Monday, July 10, 2017

Zoom DK QS Double Tongue

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After two years of efforts, Nike Snowboarding will soon launch a special Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue snow boots. And Nike skater Danny Kass cooperation launched Nike Zoom DK and the original Nike Zoom Force 1 snow boots, with a unique double tongue system. The latest Nike Zoom DK QS Double Tongue snow boots with classic American Airlines as a source of inspiration, and a comprehensive design to ensure that skiers can adapt to a whole day, the entire snow season weather conditions.
Nike launched a grand launch of Nike Lunar Force 1, opened a new chapter in Force. It through the Lunarlon cushioning system and Nike Hyperfuse structure, the iconic Nike Air Force 1 made a revolutionary breakthrough.

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30 years, Nike Air Force1 has always defined the streets and sports, golf course and culture, and now Nike AirForce 1 will fly to the future. The unique product of the unique product of Nike and Nike's innovative spirit combined with the Nike Lunar Force 1, this epoch-making new products have a unique traditional features, but also with the innovative technology to bring the appearance of the characteristics.

By thoroughly redesigning, the Nike Lunar Force 1 is a bright spot in the midsole and outsole with the Lunarlon logo, which effectively improves flexibility and reduces the weight of the shoes. Heated Nike Zoom Air-Sole unit, can get excellent comfort and response performance. At the same time, Nike Hyperfuse structure will be three (respectively, play a stable, breathable and durable) vamps revolutionary fusion into a lightweight composite layer, and its advanced design to minimize the joints to reduce friction, its Unique appearance can match a variety of decoration and color.

Subtle improvements include the slim design of the toe site (partially enhanced to minimize signs of wear) and the thinner rubber outsole (from seven millimeters to five millimeters), making the quality of the Nike Lunar Force 1 by the traditional Nike Air Force 1 of 17.56 ounces dropped to just 11.7 ounces. In addition there are some unique details, such as the inner layer of boots that does not buckle shoelaces can also be a perfect fit. There are also some inconspicuous differences, such as reflective Nike Logo, in the preservation of the classic elements of the shoe and cut the same on the basis of the new design highlights. It is still Nike Air Force 1, but more powerful than the previous Nike Air Force 1.

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