Friday, June 30, 2017

adidas X-Hale

2012 spring and summer basketball court fresh fashion should never be lost in previous years. In addition to the traditional basketball shoes, but should choose a pair of both with the shirt, but also highlight the fashion tide range of children's basketball shoes, so you run on the pitch caused more attention!

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Adidas in April will provide basketball enthusiasts more suitable for spring and summer wearing tide of things X-Hale. This pair of basketball fans last year, sought after leisure basketball shoes both the basic functions of basketball shoes and the trend of elements, in addition to last year's popular blue and white color models, the other will also launch black and red color and mint green color X -Hale.

Three trend color, for different color preferences you provide a greater choice of space. Domineering black and red, highlight the strength brought by the endless wonderful; dazzling personality mint green, you can definitely let the focus of the stadium; fresh and calm blue sky, so that the wearer issued a calm and natural atmosphere. Three colors to X-Hale's wild ability to be consolidated again.

In the vamp design, X-Hale to follow the simple Adidas iconic "three stripes" design, in order to enhance the support side of the shoe body side. The upper by the whole mesh material to build, cool texture ready to go, the upper inside to fill the foam material to ensure the shoe body support and comfort. AdidasClimaCool the use of technology, even in hot weather will not let the feet feel oppressed, compared to traditional basketball shoes, breathability naturally greatly improved. Soles use a soft foam material, the integration of PureMotion design concept, combined with large shading lines, in the foot of the key points to join the support design. With five rounds of the end of the pattern, reminiscent of the past two years adidas launched numerous top boots, which also implies the X-Hale simple appearance under the hidden real soul.

X-Hale into the fashion mix, sports and leisure and after the idea of ​​recovery. Suitable for the spring and summer trend of basketball followers, with the concept of fresh and comfortable to break the traditional shackles, so that the wearer in the fashion elements at the same time, more enjoy the comfort of the foot breathable. same,

Adidas X-Hale can provide basketball enthusiasts with low-intensity sports support, such as training warm-up, shooting exercises, and its unique sports function design can do this level of exercise. Especially for the game, or after high-intensity exercise, put on the X-Hale will give a sudden relaxation of the muscles to a certain support.

AdidasX-Hale gave us a new answer: the trend of the shape, ClimaCool technology, basketball shoes, functional design, let us in the shape of eye-catching at the same time, but also to keep the foot fresh. Also told those who follow the basketball, support the right choice, never wrong!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Evaluation of Three - generation Running Shoes by

Li Ningyun is to build "Li Ning bow" and "Li Ning arc" two structures damping technology leading domestic sports brand shock absorption technology after another masterpiece, today, "Li Ning bow" and "Li Ning arc" is still being Other domestic sports brand imitation. Today, continue to introduce new and enhance the technology Li Ning brand once again force, in the field of material shocks, launched a new "Li Ningyun" technology platform.

"Li Ningyun" the core of science and technology is the "impact of rebound", that is, the perfect combination of cushioning and bounce. Li Ning team after a long period of scientific experiments successfully developed a unique polymer material formula, through the chemical bond to EVA, rubber and other four different properties of polymer material polymerization, the formation of the basic framework in the end. At the same time, the addition of the blowing agent to produce the gas can be filled with the entire frame structure, the formation of numerous micro "balloon." When the "Li Ningyun" in the end of the material impact on the ground impact, the "balloon" will be pressure deformation, the impact of rapid absorption, reduce the harm to the human foot, which is the process of absorbing energy, but also cushioning process. In the "airbag" compression deformation reached the extreme, the four have excellent toughness and recovery of the polymer material will quickly return to its original state, the end of the force returned to the foot, the release of energy, this process is the rebound the process of. Such as an efficient energy cycle system, as if the clouds in the air by the outside temperature, humidity changes and effects, sometimes the occurrence of air convection, collision, into the raindrops fall to the ground; the ground water after the absorption of heat to form water vapor Rising, to absorb the small droplets of water and small ice crystals eventually assembled into the same cycle of clouds - this is the "Li Ningyun" the name of the most important origin.

"Li Ningyun" series of products with basketball, running and comprehensive training three categories, set cushioning, rebound, soft, lightweight in one. This issue we will evaluate for everyone is Li Ningyun three generations of Smart men's intelligent shock shoes.

This running shoes listed on September 18 this year, first of all thank Sina running to the author of this evaluation opportunities, the same day after the evaluation of qualifications, the next day by the running shoes, Sina for the efficient work efficiency is impressed.

