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Air Jordan 1 OG High “Chicago”

Air Jordan 1 generation of shoes carnival seems to have not ended, today's famous shoes broke the news account @ SneakerRumors bring amazing news, white red Chicago color of the Air Jordan 1 OG High "Chicago" will be re-engraved in 2017 return!

This white and black classic color, its popularity as much as Bred black and red, but with the Royal color to Rare Air shoes show "before the lesson", this Chicago in the end will not OG first year appearance, now also Have to make a big question mark! To know the last perfect engraved in 2015.
Is it because ...

Jordan sports with Michael Jordan trademark case final defeat, and then severely to the money ?!

UDagbn24797 , UDafkl24353 , UDaetk23910 , UDagea24862 , UDaevv23973 , UDaggl24925 , UDafpk24482 , UDaeyi24038 , UDafrv24545 , UDafas24100 , UDafui24610 , UDafwt24673 , UDaffq24228 , UDafia24290 , UDagbq24800 , UDafko24356 , UDafmz24419 , UDaevy23976 , UDaggo24928 , UDagiz24991 , UDafry24548 , UDafav24103 , UDafdf24165 , UDafww24676 , UDafft24231 , UDafzg24738 , UDafid24293 , UDagbt24803 , UDaetn23913 , UDaged24865 , UDafnb24421 , UDaewa23978 , UDafpn24485 , UDaggr24931 , UDaeyl24041 , UDagjb24993 , UDafsa24550 , UDaful24613 , UDafdi24168 , UDafwz24679 , UDafzj24741 , UDafig24296 , UDafkr24359 , UDaetq23916 , UDageg24868 , UDafne24424 , UDafpq24488 , UDaeyo24044 , UDagje24996 , UDafay24106 , UDafuo24616 , UDafdl24171 , UDaffw24234 , UDafzm24744 , UDagbw24806 , UDafku24362 , UDaett23919 , UDagej24871 , UDaewd23981 , UDaggu24934 , UDafpt24491 , UDaeyr24047 , UDafsd24553 , UDafba24108 , UDafur24619 , UDafxb24681 , UDaffz24237 , UDafij24299 , UDafzp24747 , UDagbz24809 , UDafkx24365
On the morning of December 8, the Supreme People's Court made a public judgment on the series of cases. The final verdict was as follows:
1) the registration of the Chinese characters "Jordan" damaged Michael Jordan on the "Jordan" to enjoy the first name of the right to revoke the first and second trial, the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board need to re-make a ruling;
2) Pinyin QIAODAN, qiaodan, and graphics LOGO did not harm Michael Jordan's earlier name, nor is it "harmful to the socialist morality or other adverse effects" and "by deception or other improper means to obtain registration "The case, so to maintain the second instance verdict, dismissed MJ's retrial application.

Translated into everyone to understand the words, that is:
1) Chinese characters "Jordan" infringement, the need for Trademark Review and Adjudication Board re-ruled, and before the second trial are sentenced to "no infringement"
2) Pinyin QIAODAN, qiaodan and graphics LOGO are not infringing

(Design lines: yo yo yo, nothing! Money i still earn!)

"Big Bird" Larry Bird is happy with her 60th birthday today
Tribute to the first generation! Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD EP

Hyperdunk 2008 has always been a good memory of Sneakerhead hearts, this year's Hyperdunk 2008 complex return to many old fans excited.

This time, Nike Basketball brought Hyperdunk 2016 Low LMTD EP to Tribute to Hyperdunk 2008. This Hyperdunk 2016 Low upper uses anthracite as the main color, low profile and quite texture.

In the end of the ink design and 3M blessing Swoosh bring a unique visual experience, tongue and heel are printed with Hyperdunk 2008 shoes style, showing the tribute to the first generation of Hyperdunk theme. Shoe buckle and heel of the reflective details of the same concern.

Item No .: 905093-010
Offer price: $ 130
The specific time did not say!

"Empty cut emperor" add a member!
Although losing, but Walter got a career-high 52 points
Breaking the big general Arenas 51 points Wizards history score record
Do you say these two portraits?
Li Ning Wade Road 5 new "lava" color tomorrow sale!

The state of outstanding Dwyane Wade in Chicago ushered in another outbreak, and its new signature boots Li Ning Wade Road 5 is also a new color constantly, this time Li Ning basketball for this Wade Road 5 A new "lava" color, inspired by the crater spew out of high temperature magma. This section will be on December 9 tomorrow in the major Li Ning counters for sale, the official website will be 10:00 on time shelves, priced at 1199 yuan, the article number ABAL047-10

Lakers Russell hope the team can enter the playoffs this year
Next year's goal is the finals.
Young man refueling!

Angelababy became the latest image of adidas Originals spokesperson

Nike SB Koston Max new color
Bring together a lot of classic in one! Nike LunarCharge is about to debut

Recently Nike officially released a new shoe LunarCharge!

This unique blend of Nike's classic elements, including Air Cash's simple lines, Air Flow's body trim, Air Max 90's lace buckle detail and Air Presto elastic boots, and finally LunarEpic new cushion at the end of the end, retro and innovation at the moment condensation.

The new Nike LunarCharge will be officially on sale on December 9. More stylish shoe shape, more comfortable wearing experience, presumably will become a recent street a popular new forces, interested friends may wish to look a lot.

Adidas Originals Clima Cool 1 Monochrome Set Series

Chen Jianzhou with the whole family on the foot AJ11 "Space Jam"
"After the show, this time, together with the family together to demonstrate this Air Jordan 11 Retro" Space Jam ".
Xiao Bian feel, not only show the shoes also show the family!

The Air Jordan 11 Retro "Space Jam" will be sold in full size, the following for the specific sale of information, you want to start a friend, you have to be ready!

Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" family size
Release date: December 10, 2016
378037-003 (Mens, ¥ 1599 RMB / $ 220)
378038-003 (Grade School, $ 170)
378039-003 (Pre-school, $ 90)
378040-003 (Toddler, $ 70)
378049-003 (Crib, $ 55)

Adidas Originals Gazelle "Clear Sky" and "Yellow"

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nike Kobe A.D. NXT

A list of Nike internal goods debut network, in addition to Kyrie 3 EP, a named Kobe A.D. NXT shoes caused our attention!
The offer price is ¥ 1599 RMB, which will be available in July next year. NXT should be an abbreviation for English Next.

The offer price is higher than the current sale of Kobe A.D. ¥ 400 RMB, which is the elite version of this Bryant boots? Or the next generation? It is not yet known. Xiaobian prediction should be the elite version, it is estimated will use flyknit!
But from the price point of view, the overall configuration will be further improved, and the shoe body should continue to low to help design, we will pay close attention!

Fast look na, magic star captured Shanghai, occupies the third visit!

In fact, this is just Jordan Brand and shoes store read together to bring the Space Jam theme activities
New shoes and so anxious? James on the foot LeBron 10 PE

James's next generation signature boots LeBron 14 will be officially released on January 1, 2017, there is no spy photos of the exposure, it seems that this confidential work is done in place!

