Sunday, July 2, 2017

Predator Lethal Zones

Adidas latest Predator ® Lethal Zones Falcon boots have five winning areas, is the player at the foot of the most sharp weapons. Five of the winning areas for high-speed dribbling, perfect touch the ball, speed up the shooting speed, long distance passing and accurate passing these football game in the important action, it will bring the players to the football extraordinary control.

Adidas independent research and development of the five winning areas have a unique advantage, using ultra-light (SL) rubber, memory bubble and 3-D texture, so that every player can touch the ball can be a perfect control of football.
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Ultra-light rubber helps the player to dribble in the best way. The side of the rubber texture reduces the contact area of ​​the ball, suitable for multiple fast touch, to ensure optimal control.
This area is the first time after the ball touch the ball area, the front foot of the warfare parts of the large area of ​​the ball area distribution of the depression texture, it creates a good adsorption effect, to help players better completion of the immediate ball, And stop the ball.
The middle area of ​​the boots in the middle of the ball when the ball can produce a higher rotation speed, the bottom and the raised three-dimensional stripes can increase the time to produce friction when the ball.
This area is a long pass, long-range important area, the front foot raised and thicker 3-D shoes more fit the natural shape of the instep, the resulting elastic effect can help the players to better complete the long pass And shot, but also make the pass more change.
The middle of the memory bubble to ensure the consistency of the pass, while the contact surface of the larger 3-D sticky texture to increase the ball time to achieve a more accurate short distance pass.

The launch of the Falcon boots, the use of Hybridtouch characteristics of ultra-soft leather upper, which combines the advantages of leather and synthetic materials, bringing comfort, stability, dry and all-weather the best touch.

Predator® Lethal Zones is also the first Falcon boots equipped with miCoach smart cores, which means that players can track their performance on the field, record the performance data such as running distance, sprint times, and fastest speed, and then through Wirelessly transfer data to a mobile phone or computer.

This boots also integrates the revolutionary in the adizerof50 Sprint Frame light shoe last, in weight (225 grams) and stability to achieve a perfect balance, while integrated Traxion 2.0 triangular spike technology to ensure optimal grip and acceleration The

"The Falcon wearer will have the full control of the soccer field for the first time, and the five winning areas will bring the performance of Falcon boots to new heights," said Aubrey Dolan, product manager for the new Predator® Lethal Zones Falcon Boots.

The world famous football star Van Persie (Arsenal Club), Harvey (Barcelona Club), Nasri (Manchester City Club), Nani (Manchester United Club) and DiMalia (Real Madrid Club) have tried a new Predator® Lethal Zones Falcon boots, and for the development of this shoe provides valuable advice. The boots will be available from May 2012 onwards and will be unveiled at all levels of the world.

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