Li Ning in 2016 completely released running shoes matrix (as shown below), which in the domestic brand, to fill the running shoes of the blank, Li Ning running shoes is a mature performance, you can see Li Ning sports shoes business Long - term strategic planning and professionalism.
In 2014, the cloud series of running shoes on the gradual development of the third generation, the fourth quarter of 2016 launched this three generations of three full-blown protection function running shoes, the main winter full protection design, is the cloud series of comprehensive upgrades, in particular, Series of the technology, and the price of 499 yuan is very close to the people, it can be said Li Ningyun three generations of Smart intelligent shock absorbing running shoes will be Li Ning running shoes in the important part of the plan, will become Li Ning running shoes to a brilliant turning point.

I as Li Ning running shoes loyal fans, this running shoes to the market's popularity is full of confidence.
In 2014, the cloud series of running shoes on the gradual development of the third generation, the fourth quarter of 2016 launched this three generations of three full-blown protection function running shoes, the main winter full protection design, is the cloud series of comprehensive upgrades, in particular, Series of the technology, and the price of 499 yuan is very close to the people, it can be said Li Ningyun three generations of Smart intelligent shock absorbing running shoes will be Li Ning running shoes in the important part of the plan, will become Li Ning running shoes to a brilliant turning point.

I as Li Ning running shoes loyal fans, this running shoes to the market's popularity is full of confidence.
The upper use of the Li Ning watershell technology, wind and water repellent, followed by the second generation of Li Ningyun configuration, but the work has a great upgrade! The upper to the dense fabric-based, combined with seamless process, the surface of the water-repellent treatment, autumn and winter cold weather to wear very warm, upper use of Chinese weaving pattern modification, some people say that the Chinese style, I feel more like a chip circuit board Of the lines, highlighting the three generations of Li Ningyun full of protective running shoes built Wumi wisdom of this intelligent characteristics, like the black technology of young players come to feel it, full of sense of science and technology. PS: the upper of the Li Ning logo is reflective Oh, very suitable for students like the night run.
Some students said a shoe at the end of the shape of fish like fish, ha ha, I also very much agree, very beautiful, especially when running foot is indeed very nice. This is the new material developed by Li Ningyun, the bottom of the black part is relatively hard, the white part is very soft, unique groove design so that the rain no longer worry about water into the shoes, I know we have a lot of running friends Like rain, I also like, the more we worry about the more, lost some childhood courage, fear of rainy day running a cold, will fall, will be injured, but I like the rain, the street few people , The world is very quiet, running very enjoy, I also like to play in the rain, very happy. This pair of running shoes have a very good grip, rain and snow weather is not afraid of Oh, I tried for everyone. (Of course, work and study friends or pay attention to safety, do not affect your life rhythm, running for a better physical and mental health, not because of running injury acridine)

I also like this shoe in the end, very elegant blue, ripples like the wind like a very Smart, on the feet of ultra-soft, I am through the most stretch of running shoes. The author weight 100kg, height 178cm, if you are like a fat like me, want to lose weight, like running, then must be sure to choose a pair of soles relatively thick stretch of good shoes, or run for some time because of your upper body is very heavy , To cause your knee to wear, prolonged ankle will be damaged.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hoka One One Clifton 3

There is a recognized fat in the running world - that is, Hoka One One. Although it looks too large, but both comfortable and protected are absolutely first class. Today to tell you about Hoka One One Clifton 3 running shoes.

This section is a heel of the heel is very close to the height difference between the running shoes, the most suitable for daily or fast-paced training in the damping shoes wearing shoes, suitable for normal foot or outside runners use.

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Clifton 3 is the third generation of the popular Clifton series. This series maintains a soft cushion and super lightweight features.
This section than in the past, have a more solid soles. In the end thickness thicker than before, shock absorption performance is very good. The toe parts are slightly wider and the upper garment is made of new mesh material. This design will allow the runner every step to feel the comfort of the buffer and soft strong and lasting support.

CMEVA foam material to the end of the end without weight, the United States on the 9th each weighing only 8.6 ounces (about 243g). The weight of many flat shoes is the same. The upper seamless TPU material stretch and breathability are very good, even if you will not feel hot in the summer. Widening the forefoot to run on the way to the lateral pressure of the toes to reduce, but also to ensure a more fun breathing, running feel more comfortable.
The design of the curved sole is similar to the technology of the snowboard, so that the foot is more smooth in the movement, regardless of the direction of landing or how to fall on the ground, gravity will push your feet forward. Forefoot 24mm, followed by 29mm, this is only 5mm before and after the gap will let you run more easily.

