Friday, June 30, 2017

adidas X-Hale

2012 spring and summer basketball court fresh fashion should never be lost in previous years. In addition to the traditional basketball shoes, but should choose a pair of both with the shirt, but also highlight the fashion tide range of children's basketball shoes, so you run on the pitch caused more attention!

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Adidas in April will provide basketball enthusiasts more suitable for spring and summer wearing tide of things X-Hale. This pair of basketball fans last year, sought after leisure basketball shoes both the basic functions of basketball shoes and the trend of elements, in addition to last year's popular blue and white color models, the other will also launch black and red color and mint green color X -Hale.

Three trend color, for different color preferences you provide a greater choice of space. Domineering black and red, highlight the strength brought by the endless wonderful; dazzling personality mint green, you can definitely let the focus of the stadium; fresh and calm blue sky, so that the wearer issued a calm and natural atmosphere. Three colors to X-Hale's wild ability to be consolidated again.

In the vamp design, X-Hale to follow the simple Adidas iconic "three stripes" design, in order to enhance the support side of the shoe body side. The upper by the whole mesh material to build, cool texture ready to go, the upper inside to fill the foam material to ensure the shoe body support and comfort. AdidasClimaCool the use of technology, even in hot weather will not let the feet feel oppressed, compared to traditional basketball shoes, breathability naturally greatly improved. Soles use a soft foam material, the integration of PureMotion design concept, combined with large shading lines, in the foot of the key points to join the support design. With five rounds of the end of the pattern, reminiscent of the past two years adidas launched numerous top boots, which also implies the X-Hale simple appearance under the hidden real soul.

X-Hale into the fashion mix, sports and leisure and after the idea of ​​recovery. Suitable for the spring and summer trend of basketball followers, with the concept of fresh and comfortable to break the traditional shackles, so that the wearer in the fashion elements at the same time, more enjoy the comfort of the foot breathable. same,

Adidas X-Hale can provide basketball enthusiasts with low-intensity sports support, such as training warm-up, shooting exercises, and its unique sports function design can do this level of exercise. Especially for the game, or after high-intensity exercise, put on the X-Hale will give a sudden relaxation of the muscles to a certain support.

AdidasX-Hale gave us a new answer: the trend of the shape, ClimaCool technology, basketball shoes, functional design, let us in the shape of eye-catching at the same time, but also to keep the foot fresh. Also told those who follow the basketball, support the right choice, never wrong!

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