In addition to the Soldier 10 and LeBron 13 Elite as the recent shoes debut, Zhanhuang in today's warm-up stage and the stage, then wearing the LeBron 10!

This is a white red color PE exclusive version, concise and clear show LeBron 10 unique shape. And LeBron 14 in the end what kind of modeling and configuration will be presented in China in the end of December will be available in advance? We will pay close attention to!

Randolph's mother died after Thanksgiving, the team approved its indefinite leave.

Return to the cortex! Air Jordan 31 "Black Cat"
In front of this Air Jordan 31 "Black Cat" uppers from the front side of the leather and leather back stitch from the back, domineering and tough yet calm and calm, and the classic black and white hit color design is to enhance the whole pair of shoes Elegant temperament, whether it is actual combat or daily wear are texture bursting of the masterpiece.

It is reported that this pair of Air Jordan 31 "Black Cat" will be officially released on November 28, 2016, priced at $ 200. Before the black cat, after the "Space Jam", the last two exciting AJ31 really let Xiaobian tangled, I do not know how you choose it?

UDadni23076 , UDaenm23756 , UDadkv23011 , UDaekz23691 , UDaeil23625 , UDaer2147 , UDaefy23560 , UDaedk23494 , UDaelz23717 , UDaeax23429 , UDadyk23364 , UDaegy23586 , UDadvx23299 , UDadtj23233 , UDaebx23455 , UDadqw23168 , UDadoi23102 , UDaeom23782 , UDadwx23325 , UDadlv23037 , UDaejl23651 , UDadrw23194 , UDaes2148 , UDaepm23808 , UDaeek23520 , UDadmv23063 , UDaemz23743 , UDaekl23677 , UDadzk23390 , UDaehy23612 , UDaefk23546 , UDaduj23259 , UDaecx23481 , UDaeaj23415 , UDadpi23128 , UDadxx23351 , UDadvj23285 , UDadkh22997 , UDadsw23220 , UDadqi23154 , UDaeqm23834 , UDadnv23089 , UDaenz23769 , UDadlh23023 , UDaell23703 , UDaeiy23638 , UDaegk23572 , UDaedx23507 , UDaebj23441 , UDadyx23377 , UDadwj23311 , UDadtw23246 , UDadri23180 , UDaerm23860 , UDadov23115 , UDaeoz23795 , UDadmh23049 , UDaeml23729 , UDaejy23664

I do not loose! Wade Road, the US official website there are discounts
Such Sneaker candles, sister who must like!

SneakerHomie has released a new set of Sneaker candle art works, the SneakerHomie to the popular NMD, Yeezy, Air Jordan modeled, brought this group of full-blown Sneaker candle art works. Do not you know that you are willing to use such a lovely Snekaer candle?

The details are really good!

UNDERCOVER Wire Fence Sneakers
Nissan texture for

Pickle boots! Nike PG 1 new color and then a wave of exposure!

NikeLab new shoes Air Zoom Albis
Colorful! Nike Beautiful x Powerful

The new Nike Beautiful x Powerful series is about to debut, including the Air Presto, Air Huarache Ultra, Cortez Ultra, Air Max Thea Ultra four shoes.

Beautiful x Powerful series of upper selection Jacquard jacquard made of material, colorful, superior visual effects. At the same time in the upper joined the sequins and translucent and other details, the entire series are full of ladies elements, coupled with excellent athletic performance, I believe will become the majority of women's movement and daily travel a good choice.

It is reported that the new Nike Beautiful x Powerful series will be December 1, 2016 officially on sale, interested in the small partners do not miss it.

Nike Air Force 1 High "Gym Red"

Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Deep Royal Blue"
December 1 sale


Japanese toy manufacturer MEDICOM TOY and the German veteran teddy bear brand Steiff launched the joint bear Aberdeen, BE @ RBRICK design for the blueprint, and on the basis of the original addition of the waist of the movable joints, the whole body covered with fluff, very winter , The bear also equipped with a dual-brand Logo and Steiff unique gold ear buckle that identity.

The joint BE @ RBRICK total black, rice two colors, priced at 55,000 yen, is expected to officially on sale in December.

Brandblack Future Legend Black and white color

Nike Air Max 97 "La Silver" classic return

Next year will be Nike Air Max 97's 20-year-old birthday, for the entire Air Max family, Nike Air Max 97 is also a very special one.

In order to celebrate this classic model of the 20-year-old birthday, Nike Sportswear will soon be the Nike Air Max 97 OG color back to bring back.

The Nike Sportswear will be based in Italy as the base, will be on December 2 starting this section Nike Air Max 97 "La Silver" color, then will be on December 14 in the European region on sale.

Military wind full of adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 "Olive"

The next commercially available Yeezy 350 Boost V2 color has been determined!

New three-color Yeezy 350 Boost V2 has been online and offline all completed sale, V2 large volume must have a lot of friends have their own Yeezy.

This black and white interwoven Yeezy 350 Boost V2, as the zebra generally vividly. Shoes with a white stripes, and printed on the red font SPLY-350 words, but also the first use of white Yeezy 350 Boost V2 white outsole. Does the taste savor feel like it is somewhat similar to the first color of the Yeezy 350 Boost?

Yeezy Mafia's recent exposure, this new color of the Yeezy 350 Boost V2 will be on Christmas Eve sale.
In addition, according to the gossip that Kim's feet pure black Yeezy 350 Boost V2 is also possible for sale, I wonder if everyone is interested?

Little Thomas has been on the feet Nike Kobe A.D.
All the pressure in the De Luozan over there ...
Finale! Fresh black cement! Air Jordan 3 GS
Christmas sale!

Air Jordan 3 three generations of classic heavy return, in addition to True Blue OG first year of sincerity, in this year's Christmas Eve, there is a girl's exclusive benefits come!

This pair of Air Jordan 3 GS "Black / Gold-Teal" to cool the tone of the black cement, golden dazzling details of the decoration, as well as the addition of water green tones, in the gorgeous experience, but also exceptionally fresh! The effect of walking on the feet must be good!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


They recently joined Japan well-known chain select shop footwear brand alfredoBANNISTER, to "science and technology" concept as the inspiration, launched four in accordance with the US Army forces, Marine Corps, Navy diving forces and naval aviation forces four army concept shoes.

VBTB - VHZ - BOOBY TRAP BOOTS is the US Army set, shoes designed for the very cold environment in the north, and the need to face the risk of many mines. Shape is drawing on the snow boots line design.

