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adidas Samba primeknit

Germany, February 27, 2014, every football player dreams of having a pair of traditional design protection, and can play barefoot like a comfortable and excellent touch of shoes. Adidas today launched the adidas Samba primeknit, towards this dream and a step forward.

This shoe in the traditional shoes to maintain the advantages of strength at the same time, for the players to bring custom, as the second layer of skin-like fit to wear experience.

Adidas Samba primeknit launch, marking the Adidas football product brilliant revolutionary history into a new chapter, and further established the primeknit as Adidas innovation core key technology status.

The overall knit uppers will flexibility and comfort pushed to a new high, and used to create primeknit football shoes yarn is brought with the traditional shoes shoulder to shoulder stability and strength. Each yarn is covered by a high-precision coating to ensure that even in the most harsh conditions can still maintain a good waterproof performance.

Primeknit uses advanced production technology, different parts of the special structure makes a single layer uppers can meet a variety of performance requirements, to ensure that adidas Samba primeknit meet all aspects of football needs.

Integrated uppers in the manufacturing process does not waste any material, this design makes primeknit Adidas become the most development potential of football shoes, and set off a new revolution in Adidas football shoes.

Adidas Soccer Division senior vice president of Markus Baumann (Markus Baumann) on the new adidas Samba primeknit evaluation: "Adidas development of each product will be based on the athletes, in particular, the needs of athletes in mind. With the launch of the world 's first knitted soccer shoes, we have found a whole new solution for improving the comfort and flexibility of soccer shoes.

"Primeknit further demonstrates our commitment to the promotion of soccer product innovation, and primeknit is designed to provide a custom fit for each athlete, making the performance of soccer shoes more intuitive and responsive than ever.Primeknit is Adidas Innovation core technology, we are pleased to introduce this technology into the field of football products. "

Adidas Samba primeknit product manager Q & A

Please tell us about adidas Samba primeknit

In the light of the success of the primeknit running shoes and the good feedback from soccer players on the use of primeknit shoes for training or before and after the game, we were inspired by the fact that we have been seeking to integrate primeknit technology into the football product solution.

Our main purpose is to copy the primeknit shoes with excellent fit, and hope that by the full barefoot or socks-like wearing experience to introduce football shoes to enhance the player's sense of the ball.

Primeknit football shoes is the first full-knit football shoes, through the primeknit technology will be woven into a single layer of yarn made of a single layer.
Primeknit uses only one yarn to cut the entire upper of the foot. The strength of the upper has been carefully designed to provide good flexibility and support.

Traditional shoes made of multiple pieces of material, such as cladding and substrate, while the primeknit of the simple, the total amount of material into a single layer of knitted layer.

How does primeknit work?
In the traditional vamp structure, about 15 different vamps are cut from a fabric and then stitched or pressed together. Primeknit to replace the traditional structure, only a line can be woven out of a superior performance of the upper structure layer.

What is the main advantage of this technology?


O fit comfort: the whole shoes fit like socks to wear on the feet in general - athletes evaluation (test) + Suarez (Suarez)

O ball feeling: to remove the unnecessary pressure layer, the single fabric, knitted structure and knitted upper can be the same as the socks gently wrapped the foot up, accurately fit the foot shape. So the athletes experience the excellent sense of the ball - the real sense of the ball.

· Ultra-light: the use of a single layer, the number of vamps to a minimum, established the primeknit ultra-light model of the status, primeknit only 165 grams.
Under the leadership of Martin Jobst and Stefan Tamm, the primeknit R & D team is responsible for this technology strategy based on cross-category R & D experience. The experience of the fit experience comes from running shoes, which is the basis for further consideration and analysis of the specific needs of soccer shoes, especially taking into account the large number of horizontal movements in football, such as sidewalk cut, turn and change. Primeknit research and development work in Adidas Germany headquarters.

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