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Nike KD 8 and the previous generation has a subversive change, its unique shape design is enough to let everyone memorable. Today, Xiao Bian and everyone together to enjoy the different nike kd8 ep color shoes.

First introduced this is to commemorate the United States Independence Day issued Kevin Durant's new generation of boots Nike KD8, as the first pair of both the use of Flyweave uppers and flexible connection of the whole palm Zoom Air cushion two science and technology basketball shoes , For the Durant to provide an unprecedented sense of fit and response to cushioning.

In addition to the first release of the V8 color, this in order to meet the advent of the United States Independence Day, KD8 also launched a special KD8 "July 4th" color, color show Durant on this full of red, white, blue tones Of love.

Then, continue to unveil a new nike kd8 ep color, bright Aurora theme is quite special. White upper to aurora stripes embellishment, tongue also with the same rainbow color rendering, with black in the end and details of embellishment.
Nike kd8 ep color to orange-based, orange Flyweave uppers, black tongue and midsole with the appropriate benefits, calm and have a visual explosive, ready to go, the KD's ardent excellence show in front of us.
Finally introduced this nike kd8 ep color shoes for the Nike KD8 EP Durant 8 tiger pattern, light texture, solid lock KD 8 EP men's basketball shoes equipped with responsive full palm-type cushioning configuration, clever with forefoot Outsole design, for your plastic on both smooth appearance, superior shock protection and extraordinary flexibility to wear a great experience. Nike KD8 EP Durant 8 tiger pattern Flyweave uppers with extraordinary light and breathable, Flywire fly line and shoelace perfect combination, in the process of turning to achieve excellent performance and support performance.

Friday, October 20, 2017

nike zoom winflo

nike zoom winflo uses the traditional cushion eva material, which greatly improved the bottom of the soft flaws, but also stabilize the upper support force. nike zoom winflo 2 on this basis for the improvement of cushioning function, wear resistance also improved a lot. In the course of training, because of this improvement makes the original hardness and density are not strong have been improved, flexibility also increased. Nike official website launched nike zoom winflo 2 flash series of shoes in the long distance test eva material wear on the surface can also be observed, the relevant professional advice, if it is long-distance movement try to choose nike zoom winflo msl running shoes.

By nike zoom winflo evaluation results we can clearly find that when the air into the durable and flexible film, the soles of the cushioning capacity will be strengthened. With the increase in Nike air cushion technology, Nike official website to launch more lightweight shoes, so that you enjoy the movement in the foot of the liberation. nike zoom winflo running shoes in the forefoot built in the venue training play a role can not be ignored, especially in the course of the movement will be unexpected extra power to achieve the magic of the ground impact conversion, so you win at the starting line.
Some stickers often someone will consult nike zoom winflo how and so on, you can be very responsible to tell you that Nike is a big brand, first of all its quality is absolutely guaranteed. Design is to meet the different levels of aesthetic needs, style and diverse, you can retro can also trend, you can simple and more handsome sweet. With a personal look at the aesthetic, but if you are with a small white, the proposal can refer to the crowd with the influx of people wear Nike zoom winflo cost-effective, we have any reason to refuse such a shoe?

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The whole palm air cushion shoes non-slip or not need to look at the bottom of the rubber material, the protection of the ankle, in the game or when the intense exercise, the shoe's anti-skid performance should be considered first. For this problem, we need to identify the soles of the production of materials, but also have the skill to choose, the only way to play a multiplier purchase effect, buy the favorite shoes. In some of the forums, many users question Nike full palm air cushion shoes this problem, comprehensive consideration, we need to seize: shock absorption, cushioning and force these aspects to buy.

First of all, in the cushioning ability, Nike full palm air cushion shoes is definitely the best choice, Nike strong design team to master the exclusive palm design, to meet the human footsteps support capacity. In addition, for some friends put forward the problem, through the friends said that man-made fabrics and leather as a surface material for the quality of Nike to provide the maximum guarantee. Nike shoes in the running shoes full cost-effective shoes, to avoid some of the friends of the Nike full-length shoes, anti-skid question?
Finally, because the bottom of the Nike full air cushion shoes mainly air cushion, which filled the air cushion, so even as an international brand, if the maintenance of improper, the same will accelerate its wear and tear. So you want to know Nike full palm air cushion shoes, you must know the maintenance, in order to really long-term use. If there are friends want to know more about Nike full palm air cushion shoes how to answer you can try to ask questions in Baidu, there will be enthusiastic answer to answer the most perfect answer.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

nike zoom stefan janoski elite

In recent years, with the socio-economic development, more women began to pursue the fashion. And net yarn to bring people hazy beauty, is applied to a variety of clothing and shoes in the production. nike zoom stefan janoski elite is a such shoes, it's popular, but also the inevitable trend of the development of fashion trends. The breath of the shoes is better, forming a very new and comfortable new breathable design to meet the summer sports and spring and autumn wear, comfortable and breathable perfect combination, and very beautiful and generous.

