Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BB Xmas Group

As an annual tradition, every year Nike basketball will bring the signature shoes of the Christmas version of color. Bold design, sophisticated materials and quarterly concept design through this cold season, so LEBRON 11, KOBE 8 SYSTEM and KD VI as a must for the court gift. This year, these three signature version of the shoes will be through a special logo padlock, this Christmas essential ornaments, to interpret the colorful season of the winter story.

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Leaves on the snow You have never seen it in Miami, this year by LeBron James through the Christmas version of LEBRON 11 for the Miami Beach brought the winter color. With chilly mint color rendering Christmas green, with the jump of the red as the emphasis, the outsole is through the translucent color to interpret the effect of frost. The unique shape of the snowflakes combines the shape of royal palm to create a kaleidoscope-like pattern.


Ready to attack the KOBE 8 SYSTEM shed the old skin to meet in the coming February debut KOBE 9 Elite. The faded skin is interpreted by the designer in a very modern way - the aggressive snake scales attached to a layer of translucent mesh. While the use of neon-colored mamba green and chrome is added to the festive atmosphere.


Kevin Durant will be dotted with gold and mint Christmas red belt to the pitch. In the traditional Christmas pattern on the slightly adjusted, KD VI Christmas version of the color to the tree, stripes and Durant 35 and the Irish-style Christmas sweater pattern fusion. Equipped with Nike Flywire fly line technology of the upper use of red metal, and decorated with decorative details of the design, shoes collar at the use of the Christmas grid pattern decoration, soles are used mint green inkjet design. Can be described as this Christmas celebration of the most suitable equipment.

Christmas version of the color will be on December 26 in the world designated retail stores and Nike Online Mall limited sale, will be able to bring a happy holiday for basketball enthusiasts.

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