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nike lunar tempo 2

Will be in the beginning to understand it, then intend to buy double running shoes, but after all, is the domestic shoes, it is still not very understanding, so finally chose the nike. The first pair of nike lunar tempo 2 is their own strict sense of the first pair of running shoes, the last time vapormax and ultra boost comparative evaluation I have said, buy the first pair of running shoes when not to consider half the code, so the last reluctantly Cut love to remove the insole, so here to tell you that when buying shoes in the time must be more than usual shoes wearing half the code.
Get the shoes at first glance was shoe scared, haha, black technology ah! Shoe box with light packaging, inside and outside the two layers by the shock bag wrapped, shoe brace is also used as a filling bag filling, courier would like to break is difficult. If the packaging should be invincible, relative to the paper box, this shoe is the first impression is very fresh, very unique, and do not have to carry the bag carrying, bring their own tape The Open the courier when the first feeling to me is the original shoe box can also do so, stick bar da! Even the express of the staff is also particularly curious to ask what this is, I said it was shoes they feel very curious ... ... Well, not much to say, start today's evaluation.
Get the shoes after going to run a 10 km, 10 km may not be enough to explain the performance of shoes, the need for late marathon test, shoes to wear in the feet to know comfortable uncomfortable, the whole did not feel uncomfortable foot, shoes Do not wear for a long time to adapt, basically put on can go to run the marathon, because before the muscle, so the daily run is not so much before, and no previous running so diligent. But after the end of the fitness or jogging 10 minutes to 20 minutes to relax, because the long battle, so after 3 km a bit boring. The overall run down feeling cushioning feedback effect is very obvious, and then the weight and then the focus will be more obvious effect, I 78kg, especially after the shock of the special bombs, of course, this bomb is not a feeling of boost, 6 km when trying to sprint a bit , But also to maintain a uniform speed is also not easy. On the step will be concerned about because some time ago to participate in the Beijing long-distance running, as if the line will be under the activities, as long as the game and finished the game and then po on their own photos to return the full amount of shoes, probably is the meaning. Now seems to have other activities, it is it ... ... This marketing is very good, may be in the earlier marathon race there is such an activity, but I am concerned about the late, so that a good brand Can not do without good marketing and planning; pull away ... ... and in the game when I also see a lot of people wearing a step 42k running shoes, domestic running shoes can do now this achievement is really good. From the Beijing long-distance race began to pay attention to the step will be the brand. Not despise domestic brands, and sometimes sometimes technically with nike and Adi is not comparable, but today to get this pair of step will be 42k really make people shines.

1, appearance
Or shoe box to bring the visual impact is obvious, because it is running shoes, so I chose a cool color purple, most of the shoes have reflective features, including shoelaces are, but the flat shoelaces in 10 km Twice, do not know the next run will not open; tongue out there are two places to fix the shoelaces, so as to prevent the tongue when the game occurs dislocation; followed by the logo like a word, but also with 3M reflective, night run will have reflective effect, increased security, but still have to remind you to run or go to traffic less places; ankle printed with 42.195 words, we all know that this is the distance of the marathon The Uppers double layer mesh breathability certainly no nike, Adi's technology is good, but no bad to spit Weight should be no vapormax light, but should be and ub almost the weight.

2, soles
Said the soles before the first talk about the insoles, the insoles out, found that the insole than the Luna tempo even thick, the use of the ortholite material, the insole has three parts, yellow and blue parts feel almost, but the yellow part than the blue Part of the flexibility of some of the feet force, then you can guarantee the rapid landing forward. The reason why the shock effect of this pair of shoes is particularly evident because of its soles, the end of the use of double-density damping, both play a role in shock absorption and enhanced support in the bottom of the inner layer is selected E-TPU foam BOOM material, cushioning cushion can also enhance the soles of the support; the bottom of the X-shaped TPU anti-torsion, personal feeling this thing is not much effect, there are two behind the heel TPU support, so thick soles and insoles , Minutes and seconds to increase shoes.
3, support
The upper is pu touch and mesh composition, followed by the heel on the right there are two TPU fixed running heel, relative to nike flyknit and boost primeknit package is relatively poor, but put on and not particularly uncomfortable feeling, 359 price can ask it what!
Although this pair of shoes is nothing extraordinary and new technology, but the appearance I feel quite satisfied, after all, should support the domestic things, and so many runners are recognized things should not be wrong, so I finally Start, although not like Arthur, for different foot-type launch of different running shoes, but this is a basic needs for the public marathon running shoes, that little trouble. Hope will be like other domestic brands can also like their own brand to sell abroad. Running shoes I still do not have so much contact, hope to have the opportunity to try other brands of running shoes for everyone to do evaluation, the last time to write vapormax originally felt no one would see, but there are still a lot of people leave, which makes me confident Go to do more evaluation, purely personal hobbies, because the basketball shoes particularly special combat, aj reluctant to go to the cement rubber field, so it has been eating the masses! Yu Shuai 11 recently spy photos are also very beautiful, if there is a chance, then the landlord should also be a pair.

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adidas D Howard Light

Originally wanted to write a new generation of center shoes adidas D Howard Light review, consider half a day or choose a full position shoes to define this pair of adidas D Howard Light, the name should be more suitable for him.

