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With a word to describe Nike ZVEZDOCHKA, that is: different.

This space-inspired shoe was first introduced in 2004, it uses a new aesthetic design, once became the focus of much attention, and highly sought after.

This shoe design bold and complex, wear comfortable, versatile. It is not only a pair of shoes, it is a work of art, this unique combination of structure and thus inspired a wide range of people to discuss.

Nike is still able to feel this exciting moment left by the persistent touch. The new question raised the inspiration of the burst, ZVEZDOCHKA of course no exception. It tested the basic idea of ​​the production of sports shoes, and promote the integration of personalized and sustainable design.

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Mike Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nike Group

(Mark Parker) said: "When you participate in a project, often not aware of what they learned, until the next project began to know when you design ZVEZDOCHKA, we know that this is a new breakthrough, because this We have only four parts that can be exchanged, and we have simplified the production process and have explored the production and personalized design of the product, which proves that functional innovation is conducive to the birth of a new aesthetic design.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of ZVEZDOCHKA, Nike will be in late December in Shanghai NikeLab X158, Hong Kong NikeLab PS7 re-sale of the original has five colors ZVEZDOCHKA. The return of this shoe will pay tribute to the extraordinary cooperation.

Cooperative culture

Nike is very rich in working with external innovators. Through mutual learning, Nike and its partners are the product design process has been improved and improved. In the ZVEZDOCHKA design process, the fact that the famous industrial designer Mark Newson (MarcNewson) is Nike's excellent partner.

Parker said: "Mark to solve the problem-style design method and we have the same place, so cooperation is quite natural for us.We discuss the beginning of this project, the eyes to an unexpected field, that is, the traditional system So we started to develop new areas and found that the project was not just a pair of new shoes, it also had more possibilities.

This shoe design concept of germination is derived from this new field.

"From a functional point of view, my experience at NASA gave me inspiration and inspired me to design a multifunctional shoe for astronauts," Newson said.

The name of this shoe is even derived from space. ZVEZDOCHKA is riding on the 1961 launch of the Tempnik 10

(Sputnik 10) into the space of the Russian space dog's name.


ZVEZDOCHKA is the result of the landmark project. The model of the shoe is designed entirely through computer design, using a modular design. It consists of four parts that can be interconnected and exchanged, namely: shell, modular outsole, inner sleeve and insole. Four parts can be arbitrarily combined and demolition, suitable for a variety of purposes and the environment.

The breathable housing is the foundation of a modular component. The inner sleeve is made of elastic and abrasion resistant material, and is fit with the feet, like the second layer of skin, wrapped in the whole foot, so that it is affected by bad weather. The shoe pad is placed in the heel position into the Nike Zoom Air cushion to enhance the cushioning effect. Combined outsole through the buckle and breathable shell connected to form the basis of the whole pair of shoes.

Sustainable design

ZVEZDOCHKA is a pioneer in Nike's sustainable design. It adheres to the Nike environmental design concept, in the design and production process to reduce the waste of materials. It is worth mentioning that, due to the concept of modular, in this shoe production, without the use of traditional shoes produced a variety of adhesive required. ZVEZDOCHKA is Nike's first attempt to close a product (that is, an infinitely recyclable product), so that people can think of a more sustainable future.

Today, ZVEZDOCHKA's influence on Nike may be the most significant in the field of sustainability innovation. This shoe encourages people to adopt innovative thinking, to speed up the Nike to light, simple and sustainable product forward pace.

Looking back

From the birth of the first generation ZVEZDOCHKA has been a decade of history. Recently, Mark Parker and Mark Newson recalled the project.

ZVEZDOCHKA represents a new style of shoe construction. This is a challenge to tradition. Why is subversion of tradition so important to design?

Mark Parker: In order to promote meaningful changes, sometimes you need to subvert the tradition and create new ways. If you use the traditional cutting method, we can not create ZVEZDOCHKA. But we did not expect that this ingenious idea would introduce us into one such field. Sometimes at the right time, with the appropriate tools, put forward the appropriate problem. I think things are always in a balance. To make the product to stimulate an emotional reaction, do not always need to start from scratch. To achieve a breakthrough is very important, but to make the product is indeed an art of excellence.

Mark Newson: As a designer, I think the challenge limit is very important, we must focus on the future, thinking about things in the future development. Otherwise it will become out of touch with reality. For me, design is the use of new technologies, new processes and new materials continue to explore new possibilities. This often involves a variety of different industries.

ZVEZDOCHKA how will the future continue to affect the design of Nike or other brands?

Mark Parker: ZVEZDOCHKA design concept for Nike to create a lot of exciting opportunities, including personalized, modular design, sustainable manufacturing. Design is an iterative process. An idea is often based on another idea. Looking to the future, the thought of personalized and modular design created by the opportunity, I am full of fighting spirit. Of course, in the design of sustainability, ZVEZDOCHKA will continue to have far-reaching impact. This shoe has abandoned all the shackles and created a sustainable future. This will be our relentless pursuit of the goal.

Mark Newson: In general, in the past and the future, the impact it produces is not just about solving the design problem from another perspective. Therefore, from the perspective of reality and philosophy, this shoe is a product rather than a dress.

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