Apply a high-wear rubber material to the outsole at a strategic location and wrap it to the toe of your upper. Of course, CMEVA's foam is also used on the outsole, but it does not affect its overall ruggedness, but makes it more comfortable to wear.
If you want to have a pair of multi-functional running shoes, this Hoka is your choice. Maximum cushioning combined with lightweight weight for you to wear it at any distance; upper stretch and breathability as well as wider forefoot design for you to wear it in any season; curved sole design and smaller The heel forehead height difference, suitable for you in any case of road wear it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Freedom ISO

As one of the world's four major running shoes brand, Sokoni in the United States enjoy the "sports shoes in the Rolls-Royce" reputation. Recently, Suo Conony new flagship running shoes Freedom ISO available, and its beautiful appearance and superior performance so that the majority of running shoes lovers lifted.

In general, Freedom ISO has four major advantages: full palm EVERUN outsole has excellent energy feedback; strong outsole to provide exceptional wear resistance and resilience; fashionable ISOFIT design perfect fit foot type; eye-catching appearance Design very seductive. However, everything is good and bad, its price is 10-20% more expensive than its competitors.

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Suo Conner Freedom ISO is the first pair of this exciting new series of running shoes, but it's a pair of 1983 with a pair of Freedom training shoes known as "one of the most innovative and advanced running shoes" Somewhat similar. It is not just Sokoni's boast, Freedom training shoes as a pair of groundbreaking running shoes may still be comparable with some modern running shoes. Brand selection "Freedom" as the name of the new series is to hope that it can be the same innovation and advanced.

Compared to Sokoni Kinvara 7s, the Freedom ISO is like a "Big Big Brother" - although it weighs a little more, it is more durable, resilient, and trustworthy in the long run. The design is designed to provide a pair of stylish and comfortable running shoes to all levels of runners, and is resilient to just five miles (about 8.05km) after running 500 miles (about 805km).

Freedom is a new series of running shoes for Sokoni, which aims to increase the energy feedback, resilience and cushioning limits. There is no pair of Sorconi running shoes like it, of course, almost no other running shoes brand has a pair like his use of the whole palm EVERUN (TPU foam in the end), which gives 83% of the runner's energy feedback and EVA foam more than 3 times The durability. In addition, it maintains a better cushioning rate than other foams at low temperatures.

In addition to the whole palm EVERUN in the end, this pair of running shoes also used Sokoni's another new technology "crystal rubber" - that is, a transparent and durable rubber. It feels more durable than sponge glue. Sokoni with the whole palm EVERUN midsole shock, and with crystal rubber bear wear.

The heel height of the running shoes is 19mm, the height of the forefoot is 15mm, and the heel height difference is only 4mm. While the 9 ounces (255g) weight also made it a pair of lightweight running shoes.

At the same time, as part of the ISO series running shoes, Freedom ISO like other Sokoni ISO running shoes (including Hurricane, Zealot and Triumph series), are using ISOFIT technology. However, the more streamlined design in giving you the same familiar with the comfortable fit, and will not let you produce uppers more bulky feeling.

The upper is mainly made of very breathable fabric, and in the vicinity of the toe with edge reinforcement. This is very sensible, because the toes near the more easy to wear, so usually runners hope that some more solid. Heel, a very thin plastic trim so that heels can get more support.

Shoelaces can be firmly on the side of the running shoes tight, and comfortable tongue will not be exposed from the top of the shoelace. In the vicinity of the shoelace hole, but also with a clear chic, almost no attention to the letter spell "ISOFIT".

Sorcone's other excellent design on the upper is the triple combination of reflective material, color and logo. From the outside, the brand's primary goal is to make it a pair of compelling and not ridiculous running shoes. Its color is "bright blue with double fluorescent outsole", there are more soft charcoal and more eye-catching orange with yellow series.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


The latest IGNITE NETFIT shoes in the upper use of the PUMA new NETFIT technology to a full range of customized strap system and personalized strap selection for the runners to provide a stable and comfortable running support. The upper is a combination of PUMA unique "evoKnit" knitted fabric to build socks upper, in the further realization of comfort at the same time, the interpretation of fashion appearance. The heel of the TPU Heel Clip enhances the support effect and the stability of the heel. Finally, the rich choice of lace, so that runners can be more free publicity personality, and further show NETFIT family of customization concept.
IGNITE NETFIT in the end with PUMA Ace cushioning material IGNITE foam, with a new zigzag design, for the runners to provide superior energy feedback and comfort, and Molded EVA socks with the inside together, so that every step out Have the best comfort. The soles provide the perfect platform for the runners, so that every step is full of self-confidence, PUMA EverTrack outer sole rubber for your feet from the toes to the heel to provide durability and contraction, but also with elastic grooves in the toes from the ground Produce the best elasticity. In addition, this shoe also added a redesigned, extending from the heel to the toes, to simulate the runners of the natural gait conversion line, as far as possible to create the most smooth pace.
IGNITE NETFIT is committed to creating a full range of comfortable wearing experience, so that runners have the opportunity to adjust the shoes to the most comfortable feet with the favorite shape. PUMA's product development team is currently designed with five different strap demonstrations for reference, and in fact, NETFIT strap method there are infinite possibilities. These five straps include the standard strap method, the normal leg of the solid system; wide banding method, for the "wide enough" to release more space; narrow banding method, as "narrow" foot runners And the need for more foot support runners of the Gospel; heel support strap law, enjoy the heel and running shoes close fit.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Reebok's new launch of ZigSlash thin boots

