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New Samba series of soccer shoes

November 6, 2013, Adidas today launched the inspiration from Brazil's Samba series of football shoes, in order to praise the World Cup host country Brazil's passion and fanaticism. This is the first time in the history of Adidas to launch a full set of new bright colors, beautiful series of soccer shoes, the series covers the existing four shoes: adizero f50, predator ?, nitrocharge and 11pro. Each pair of shoes in the design are given a unique personality, and the use of cutting-edge technology, inspired a new generation of players.

The launch of the Samba series marks the opening of the Brazilian World Cup theme event of Adidas "all in or nothing". World Cup is the world's largest sporting event and the peak stage, each team are eager to do the best in this stage, where they have only two options: "either attack, or out." From Messi and Oscar to Alves and Ozil and other Adidas star players will be full debut.


Either full or open (full on or be gone)

Nitrocharge soccer shoes designed for Alves and Raviqi such "perpetual motion models" Berserker players and design, with a new, very visual impact of lemon green debut. In the football game, midfielder needs to keep running, blocking and wholeheartedly for the team. The ENERGYSLING, which is unique to the front foot of the shoes, makes the player's field more agile, while the ENERGYPULSE elastic technology is effective in reducing the energy loss for the sprint, and nitrocharge is a combination of these new technologies. Berserker perfect interpretation of the game provides a road to innovation.

Adizero f50

Either fast or fly

Adizero f50 is the best partner for Speed ​​Players Messi, Lucas Mora, Bell Stadium. Adzero f50 Seiko build, every detail of the design is to make the wearer on the pitch to pursue speed. Samba adizero f50 distinctive features, the new SPEEDTRAXION high-speed spike layout so that players will accelerate and accurate variable line to play to the limit, while the innovative material SPEEDFOIL light, soft and strong, not only comfortable, and fit lock heel, 150 grams The weight also once again refresh the f50 shoes lightweight record. Based on the above features, the Samba version of adizero f50 ensures that these world top players are more quick in the Brazilian stadium than ever before.

Predator Lethal Zones

Either controlled or controlled (Hunt or be hunted)

The passionate samba predator Lethal Zones is popular with players such as Oscar, Ozil and Torres. Design into the five "fatal area" technology, interpretation of excellent ball, touch the ball, precise placement and strength, portrait to create all-round master.


Or make a play or make way

Luxury deep purple samba 11pro is Ram, Ernarnes and Frank Lampard boots, still maintained a classic quality. The new K-leather once again optimized the 11p wearing experience, bringing excellent fit, performance, comfort and sense of the ball, become the first choice for all-around players boots. More importantly, the new generation of 11pro into the design for the Asian foot type Pathiqe Sakya outsole, to provide a better pressure distribution, to ease the movement in the face of the impact of the soles of the feet at the same time, The nail brings the ultimate grip and acceleration.

"For the Samba series, we are inspired by Brazil," said Antoine Hadjimanolis, senior product manager for Adidas Football. "This series is colorful, vibrant and full of personality, and Brazil is exactly the same!" From the beaches of Bayia to the carnival of Rio, our shoes will be used in soccer shoes unprecedented hue.

Samba series released today, and also launched the Brazilian theme video, video core players will be wearing samba series shoes debut. The 90-second video featured a new song "BOTA" from the famous band Buraka Som Sistema and the Brazilian rookie MC Karol Conka (cult.cartel). Karol scene portrait singing, adding a lot of local style. The band will launch this piece of music in a single form. Up to now Adidas football online music channel

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