Sunday, July 9, 2017

NikeAction OMS

Nike Action will launch in the winter new OMS series (OFFMOUNTAIN SERIES) sports shoes, to meet the consumer before and after skiing, mountain climbing or other places in the daily long journey needs. The series of products using high-quality materials carefully built, full of Nike's sports genes, both functional and practical.

Nike Winter 2012 OMS series includes a new pair of shoes Nike Lunar RidgeOMS and a series of improved from the best-selling shoes OMS shoes Nike BraataLR Mid WS, Nike Mogan 2 Mid OMS, Nike Mogan 2 OMS and so on.

Nike LunarRidge OMS

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Nike Lunar Ridge OMS sports shoes in the snow or other slippery venues to provide you with excellent grip and package. The high-quality Lunarlon midsole offers ultra-light cushioning, and the foam and filler of the tongue and shoe collar provide further comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable after a long day of trekking.

Nike Lunar Ridge OMS sports shoes lining for the application of NASA's OUTLAST technology coating, providing the best warm performance. The blanket technology beneath the insole can effectively reflect the heat from the body, keeping the foot temperature constant. Snow boots-style sole lines provide greater grip and flexibility, a variety of ground response freely.

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