2010, Reebok has launched its brand of top sports technology, can reduce the leg muscle wear up to 20% of the innovative running training shoes - ZigTech. 2011 spring and summer, Reebok this top sports technology into the new basketball boots-ZigSlash. The new launch of the Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes, Reebok sports shoes from the training field, expanded to a more intense basketball stadium.

Reebok ZigTech energy return technology is designed to reduce the impact of exercise on the foot muscles. The core of the ZigTech series of sports shoes is the use of the most advanced energy to return technology - its unique zigzag soles, to absorb the vertical impact, and with the movement of each step forward, the energy will continue to pass along the serrated horizontal , Back to the movement itself.

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Basketball is easy to have a huge impact on the foot, and ZigTech energy return technology can reduce the impact, thereby reducing energy consumption. Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes, is the use of ZigTech energy return technology revolutionary "upgrade" shoes. Using a slightly tilted midsole to ensure stability, and a deep "human" shaped rubber outsole that has been proven to provide sufficient ground traction for athletes with frequent horizontal movements. In reducing foot muscle wear at the same time, but also allows athletes to get sufficient propulsion, so that athletes have a shocking energy feedback experience. "Since last year, Reebok has launched ZigTech running training shoes, and we firmly believe that this series of bold and innovative design will change people's traditional concept of sports shoes; and ZigTech energy back to the technology to bring the shock absorption of the technology," said Chris Froio, Reebok Men's product leader. Benefits, will make ZigSlash in the basketball court shine.

NBA early this season, as the NBA10-11 season champion and Washington Wizards rookie John Wall's royal boots, ZigSlash stunning debut, completed in the NBA game "debut".

"It's fantastic to play ZigSlash in the field," said Wall. "Unlike any pair of shoes I've worn before, ZigSlash kept me in the first season of my career in a very good condition. "

Reebok Zigtech series of sports shoes have been favored by many sports stars. John Wall has just become a member of the Reagan ZigTech family, including the US National Football League star Payton Manning, Chad Ochochenko and DeMarcus Will, the National Hockey League star Sidney Crosby, Alexander Owachiken, US Major League Baseball Red Tim Tim Linden, David Ostiez, soccer star Thierry Henry and the world's youngest F1 champion Driver Lewis Hamilton and so on.

In addition to Zigtech's cushioning technology, the breathable mesh uppers make Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes light and comfortable. Not only that, ZigSlash also offers a variety of color options, blue and white, black and white blue, and white with the same time in February launched the Wizards away color matching limited, I believe will become the hearts of countless consumers favorite.

In addition to ZigSlash, Reebok also introduced a new ZIGRETURNXT training shoes, with ZIGTECH energy return technology and full of young and dynamic color, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear, become the focus of attention.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Air Jordan 13 Allstar

1998 All-Star Game, Bulls Jordan last time to participate in the All-Star Game ... so it is destined to be an unusual all-star game ... ...
1998 for me and many of my peers, it was an unusual year ...
In this year, the entire Chinese people are concerned about the floods in southern China ... In this year, Indonesia's anti-China events so that all Chinese people can not forget ....
In this year the two TV series affected our whole generation .... clever is that these two TV series this year have a new interpretation of .....
My Fair Princess this year to remake, and love in the end to immediately release the film version of the ... ...
The same is this year, in the summer of France we witnessed the era of the ball of the peak of the duel and Zidane within a war landing ... ...
But for all the children who love basketball, this year the most important thing .... only two, and these two are related to the same person ... of course, his name we all know ...
This year, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to complete the history of the second consecutive three consecutive championships ... with the last battle of the Jazz final battle to become the greatest moment in basketball history
This year, Michael.