Adidas D Howard Light's inspiration comes from Howard's strength and the strength of the paint area, shoes tongue similar to the disc reflex material, and accompanied by Howard's DH Logo, highlighting its team consciousness and his famous super hero image. Yes, the biggest bright spot in this pair of shoes is similar to the disc reflex material of the shoe body, a bit like the kind of bright sugar paper, to bring a pair of shoes that lively, like adidas D Howard Light insoles on Howard's grin The

Adidas D Howard Light relative to the predecessors adiPower Howard 3, completely gone different routes. AdiPower Howard 3 is a pair of typical center shoes, high upper, functional soles, both sides of the shoe body are installed on both sides of the TPU tray, heel large TPU stabilizer, the truth, the center shoes also like this. Let us see adidas D Howard Light brought us what changes, the first upper than adiPower Howard 3 short section, into the help; shoe application SPRINTWEB upper greatly reduced the weight; soles abandoned the continuation of two On behalf of the function of soles, put on a simple soles, shoe lines apply water ripple, greatly increased the practicality; followed by TPU stabilizer to reduce the size of the enhanced hardness. The only point to find some point in the middle of the shoe that is the upper there is the signature of Howard's signature. (Starting from ROSE3.5, Adi likes to increase the protrusion design in the shoes, 1 is to highlight the visual impact, 2 is to enhance the ankle protection.)

Details: 1, adidas D Howard Light tongue application of new materials to enhance the comfort, the truth that adiPower Howard 3 tongue some thin; 2, adidas D Howard Light upper sponge regardless of thickness or comfort than adiPower Howard 3 raised a Cut; 3, adidas D Howard Light heel of the shoe design, in the practical premise of the increase in the retro elements, the previous shoes have shoes Oh 4, in the end did not use Adi any home cushioning technology, and the use of the whole palm EVA in the end.

Summary: Why do I say adidas D Howard Light can be considered a pair of full position shoes it? Because it is the height of the upper and AIR JORDAN 6 and ROSE 3.5 flat, light weight, Kobe Bryant, Arenas can wear AJ6 play, why can not have a defender wearing adidas D Howard Light play it? There is no harassment of the protection of the configuration, the abolition of the high-help design, the achievements of a new generation of all-position shoes adidas D Howard Light, I think Howard is adidas D Howard Light such shoes it

 Out of the box found, ADHL is equipped with ordinary ADI shoebox, for a pair of original price of 1000 + shoes,
With ordinary shoebox for the consumer to combat it is too big, not to mention the star signature shoes.

    Xiao Bian get the hands of the double Lakers home color, color on a simple low-key, the first reaction is:
Real a pair of real combat shoes. Shape and workmanship has also been the continuation of the traditional basketball shoes design, the upper solid
Traces and uppers are full of sponges to prove that this pair of internal oligarchs in the actual combat capability of the impressive.

      On the overall shoe type, Xiao Bian or more like. ADHL main is lightweight and flexible, so
The entire shoe looks like the sparks of other signature shoes to look slender, for the technical center is concerned, is a good choice.

      And then look at the insoles, insoles are ordinary insoles, to say is not ordinary words is the back of the foot pad
The lines. Followed by printed on the spark of the blame head, but how are looking like LBJ.

      Open the box to this basic end, in general, Xiao Bian on this pair of shoes is still quite satisfied, the only want
Tucao place is the insoles, ADI do not know a person in the field performance, largely depends on a good sense of a pair of feet
The insoles

    Center since ancient times the impression is tall, mighty, arrogant, sturdy! In order to meet the center of these violence, the brand for their own center out of the shoes of course, is domineering, otherwise, will be damaged in the basket in the basket of the dominant force.

      But with the change of the times, people's aesthetic taste began to change, people began to abandon those cumbersome and cumbersome things, and constantly to the light, fine development. In this fast-paced era, to take the rough into the social development of the last word.
      The development of shoes will reflect the development trend of this vividly, flywire and sprintweb two revolutionary technology have represented their own boss under the banner of science and technology continue to refresh the most light basketball shoes record, fishing line and nets are not our struggle The focus of the study. We only care that in this quantitative crisis, consumers will not be the ultimate victim.

      I used to say that the center shoes are not good to sell, I see now may not be. The The
      Earlier this year, adidas released Dwight Howard's latest signature boots - Adidas D Howard Light I do not know whether the impact of new teammates Bryant, Howard's new signature shoes also began to become lightweight this road of no return. Compared with the previous generation of three generations, ADHL convergence of a lot. Adi in Howard signature shoes to change the style, in order to improve the sales of shoes, or simply to improve the flexibility of Howard in the field, it is only Adi own know.

    As a picture of the article, the shoe on the whole is no longer introduced, mainly to show you all aspects of ADHL details and workmanship.

      Do not have enough personal elements of the signature shoes is not a good signature shoes, personal LOGO, signature, including the insider on the personal picture, one can not be less. Rumors of the tongue of the metal LOGO design inspired by the disc, meaning the record of Howard in the field of heroic deeds, which is also very suited to Howard love funny, unique style.

      The crisis of the "culprit" one of the sprintweb uppers, in fact, sprintweb technology in some of the previous team shoes used in the relatively successful, the NBA in a large Lopezi, Ibaka have sprintweb upper The adizero ghost2, stone Buddha Duncan also feet on adizero crazy fast. This shows that sprintweb uppers should not be able to deal with high-intensity confrontation inside. One thing to note is that the high Fu Shuai in the NBA is not bad shoes, their shoes for the more diligent, but the more happy brand.
    Uppers of the internal structure, please forgive Adi this messy thread it, after all, we do in China.
    Patent leather toe, inside the lines a bit like lychee skin.
     Shoelaces are ordinary shoelaces, both sides of the shoes with holes at the edge of the built-in TPU, for the improvement of foot protection and shoe support are helpful.
     This position should be able to see the material at the edge of the shoelace. That layer of the black should be the TPU.