UDaczw22726 , UDacwc22628 , UDacrl22507 , UDadgj22895 , UDacns22410 , UDadcq22798 , UDacyy22702 , UDacve22604 , UDadje22968 , UDacqn22483 , UDadfl22871 , UDacmu22386 , UDadbs22774 , UDacy2102 , UDacug22580 , UDacti22556 , UDadig22944 , UDacpp22459 , UDaden22847 , UDaclw22362 , UDadau22750 , UDacxb22653 , UDacsk22532 , UDadhi22920 , UDacor22435 , UDaddp22823 , UDaczx22727 , UDacwd22629 , UDacvf22605 , UDacrm22508 , UDadgk22896 , UDacnt22411 , UDadcr22799 , UDacyz22703 , UDacuh22581 , UDadjf22969 , UDacqo22484 , UDadfm22872 , UDacmv22387 , UDadbt22775 , UDacya22678 , UDacxc22654 , UDactj22557 , UDadih22945 , UDacpq22460 , UDadeo22848 , UDaclx22363 , UDadav22751 , UDacwe22630 , UDacsl22533 , UDadhj22921 , UDacos22436 , UDaddq22824 , UDaczy22728 , UDacvg22606 , UDacrn22509 , UDadgl22897 , UDacnu22412 , UDadcs22800 , UDacz2103 , UDacyb22679 , UDacui22582 , UDadjg22970 , UDacqp22485 , UDadfn22873 , UDacmw22388
VDIS - this shoe set from the US Marine Corps, for the cold areas of the north to accept the harsh training of the situation, the soldiers need to accept the devil instructor (Drill Instructor) shock education, and therefore named VDIS which is DI The devil instructor's English abbreviation.

UDS - the shoes of the military on behalf of the US Navy U.D.T. = UNDERWATAER DEMOLITION TEAM in the diving staff (DIVEMAN), combined with the task of diving personnel, shoes, the biggest feature is easy to wear off.

BAB - this section of shoes for the 1940s US Navy aviation forces for inspiration, shoes with great functionality, including waterproof shoe and the upper two-way zipper are the reference to the World War II AVIATION SHEEPSKIN BOOTS the actual appearance As a prototype, easy to wear off at any time also has a cold function.

In addition, four shoes in the color also refer to the representative of the various types of services color, and specifically lfredoBANNISTER A word inverted, in order to represent the meaning of VICTORY victory, all the labels are also used to build a regular military standard , Which are all embodies the TOKYO POSTEXCHANGE for the production of military single product of the spirit of craftsmen.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF

Nike FootballX in June joined a new family member, it is HypervenomX. When we focused on Proximo's release, Nike also released its lower-level version of Finale. Nike Finale In fact, earlier than the FootballX series, it is this series to help Nike to establish the indoor and street football field football front. Finale evolved into several different versions from birth, and today they are divided into two different versions: MercurialX Finale and HypervenomX Finale. We are in detail today is HypervenomX Finale.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF's first impression:
The first time to get the hand, Xiao Bian more impression is not poisonous front two generations, but that this is simply poison front generation, because HypervenomX Finale's upper embossed lines, it is too like a poisonous generation. And it is another impression that this round of the round really like "bread." On the appearance of color, the gray + white + orange with the main push this season, Nike's "silver storm" is the same, it does not look good to vary.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF shoes:
First look at the side of the shoes, the previous text said HypervenomX Finale's toe like "bread", the side is more appropriate. Toe to the shoe with a straight line, the feet try not feel the pressure foot pressure. But this shape design, so that shoes slightly bloated, lack of dynamic sense, and the quality of the vicious front seems to be some discrepancies.

Top view, HypervenomX Finale shoes and poisonous front two generations do not have much difference, from front to back lines are very uniform. Width point of view, HypervenomX Finale absolutely suitable for most wide friends, it can be said that one of the relatively wide shoes.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF uppers Details:
Poisonous front is the first is Nikeskin fabric material uppers shoes, HypervenomX Finale continuation of this design, and it used Nikeskin fabric material and MercurialX Finale and there is a clear difference. HypervenomX Finale Nikeskin fabric weave way to be more dense, the upper pattern for the concave and convex, the thickness of only 1.95 mm, in the actual combat in this upper can bring a strong friction, and the old poison is the same design concept.

However, HypervenomX Finale's vamps are harder than the old poison shoots, which is also the second generation of poisonous vamps have the characteristics. The reason for this design is that the case of the upper tear is endless because of the use of Nikeskin's fabric for more than two years. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening again, the Nikeskin fabric used on the HypervenomX Finale is knitted The way has changed, become more dense at the same time with the cover of the hot-melt film, the maximum degree to prevent the upper tear.

HtmGgym805381 , HtmGgqx805184 , HtmGgel804860 , HtmGfwx804664 , HtmGehz803600 , HtmGgkf805010 , HtmGgcr804814 , HtmGent803750 , HtmGgxp805358 , HtmGgqa805161 , HtmGgdo804837 , HtmGfwa804641 , HtmGelz803704 , HtmGgvu805311 , HtmGgji804987 , HtmGgbu804791 , HtmGemw803727 , HtmGyn80650 , HtmGgwr805334 , HtmGgpd805138 , HtmGgho804941 , HtmGfvd804618 , HtmGgux805288 , HtmGgil804964 , HtmGgax804768 , HtmGxr80628 , HtmGgog805115 , HtmGggr804918 , HtmGfug804595 , HtmGekf803658 , HtmGgua805265 , HtmGgaa804745 , HtmGwv80606 , HtmGgnj805092 , HtmGgfu804895 , HtmGftj804572 , HtmGeji803635 , HtmGgtd805242 , HtmGfzd804722 , HtmGfrp804526 , HtmGgyy805393 , HtmGgmm805069 , HtmGgex804872 , HtmGfsm804549 , HtmGeil803612 , HtmGgsg805219 , HtmGgkr805022 , HtmGfyg804699 , HtmGeof803762 , HtmGgyb805370 , HtmGglp805046 , HtmGgea804849 , HtmGfwm804653 , HtmGgrj805196 , HtmGgju804999 , HtmGfxj804676 , HtmGeni803739 , HtmGgxd805346 , HtmGgpp805150 , HtmGgdd804826 , HtmGfvp804630 , HtmGegr803566 , HtmGgqm805173 , HtmGgix804976 , HtmGeml803716 , HtmGgwg805323 , HtmGgos805127
Big bottom slightly on the package, and accompanied by a lap car line fixed, this design in the TF level shoes have been quite common, its role is to prevent open plastic, and for the love of the players to provide toe protection. At the same time rounded toe design, the former Xiaobian also described, toes upturned friends will not feel discomfort.

HypervenomX Finale vamps another feature is the same as the second generation with the poisonous front with a "fly line". And the basic layout and poisonous front two generations exactly the same, and HypervenomX Finale fly line design more features, it is directly exposed to the transparent hot melt film, the top part of the exposed.

This design is the truth, very cool with a sense of science and technology, but its durability we can not think more. Because the hot melt in the actual combat will be because of the rain and the ball hit the ball, and even running in the folds and loose or fall off, this point in our evaluation Magista Obra appeared, then once the hot melt failure, Then the fly line will break, it seems a bit inferior.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF tongue design:
Said before the tongue, Xiao Bian first talk about shoelaces, shoelaces are pulled directly fly line, the design of a sense of science and technology full. The tongue is also the same, the tongue for the grid-like design, the surface covered with a layer of transparent mesh, so the permeability of the tongue can be described as powerful. At the same time, the tongue is quite soft thickness of only 1.97 mm, comfortable degree of fit is quite good.