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This is 98 years, a destiny of the 98 years ... Jordan's retirement to countless fans heartbreaking, and the NBA's replacement from the beginning of this year ...
It is in this context, the 1998 NBA All-Star Game became a watershed .....
This is the pinnacle of Jordan last time to participate in the All-Star Game ... this is a belongs to his all-star game ... ...
The All-Star Game, scored 23 points Jordan eventually led the Eastern team over the Western team .. and he also won the All-Star MVP .....
At the end of the game, has got 23 points for Jordan to get a chance to make a free throw ... Jordan chose to close his eyes and punish the ball .....
In the end, the ball did not penalty, and Jordan's score also finalized in the 23 points ... many years later, as a fate, this topic will be repeated!
Also in this all-star game, a 19-year-old third-year rookie audience with the peak of the MJ against ...
Although often MJ back singles success, but he also cut the head of the MJ 18 points ... and this war, but also proved his time has come .....
In the next decade or even longer, he became the best player on the planet's basketball court ... he called Kobe Bryant ...
Everything is already a long time, but write this ... as if everything is in front of everyone .... Oh, the years have been over who .....
In this year's All-Star Game, Jordan put on a pair of all-black Air Jordan 13-generation shoes .. This pair of shoes with the All-Star together, permanently loaded in the annals .....
In the year of the original sale of the five AJ13 color, all black is the most special one ... ...
There is a small detail ... AJ13 tongue has a JUMPMAN LOGO ... only all black color, in the LOGO outside there is a gold ring ....
These years the other four original color of the AJ13 have been re-engraved, and only this pair of all-star color has been stuck in people's memory .....
In 2011, he finally appeared again in front of us ... the same as the game, but ... ... so familiar.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nike released ZK6 upper imitation snake skin in the bottom thin feet closer to the ground

And Kobe Bryant today officially released Nike Zoom Kobe VI basketball shoes, inspired by Kobe Bryant on the pitch nickname "black Mamba." This design is inspired by the ferocious black mamba snake, while the integration of low to help the main functional elements of basketball shoes, weighing only 10.6 ounces (300 grams, the US version of men 9).

"Kobe VI is a very personalized shoes, with a strong 'black Mamba' mark." Bryant said, "As always, we in this shoe design using a lot of advanced technology, and strive to build a pair of Excellent functional basketball shoes, from the appearance, I think you never see more shoes than it is. It will be my favorite black Mamba into reality.

Nike sports shoes creative director Eric Avar led the design team and Kobe Bryant will be "black Mamba" presented in the Nike Zoom Kobe VI basketball shoes. Texture imitation snake skin unique polyurethane "bump" size, covered with the entire upper, to prevent surface wear, and can accurately improve the specific parts of the wear resistance. Shoes outside the front engraved with "Venomenon", highlighting the fatal venom of the black Mamba.

"Kobe believes that the black mamba is one of the deadliest predators on the planet," Avar said: "This is his way in each game to win - accurate and fast.

Customized fit experience

Kobe asked the designer to create a pair of shoes with excellent degree of fit. Nike in particular the use of innovative double-layer memory sponge insole, according to the player foot-shaped automatic adjustment to improve the degree of fit, bringing a unique, tailor-like fit experience. Phylon injection in the end of the foot more in line with the profile, to provide better cushioning effect; after the palm and forefoot to join the Nike Zoom air cushion unit, giving the player a non-general golf course comfort.

In order to enhance the performance of Bryant's track, Nike designer team followed a successful Nike Zoom Kobe V lightweight low-help shape. This year's new basketball shoes to reduce the thickness of the bottom, so that the feet closer to the ground, improve stability and comfort on the field. Bryant want a running shoes or soccer shoes like the real low to help basketball shoes, low to help the design of the new shoes are in line with their needs.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI incorporates the three-storey uppers designed into Nike's innovative Flywire technology. The innermost layer is a mesh covering the foot of the material, the middle of the use of Flywire technology, the outermost layer of polyurethane bumps with mesh material, better to prevent wear. This unique structure brings a lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable foot experience compared to the flywire vamps used in the Kobe series.

To ensure the best grip, Nike Zoom Kobe VI with hard rubber outsole, inspired by the black Mamba improved shoe pattern. Part of the Chinese version of the shoes also used XDR (ultra-wear-resistant rubber), for the outdoor basketball court rough surface to provide lasting wear resistance.

Technology and the perfect fusion of art

Nike Zoom Kobe VI is the Nike team and Kobe Bryant in the direct exchange of birth, so as to ensure that the shoes and their basketball style perfect fit.

"I often say that good design should be a balance between technology and art, and our cooperation with Kobe Bryant, the best is Bryant in each communication are based on this idea, everything starting from the technology." Avar said.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Adidas Adizero Rose 1.0

Who is Adidas' s first star player? ... Messi ... Haha, yes, but I'm talking about basketball shoes .....
Howard and Derek Ross. It's no doubt what's going on .....
Now both in the product endorsement, advertisers, or a variety of promotional books on ... these two have occupied the most important position .....
Accompanied by Duncan, Billups of the old ... KG transfer ... TMAC was scraped .....
In the younger generation, Howard and Ross have indeed undoubtedly carry the ADIDAS basketball shoes revival banner ... ...
And Ross, then let their name become the name of the shoes .....
You know, since Adidas used TS team shoes since, is the peak of the TMAC .. did not enjoy this treatment ah ... ...
From this point of view, Derek Ross is now the first player of ADIDAS's .....

