Friday, July 14, 2017

Three Rose3 limited edition special color

This year's autumn and winter, with the return of # # # Blessing blessing activities swept the country, basketball lovers and Ross fans are waiting for the return of the wind rose rose the enthusiasm is also rising. On the eve of # Rose, Adidas and then push three Rose3 limited edition color, let us have the opportunity to once again revisit the story of the growth of the son of Fengcheng City and approached his home has been proud of - Chicago.

This is the three pairs of limited edition boots color of the most affectionate is a Derek Rose's mother - "Brenda" named after the shoe body to the main tone of red, with black and white. The inside of the tongue is not only printed with the signature of Rose and the mother of Brenda, and the detailed look will also reveal that the background of the design is painted with the family line of the Rose - the family part of the "Rose Tree" that records the Rose's story, Outside the Ross exclusive LOGO each other, fully demonstrated Rose on the mother Brenda and all family members of the infinite love and respect.

In addition to this "Brenda" color, the other two special colors for basketball lovers and Ross fans show is the son of the city of the growth of the city - Chicago city style and cultural style. "Michigan Avenue" color shoes design inspiration from the third largest city in the United States at the end of Chicago shopping season gorgeous lights and billboards. White synthetic leather upper and midsole on the spot represents the famous Michigan Avenue flashing street lights, blue beef leather leather toe, heat red tongue and heel bright yellow three stripes logo, all from Chicago's most famous Michigan Avenue every year November 17 opening of the light festival. The inside of the tongue and the half of the stars represent Ross's "Poohdini" tattoo. Surrounded by the coordinates of the Michigan Avenue around the pattern, the number 1,000,000 represents the number of bright lights illuminated by the Michigan Avenue Light Music Festival.

The last Rose 3 special color inspired by the Chicago local reputation of the football team - the US National Football League Chicago Bears. Shoes body to the Chicago Bears team color dark blue, orange and white tone, the left tongue printed on the Chicago Bears helmet and the ubiquitous classic Ross exclusive LOGO, right tongue is coated with the team founding year "1919 " This pair of special colors to show the spirit of the city of Chicago and Ross as the representative of the Chicago people on the city's sense of belonging and pride.

Accompanied by three Rose 3 limited edition special color sweeping the country, # Rose return signature blessing activities are also perfect ending, two pairs of Chinese basketball enthusiasts and fans filled with Ross fans, support and full of love Rose 3 will be on the return, Went to the other side of the ocean back to its owner - Derek Ross in the hands of # # # Rose back to the peak of the boom again. In the wind of the son of the child to prepare for the critical moment of return, he will wear these two pairs of Chinese fans bless the special boots to fight, their own basketball focus, progress, faith, perseverance and hope attitude back to the game after more The performance of the ruling level to show so much attention to his love of his fans, let us look forward to the Rose City bloom.

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