      And then look at the upper, thick fill in the foot feeling no words, but this height a little worrying, Xiaobian test shoes found when the upper just in the ankle, which made me have a little concern. If the upper can be high, it is perfect.

      Heel design, TPU tray is very texture, which is also somewhat similar to the signature of the pattern, purple shoes to add the silk collar on the outside, followed by how to see gorgeous look.

    Ordinary but not ordinary insoles, I would like to continue Tucao.

      In the end there is not much technology, ordinary EVA carrying Z-TORSIO put torsion system, there is a layer of effect is not very obvious cushioning glue.

     Mi word slot for playing field field students is really not much use, but those who want to understand their own exercise, and hope that through scientific training methods to enhance their ability to fight the friend is very helpful.

    Water ripples with non-marking material composition of the big end, suitable for indoor wood flooring.

      For this outsole, each have their own argument, a lot of people think it pit father, there are a lot of people to praise, the world is too big to meet the needs of everyone. Like a pair of shoes can not meet a person on the high flexibility and high protection of the demand, how in these two points to find a best balance, this is the most important and most critical.
      Now there are a lot of people abuse the hook, pole out of plastic shoes, not kind, but I have the opposite view, after all, so that the so-called technology really brought us a change. The contest between the master, the outcome is so fall between. This is why NBA players like to choose the reasons for the lighter shoes. The times are changing, society in development, the limits of mankind are constantly being refreshed, the shoes of the quantitative crisis continues, also asked the designers to control this crisis.

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Air Jordan 4 “Pure Money”

017 has been more than half this year, in addition to the weather is not normal, the Sneaker shoes market is also particularly fierce fight!
Ugly carrying Yeezy officially stationed in the streets, whether it is white or white zebra, in the street appearance rate has been people can not be ignored. Casual appearance, coupled with the comfort of PK + Boost security, there is a very exquisite market price, Yeezy 350 Boost V2 this year's wave of this offensive is perfect!
This year's Air Jordan is also a return to cost-effective route, coupled with many classic OG classic engraved, and pure white color to please, this year's trapeze boots have made a good record. Which Pure Money silver, UNC North Carolina blue, and the Air Jordan 11 Low Barons gorgeous fashion, are showing Air Jordan strength of the style, wearing a handsome handsome as a bright spot, especially low-style models, in the summer street appearance The rate is also very high!

Here, presumably everyone has a problem in mind, in the end which is the first half of the shoes this year, the king of shoes it?
First look at released half a year high-end shoes sales statistics, the answer to this question, perhaps in which!

Pure Money sells extraordinary!
Although Kyrie 3 starters come to the top of the list, but it is more affordable, and Air Jordan and Yeezy do not belong to the same category, we will be in the "actual combat shoes" related articles discussed, not included in this article In the discussion.
And it's behind, it's Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money"!
Silver color Air Jordan 4 "Pure Money" refreshing vitality is indeed this year's football shoes into a stream of clean.

Pdfaps31109 , Pdfakc3963 , Pdfarp31158 , Pdfwo27612 , Pdfjo27274 , Pdfam337 , Pdfagk3867 , Pdfanx31062 , Pdfsw27516 , Pdfacs3771 , Pdfake3965 , Pdfpd27419 , Pdfaep3820 , Pdffv3176 , Pdfyl27661 , Pdfagm3869 , Pdfll27323 , Pdfaax3724 , Pdfapu31111 , Pdfut27565 , Pdfacu3773 , Pdfht27227 , Pdfwq27614 , Pdfamb31014 , Pdfra27468 , Pdfyn27663 , Pdfsy27518 , Pdfaub31222 , Pdfaij3918 , Pdfni27372 , Pdfuv27567 , Pdfpf27421 , Pdfarr31160 , Pdfaer3822 , Pdfrc27470 , Pdflt3330 , Pdfln27325 , Pdfanz31064 , Pdfaud31224 , Pdfaaz3726 , Pdfnk27374 , Pdfapw31113 , Pdfhv27229 , Pdfart31162 , Pdfws27616 , Pdfjs27278 , Pdfamd31016 , Pdfago3871 , Pdfaoa31065 , Pdft2719 , Pdfg276 , Pdfail3920 , Pdfacw3775 , Pdfaki3969 , Pdfph27423 , Pdfaet3824 , Pdfqc3443 , Pdfyp27665 , Pdfagq3873 , Pdfaba3727 , Pdfapy31115 , Pdfux27569 , Pdfacy3777 , Pdfhx27231 , Pdfwu27618 , Pdfre27472 , Pdfyr27667 , Pdftb27521 , Pdfauf31226 , Pdfain3922

Not only the classic for the perfect re-engraved, pure white leather shoes body, coupled with low to help Air Jordan 4 classic outline, eye-catching silver details embellishment, wild additions and more "Reiki"! Really captured a lot of white shoes enthusiasts (including Xiao Bian) heart!
Men and women on the feet are handsome, full of vitality, all kinds of wear in the streets are bright eyes, harvest this record of sales, I am afraid it is not an accident.

