Friday, July 21, 2017


Founded in 1993, the popular Japanese brand A BATHING APE, with its unique design of the ape Yan was sought after, has been regarded as the Japanese street fashion and the trend of the industry representatives. In April this year, the brand has been unaware of its 20th anniversary, to celebrate the event, the brand specifically in April 27-29 holiday on behalf of the official DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY held a large exhibition, Series of 20 years do not pay attention to a single product, and in May 4 will be in Beijing / Shanghai BAPE STORE? Grand sale of two do not note a single product, with the public to celebrate the 20th anniversary of BAPE important moment.


A BATHING APE? To thank all over the years of support, specially invited 20 NIGO? Friends with their own ideas to re-design the distinctive ape Yan mark, the name of the exhibition, "Thank you for all years, Each is in the trend of the community to play a pivotal role in the ring, including the chapter is now chapter, Noguchi strong, Xishan Che, Takahashi Shield, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, KAYNE WEST and so on (for a detailed list please refer to the right table). A series of works will be presented on April 27-29, Japan's Shibuya DAIKANYAMA T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY, which will be presented in t-shirt and canvas, respectively. Some of the items will also be available for sale during the exhibition period. The joy of the anniversary. For the solemn thing, the brand on April 26 at 6 pm to 8 pm at the exhibition venue held a grand cocktail party, but also invited to a number of influx of celebrities friends attended the first to enjoy the exhibits, the scene star-studded, bound to push the atmosphere To the peak.

BAPE 20 anniversary limited single product in the global BAPE STORE? Limited sale

In order to share this celebration with all the fans, the two BAPE20 anniversary will be limited to a single product will be in May 4 in Hong Kong and Beijing, Shanghai and other countries BAPE STORE? In limited form of public offering, including 20 years T-shirt and canvas works.

T-shirt, the front of the large "20" words as a pattern, which "0" word replaced the brand's ape Yan mark, and t-shirt on the back of the neat arrangement of 20 by NIGO? Friends of the design of the ape Yan Mark, can be described as a great collection of value, supporters must not miss! The canvas works also with 20 by NIGO? Friends of the design of the ape Yan marked as a call, completely highlights the "20" anniversary of the essence of the focus.

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