Thursday, July 6, 2017

adiPower Howard 3

In the upcoming August, Dwight Howard will be unmatched with the momentum of World of Warcraft swept through the land of China, the Chinese fans will have the opportunity to personally feel his inviolable "restricted area overlord" charm. Adidas immediately released adiPower Howard 3 China line limited boots, for the majority of fans presented the World of Warcraft China's best souvenirs.

The Howard China plans to stop by Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenyang four stations, in the end of August China blowing basketball style. Howard was nicknamed the fans of Warcraft, he was in the field pull the mountains and rivers rebounds, imposing rainbow buckle and impregnable defense as the Tigers, so that opponents frightened. Adidas launched by the Chinese line adiPower Howard 3 China line limited boots design inspiration is coming from the "restricted area Overlord" Howard in the basketball court Tigers general momentum and combat effectiveness, the greatest extent to highlight the Howard in the field of personal characteristics.

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In the design of the boots, adiPower Howard 3 China line limited boots for the first time using a tiger pattern totem, metallic blue wrapped in a low-key dark gold, the upper printed tiger pattern totem, three adidas classic logo was dark Gold inlaid in a metallic blue upper, so that the entire shoe looks like a collar in their own territory, ready to mobilize all the forces to combat the invaders of the Tigers, is like the basket of hard work Howard, the body filled with " "The king of the spirit. It is worth noting that Sneaker lovers are familiar with the three adidas classic logo in the designer's clever under the exchange of the direction, driving the whole pair of boots more tough domineering, like the pressure to the limit of the spring, full of strength, at any time outbreak. These out of the conventional design are these limited sets of boots to attract more attention.

In terms of scientific and technological performance, many adiPower Howard series of technology to create this pair of near-perfect center shoes. First of all, this limited boots high-rise ankle design, in the promotion of visual power at the same time bring excellent ankle cover, to the players an all-round support of the ankle, super stability to protect the players in the three seconds is not easy to hurt, Better control of the basket, as no one and the "restricted area overlord." Second, this boots in the cushioning performance, and its midsole design so that players in the full jump from the ground, will feel the palm of the cushion after the unparalleled comfort, knee, ankle almost can not feel the extra burden for the players Provide royal protection. Finally, the "mi" at the bottom of the bar marks the limited use of the miCoach system, record their own competition and training, but also according to the design of a good training program to enhance their physical fitness and skills.

The Howard China line launched adiPower Howard 3 China line limited boots, its full of design sense of the new tiger totem, comprehensive shoes technology and it highlights the World of Warcraft Howard "restricted area overlord" Tigers momentum, will make it The majority of basketball enthusiasts in a new favorite shoe. Tigers struck, are you ready?

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