Earl keeps up with silver and has great potential
Has a "little devil," said the Air Jordan 11 Low "Barons" in addition to bring us every summer 11 Low fixed-point programs, but also to the appearance of the real power of the ring powder!

Inherited the great devil color of all kinds of gorgeous details, this dark dress up the new product is also a wild choice.
Sales data closely follow the silver color, and it in the second half of this year there will be further performance in autumn and winter!

Xiaobian shorts: ROARINGWILD card loose loose squirrel shorts
Price: ¥ 388
Link: https: //
Amoy password: ¥ fDQk0bDkR9A ¥
Xiaobian short sleeve: ROARINGWILD can not red T-shirt
Price: ¥ 238
Link: https: //
Amoy password: ¥ FCQK0bDk4q5 ¥
Suction gold the strongest also count okay!
Pure white color Yeezy 350 Boost V2 "Cream White" is the "suction gold list" champion! Pleasing the white dress debut Yeezy family, coupled with the "history of the lowest" Yeezy market price, this small white shoes in the street appearance rate is extremely high!
This year's Yeezy 350 Boost V2 not only increased the style, the sale is more frequent, the volume has steadily improved, bringing the market price of the people.

Shoes of their own extraordinary quality, Primeknit upper + Boost in the end, in terms of comfort score is probably spike other opponents.
Just because of pure white, so in the care, but to the next point of effort!

Silver bubble is the most popular spray
Silver dress Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Silver Surfer" has become the sales champion of the bubble family. This year is Foamposite 20 years of bubble shoes, this carbon fiber silver bubble beyond the many OG classic color, become popular king, but also benefit from this a dazzling brilliance!
The current market price because the weather has declined, I am afraid you start the best time!

Air Jordan 4 & 13 & 11 Low are strong years
This year is undoubtedly Air Jordan 4 years, and Air Jordan 11 Low also have UNC North Carolina and Barons Earl's double blessing, the same strong!
Air Jordan 13 at the beginning of the year there will be Black Cat black cat and Chicago Chicago attack, then there will be Bred 3M black and GIGI and other colors of the debut, the same worth looking forward to!

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Nike Huarache 2k4

Said back to the shoes, the appearance of contrast, in addition to shoebox and lined with embroidery, the re-engraved basically 99% of the first year. Configuration look at other people's shoes and the feeling of wearing their own shoes, should be before or after the Zoom Air + carbon plate "Kobe" configuration. Soles of the five points, on behalf of Nike Alpha Project: investigation, exploration, innovation, validation, competition, but also a symbol of high-end basketball shoes.

    JRS know that June 30, 2003, in the United States occurred in Florida, "Eagle County event", resulting in the original ZK1 shoes, and finally named Nike Huarache 2k4. In the 2003-2004 season, do not know the Nike public relations or the player is highly recognized, 2K4 once became the NBA's "street shoes", the guard to the center of the general take, the future 2K5 also received high praise. And then to ZK1,2,3,4,5,6,7, in addition to ZK4 and ZK7 is the front palm with Lunar, the other are before and after the Zoom Air + carbon board configuration, so I always think that before and after the Zoom Air + carbon plate is "Kobe Bryant" Configuration, but also my favorite configuration, but now in addition to buy engraved, the new shoes will no longer appear "Kobe Bryant" configuration.
    Pull away, continue to say shoes.
   (1) cushioning (6 points)
    Start from the cushion, the shock on the I only give 6 points, really can not be more. I did not pass the first year 2K4 (not willing), before the engraved did not buy, can not and before the contrast. Before and after the palm of the interval between the Zoom Air, the forefoot of the goose-shaped plus palm after the rectangle, the practice test proved to be the best shock and rebound effect. But the vertical and my hands AJ28, ZK10, KD7 three pairs of service shoes, 2K4 cushioning can be said to be the worst. At the beginning of actual combat, the foot of the stiff really doubt is not only practical EVA as a shock absorber material. Running, jumper, rebound, before and after the palm of the ZOOM are no obvious sense of feedback, the overall feeling more rigid. Continuous in the wood to combat a number of times, the foot feeling or no improvement. Once in the rubber paint to combat, zero cushioning foot feeling, leading to my late foot plant fascia on the attack. So this 2K4 ZOOM absolutely fail to meet my requirements, in this to praise the ZK5

UDapf2421 , Pdfb271 , Pdfab2727 , UDaqg2448 , UDambs28858 , Pdfara271144 , UDamkk29084 , Pdfasr271187 , UDani2372 , Pdfagd27861 , UDalyf28767 , Pdfann271053 , UDamgx28993 , Pdfapd271095 , Pdfcq2794 , Pdfacq27770 , Pdfak2736 , UDamdi28900 , Pdfalq271004 , Pdfauh271229 , UDaoz2415 , Pdfahu27904 , Pdfaat27721 , UDalzw28810 , UDaq216 , Pdfaqu271138 , UDamkd29077 , Pdfeg27136 , Pdfaeg27812 , UDanb2365 , Pdffx27179 , Pdfafx27855 , Pdfang271046 , UDamgq28986 , UDamig29028 , Pdfcj2787 , Pdfacj27763 , Pdfajt27955 , UDamdb28893 , UDames28936 , Pdfaua271222 , UDaos2408 , Pdfahn27897 , UDalzp28803 , Pdfzy27700 , UDambe28844 , Pdfaqn271131 , UDamjx29071 , Pdfe274 , Pdfae2730 , Pdffq27172 , Pdfafq27848 , UDalxs28754 , Pdfan2739 , UDamgj28979 , Pdfavr271265 , Pdfaam27714 , Pdfcc2780 , Pdfacc27756 , Pdfajm27948 , UDamcv28887 , Pdfasd271173 , UDamv2359 , Pdfatu271216 , UDaol2401 , Pdfahg27890 , UDalzi28796 , Pdfaoq271082 , UDami2346 , Pdfaqg271124
(2) wrapped 8 points
    From the leather upper to the plastic upper, and now the weaving upper. The weight of the upper and more light, the foot of the degree of fit is getting better and better. Put on the first feeling of 2K4 is, for a long time did not pass through the boots with boots, and walk two steps, the upper a little hard, really was spoiled by the new technology ...