Both ends of the tongue through the elastic band and shoes on both sides of the connection, to prevent the tongue ran, this design in the legend, the use of ghosts, the design is very careful, very good.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF heel design:
Shuangfeng heel design package do not have to worry about, built-in sponge cushion thickness is good, the upper thickness of 6.26 mm, followed by the thickness is reached 9.62 mm, the package is quite good. We hope that it is as good as the second generation of poisonous, not in the slightest wear.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF outsole details:
NikeFootballX small field soccer shoes outsole style are consistent, there is no difference, are composed of hexagonal spikes, both grip and mobility, but this outsole itself is not clear, and between the different models The end is no difference, saving production and design costs.

Non-Marking trace rubber material at the end of good wear resistance, spike length of 0.5 mm, the end of the hardness of 76A.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF in the end:
HypervenomX Finale in the end of the external, using Phylon cushioning material, and Proximo is consistent, both support the role, which can greatly reduce the weight. Cushioning performance do not have to worry, but Phylon is not the traditional midsole material, lack of rigidity, pedaling and shooting will feel lack of force. The thickness of the HypervenomX Finale is between MercurialX Finale and MagistaX Proximo.

The Nike HypervenomX Finale TF with no bottom of the design is to reduce a lot of weight. But the big bottom is weak, we like it is completely like a personal hobby.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF Insole:
HypervenomX Finale only with a pair of insoles, insoles do not have cushioning glue. Single 42 yards (JP265) shoes insoles length of 26.3 cm, width of 8.7 mm, size is not partial.

Nike HypervenomX Finale TF shoes information:
Item No .: 749888-081
Origin: Vietnam
Price: £ 58.3
Nike HypervenomX Finale TF Weighing:
Single 42 yards (JP265) shoes weighing about 229.8 grams, moderate weight.
Edit Summary:
Nike's Flywire technology and Phylon midsole are used on Proximo and Finale. For those who do not need dynamic shoes collar players, Finale is basically a perfect alternative. Oh yes, Finale addition to the TF version of the end, there IC version. For those who have limited budget but want to experience HypervenomX, Finale is a good choice.

Mizuno rider19

Speaking of Mizuno this brand, because the shoes of good performance, coupled with the price of ground gas, in the hearts of many run friends have been very good reputation. Xiaobian today to give you not to introduce the Mizuno predecessor series, but a lot of running friends daily use of the rider series higher. Ok, take a look at Mizuno rider19 how? Mizuno rider19 evaluation it!

Mizuno rider19

HtmGelc803681 , HtmGfww804663 , HtmGggd804904 , HtmGgii804961 , HtmGwl80596 , HtmGgkn805018 , HtmGgtv805260 , HtmGyo80651 , HtmGeho803589 , HtmGfti804571 , HtmGgcp804812 , HtmGgeu804869 , HtmGggz804926 , HtmGgqh805168 , HtmGxg80617 , HtmGenh803738 , HtmGfzb804720 , HtmGgbg804777 , HtmGgdl804834 , HtmGgmt805076 , HtmGgwa805317 , HtmGgyg805375 , HtmGejt803646 , HtmGfvn804628 , HtmGfxs804685 , HtmGfzx804742 , HtmGgje804983 , HtmGgsm805225 , HtmGgur805282 , HtmGzj80672 , HtmGfrz804536 , HtmGgww805339 , HtmGfue804593 , HtmGfwj804650 , HtmGgfq804891 , HtmGgoy805133 , HtmGgrd805190 , HtmGvz80584 , HtmGely803703 , HtmGgti805247 , HtmGeod803760 , HtmGfsv804558 , HtmGgcc804799 , HtmGglk805041 , HtmGgnp805098 , HtmGeik803611 , HtmGgpu805155 , HtmGgzc805397 , HtmGekp803668 , HtmGemu803725 , HtmGfyo804707 , HtmGghv804948 , HtmGgka805005 , HtmGyb80638 , HtmGgmg805063 , HtmGgvn805304 , HtmGehb803576 , HtmGejg803633 , HtmGfva804615 , HtmGgeh804856 , HtmGggm804913 , HtmGgir804970 , HtmGgrz805212 , HtmGwu80605 , HtmGyx80660 , HtmGfrm804523 , HtmGgat804764

Mizuno rider19 how?
      The Mizuno rider19 is a limited edition for the marathon, Mizuno every year for the marathon to launch their own custom models. This series has been continuously optimized since many years ago, there is a process of changing to the direction of light, starting from 17, this time the characteristics of lightweight has been very obvious, 17 birth, its weight has reached the entry Lightweight standards, but also the lightest shoes in the past few years. And the launch of the 19-oriented audience is a certain body-based runners, while the weight of the shoes to the lightweight step forward. In addition to the weight has changed, the Mizuno 19 core in the end of the technology in color, but also in line with the theme of the marathon - Rainbow, u4ic technology is a few years of Mizuno new technology, more than conventional sports shoes The end to the more light, composite materials also have a good cushioning effect.

Mizuno Rider19 female running shoes rose red / silver / yellow (J1GD165203, Australian marathon special section)
Mizuno Rider19 female running shoes rose red / silver / yellow (J1GD165203, Amsterdam marathon special section) ¥ 499
see details
Mizuno rider19 evaluation
      If you have been concerned about the Mizuno brand, you can find that the past few years Mizuno shoes are getting lighter. And this Mizuno rider19 in the heel with the sr cushioning material, when landing can increase the rebound effect of shoes. Over the years has been applied wave technology of course is also essential to a Department of this series is mainly used parallel to the shock board. From the technical aspects of the configuration point of view, in fact, this time the wave is biased towards the design of lightweight, years of running shoes that style has almost never see. And 19 in the upper and parcel also made a lot of improvement, the foot of the package is stronger, better ride comfort.

mizuno wave

Mizuno wave refers to the wave shape, refers to the Mizuno footwear in the end and the middle of the middle of the use of insert, the use of simple mechanical principles, wave structure to solve the shock, stability, anti-tilt technical problems.
After a small series of finishing, will be in this article one for everyone to detail the characteristics of mizuno wave.
Mizuno company has more than 100 years of history, although in the sports shoes, clothing, equipment, one of the leading brands, but in the running shoes is actually relatively young, it started from the 20th century, 80 years began research and development running shoes. But in 1997, Mizuno launched WAVE shock absorption technology, the rapid popularity of skyrocketing, into the ranks of the elite level running shoes. Then Mizuno began moving Mizuno WAVE technology to many of its other sports shoes, baseball and softball shoes, and even golf shoes.