In fact, last season, Rose has become the first generation of TS supernatural Creator .. and this pair of shoes, is also considered ADIDAS basketball shoes revival logo .....
But that pair of shoes, after all, Billups, TMAC and other players in a wear .....
This season, Ross is completely proud of a ... signature shoes treatment, so that he was in the ADIDAS system is so different .....

This season, whether it is adiZero Rose or Howard's beast commander .. are advertised with a word: "speed" .....
And Ross for this product to shoot the name of the ad ... called "fast as lightning" ... ...
And from the name point of view .. As we all know, adiZero is ADIDAS famous running shoes name ... From this point of view, a design comes from running shoes basketball shoes, in addition to speed, we can think of other?

Compared with the original Sample Edition, the listing version of the adiZero Rose removed the original Velcro ... ...
From the point of view of the actual wear .. professional, the protection will be reduced ... but it is more convenient for non-professional people with a smooth ...
It may be an ankle hollow use of the GeoFit lining it .. remove the Velcro can make the wearer feel better ... of course, I think this is more like a word .....
Soles with the previous generation is similar ... forefoot still used to be born out of the Tianmu technology PureMotion .... not only after the palm, but also changed back to the traditional design .....
To be honest, this two years .. the opportunity to wear basketball shoes is not much .... play the opportunity to even less .....
This pair of adiZero Rose is a rare let me step on the shoes ... the feeling is also good, but the ankle still do not like the kind of hollow design.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Air Max LeBron VIII China do not pay attention to the National Day debut

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max LeBron VIII was officially released today and will be available on October 26. Fusion of Chinese classical elements in particular to create the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China will not be listed on October 1 pre-listed in the occasion of the National Day Festival to the Chinese fans.

Excellence in science and technology, achievement Nike Air Max LeBron VIII

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII soles using basketball dedicated MAX AIR 360 unit and flying line technology, giving shoes excellent extreme cushioning effect and light comfort, and more solid control.

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII learn from the fashion shoes uppers of the classic process and injection molding technology, to create a fine workmanship, soft texture of the all-natural leather uppers. Completely integrated seamless breathable mesh boots are comfortable and breathable, and the structured TPU injection molding frame of the flying line technology is ergonomically designed to provide excellent cushioning for the most needed parts. The MAX AIR 360 cushioning unit provides excellent cushioning and impact protection, with a molded PHYLON material and a perfect response to the MAX AIR 360 cushioning design, helping to steer the direction and further enhance the ride effect.

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII increased the height difference between the shoe collar and the heel, improving the stability and flexibility of the Achilles tendon site. Shoe collar with double density injection mold built-in foam, enhanced the package and comfort. The eyebrow staggered arrangement makes the dress more fit, the top of the shoe eye with double pull 8-shaped design, easy to enhance the lock effect of shoelaces.

In appearance, Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Nike swoosh back to the rear of the shoes to form a unique shock effect of the ring, representing LeBron James on the pitch extraordinary speed. The lion pattern on the tongue represents LeBron James as the king of the stadium. Tongue on the back of the signature label, design inspiration from the stadium outside the special custom clothing, highlight the production of shoes in the superb craftsmanship.

Soles around the functional details of the design not only provides excellent flexibility, but also fully reflects the LeBron's own personality. Outsole with a geometric structure and X-shaped elastic heel combination of shock absorption design, can be dispersed and pressure. The flexibility of the forefoot of the deep groove to achieve the best range of motion control, lightweight multi-directional character design for LeBron James tailored to adapt to its first step and high-speed change in the demand.

China do not note, highlight the talent

In the occasion of the National Day holiday, Nike launched the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China Note, the gift of Chinese fans. This pair of Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China do not note the use of pure white leather to create the whole body with Chinese red to be decorated, highlight the atmosphere of elegant aristocratic demeanor.

China is known as the Oriental lion, and in accordance with China's feng shui theory, white lions can resist the demons from the East, so guarding people's homes. Therefore, the ancient Chinese people often wear with a lion pattern of white shoes to show auspicious. Nike's designer in the tongue to join the lion pattern, to create a rare white lion, meaning the LeBron James in the new season invincible blessing.

Heel with the use of another unique Chinese characteristics of the lion element - lions statue. In modern China, the lions are a common form of artistic expression of the lion, and people think that the lions have a strong patron saint, and they are usually standing in the palace, temples and imperial temples. This form of heritage so far, with the lion statue guarding the door in China is still everywhere. Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China do not note this design for the heel, both the meaning of the lions guard LeBron James in the kingdom of basketball status, but also to bless James in the new season invincible. This element is also used in the soles, the basketball placed on the lions above the claws, full of strength and domineering.