    Quote a dragon qi map, you can see, shoes wrapped mainly from half palm boots.

    The upper feel the first general, but the actual combat is indeed very comfortable, cortex + Huarache boots with, even after the tie will not have the feeling of foot, after a long time inside the foot will not appear pain. In the change, emergency stop, turned, the upper are close to the feet. Plus the upper of the magic band can be said to be the finishing touch of the whole shoe, practical and beautiful. Unfortunately, Guangdong this summer record of the heat, did not feel Huarache's breathable effect.
(3) grip 8 points
    LZ mainly play wood, so do not consider the wear resistance, here to talk about grip.

    LZ play to break through the emergency stop jumper and post shot, more like the word pattern, ZK10 that special footwear can also accept the most do not like is the KD5 Elite, warrior series that kind of hexagonal shoe pattern, the total feeling Will slip.
    2K4 in addition to the inside of the shoe is a triangular shoe pattern, the rest are word-based pattern. This is my most depressing place, hit the late, the floor of the sweat or increase, forefoot start more and more affected. Horizontal movement is better, the front break will often slip. In contrast, or AJ29 that lines the most suitable for me.

 (4) stability of 10 points
     And then borrow the picture of three dragon qi, you can first figure is the first year, followed by two is the re-engraved.

    This is the most conscientious place to re-engraved, not only the arch position of the carbon plate perfect engraved, even the front palm position of the carbon plate also be retained. Followed by the shape of the TPU is my favorite, good protection and not afraid of the top heel, transparent TPU extended to the bottom position. This dual-carbon plate + TPU configuration to the shoes very good torsion, a few months after the actual combat, the shoes did not appear in the end of deformation, combat can also be assured to do the action.

(5) Overall 9 points
    Although the footwear feet feel in general, but I believe we buy the shoes are the original intention is to feelings. Coincides with Bryant retired, NIKE addition to FTB, but also re-engraved during the ASG 2K4, from the workmanship and configuration is also sincere, really only chop hand rhythm. In this re-engraved also to meet my 2K4 up to 12 years of curiosity, watching the first year of slow oxidation, how much regret had no feet.

nike lebron 8

After a summer decision, LeBron James brought the talent to the south coast, and friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh together with the Heat team jersey. Adapted to LeBron to join the Miami Heat, "South Coast (SOUTH BEACH)" color to his vibrant new city to pay tribute, but also for his new fans offer a gift. Bright pink and blue hit color design, so that the shoes turned out of the neon lights, sports cars and wild in the 20th century, 80's unique kind of excitement and excitement.

This time LEBRON 8 did not use the Roman numerals, but to enlarge the height and presence. The lion's head on the tongue symbolizes his pursuit of the championship, extra cushion, support and a series of bold colors to match his oppressive style of play. With LeBron's adaptation to the new team, LEBRON8 evolved. V1 version to maintain the luxury, V2 version of the first selection of breathable composite upper, lighter than before 1 ounce. In order to meet the playoffs, LEBRON8 V3 weight once again reduced. This also allows fans to realize the intensity of the playoffs, as well as LeBron on the game seriously and the desire of the championship.

UDalro28594 , UDakcf27519 , UDakkr27739 , UDaktc27958 , UDalbn28177 , UDaljz28397 , UDalsk28616 , UDakdb27541 , UDakln27761 , UDaktz27981 , UDalcj28199 , UDalkv28419 , UDaltg28638 , UDakdy27564 , UDakmj27783 , UDakuv28003 , UDaldf28221 , UDallr28441 , UDaluc28660 , UDakeu27586 , UDaknf27805 , UDakvr28025 , UDaleb28243 , UDalmn28463 , UDaluz28683 , UDakfq27608 , UDakob27827 , UDakwn28047 , UDaley28266 , UDalnj28485 , UDalvv28705 , UDakgm27630 , UDakoy27850 , UDakxj28069 , UDalfu28288 , UDalof28507 , UDakhi27652 , UDakpu27872 , UDakyf28091 , UDalgq28310 , UDalpb28529 , UDakie27674 , UDalhm28332 , UDalpy28552 , UDakja27696 , UDakrm27916 , UDakzy28136 , UDalii28354 , UDakjx27719 , UDaksi27938 , UDalat28157 , UDalje28376 , UDalrq28596 , UDakch27521 , UDakkt27741 , UDakte27960 , UDalbp28179 , UDalka28398 , UDalsm28618 , UDakdd27543 , UDaklp27763 , UDakua27982 , UDalcl28201 , UDalkx28421 , UDalti28640 , UDake2290 , UDakml27785 , UDakux28005 , UDaldh28223 , UDallt28443
Nike and basketball giant LeBron James jointly launched the latest version of LeBron's eighth-pair signature shoe - LEBRON 8 V / 2. The new version of this new shoe is lighter than the first version of LEBRON 8 1 ounce (28.35 grams, US version of the men's No. 9), is the first in the upper part of the full use of a new generation Flywire fly line technology, and in the key areas Using enhanced TPU lightweight mesh as a support for Nike basketball shoes.