The name of the shoe is a layer of sandy material. Many people can not help but worry, if the time to wear shoes, accidentally cut out by hard objects, would not affect the beauty of the shoes, in fact, this will not happen. Because its sandy material is cold. Many of the girls who are not too tall will choose not only cool and comfortable, but also increase the beauty. Therefore, this sports sandals is also a lot of short sister's gospel.

Nike zoom stefan janoski premium material for the pine resin composition, which also improves the wearability of shoes, therefore, by the favor of female friends, is also inevitable. steppe janoski canvas premium qs, practical and durable comfort, coupled with a good material and breathable integrated design, to the greatest extent possible to meet the needs of a multi-season fashion wear, that is, the positioning of sports characteristics, there are good fashion Feeling, can be the daily life of life and the best choice for sports and leisure, its advantage is unparalleled, much like the young fashion family, high-quality Nike features new representative, and now the domestic electricity business can buy, very Convenience.

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Like running shoes running friends are certainly unfamiliar, in recent years, the new version of running shoes by consumers love, especially in the color of the collision, but also gives a The impact of visual impact. how to run shoes in the history of the most fancy, consumers see this running shoes will have such an idea, in the running shoes design and color with a people on the match Asphyxious design, but also Flyknit technology and Air Max cushioning system supporting the process of moving in the process of running the footsteps of the role of further protection, in the face of the impact of the time to Play the ultimate effect of the buffer, had to let consumers pay more attention to the shoes.

the fact that the price is very high, then the price is very high, is a comfortable and relatively value of the running shoes, and now nike air max st price is very high, max st official website will be in the holidays when doing some activities in the original price on the basis of the discount on the activities, so that consumers enjoy more value of the price of running shoes.

what is the effect of the feet, not only in the visual shock to the consumer, the design principle also uses the most advanced technology, but also for the running faithful to provide shoes The best flexibility and flexibility, so running friends wearing a feeling after the enjoyment, which is the original concept of design. Not only that, with more than 25 years of air cushion shoes design history of Nike, can easily bring the consumer pleasure.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

nike hyperfr3sh mid

Has been imitated never been beyond the Nike, not only in the sports field so that you show their excellent style, whether in daily life or in some special occasions wearing Nike shoes can make you the whole Dress has become shiny. Today, this description of the tide card to share, fashion warfare is Nike this nike hyperfr3sh small Zhao Yun, Nike today will be this nike hyperfr3sh small Zhao Yun a brand of comprehensive explanation and clothing trend with the comparison he is street beat tide People are essential to the movement of God's favorite things.

Nike this nike hyperfr3sh premium belongs to the boys single series of sports shoes, in the entire body after the eyes can be clearly visible to see the light breathable mesh equipment and artificial leather material this high degree of design-like fashion sense and comfort sports shoes. Absolutely you are in this fall battle can not miss the play, take the black section of the small Zhao Yun nike hyperfr3sh premium, for example, the shoe body and the black inlaid with the white mosaic of these two black and white with the extreme show more nike hyperfr3sh the price of the money and the trend of good taste, and then you can easily be in the fashion with a part of the main show what is eternal classic What is the eternal fashion for boys may be when you have this small Zhao Yun Everything becomes light and tight.
Nike's small Zhao Yun nike hyperfr3sh mid in both the fashion and comfort when the multi-functional in the soles of the notice that injected into the function for you to create a perfect comfortable softness and cushioning excellence, when you want to move this site In the purchase of what kind of sports shoes is the moment that small Zhao Yun is your stream of high-end licensed choice.

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Compared to the bright and beautiful appearance, for the boys to show their ability to show their excellent style in the playground is the best way to represent the masculine, and this year after the Nike James 13 generation of mandarin ducks to re-shape the three-dimensional today Will be in this Nike James 13 generation mandarin duck shoes evaluation of the appearance and wearing a quiet high-standard exposure and feedback evaluation science center to find the answer you want in your heart.

This is the rare Nike James mandarin duck shoes is the world's leading brands, the best natural highlight the intensity, and this Nike James mandarin ducks are everywhere reflected in the Nike high-tech technology show. Everywhere in the shoe body and the appearance of the succession of the James series of wild, as well as the tough sense of the style of the market in the sketch of the appearance of the same as James personal, full of male charisma. In the 16-year-old Nike ducks on the use of science and technology both the lifting hex zoom flywir, is equipped with a high standard of student evaluation, such as the smoothness of the students in the smooth and the design of the tilt angle, and the bottom of the shoes The use of high standards of air cushion, this sports shoes or a full palm of the package of sports shoes in the dynamic sense of the design is also more avant-garde.
High standard Nike James 13 mandarin duck series of sports shoes can be said to be able to open your new sense of the new world, especially the black armor series of this Nike James 13 mandarin duck sports shoes, not only allows you to show on the pitch Their own excellence and personality skills, but also in the appearance of the controversy is to meet your daily needs diversification.

