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From the red hook area of ​​the boy, to the New York Knicks captain, all-star frequent guest Cameron Anthony (CARMELO ANTHONY) has been fighting hard to become the top basketball star.

In the NBA campaign 12 season, with 11 pairs of signature basketball shoes, Anthony is JORDAN brand's most senior contract athletes, led the JORDAN brand this contains across different sports, with different experiences and achievements of the professional athletes family. In the years of cooperation with the JORDAN brand, Anthony won a series of honors on the basketball court, including seven finalists, six NBA finals, two Olympic gold medals, and a league scoring title.

Over the years, JORDAN brand designers have been working with Anthony to create their own personality to develop and match the style of signature shoes.

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"When I talk to the designer about this year's shoes, I told them that it was important for me to have a pair of shoes that allowed me to keep the same vitality during the four seasons of the game." Cameron Anthony "MELO M11 X FlightPlate has a strong cushioning effect, responsiveness and elasticity," whether it is taking off or landing. "

Fly away
JORDAN MELO M11 X is JORDAN brand's latest real combat shoes, the use of the brand specifically for the basketball game to create cutting-edge technology - FlashPlate. In order to take advantage of each step of the energy return, for the explosive take-off, FlightPlat in the forefront of the NIKE ZOOM unit directly placed on a shock board. This design can provide a larger optimal functional position and better cushioning effect. In the upper, the molding shoes to make shoes more fit, for Anthony's various means of attack to enhance the support of the ankle.

MELO M11 X of the upper use of synthetic leather material, to bring support, durable and lightweight; with the details of the hole is enhanced ventilation. The mesh system wraps the foot and brings extraordinary locking. Updated version of the foam heel stabilizer with the end of the synthesis, for the shoe collar to bring strength and support, with a repeated by the letter "M" constitute the characteristics of the pattern.

New look

JORDAN MELO M11 X to last year's shoes based on the show of Anthony in the off-season physical conversion. As we all know, Anthony in the JORDAN brand in New York's TERMINAL 23 exhibition hall organized several high-level training. After a summer of high-intensity training, he succeeded in weight loss, shape and more solid, ready for the new challenges of the season.

Anthony said he wanted JORDAN MELO M11 X to look more mature, and simple and clean colors, but still can use color and patterns to tell the story of a vibrant.

Inspired by New York

Anthony was born in Brooklyn's red hook area, so he felt himself close to the city of New York. JORDAN MELO M11 X's inspiration for each color comes from the different elements of Anthony's growth process and pay tribute to them.

"We have to design New York about my importance," said Anthony, who is where my basketball career starts, and I prefer to play basketball in New York compared to other cities.

Urban jungle

Inspired by the concept of the urban jungle, this color design incorporates elements of one of the world's greatest cities in New York: gravel and light. The gray of the forefoot represents the concrete street, and the detail on the tongue is to pay tribute to the colorful graffiti and the street art, and the midst of the clever spot reproduces the bright light that the city never sleeps.

JORDAN family
Anthony has always wanted to have a color to pay tribute to the JORDAN brand family, thank them in his entire career all the way to accompany and support. The color of the classic use of Michael Jordan boots classic color - black, red and white, reminiscent of Meyer Jordan in the 20th century, 90 years with the New York team against the scene.

Red hook sunset
Anthony was born in the Brooklyn area red hook residential area, even if he was in basketball and business made great achievements, but he still with his birthplace as the driving force of the source, never forget the character. The color of the shoes is reminiscent of the sunset of the red hook residential area, and Anthony's childhood memories of the famous New York Brooklyn area.

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