"LEBRON 8 gave me great support and protection in the first half of the regular season." LeBron said, "facing the most critical second half of the game, LEBRON 8 V / 2 lighter, closer to the ground, reflecting my I also chose the lion 's logo - a lion who was waiting for the prey - to the team into a winning season.

Jason Petrie is LEBRON 8 V / 2 chief designer, he was originally designed with the shoes with the schedule to evolve the plan. "When we first started designing LEBRON 8, we asked LeBron's first question is how to get him to have a better experience in the field." Petrie said, "We designed a pair with the advance of the season and evolving And changing shoes, and LeBron in the course of the season the state and technical level of evolution and changes are closely related.

In order to create a pair of lighter, more compact LEBRON 8 V / 2, the designer in the upper part of the use of a new generation of Flywire fly line technology as a strengthening and support; while high-wear areas in the strategic use of TPU and lightweight mesh Material, and enhance the wear resistance of the region. In addition, the LEBRON 8 V / 2 maintains excellent shock absorption performance, using a Max Air 360 air cushion unit for basketball, including the Cushlon footwear beneath the Cushion Unit, with high performance and ventilated insole.

Similar to the first version of LEBRON 8, the LEBRON 8 V / 2 pattern design inspired by the lion, as well as LeBron in the game as the master hunting like brave state. There are a lot of noteworthy details on the shoes, such as the tongue painted with a face opponent, ready to go the lion; shoes eye shaped like 8, on behalf of LeBron's eighth double signature basketball shoes, LeBron's personality The design is more perfect.

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Air Pippen V

In 1984, Pippen was selected by the Seattle Super Sonics in the first round of the fifth round, but at that time really see the quality of Pippen star and determined to get this piece of jade is the Chicago Bulls vice chairman and general manager Jerry · Cruise. The "Bole", which was dedicated to the Bulls' network talent, immediately negotiated with the Sonics after the draft, with Bulls in the first round of the eighth choice of the center of Bolinis plus 1988 or 1989 The second round picks and the Sonics exchange Pippen. The Sonics are still unaware of the slim, and the Sonics readily agreed to be able to get a more practical center and more than a second year. So Pippen has not played in the NBA (microblogging) changed a game has been changed once. Probably God really favored Jordan, he was this history proved as the best small forward to Jordan's side, to help Jordan to create the history of the greatest dynasty "Bulls dynasty."

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But this is the history of the greatest small forward, into the league's eleventh year before finally have their own pair of late arrival of the signature shoes Air Pippen I. But we are not the protagonist of this pair of PIP I, and Is Pippen's fifth generation signature shoes Air Pippen V. The history of the greatest size of the last pair of signature shoes. In the second half of 2001, NIKE has launched three similar to the Converse helium series shoes in the concept of shoes, including AIR GP III, AIR KIDD and Air Pippen V. This three pairs of shoes belong to the nike MORF series of shoes. The basic idea is to divide the shoes into two parts, the outer layer and the inner layer, the two can be completely separated. In this pair of AIR PIPPEN V shoes used in the front palm zoom air, after the palm of a large volume visible air cushion, provides a law-abiding protection performance. All the upper shoes of the upper use of the protection of the monkey claw, in the case of lace tight, you can completely wrapped his feet. Nike MORF series of shoes all the shoe covers are very tight wrapped in the shoes, and will not appear in the movement of shoes in the shoe cover in the embarrassing scenes. But this design did not improve the overall Air Pippen V performance. First of all as a striker - defender swingman, Pippen need a pair of lightweight shoes, and this pair of shoes than the four generations, the weight soared by more than 20%, greatly affected the movement of the power of a reasonable distribution. In addition, including Air Pippen V, including all MORF shoes, there are serious cooling problems, and thus on this concept, NIKE is a failure to make a tentative experiment, then no longer use this idea for any Shoes on.

A pair of shoes, in our seemingly calm memory dangling a ripple, that scattered and open the water, we have been familiar with the contours and pictures, deja vu, and with a forgotten because of the feeling of apologetic, hesitated In the flow of time, looking at the reflection of their own vicissitudes of the figure, then suddenly understand that those deep-hearted heart that has long been forgotten to commemorate the fact that those who have no place to live youth ...

That records the dust of the past shoes, is the AIR PIPPEN V - Pippen personal signature shoes of the masterpiece.

After the launch of AIR PIPPEN V, Pippen also farther and farther away from the championship, until the 2003-2004 season, Pippen once again returned to the Bulls, and he made countless glory of Chicago retired. This pair of AIR PIPPEN V in those years is like a funny spectator, see all about the Pippen all sighing story. We seem to have begun to understand that the Rockets Pippen, Portland Pippen, in people's minds, are still the Bulls Pippen. It is worth mentioning that, AIR PIPPEN V body used in the MORF technology in the later basketball shoes design also rarely appear, that once famous "shoes in the shoes", has also become a different kind of memorial.