The label in the tongue is made of noble satin fabric, "Designed And Engineered To The Exact Specifications Of Mr. LeBron James", expressed this pair of Chinese note is LeBron James special gift of Chinese fans wish. The number 82 represents the expectations of the 82 regular season and the win. Left and right shoes head of the metal signs were printed on the Chinese font "LeBron" and "James".

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China will not be listed on October 1 from the market, the main market push on October 26 full listing, the price is 1388 yuan. LeBron will also debut in the first new season in a new boot.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

HE NORTH FACE Ultra Protection Fast pack cc88

Thousands of miles began in the next step, long-range walking, the feet not only bear the weight of the body, need to deal with complex road conditions. Both inside and outside the double pressure, select a pair of suitable for their own footwear will become the primary problem.
The current period into the Sina outdoor evaluation room is designed for the light speed of the THE NORTH FACE Ultra Protection family series Fast pack cc88. Cc88 upper material using Gore-Tex waterproof film, Pebax, Flashdry. The soles are made of Vibram, Ultra Airmesh, and Cradle, Snake Plate. Single foot weight 327g, the whole pair of shoes 654g. In addition to the inside of the whole shoe underwear, the whole foot with Gore-Tex waterproof film, tongue and upper suture, waterproof height theoretical value up to the top of the first two shoes at the hole. Feel light weight, estimated waterproof ability is good.
First check the shoes work, the key point is the glue and the upper suture. Look at the outside of the whole shoe without excess glue remaining, no thread exposed, the upper foot flat. Remove the insoles, the internal suture neat. In contrast to the details of the end, the whole bottom are all large lines of design, the front foot for the four groups of lines, divided into two pairs of internal and external lines for the triangle along the edge along the edge of the distribution. One of the inner lines is similar to the lateral lines, but with its reverse and slightly smaller shape, the other group is transverse lines, the front palm 4 groups of staggered co-cast cc88 grip performance. The posterior foot palate is divided into four groups: the left and right groups, the left and right groups are similar to the lateral veins of the forefoot, followed by the TPU Cradle followed by the stability technique. Appearance evaluation :, exquisite workmanship, rough at the end.
It is worth mentioning that the first time to get the shoes, the shoe box pattern will cause my attention. In the next spring and autumn, it will attract a large number of backpackers from all over the world who like hiking hiking, which is also echoing the theme of the Fast pack CC88 - shoe.
Try to experience
Cc88 shoes within the larger space, should be fitted with professional outdoor socks. Toe up, standing when the toes in the ground state, soles hard, followed by a solid. Shoes for the pursuit of light and breathable almost non-woven fabric to add, Gore-Tex film and heel synthetic leather material hard, so the first experience of foot feeling more "hard", soft experience in general. In the heating foot temperature of up to 20 ℃ above the indoor long time wearing, the foot feels hot, the upper warm material and breathable function show, also shows that cc88 is not suitable for warm indoor environment wear, weekdays working time with caution.
water-proof test
In the room were trampled with water and water test, including light foot shoes to step on the water for 1 minute and from the top down the second shoe hole position to the tongue at the water 20 seconds. After the test, the shoes remain dry, the upper moist, foot temperature drop. Indicating that the inside of the waterproof effect is obvious, the upper material quick-drying but not water. After the warm and breathable material of the outer layer is warmed, the warmth performance is canceled by the water temperature. The ventilation effect makes the foot temperature drop rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the upper dryness and prevent the foot from wandering in time. importance.
Actual combat detection
With the last week of Shenyang drip hole hiking activities on the shoes were field testing. 2 km before the hiking for the formation of the road, cc88 toe up design, making the whole foot rolling rolling smooth, light speed. Try to run, 654g shoes to make the foot without bulky feeling and footsteps light. After the process of walking through the dirt road, Vibram outsole and Cradle technology makes the stability of the cc88 stability. Dripping holes located in more than 30 meters cliff bottom, downhill steps and muddy gravel road slippery, cc88 soles of the snake plate outsole, firmly control the road, easy escort. Visible cc88 hiking shoes should meet the spring and autumn light long-range walking, performance significantly. After half a month try to experience, view the upper, outsole, no defect, wear performance is good.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Gel-Nimbus 14

