Friday, July 7, 2017

New Balance Ionix

The rapid development of modern technology will be in the past seemingly impossible things have become in control. As a global sports brand leader, New Balance New Balance has been committed to the majority of runners to provide the most comfortable and reliable running shoes. New Balance, a strong science and technology development force, will once again be launched in the summer to launch Ionix running shoes with ultimate lightness and stability.

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The new design of the Ionix running shoes with the current field of running shoes eye-catching light weight -183g (male models US9.5 yards for example), this is only the equivalent of seven balloons and the weight of the weight. Thanks to the New Balance in the history of research and development in the history of the latest light in the end of the slow shock technology RevLite, Ionix running shoes will be wings-like weight to the majority of joggers the most intuitive sensory experience, so you fear the earth gravity, lightning attack, presumptuous run The
Design inspiration from the molecular Ionix running shoes will be the idea of ​​the stability of the structure of the perfect injection of them, whether it is to help the design or outsole distribution structure allows you to deeply appreciate the powerful structure of the molecular structure. From the upper side of the upper side has been extended to the heel of the molecular-like hot melt material to give Ionix enough upper support. At the end of the design, the designer from the hexagonal structure to draw inspiration, the use of three different materials and the soles of the scientific layout, in order to achieve Ionix extraordinary functionality. New Balance produced by New Balance's new carbon rubber wear-resistant outsole material Ndurance has a strong finishing strength, while the forefoot and the back of the palm of the force distribution layout to ensure that the whole pair of shoes have unrivaled traction At the same time, New Balance's exclusive innovation and development in the bottom of the cushion technology RevLite not only in the shock performance on the outstanding performance, while the ultimate performance of the light received New Balance in the history of the newest one of the most stringent technology; In the bottom of the structure of the honeycomb also gives the whole pair of shoes almost bare feet of flexibility, so you unrestrained and happy heart.

Hot summer, we need to enjoy the release, colorful colors so that you quickly become the focus of attention. NewBalance New Broadway in particular for the majority of running friends to launch a number of color of the Ionix, whether it is the publicity of the beautiful pink or noble masculine purple or mature black, no matter what style you want, Ionix can be the greatest Meet you.

From July 1 to August 31 landing New Balance New Balance official website to participate in "Ionix flash attack" interactive game, let your mouse and "molecular running shoes" a showdown. After the end of the game Sina microblogging interaction is expected to win the brisk of the Ionix running shoes, and so on, immediately add to our game come.

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