In this pair of shoes before the launch of the 2000 Western Conference finals suffered a super reversal, many people began to continue to question Pippen, or those who have not stopped the question ... ... many people remember that 1.8 seconds, at the time only Rookie in front of the Kupo, Pippen like some hysterical, after a lapse of many years, many people remember the 1989 Eastern Conference finals, many people said that the downturn in the performance of Pippen Jordan did not pass that year on the Pistons that Bulls The "gap" to the championship. We may have forgotten the first time in Jordan's retired days, Pippen body and mind bear the enormous pressure and led the regular season 50 wins success, we may have forgotten, 1989, Pippen, in that game was Ranbier hit the head, maybe nobody cares about the blow to the skin of the skin to bring great damage, care about only Pippen that game 10 vote 1 ...

This pair of AIR PIPPEN V is now picked up, the air is already yellowed, but also gradually lost as a basketball shoe in the sense of actual combat, she should not really worthy of a perfect summary of Pippen brilliant career, but familiar with the Pippen fans , Holding AIR PIPPEN V

Friday, August 25, 2017

Air Jordan 6 Air Sole

In each concerned about the Air Jordan shoes Sneaker's memory, should remember the famous Japanese cartoonist Inoue Takehiko's masterpiece "Slam Dunk" in the emergence of a variety of Air Jordan shoes, which comic in the cherry wood flower channel can be said with Air Jordan has an indissoluble bond. Sakuragi Flower Road, the first Air Jordan shoes is Air Jordan 6, was Akagi Haruko cherry cherry flowers to buy shopping, and the comic book price of 30 yen so how we envy ah. This white and red Air Jordan 6 accompanied by cherry blossom rosewood through a lot of ups and downs, such as Lectra Xiangyang, lost Hainan and so on, and in the back Sakuragi flowers twenty thousand ball devil special training, due to serious damage caused by shoes Head cracking, so the white and red Air Jordan 6 was successful.

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Air Jordan 6 help Michael - Jordan in 91 years round the first championship dream, which play in the playoffs black and red color is often become a championship boots. Air Jordan 6 is still designed by Jordan Brand Director Heitefield, which inspired the design from the armor, armor is the name is used to protect the body of the warrior, the same it can protect the foot, the biggest feature of armor is a layer Layer is very metallic, in addition, Air Jordan 6 tongue is one of the highlights, the tongue on the two holes is said to be convenient for Michael - Jordan wear off, tongue on the Jumpman Logo embroidery also Very eye-catching. In the end of the configuration, Air Jordan 6 with the forefoot Built-in Air Sole and the back of the window-style Air Sole design, the end of the use of a combination of crystal and rubber rubber design, lines are used dotted lines.

In addition to Jordan is the first time to win the shoes, Sakuragi flowers Road, the first pair of Air Jordan shoes, the movie "Batman" in the first, Batman wearing shoes is also modified by the Air Jordan 6 Come. And Spike - Lee shooting Air Jordan advertising for the mountain is also the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 6 can be said that the story is the most of the shoes, which is Sneaker are concerned about the reasons for Air Jordan 6.

Air Jordan 1 is also Michael - Jordan signed Nike's first pair of signature shoes, then the Air Jordan 1 has not jumpman Logo, the upper part of the printed wing wing Logo, which is then let Jordan feel happy reasons, in order to allow Jordan to sign, Nike designed a number of available slogans, and Air Jordan is the most Jordan excited, known as the "trapeze", which at that time, but the idea of ​​bold and thoughtful. Occurred in the Air Jordan 1 on the most famous to be fined $ 5,000 story, and then the NBA (microblogging) provides players can only wear white-based color shoes game, and Jordan is wearing a black and red color Air Jordan 1 High game, so was Stern out of the $ 5,000 each ticket. At that time the Air Jordan 1 in the end is used in the foam inside the whole palm Air Sole, cushioning and can not now and now the basketball shoes must have, but its classic and other basketball shoes can not be compared, each Times Air Jordan 1 re-engraved Sneaker who will be very concerned about.
In the near future, the United States Portland factory shop on sale Air Jordan 1 Banned version, it is to commemorate the year Air Jordan 1 fined $ 5,000 story. Although it is in the factory shop for sale, but its line waiting for the sale of shoes fans can be said that countless, reflecting the classic Air Jordan 1.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Air Zoom Flight Five

