Saturday, July 22, 2017

PUMA13 Summer

Hot summer, born players in the body of the cells are infinite excitement, call your best partner, toward the blue sky and blue sky, to carry out an absolutely "play" beach party it. Followed by the world's best rock music swing position, and the United States girl boys to start Social offensive, sail to the boundless border to the field of fantasy drift ... ... this summer, the internationally renowned dynamic brand PUMA Madden launched to the summer summer dress, all the cool cool elements Together Shoulong, with invincible light fabric, creative collection of dynamic rock and play elements, the "play" in the end. Music theme section Tee series, designed inspiration from the souls of rock music and events, with heavy metals highlight the attitude of life, easy to play "music" the whole summer; Social series is the new generation of white-collar life claims, large print interpretation of the essence of the brand "Work Hard , Play Hard ", the lightest fabric so that light play no burden; beach series will be the most popular tropical style, coconut trees, sand and the sea with the pattern, people relaxed and comfortable to leisurely leisure. In this summer, throwing a heavy tedious clothing, the liberation of the long bound of the mood, to bring the PUMA's light play equipment, boldly in the blue sky and blue sky wantonly, unrestrained "light play"!

Easy to play "music" - Music Style

Each piece of music has a story, each T-shirt is telling its story. This summer, PUMA music theme Tee series, blowing a wave of waves, exaggerated personality behind the prints, are the greatest rock music history, to commemorate the different periods of music style and characters. Invincible "light" cool cotton fabric, so easy to play "music" So Easy!

Music theme Tee series female models mainly for the character printing, selected the history of rock music the most representative of the well-known figures, electronic music "hacker" Miss Kittin, garage rock originator Nirvana, new wave rock red star Grace Jones and disco music on behalf of Chic , They use the distinctive style of expression of unlimited play "music" attitude - not to listen, but the whole body to feel, the release of inner passion, play the taste will be able to lead the trend, which is also PUMA's play attitude!

Music theme Tee series of men's design theme as rock music memorabilia, 73 years the rise of electronic music wave; mid-70s, punk fashion has become the pursuit of all wild uninhibited young people, a pursuit of happiness and freedom; At the end of the year, Hiphop came in the New York black area, with hip-hop gestures to show the street culture; electronic music in the mid-80s popular, pay attention to social and fun to become the soul of such music.

This season the PUMA music theme Tee series with rock music to express its advocated play attitude, no matter how much life life, with rhythm and singing can be happy, choose a suitable mood pattern, to express LOHO claims, Understand music, can play music - wearing a play "music" attitude of the T-shirt, do "play" spirit of the natural players!

Easy music live - Sony Style

In the bustling fortifications of reinforced concrete, we rush to the busy, but the central CBD is still fun paradise for us, because we are happy to play the fun of people! This season PUMA Social series for us to bring suitable for everyday work wear fashion equipment, all T-shirts are extremely thin and cool fabric, feel comfortable, to break the routine TEE hot nudity, easy to play the ultimate "play" spirit, put an end to Summer all boring, and PUMA Work Hard, Play Hard! Bright and dazzling color stitching striped T-shirt close to the summer theme, for the work to bring relaxed and happy mood; graffiti-like printing casual T-shirt, with a large area before and after the collision with a large area, eye-catching and swagger, exaggerated exaggeration Urban PLAY words, like the world of the announcement - I am the player.

Easy Carnival --Beach Style

Weekend, and to the wantonly time. Bihai Sands prepared a large ocean, raging bonfire and warm handsome boys and girls, fast to bring the beloved surfboard, to join in full swing with the "play a summer" beach party it! This season PUMA beach series of clothing inspiration, mainly from the Caribbean coast is located in the island - Jamaica. As the world's first trapeze Bolt's hometown, Jamaica has its own unique style of the beach, so, exclusive to the Bolt Jamaican yellow and ocean blue become the main color, wear Jamaican beach elements of the T-shirt in the waves rolling , And the blue sea into a faction, feel the tropical style, thin fabrics so that any beach play have become easy; female short-sleeved T-shirt big collar design unique, do the beach Matou's playful small sexy, palm tree prints Unparalleled, to help you become the most shining on the beach Party Queen, filling the "play a summer" charm.

Wild tide package travel essential

So colorful day, how can we put the vitality of the bag? Multi-pocket design of the handbag is very practical, whether it is hit color stitching or cool black, all for your summer light dress uniform clothes Q. Tropical style strong bright bag is definitely playing the beach play magic, with any color swimsuit are very bright, so you easily play the beach.

Summer, in the blue sea Sands drying enthusiasm, listening to life with rock music, bring the comfort of PUMA equipment easy to play the whole summer, the "play with light" spirit to flourish, regardless of heaven can be fun to heaven!

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