Love running friends must be on the Ascy of the world's four major running shoes brand familiar, this relatively low-key brand and not too much publicity and carpet bombing, but each time the launch of the running shoes are real "real guy." As the world's countless professional athletes and running enthusiasts most trusted brand, Asic has been the pursuit of continuous innovation, this entrepreneurial spirit also let it in the sixty years of brand history, for us to leave a pair of classic running shoes, and today we Protagonist Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 can continue classic? let us wait and see!
Always adhere to fresh and breathable
As a pair of shoes on the breathability of the pursuit of almost harsh, even so a pair of cushioning as a selling shoes, Gel-Nimbus 14 in the upper breathability is also unambiguous, a large number of mesh design so that the double Gel-Nimbus 14 Of the permeability rose to the other running shoes can not reach the height. For the running process, the heat generated by the foot can be the most timely release, and multi-layer fiber material can effectively inhibit the temperature rise in the shoe, and through the capillary phenomenon of sweat and hot air exclusion, so as to achieve dry feet the goal of. In the author nearly three kilometers of running, the foot is always keep the dry state, in the scorching sun season, my feet like to open the central air conditioning, so that every step I can play full, get rid of hot. As a pair of cushioning running shoes, Gel-Nimbus 14 breathable enough to shoulder any pair of breathable thin as a selling point of running shoes, which is the tradition of Asics, Gel-Nimbus 14 is also the first step closer to the classic running shoes.
Long journey support protection
Gel-Nimbus 14's support is remarkable, and on the way to the three-kilometer run, the author does not feel any tiredness and soreness at the foot, thanks entirely to the Gel-Nimbus 14 tray at the arch, This kind of Asics patented support system is not susceptible to temperature impact of the material, in the course of running the repeated impact of heat will not be deformed, for the author of the journey of three kilometers is really a lot of useless. The excellent support of the arch allows the wearer to run on long distances, nor will the support of the shoes fall, so that the foot fatigue and even damage, so Gel-Nimbus 14 recommended to long-distance running enthusiasts. In addition to the support at the arch, the Gel-Nimbus 14 is also a big fuss in the upper support, and the designer adds the TUP-like material to the main force of the vamps without affecting the breathability. Greatly enhance the support of the upper, but also to Gel-Nimbus 14's upper is not weak. The use of PHF technology to Gel-Nimbus 14 of the joint feet of excellence, PHF's own memory function can quickly according to your heel shape, thus changing their own shape, so that shoes more fit. In general, the Gel-Nimbus 14 is satisfying in terms of support, no matter how long your journey is, it will always protect your feet and make it hurt.
The king of the strong earthquake
I believe that many of my friends are still remember the experiment that year, in the experiment a raw egg from the height of 20 meters down in a mysterious substance on the mat, eggs intact, and this mysterious mat material is the famous Asics Trumpet damping technology GEL cushioning rubber. On this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14, we saw that the GEL was placed in front and back, so the author was confident in the performance of the Gel-Nimbus 14 in shock absorption, and it did not disappoint me in actual wear , Full of elastic shock absorption so that every step of the author to enjoy, especially in the back of the shock after the shock, the author once dreaming of "one step bomb" feeling, in the Gel-Nimbus 14 body to achieve The The first thing you can feel in every step is the unparalleled damping that GEL brings, and when you step up this step, flexibility will take your feet and make your every step full of power. fast. And this is not all, Gel-Nimbus 14 is still used in the end of the Solyte technology, which often appear in Asics various running shoes technology, using a molecular structure and density is different from ordinary EVA material, it has And EVA the same performance, have a good shock absorption, while with a certain degree of flexibility, which in the end of the GEL coincide, but because of the low density, so only half the weight of ordinary EVA, you can make shoes Reduced weight, Solyte technology and GEL shock absorbers give this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 powerful shock absorption, Gel-Nimbus 14 worthy of Asics damping shoes in the king.
Challenging the road is rocky
Gel-Nimbus 14 in the cushioning of the outstanding performance and can not cover it in the stability of the excellent, before we said, GEL shock rubber flexibility to the author left a deep impression, but in the surprise at the same time, I also Gel-Nimbus 14 stability expressed concern, after all, the shock absorption of the excellent tend to make the stability of the shoes greatly reduced, but in the running process, Gel-Nimbus 14 in the stability of the performance so that the author really satisfied, IGS system Efficacy in this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 to play the most vividly, every step it is the right to guide your feet, so that your feet in the most suitable way to run, even the foot of the runners do not have to worry about IGS The effectiveness of the system, similar to the bionic outsole, so that every step of your steady rock, and even poor road conditions, you do not have to worry about the feet will be hurt. IGS as the Gel-Nimbus 14 core stability system, it can guide you every step, choose the most suitable for the most effort of the way, which is IGS most commendable place. According to the bionic design of the outsole, you can make the complex road in the smooth, although not as exaggerated outdoor shoes, but for running enthusiasts enough.

After the completion of the test, I can not help but lament this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 is indeed the first four running shoes Asics launched ace running shoes, set light, cushioning and stability in one, in the cushioning area is doing particularly well, the whole pair of shoes The high tech is dazzling, but when you wear it run up, the real enjoyment has just begun.