When he is the best rookie, the league's popular niche, the new division of the three pairs of king, who can think of that ring he struggled to wait for a struggle for 17 years. This ups and downs of the 17 years enough to make him the NBA (microblogging) another legend, rookie scenery infinite Dallas three J, hero sad beauty off, away the sun. Can not help the team go further, away New Jersey. Where he turned the team 360 ° turned, these two times he infinitely close to the last ring, and finally only after the game reluctantly stepped on their own victory to win the final opponent, those years owed him a statement, He belongs to the honor he deserves. Years like a relentless knife, in his face can not exception left a trail, and ultimately he came to the beginning of the beginning of the dream. He has been running fast, jump is not high, and he became the finals of the oldest point guard, with his experience, with his big picture, with his basketball court in the hardened 17 years of wisdom, led the Century team basketball defeated the fastest and most violent group of the new century. He certainly will not belong to the future, but he did now, he is the new division championship headed guard - Jason Kidd.
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Standing in the world's highest point, looking back in the past, get lost always filled with emotion, could not help but recall the first league into the first, the first assists, the first three pairs, their first double Signature shoes Nike Air Zoom Flight Five, let me re-review this pair of the same as the legendary shoes, to review that year that Kidd's first time.
This nike launched in 1997 as the "three pairs of kings" Kidd's first pair of signature shoes, nicknamed "big eyes" spread in the shoes industry is very wide, the future sense of a strong design, get today is still amazing people The
In that basketball shoes boutique era, Nike Air Zoom Flight Five appearance is definitely a trick. The upper design of the upper layer is very strong, the outer wave-like asymmetry design coupled with the central oval-shaped mirror, quite eye-catching. Even better is: if it is sunny, the mirror in the sun will reflect the reflection of the color of light, extremely pull the wind. "Big eyes" is also the name of this unique mirror design, tongue and heel two mosaic for the Kidd designed specifically for personal logo. Its tongue has been extended to the underwear below, this unique design to ensure that this pair of shoes good package. Nike Air Zoom Flight Five outsole is very special, did not use the traditional word pattern, but the use of sucker-like lines, and then mixed with convex round particles, grip performance is also considered excellent. While the outer side of the round also round the particles to ensure that you are in a substantial change, or suddenly turn around the steps will not appear slip. Denver Nuggets Lawson now also wear Nike Air Zoom Flight Five ID.
Unfortunately, in 1997, Nike Air Zoom Flight Five was not on sale in the mainland, but in recent years Daxing engraved the wind, "big eyes" so classic shoes, of course, after several re-engraved, and now the market has been Hard to find. This dream of the summer, let us wear a dream to start the shoes, generous retro hypocritical once.
Note: 2006 World Championships on the Chinese team Wang Shipeng vote that magic three-pointers, the foot is wearing Nike Air Zoom Flight Five. Legend to write, so a pair of special significance of the shoes, how can you miss it?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

D Lillard 3

Let's talk about Lillard three generations today!

Look at the shoebox!
2017 years! We first get the figure on the Chinese color (chicken color)
You can see the shoe box quite flower, Xiao Bian feel like a cock feathers graffiti pattern. 17 years old year, very breath! This color sales is also quite good!
However, the shoe lid is not spent, the top printed on the gray, highlight the theme of color in China!

Na! Xiao Bian friends of this pair of Lillard 3 ordinary color of the shoe box on the simple bar!
Almost no difference between the first two generations of Lillard, exactly the same!
Sincerity is not enough!

Open the shoebox, [chicken year color] even with the ordinary all white dust paper! The

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That [ordinary color] is not the same, with a printed all the Adidas signed the player's dustproof paper
Common points:
Whether it is the color of the chicken or the general color, shoebox has a printed with Lilard photo card, the card is printed on the opposite side of the red color of the Lillard 3, as well as the English shoe configuration analysis. (Why is there no Chinese? Adidas work in place!)

[Chicken color] can be very intuitive to see, in the bounce material and shoebox to see the same on the "feather" pattern, Xiao Bian described this do not know right, tentatively so called it!

This pair of [chicken color] there is a feature in the heel! See it, it is clever to put the three letters in a pattern.
Well, this pair of [chicken year color] of the special points are finished
Let us talk about the characteristics of the next bar!

Uppers adopt this woven fabric, it makes the upper changes in the weight of the same time is also very soft and moderate,
But with the lining of the Techifit foam in the actual after a kind of stuffy feeling! Breathable not very good!
The most conspicuous design is the shoe sideways TPU design, that is, the stability of the upper, but also makes the way the lace perforation is very special, so that we can wear in the daily wear more shoelace way!

Defensive side of the personal feeling of the top of course, low shoes certainly not as high as the shoes to protect the ankle that is certain but the shoes to the front palm of the anti-rollover design is very good!
So personally feel that in the low shoes this should be anti-rollover to do the best of a low to help basketball shoes

Configuration full palm bounce Although there is no actual combat but try to go up feeling the forefoot is not soft or in order to better start the speed, the external bounce also harder than the middle, the official said, adjust the density of bounce. After the palm of the palm of your hand a little soft and some bombs! For me, the foot feeling to give me the impression that the actual battle may be more bombs or suggest that you go to the store to try what foot feeling.

There are a lot of people ask why Lillard does not use Adidas masters BOOST?
Adi official answer: bounce technology is quite mature, bounce technology need to have players to wear, to endorsement.
The use of bounce technology is to reduce the cost of shoes.
Designers tell us: taking into account the structure of shoes soles, Lillard can not use BOOST material, it will not be BOOST version.

With Tech-Fit boots, tongue is one design to wear very very strenuous, and now many brands like to engage in such a design.
Asymmetric tongue may also be Adi's recent design mainstream (Harden 1 is also asymmetric) to wear a small package filled with a sense of parcel.
Grip and wear

Sole texture feel medium and medium-sized lines are shallow and square of the lines, the grip in the actual combat or excellent!
Originally on the weight of the shoe body with this grip, so you do not start in the start of the water!
In fact, personal feel soles and other team models soles should not be like the same as the super super wear-resistant
It will not be the same as the Nike XDR wear-resistant invincible is quite satisfactory it
Written at the end

Although Lillard's shoes do not have any top technology blessing, but it does not prevent the Lillard series of shoes to become a real good shoes, whether it is performance or price, Lillard shoes is indeed a good choice for combat.
And now Taobao on the price of 650 or very good!