HtmGne80355 , HtmGtt80526 , HtmGjrw807237 , HtmGjyk807407 , HtmGky80297 , HtmGro80469 , HtmGjjc807009 , HtmGjpr807180 , HtmGjwf807350 , HtmGkcu807521 , HtmGpj80412 , HtmGjgy806953 , HtmGjnm807123 , HtmGjua807293 , HtmGkap807464 , HtmGjlh807066 , HtmGrp80470 , HtmGjwg807351 , HtmGkcv807522 , HtmGpk80413 , HtmGjgz806954 , HtmGjnn807124 , HtmGjub807294 , HtmGkaq807465 , HtmGnf80356 , HtmGjeu806897 , HtmGtu80527 , HtmGjli807067 , HtmGjrx807238 , HtmGjyl807408 , HtmGkz80298 , HtmGjjd807010 , HtmGjps807181 , HtmGpl80414 , HtmGjuc807295 , HtmGkar807466 , HtmGng80357 , HtmGtv80528 , HtmGjlj807068 , HtmGjry807239 , HtmGjym807409 , HtmGla80299 , HtmGrq80471 , HtmGjje807011 , HtmGjpt807182 , HtmGjwh807352 , HtmGkcw807523 , HtmGjh80254 , HtmGjno807125 , HtmGjev806898 , HtmGtw80529 , HtmGjyn807410 , HtmGlb80300 , HtmGrr80472 , HtmGjjf807012 , HtmGjpu807183 , HtmGjwi807353 , HtmGkcx807524 , HtmGpm80415 , HtmGjha806955 , HtmGjnp807126 , HtmGjud807296 , HtmGkas807467
Mizuno wave of the three elements: shock-absorbing - according to the shape of the waves will be the impact of dispersion, can play a better shock-absorbing effect stability - the use of wave shape can reduce the footsteps up and down the direction of the burden of reducing resistance - zigzag shape to prevent lateral Shift, more stability
Mizuno wave of the three basic types:
Parallel WAVE: MIZUNO WAVE the basic shape of the parallel wave shape will be the impact of dispersion, more attention to shock absorption effect;
Fan WAVE: the higher inside, the lower side of the WAVE wave film, according to different sports characteristics effectively prevent footsteps, valgus, more attention to stability effect;
Z-shaped WAVE: Z-shaped shape of the zigzag shape to prevent lateral displacement, more stability, more attention to prevent the effect of lateral shift. More suitable for basketball shoes and volleyball shoes.
Four combinations of mizuno wave:
Composite WAVE: Two or more materials composite WAVE, making the material more suitable for performance.
Skeletal WAVE: A new combination of two MIZUNO WAVE design, improved shock absorption and stability, making running more comfortable.
Double layer WAVE: Double construction, play a higher stability. Compact WAVE: multi-group small WAVE combination, with both shock absorption and stability, but also has a thin feature.
MIZUNO continuous research and development, so WAVE from the basic single shock to extend to different materials, different structures for different combinations, so as to meet the different sports, different sites, different strength needs.
1, mizuno wave of PARALLEL WAVE (parallel wave)

Parallel WAVE is the most basic standard WAVE waveform state, parallel to each peak design can be the average impact of all the scattered, to achieve a good shock absorption and to ensure the stability of the same time. Bring comfort in the movement. Parallel WAVE more attention to shock-absorbing effect, mainly used in running shoes, integrated training shoes, such as running shoes Mizuno Wave Rider17, Sayonara, Enigma 3
2, mizuno wave of FAN SHAPED WAVE (fan-shaped wave)

Fan-shaped WAVE in contrast, the inside of the higher, lower lateral, can effectively prevent the foot like the inside flip, play a higher stability effect. Is a balanced and shocked WAVE. Sector WAVE is suitable for athletes with a large amount of exercise, with a slight flat foot. Mainly used in running shoes, integrated training shoes, such as running shoes Wave Paradox.
3, mizuno wave of ZIGZAG WAVE (Lightning Wave)

The original parallel wave evolved into Z-type, is the lightning WAVE. Z-shaped shape of the zigzag shape to prevent the lateral movement of deformation, to achieve better power control, instantaneous acceleration, more stability, more suitable for basketball shoes and volleyball shoes need to move horizontally
4, mizuno wave of DOUBLE FAN SHAPED WAVE (double fan-shaped wave)

Double-layer fan WAVE, using the inside of the solid double-layer wave structure to completely inhibit the generation of varus, to maximize the movement control. Can achieve long-term and high-intensity movement can also have the best state and strength support. Suitable for large weight, large amount of normal exercise foot, flat foot movement. Mainly used in running shoes, integrated training shoes, such as Mizuno Inspire 10

5, mizuno wave INFINITY WAVE (infinite wave)

 On the basis of parallel WAVE, evolved INFINITY WAVE. INFINITY WAVE is achieved by the upper and lower arches, the deformation ability, the rebound ability is benefited from ∞ infinite shape of the physical theory. This structure can reduce the durability of relatively low EVA foam in the end of the use of materials, structural space-type shock absorption, lighter weight, more powerful. The running life of running shoes increased by 5 times, but also can improve the ability of 16% of the shock, effectively reducing the human burden when running. But the foot will be more rigid. Mainly used in running shoes, integrated training shoes such as: Mizuno Prophecy3, WAVE Creation15.

6, mizuno wave Compact Wave

The combination of two or more different materials, the most suitable material used in the most needed parts to enhance the performance of the bottom.
 7, mizuno wave of Skeleton Wave
Will be more than two wave plate combination of three-dimensional wave structure, there are two waves between the wave layer. Lightweight, buffered and superior performance. See the fourth double-layer fan WAVE is one of them.
8, mizuno wave of X Wave

X wave is also a neutral shock absorber structure, while providing medial and lateral support stability, can absorb the impact after the dispersion.

In addition to these WAVE waves, Mizuno at different times for different needs there are many different combinations and construction of the WAVE appear as arallel Wave, Zigzag Wave ... ... these unique wave is already its home ace. And then integrate with a variety of other technologies, Mizuno leading professional standards, or can not be replaced.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wave Spacer AR3

1. Product information
Brand: Mizuno
Model: Wave Spacer AR3
Origin: Japanese brand, China OEM
Purchase channel: lynx
Price: $ 998

2. My information:
Height: 178cm
Weight: 77kg
Body characteristics: emphasis on
Training places or race conditions: the district running, and occasionally go to the sculpture park run
3. use experience:

Mizuno jogging shoes is my favorite brand, another favorite brand is adidas, this pair of running shoes is a thorough recognition of the quality of light is the first element I choose to buy shoes, I belong to the more lazy people, training, I Even by the weight of the shoes affect the running distance, light shoes running distance, shoes heavy, and ran a two kilometers do not want to run, so let me run more, I chose this pair of the most Light marathon shoes

