Sunday, August 31, 2014


Retro jordans for sale,Ultimate comfort, easy to wear off
Nike Pico 4 (10.5c-3y) Preschool boy sports shoes can be a solid fit with excellent grip, growing feet designed for intimate. Which sports shoes flexible and comfortable, adjustable straps and heel pull tab for easy wear off experience.
Durable wear leather uppers, comfortable fit
VELCRO ® Magic buckle straps for easy wear off
Outsole covered toe, enhanced wear resistance
Using deep forefoot flex grooves, making movements more natural facial
Heel pull tab and built-groove design for easy removal of footwear
Flexible wedge heel, bring lightweight cushioning

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nike Air Zoom Elite 7

Seven generations mesh newcomer
Nike sneakers in a huge family, just updated to seven generations aim Air Zoom Elite only be regarded as a junior, but the historic Pegasus 31 and grouped together, they effectively cover a variety of needs associated with jogging and training, they are like a pair of twin brothers, though their duties but the same strain. From the looks of it, Elite 7 with Pegasus 31 has an approximate diamond vamp and streamlined in the end, the biggest difference is that Elite 7 Zoom Air cushioning unit will be placed in the forefoot, while Pegasus 31 in the heel, which Elite 7 more suited to the pursuit of making fast runners in motion.
Ultra-lightweight attack
Elite 7 is the lightest in the quality of the entire family, generation, single men only 10 yards weighs about 272 grams, which is its quick tips to keep one. After a brief on the feet feel really different from the past can be found in light, and the whole shoe is very thin, so that the movement of the foot flexible. Shoe design more lenient, for Asians common foot type, does not require too much time to adapt. For reducing the height difference before and after the palm consideration, Elite 7 forefoot Zoom Air cushioning unit relatively thin, there is no apparent rebound in the sense of walking.
Breathable performance highlights
Uppers with a single layer mesh structure, breathable comfort is more than enough. After tightening the laces, due to the dynamic fly line, at the foot stretched very tight, running in feet hardly shaking. Coupled with asymmetrical lace holes specially designed to further enhance the sense of the parcel, but if it is higher instep friends may choose it would be more difficult. Heel built tray, foam cup-shaped neckline were thickening process in motion to ensure that the ankle will not be a good shake, a large area of ​​vents also remarkable comfort.
Suitable forefoot landing runners
In the end styling is very smooth, used as a decorative geometric lines from sparse to dense, reflecting the sense of speed this for repeatedly advertised. Compare the entire book in the end, the foot feels more stick, though forefoot cushion to mention thick, but in the long campaign can feel its elasticity, and not because of extended test distance and lose the rebound effect. After the exclusive use of the palm is not filled cushioning technology, lack of new ideas on the foot feeling. Overall design of the center of gravity Elite 7 on the forefoot, making these shoes more suitable habit palm before landing runners.
Diamond external shading Road
External shading road design inspiration and Pegasus 31 strain, the medial forefoot area with a large diamond module grip mediocre but the impact can effectively help disperse when landing. Outside of the outsole adds cushioning a track, in the exercise can help adjust gait, and enhance stability. After laying the inside of the palm does not wear rubber, soft material can improve comfort movement. Outsole design flaw is that there is no specific supporting material, insufficient resistance to torsion, which makes Elite 7 more confined flat sports environment.
Superior performance characteristics distinct
Nike Air Zoom Elite family history, though not long, but that does not prevent it from becoming a personality jogging shoes, it does not pursue distinctive characteristics of versatility, but the selection of a partner for their own movement, honed together, grow together. If you are a runner has the same personality, might hurry to try it.