Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nike PHANTOM foot ball Shoes

Nike football new short film shows the speed and sensitivity of Nemal lightning.

With Nemal back to the game, Nike released by the Brazilian and Barcelona players starred in the film, the film wearing a new season will be in the new season appearance of the new color "poison front" boots. In the film "MIRRORS", the Brazilian striker in a creative way to show their own among the world's top players offensive skills. Nemal's flexibility and fatal in front of the sense of smell, supplemented by his "poisonous front" boots, as if the defensive player in the "magic mirror space". Sometimes, the defensive player seems to have to defend several Nei Maer at the same time, it is difficult to identify which is the real body, until Nei Maer broke the shot score.

Nike "poisonous front" PHANTOM boots

Nike "poisonous front" Phantom boots in June 2013 by Nei Maer issued in Rio, the time is just before the start of the Confederations Cup. This shoe design concept is to attack the players to create opportunities, it through a series of scientific and technological innovation to help players in the defense of the restricted area to find a breakthrough opportunity.

Fit: NikeSkin technology using soft mesh material with polyurethane film, more fit feet, feel more natural.

Touch: ACC technology ensures the best sense of touch in a dry or humid climate.

Grip: forefoot separation outsole with agile grip design to bring rapid response.

The world's top players Cristiano Ronaldo in yesterday's training wearing a new color of the Mercurial Superfly boots. Light green shoes with a super fluorescent red Swoosh logo, this shoe is available at www.nike.com.

Speed ​​revolution

Designed for the attacker Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes will be a revolutionary lock fit, barefoot-like touch and the representative of the explosive speed of light carbon fiber chassis integration.


Flyknit technology using the integration of the upper perfectly perfect breathability, toughness and support of the combination. Dynamic fit shoes collar at the ankle to bring socks-like comfort, and feet firmly fixed.


The texture of the weaving of the upper combination of Flyknit, NikeSkin and All Conditions Control (ACC) three technology, both in the dry or humid environment, can make their feet closer to the football, to provide close to barefoot play touch.


Responding to the rapid and lightweight carbon fiber backplane brings a multi-directional burst of speed. The Vapor grip system with knife nails is quick to cut and leave the ground to ensure instantaneous acceleration.

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