HtmGhri805871 , HtmGhoq805801 , HtmGhly805731 , HtmGefx803546 , HtmGjer806894 , HtmGjbz806824 , HtmGizg806753 , HtmGiwo806683 , HtmGitw806613 , HtmGird806542 , HtmGiol806472 , HtmGilt806402 , HtmGija806331 , HtmGigi806261 , HtmGidq806191 , HtmGiay806121 , HtmGhvn805980 , HtmGhsv805910 , HtmGhqc805839 , HtmGhnk805769 , HtmGhks805699 , HtmGeer803514 , HtmGjat806792 , HtmGiya806721 , HtmGivi806651 , HtmGisq806581 , HtmGipy806511 , HtmGinf806440 , HtmGikn806370 , HtmGihv806300 , HtmGifc806229 , HtmGick806159 , HtmGhzs806089 , HtmGhx80218 , HtmGhuh805948 , HtmGhrp805878 , HtmGhox805808 , HtmGhme805737 , HtmGedk803481 , HtmGjcf806830 , HtmGizn806760 , HtmGiwv806690 , HtmGiuc806619 , HtmGirk806549 , HtmGios806479 , HtmGim80233 , HtmGijh806338 , HtmGigp806268 , HtmGidx806198 , HtmGibe806127 , HtmGhym806057 , HtmGhvu805987 , HtmGhtb805916 , HtmGhqj805846 , HtmGhnr805776 , HtmGhkz805706 , HtmGeey803521 , HtmGjds806869 , HtmGjb80248 , HtmGiyh806728 , HtmGivp806658 , HtmGisx806588 , HtmGiqe806517 , HtmGinm806447 , HtmGiku806377
The appearance of the shoes do not talk on the spin, is the kind of relatively blue, logo is relatively large, but with this color running shoes not much, Beijing Marathon, this pair of shoes are many people know, it is easy to identify, well-known , But the people are not too much to wear, may be mainly around the amateur players because of it, this shoe is a professional speed shoes, professional players are more suitable for a score, the general level of people, such as me, put him A little waste. In short it is a pair of famous shoes, like Japan's zero-fighter, there are characteristics, but not necessarily for everyone.
The weight of a single shoe is only 205 grams, it seems that there is no lighter than his shoes, right, but that is too light, afraid it will be easy to break, put on him, such as non-speed, the speed must wear other than usual Shoes to be fast, so want to create a personal PB runners choose him quasi-wrong.

3, the price is cheaper
I was in the days of the cat to buy, is a double eleven to do when the activities of 499 to buy, the price to buy a double professional marathon shoes should be very cost-effective, and its original price is 998 yuan, I belong to the working class, the original price of shoes I will not buy it.

4, support and shock effect
       This shoe heel shock can also, do not feel hard, shoe heel response particularly fast, light; but the shoes before the palm to talk about the shock, and all pimple, it is estimated that this shoe is designed for light weight of the forefoot The player is designed to rely entirely on the foot of the arch shock, especially highlighting the lightweight and maneuvering, running to speed up, the brake is particularly fast.
This running shoes in what areas to take measures to achieve the effect of support -
(1) Mizuno exclusive shock, according to the shape of the waves will be scattered impact, can play a better shock-absorbing capacity.
(2) This pair of shoes with a zigzag shape of the zigzag shape to prevent lateral displacement, more stability, the body for horizontal reciprocating motion, the next step of the action will be quickly sent out, instantaneous power conversion.

Objectively speaking, wear resistance is not good, this shoe I wear a total of three times, twice 10 km, a Beijing full marathon, ran a total of less than 70 km, but I have begun to find the soles of pitting wear. But more likely to be my heart at work.
 Wearing a very light, running fast, this is my feeling, last year Beijing marathon, I put on him, the first 21 km, all the way to speed, while running my heart to boast my shoes, I play the super level, at least faster than I usually 10 minutes, but 25 km when the situation came out, my forefoot pain, because my weight is too big, this shoe before the palm thin, poor protection, so I began to lame run, so that only one foot out of the problem, This state lasted about 1,2 km, and then the mysterious pain disappeared, I resumed the speed, ran up. The last 3 km, when I almost no physical time, began to accelerate the sprint, the speed actually can up, and not slow, I am a few kilometers over a lot of people, I ran faster, I thought, Usually the marathon game, I wear other shoes do not have such a big sprint ability, my level is not particularly big upgrade, then it must be the power of this shoe, powerful ah.
   I remember running the Beijing Marathon last year when there are two episodes, the first one is running before running, running friends are in the show equipment, we are looking at each other's running shoes, I saw a running friend's shoes particularly bright, asics I said, "You are pretty enough for this shoe." He listened to me back, "my shoes are pretty what to use, my shoes are 330 level, your shoes are 300 level." I listened to the embarrassed smile, I knew that I was just 400 level The
       But also an episode is running, I ran while boast the shoes, I feel next to someone to catch up, and I side by side to run, kept staring at my shoes, I see only know that he also wear a pair of the same The shoes, his eyes tell me that he feels good, he is also amazing for this pair of wave spacer AR3.

New Balance Fresh Foam 980

New Balance in the retro running shoes on the market's success, so that people almost forgot it in the field of professional running shoes the same can not be discounted. Since the birth of New Year in 1906, New Balance has been committed to making great progress in technology, appearance and comfort, and the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 comes with the latest multi-density foaming material. "Soft" redefines, providing a truly comfortable and comfortable dress.

HtmGiaq806113 , HtmGiwx806692 , HtmGhou805805 , HtmGila806383 , HtmGhze806075 , HtmGivl806654 , HtmGhni805767 , HtmGijp806346 , HtmGivy806667 , HtmGhxt806038 , HtmGikb806358 , HtmGiwk806679 , HtmGhlx805730 , HtmGhyf806050 , HtmGiko806371 , HtmGhmj805742 , HtmGhys806063 , HtmGiuz806642 , HtmGhmw805755 , HtmGijc806333 , HtmGhxg806025 , HtmGitn806604 , HtmGhlk805717 , HtmGihr806296 , HtmGiu80241 , HtmGhvv805988 , HtmGiid806308 , HtmGium806629 , HtmGhjz805680 , HtmGhwh806000 , HtmGiiq806321 , HtmGhkl805692 , HtmGhwu806013 , HtmGita806591 , HtmGhky805705 , HtmGihe806283 , HtmGjdl806862 , HtmGhvi805975 , HtmGirp806554 , HtmGjdy806875 , HtmGegd803552 , HtmGift806246 , HtmGisb806566 , HtmGjek806887 , HtmGhtx805938 , HtmGigf806258 , HtmGiso806579 , HtmGees803515 , HtmGhuj805950 , HtmGigs806271 , HtmGjcz806850 , HtmGefe803527 , HtmGhuw805963 , HtmGirc806541 , HtmGefr803540 , HtmGifg806233 , HtmGjbn806812 , HtmGhtk805925 , HtmGipr806504 , HtmGjc80249 , HtmGeee803501 , HtmGidv806196 , HtmGiqd806516 , HtmGjcm806837 , HtmGhrz805888

Different from the familiar retro series, New Balance Fresh Foam 980 in appearance with more dazzling sense of science and technology. The fine hexagonal mesh extends from the upper to the midsole and outsole, covering almost every inch of the skin. Take the first feeling in the hands is very light, the new type of foam material to control the weight in place. After the foot will be clearly felt in the end of the texture, soft among the slightly flexible, walking like a heavy carpet on the same.

