Monday, July 24, 2017


At the beginning of the month, NIKE DUNK LOW PRO SB "SHANGHAI" strong return to arouse the slippers and shoes fans DUNK SB good memories of the era, but also once again to focus on the NIKE SB series of classic skateboard shoes. Since September, NIKE SB will continue this boom, launched a variety of well-known global skateboard shops and the trend of brand selection of skateboard shoes. This is designed to combine skateboarding with street and tide to better popularize skateboard culture and provide better products for Chinese skateboards and shoe lovers. The first wave is brought with the trend of brand FRAGMENT DESIGN launched products, including NIKE SB ERIC KOSTON 1 X FRAGMENT DESIGN and NIKE SB STEFAN JANOSKIX FRAGMENT DESIGN.

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NIKE and FRAGMENT DESIGN brand history can be traced back to more than ten years ago, the two sides have maintained a long period of close interaction, the introduction of a variety of products have caused the global hot, and was regarded as the classic, loved by the Chinese shoes lovers The This is the NIKE SB and FRAGMENT DESIGN brand for the first time together, writing a new page of cooperation.

As the legendary skateboarder ERIC KOSTON's first Nike signature skateboard shoes, NIKE SB ERIC KOSTON 1 once launched by the sought after. NIKE SB ERIC KOSTON 1 X FRAGMENT DESIGN Uppers with TPU reinforced suede material, very texture. Seamless splicing of the inner structure can effectively reduce the seams fracture situation. The cup-shaped outsole with LUNARLON insert insoles to make shoes more lightweight, more soft and enhanced cushioning performance. Shoes followed by the Department and the tongue inside the FRAGMENT DESIGN iconic lightning LOGO clever design, but also to make this shoe more trend means. The total of red and black color, which red models only in China and Japan on sale.

NIKE SB STEFAN JANOSKI with its simple style and excellent touch board, NIKE SB series has been one of the most popular skateboard shoes. NIKE SB STEFANJANOSKI X FRAGMENT DESIGN released gray, black and dark purple three color. The upper is made of canvas, with the seamless design of the toe to perfectly meet the skateboarding wear resistance requirements. ZOOM air cushion insole to provide flexible and rapid cushioning effect, curing the end of the guarantee to wear comfort. Heel by adding FRAGMENT DESIGN Lightning LOGO's subtle design, highlighting its unique, minimalist long-lasting quality.

The launch of the NIKE SB ERIC KOSTON 1X FRAGMENT DESIGN and NIKE SB STEFANJANOSKI X FRAGMENT DESIGN will be held on September 14 in FLY, HERO and BLUE HAWAII and other local skateboard shop, Xidan Joy City Nike extreme sports store, Nike X158 trend concept shop

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