Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alicia Keys x Reebok

In October 2012, Reebok has announced a new collaboration with 14 Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys, who is also a singer, author, producer, actor, New York Times best-selling author, cutting-edge entrepreneur and philanthropist Multi-identity Alicia Keys will be in the new Reebok 2012 autumn and winter series of classic listing activities, and Reebok jointly launched Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics2012 autumn and winter limited edition tide shoes. In this cooperation with Reebok, Keys will launch Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics 2012 autumn and winter limited shoes, including Freestyle Hi (that is, fans are well known 5411), Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess four Section, giving the classic style lively modern new feeling. The launch of the Alicia Keys x Reebok Classics limited edition shoes will be available in the exclusive sale. Alicia in the cooperation with the Reebok product design team will be very creative talent exposed, and extended to all aspects of the design, from the selection of her favorite classic style, to the choice of materials and color, all revealed Alicia strong Personal creativity and love. The final design works not only luxury materials, and design eye-catching, very personal color, no doubt in the young people set off a new wave of upsurge.

Keys said, "I have been the first pair of 5411 has become a loyal supporter of Reebok, the cooperation with Reebok is a very special experience for me, because my creative ideas have been a new "Reebok is a brand that has been tested over time and is able to work with such an innovative and vibrant brand, and is a proud and natural thing for me.

"Alicia is a long-time loyal supporter of the Reebok brand, and Reebok is also very fond of Alicia, so the cooperation between the two sides can be described as strong and powerful, and we are working together," said Todd Krinsky, global head of the Reebok Classic series, in an interview. Not only the design of new shoes, but also mining the Alicia music outside the field of extraordinary creativity.Whether the design of shoes or promotional activities of the concept of production, Alicia are actively involved, the final effect highlights the Reebok spirit and Alicia Personal qualities, all of which are designed to inspire young women around the world to actively participate and participate in this activity.

Hand in hand Alicia Keys Reebok classic autumn and winter joint shoes listed

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