      The hexagonal grid on the upper is not the like, the special suture way can effectively spread the tension, increase the strength, in the running to further reduce the deformation. And cover the key parts of the hot posts and materials and "N" logo Logo, played a role in strengthening the upper support, tightened after a good sense of parcel. On the surface, heel did not do any special reinforcement, but the filling of a good sponge to ensure the running of the comfort, but also did not appear with the foot of the problem. Overall, New Balance Fresh Foam 980 uppers design remarkable, should be breathable and wrapped are very good, the test did not reveal obvious shortcomings.

      The new midsole material is the biggest bright spot, forefoot honeycomb structure with convex shape, strong support at the start, and then the use of concave concave shape, cushioning ability is even better. But this new material also has a certain degree of lack of, or design bias, it is more suitable for short-distance running training. In the runway test, the original is very soft in the end is a bit too much, missing foot support makes long distance test after the feet slightly tired, I believe in the next generation of products debut, such a small problem will be improved.

      Outsole to continue to implement the honeycomb shape, very visual impact. The crowded hexagonal cut allows the sole to make a greater degree of bending in the transverse and longitudinal directions, to enhance the bending flexibility and comfort of the soles of the feet. The crushed lines also guarantee a good grip, and there is no slippage in the corners or horizontal movement. But in order to provide maximum cushioning capacity, most of the outsole material slightly soft, durability will be no small test.

      New Balance is committed to innovation, and we are happy to accept fresh technology. The new hexagonal appearance and the new foam material, originally good at using materials to shock the New Balance again to bring surprises. Thanks to the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 let us shine, as a new product, it is good enough, hope to meet the next time, give us a different freshness.

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SKINS Sikes compressed pants for the crowd
Official introduction Skins is a gradient-packed, high-performance sportswear with built-in bio Acceleration Technolog, which enhances your level of training and athleticism and contributes to post-sport recovery. The future trend of technology-based apparel will be a gradient compression design. Will be tightly designed to be uniform and accurate to the specific parts of the body to exert surface pressure, so that the body speed of blood flow. So that the working muscles to transport more oxygen, so that its energy efficiency greatly improved. The acceleration of blood circulation also helps the body to emit lactic acid and other metabolites. These effects combine to make your movement faster and longer. The acceleration of muscle recovery after exercise can indicate an increase in body oxygen uptake. The result is a faster recovery of muscle fatigue. If you wear Skins dress longer, this effect is even more obvious. 8 hours after exercise this effect on delayed muscle soreness (delayed muscle soreness lasting up to 48 hours) to achieve the best results, this time muscle pain, muscle weakness can be significantly alleviated, muscle response ability to recover quickly. Skins' uniqueness is that it combines a variety of features, far better than any single product. The secret lies in Skins 'innovative creature acceleration technology and the unique nature of Skins' all-product smart fabrics. Skins product advantages include:? To reduce muscle lactate accumulation, increase muscle oxygen supply, promote blood circulation; help muscle force;? Exclusion of skin sweat;? According to the external hot and cold temperature adjustment of the body temperature; , To prevent the smell;? 50 + anti-UV performance to provide good sunscreen effect
From which we can see, skins product advantages and long-distance running enthusiasts training characteristics are very similar. Is very suitable for the masses, haha. And as the distance is longer, the longer the run time, the more the function of the pants can be revealed! Such as the Gobi race, super-horse, cross-country competition such as the use of participants is very common

SKINS Sikes A200 Compression Pants Appearance

HtmGcvk802597 , HtmGdpa803107 , HtmGcyx802688 , HtmGdnh803062 , HtmGdcj802778 , HtmGebs803437 , HtmGcrl802494 , HtmGdqu803153 , HtmGdfw802869 , HtmGdaq802733 , HtmGdug803243 , HtmGdec802823 , HtmGcte802539 , HtmGdsn803198 , HtmGdhp802914 , HtmGcwr802630 , HtmGdw80113 , HtmGdlb803004 , HtmGdzm803379 , HtmGcuy802585 , HtmGdoo803095 , HtmGdji802959 , HtmGecz803470 , HtmGcyk802675 , HtmGdxt803334 , HtmGdmv803050 , HtmGdbx802766 , HtmGebf803424 , HtmGdqh803140 , HtmGdad802720 , HtmGdtu803231 , HtmGddq802811 , HtmGcss802527 , HtmGdsa803185 , HtmGdhc802901 , HtmGcwe802617 , HtmGdvn803276 , HtmGcqz802482 , HtmGdkp802992 , HtmGdfj802856 , HtmGdz80116 , HtmGcul802572 , HtmGdiw802947 , HtmGcxy802663 , HtmGdxg803321 , HtmGdmi803037 , HtmGdbk802753 , HtmGeat803412 , HtmGdpv803128 , HtmGczr802708 , HtmGdth803218 , HtmGdob803082 , HtmGddd802798 , HtmGecm803457 , HtmGcsf802514 , HtmGdro803173 , HtmGdgq802889 , HtmGdva803263 , HtmGdex802844 , HtmGdyn803354 , HtmGctz802560 , HtmGdij802934 , HtmGcxl802650 , HtmGdwu803309 , HtmGdlw803025 , HtmGday802741

Cut the work: version of the type of thin and compact, fine details of the line processing. It is said that the current Li Ning Skins A200 than before increased the nest space, which is undoubtedly good news for men running friends. Trousers waist of the small pocket design to solve the problem of carrying a small object, highlighting the human design.

