Sunday, July 23, 2017

JORDAN Super. Fly 2 X

JORDAN Super. Fly 2 X is a specially designed for the outstanding performance on the pitch to create the shoes, it uses the innovative JORDAN Flight Plate technology, Hyperfuse structure and dynamic fit technology to enhance the player's level of competition. Flight Plate technology provides maximum responsiveness through unique compression and bending techniques. Pebax® Buffer Board with Frontal Nike Zoom Air Cushion helps to distribute the pressure evenly across the entire buffer plate, giving the player a higher energy conversion efficiency.

This section of shoes on the 10th of this month began to sell. Offer colors include blue / gray and red / black.


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1.Hyperfuse structure using synthetic and high wear-resistant mesh material, providing light durability, permeability and support.

2. Dynamic fit technology with fabric straps wrapped in the end, and extended to the shoelace, with the foot with the movement of light support.

3. Filled Achilles Grooves increase comfort while helping to reduce the heel's slippage.

4. With the integration of the tongue of the laminated mesh surface boots, to provide air permeability, and as a sock-like comfortable fit.

5. V-shaped shoes to bring a stylish appearance.

6. Follow the pull to facilitate the wear off.

In the end

1. The front foot of the Nike Zoom air cushion, to provide responsiveness, light cushioning and sticky sense.

2.Flight Plate technology using Pebax ® buffer board, through a unique compression and bending technology to Nike Zoom air cushion to maximize the response.

3. Light injection type Phylon pallet, providing excellent stability and support.


1. Rigid rubber outsole provides durability.

2. The improved chevron on the outsole brings excellent multi-way grip.

3. Data validation, located in the forefoot of the Nike Zoom air cushion under the pattern of uplift, enhanced high wear area of ​​the grip and durability.

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