Monday, October 16, 2017

nike internationalist lx

In a person 24 hours a day, in addition to rest, sleep, may use the most, in addition to the brain is the foot, you can go out with a good clothes to wear clothes, or professional sportswear. But you are sure to wear suitable shoes. Nike international is in the Nike class inside, one of the most popular one of the shoes, there is a high popularity.
Shoes is not just to fit the foot, the most important is to adapt to the season, in the summer, the most critical shoes is to breathe, followed by light is not bulky. The foot is absolutely good, because the foot is not feeling squeezed, it will not appear, when you sweat, the shoes came the smell of foot odor, affecting the city. A lot of bad shoes, not wearing much time, will appear foot odor, such shoes should make the owner was joking it, so nike internationalist le on this point, there is one of the main reasons for the high popularity.

Shoes, is the necessities of each of us, bags are simply not more important with the shoes. Walk every day to go, the bag you want to prepare every day? So you have to wear shoes, foot feeling to buy when you pay attention to write, this is very important. nike internationalist fleece wearing time will not have pain, the most critical is that the shoes of the air cushion has a thickening, and the design master, there will be breathable holes to be modified, suitable for this shoe breathable.
Of course, in the feet of the Nike international shoes have done a thickening of the treatment, so good ventilation, and air cushion design features, will be more flexible, so wear very comfortable. nike internationalist lx Why is there a high popularity, the most important, or because of the quality of its own pursuit of Nike, Nike has always been focused on quality, responsible for the consumer.

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There is a saying that is particularly good, the world is not the lack of beauty, but the lack of the discovery of beautiful eyes. For a taste of people who really love life, he must be especially for the pursuit of shoes, not only the pursuit of the style of shoes more concerned about the color of shoes with. As the world's leading brand shoes, Nike 20k8 generation is constantly adjusting the color of the match, the purpose is to give consumers to create more surprises, so that shoes can maintain a long charm and attraction.

Many consumers, especially some young people like to wear Nike 20k8 generation, because Nike can demonstrate their personality, so that they appear more different. This is the root cause of Nike 20k8 success, that is, always tightly grasp the consumer, to provide consumers with the products they want. Nike 20k8 generation of the latest color to meet the young people for the pursuit of fashion personality, brilliant shape with a unique color, so Nike 20k8 generation of the latest color is full of attractive, triggering the boom of buying.
So for those who want to buy Nike shoes friends, we should go where to buy real quality assurance Nike brand shoes. We can go to the official website of Nike to buy shoes, on the site we can not only see all the CCTV Nike 20k8 generation of the latest color, and the official website also shows a unique Nike 20k8 generation picture, through the Nike 20k8 picture display we can from Find us really like the Nike 20k8 generation of pictures. Do not like a kind of shoes is always able to say a thousand reasons, but when we really like a brand of shoes, such as Nike 20k8 generation when we can not say any reason, that is simple and always like this Is the brand of shoes with the power.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

nike air force1 Monkey

they are a brand to create a relatively long series, the Department of the age of a long time to several decades, and although some are very strange class, but also by many people like the monkey years Model, is a good example, after the improvement, adding the red breath, by the more Chinese people like, the Chinese people like the red, this is well known, so once sold, it was soon welcomed.

This series, when the 25th anniversary of the launch of the style, very trendy, is designed to save a lot of traditional shoes, a complete performance, but also in the new design, for example, also Will be integrated into the Nike Roshe One series of the best comfort characteristics.

Then design the yeezy will also use color material for some new production, so that it will be a pair of different, new shoes. But the design of the team, there is a feature, even if the monkey years of the style, or other styles, there is a similar place, that is, their design is to keep useful, the original classic Style soles of the design, is the hub site, has been concentric circles of the same design. There is a feature that has always been a letter mark. But also have different styles, such as the Department of wheat, is to change the original has been the same letter relief, this style is embossed, so the details of the design, will make the shoes become different, will Giving a feeling of immediate light, because the change is that everyone likes, but also hope to protect the quality of the time, a little change, the new style or will be more popular.

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A nice sports shoes are often able to inspire people's love of sports. Nike Wallace black and white Oreo such sports shoes will be very bright part of the playground, and it is worth noting that this shoe design itself is very fashionable, and his color also uses a very classic Elements, black and white design good drops off the effect of wild. For those who like this shoe consumers will be such shoes in the daily wear with the effect is also very important. After all, Nike Wallace Oreo second generation can also be used as a good tide shoes, there are many fashionable people and fashion stars in public occasions on this shoe for a very good interpretation. With any style of modeling such as Nike Wallace second-generation Oreo shoes do not seem to be abrupt, which is the characteristics of this shoe.

We can also search for nike Wallace second-generation Oreo some offer information, will find such a shoe in fact the price is still relatively expensive. This is not only because of his design more in line with the trend, is the fashion of people travel with a single product tide. At the same time it is worth noting that nike Wallace black and white Oreo's quality is also very prominent out of the black and white design is easy to see the texture is good or bad, poor quality shoes is not possible to escape the consumer's discernment of. The design of this shoe, every detail is very delicate. At the same time Nike Wallace 2 generation of black and white also has a very good characteristics of the movement, such as cushioning, perspiration breathable and wear-resistant anti-skid and other parts are doing very well, as a sports shoes is also a good choice.

A pair of elegant Nike Wallace second generation black and white will be the trend with the fashion movement of the best interpretation of a single product.