SKINS Sikes A200 Compression Pants Actual Evaluation

After the pants to wear to feel a little tight, each part of the lower limbs are very well wrapped. Where the eggs are a bit tight (it seems my eggs are not XS eggs, haha ​​~) so I went to the Seine River, along the river has been forward. Slowly, the kind of tight feeling is gone, replaced by the comfort. Originally, I was trying to speed, but unfortunately my Garmin 405 strike, the program ran the watch crash, I do not know how to restart, had to give up. But this does not affect my mood, I continue along the previous line of their own progress, unconsciously, one kilometer had, two kilometers ... ... soon went to 45min, 8 km or so place. I ate the first energy glue. This time the speed did not change much, I went forward to 13 km or so, this time slowly began to feel that the pants on the knee above the intra-femoral muscle compression force: intra-femoral muscle is my weak links LSD ran to 20k +, cramps doom always come to the part of the muscle inside the muscle. It should be said that it is my weakest. And the intradermal muscle is "compact" this feeling, should be SKINS credit - it is not enough strength of the muscles have a complementary role, it is in line with the product description of the "reduce muscle lactate accumulation, increase muscle oxygen supply, Promote blood circulation "and" help muscle force "two. In general, cramps are prone to the accumulation of lactic acid in a lot of places; there is an incorrect running posture, making a part of the body by the pressure, muscle overwhelmed, they pulled the tendons. I continue to move forward, the rhythm is not too much disruption, personal feeling is still very good. To a half an hour or so, I eat a second energy glue, and appropriate to add the water, making the body can continue to normal operation, not because of excessive perspiration and loss of water and inorganic salts, nor because the running distance Too long and the energy out of the chain. Run so run, run and run, nothing particularly uncomfortable or excited to return to the starting point. The training is done. Readers see here, may be shouting pit father: ah, you do this ghost onion? You are not what is not written on the end of it, this is simply cheating ah! Foreplay is long and boring, and then there is no climax to an abrupt end The amount of this article does have this suspect! At first, I feel sorry for myself: Is training so over? I seem to have nothing to feel hey ... but then a thought, this is indeed reasonable: SKINS is not the Iron Man actor that set of combat clothing, neither flying, can not escape, he is to help you "improve the results, Injury, to speed up the recovery "with, there may not be miraculous. And in my training, the three are reflected:
improve grades. Because there is no watch, can not measure the exact value, but the body is really light. Two hours to complete easily.
Reduce the injury. some. The muscle inside the muscle without cramps is a good proof. Back to Guangzhou, ran a 27k, from Beijing Road to Pazhou exhibition and then reentry, calf medial periosteum the next day there was pain. That time I was wearing SKINS compressed shorts, legs exposed, is not protected to the. And then return to the country because the law is not regular, injury has not been completely cured. After returning to France, after a week of restorative training, in today, ran 2 hours of LSD, injury did not recur. On the one hand the rest has been guaranteed (only once a week to run a row, jogging twice) and I use the back of the run, slow down the speed; the other hand, should also be grateful to SKINS.
Speed ​​up recovery. I think this is the best in three areas: I give full marks! I wrote this evaluation is 6 pm, just wake up half an hour. After the afternoon break, the body without any discomfort, fatigue is almost no, the whole body seems to have been re-filled the same. Of course, I do not want to exaggerate the effect of SKINS, misleading other friends who are considering to start: I have not finished before the LSD super uncomfortable, but the legs will be sour, as if those who do not exercise all year round, suddenly strong physical exercise soft a feeling of. Usually I have to wait until the next day "row acid riding" an hour later, the body feeling gradually returned to normal. And today's training finished rest for more than two hours, it has reached the rest of the day before the results in exchange for more. This is the biggest benefit of the pants - the recovery is quicker.

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Reebok Floatride Foam

Reebok uses the groundbreaking Floatride Foam lightweight cushioning technology to create a lightweight spacecraft for astronauts Reebok Floatride Space Boot SB-01, which has now entered the astronaut testing phase in the United States. This is also the last 50 years, the first upgrade of space boots reform.

In cooperation with David Clark, a veteran manufacturer of aerospace protection equipment, Reebok has developed and produced both lightweight and protective footwear, as well as both comfort and performance. The pair of shoes designed for the design of space suits, astronauts will wear this equipment to and from the International Space Station and Boeing produced the latest spacecraft CST-100 Starliner between.

HtmGbzz802040 , HtmGbdr801460 , HtmGckg802307 , HtmGbnz801728 , HtmGbyg801995 , HtmGbbz801416 , HtmGbmg801683 , HtmGbzc802017 , HtmGcjk802285 , HtmGbnc801705 , HtmGbxk801973 , HtmGchs802241 , HtmGblk801661 , HtmGbvs801929 , HtmGcio802263 , HtmGbwo801951 , HtmGcgw802219 , HtmGbko801639 , HtmGbuw801907 , HtmGcfd802174 , HtmGbiw801595 , HtmGcg8071 , HtmGbjs801617 , HtmGcqh802464 , HtmGbu8059 , HtmGceh802152 , HtmGbi8047 , HtmGbsh801840 , HtmGbgh801528 , HtmGcpl802442 , HtmGbtd801862 , HtmGcdl802130 , HtmGbhd801550 , HtmGcnt802398 , HtmGbrl801818 , HtmGcbt802086 , HtmGbfl801506 , HtmGcop802420 , HtmGccp802108 , HtmGcmx802376 , HtmGbqp801796 , HtmGcax802064 , HtmGbep801484 , HtmGcle802331 , HtmGbox801752 , HtmGbcx801440 , HtmGcma802353 , HtmGbpt801774 , HtmGcaa802041 , HtmGbdt801462 , HtmGcki802309 , HtmGboa801729 , HtmGbyi801997 , HtmGbca801417 , HtmGbmi801685 , HtmGbze802019 , HtmGcjm802287 , HtmGbne801707 , HtmGbxm801975 , HtmGchu802243 , HtmGblm801663 , HtmGbvu801931 , HtmGciq802265 , HtmGbwq801953 , HtmGcgy802221 , HtmGbkq801641 , HtmGbuy801909 , HtmGcff802176 , HtmGbiy801597
"For space travel, weight is a very important factor, and a weight gain is often much higher than a one - pound. The traditional space boots are made of stiff leather and sturdy soles, and are not connected to the space suit. "The Reebok Floatride Foam application has given space boots a big boost from three areas: 1, greatly reducing the overall weight; 2, giving a pair of air boots to the same comfort as running shoes," said Matt Montross from Reebok's innovation department. ; 3, more fashionable type.

So cool out of the Earth Floatride Foam light cushioning technology, the Earth's surface is also about to have! In August, the new Reebok Floatride light-resistant long-distance running shoes with Floatride Foam light cushioning technology, with a new black and white color whirlwind struck, to bring the wonderful experience of "black technology".

In fact, in April this year, Reebok Floatride light slow shock long running shoes have entered the field of vision, and by virtue of its high performance and comfort swept the major awards, also "Runner's World Runners World" magazine as "2017 summer Good first show "running shoes. "Professional runners often complain that a pair of lightweight high-performance running shoes can help them improve their running speed, but at the same time means sacrificing cushioning performance," says Matt Montross of Reebok's innovation department. "The traditional light running shoes are slow But the Reebok Floatride light-resistant long-distance running shoes is a good solution to this problem, Floatride Foam light cushioning technology can keep the cushion on the basis of light.

In August, Reebok Floatride light slow shock long running shoes will bring simple wild black and white color, light, buffer, flexible, stable four amazing performance, so that runners enjoy a comfortable long-distance running.

About Reebok Reebok

Reebok originated in the United States, to become the first fitness enthusiast fitness brand. Reebok product line is divided into REEBOK FITNESS (Reebok fitness series) and REEBOK CLASSIC (Reebok classic series) two major lines. REEBOK FITNESS offers professional and innovative fitness products and experiences for fitness professionals. REEBOK CLASSIC focus on shaping the personalized lifestyle fashion attitude.