Saturday, August 5, 2017

Peak Black History Month

Every year in February is the United States "black history Month Black History Month". In this month, people commemorate the millions of blacks to extricate themselves from slavery, prejudice and poverty, overcome hardships and hardships and achievements, praised the blacks in the history of the United States made great contributions to the development.

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Nowadays, more and more blacks play an important role in American politics, economy, sports and culture. They made a great contribution to the various fields in the community on the wonderful bloom. In the NBA arena athletes, for example, they are extraordinary, never give up the tough spirit of the pursuit of the best results. To show the tireless pursuit of these extraordinary athletes dream, and eventually won the glorious achievements of the tribute, Pick to "bloom Blossom" as the theme of Parker second generation, three generations of lightning, three generations of hurricane, beast - GH3 "black history month" PE products.

Design inspiration

2015 Olympic "black history month" PE products, color inspiration from the history of the United States one of the most successful black band - THE JACKSON 5 in 1984 issued a famous album "Victory" cover and black traditional soul jazz, Pick designer Will be red, blue, and yellow these bright colors dotted in the simple black tone, a symbol of the black culture blooming passion and vitality.

The inner pattern of the shoes is inspired by the traditional culture totems that often appear in black costumes, architectural designs, and are arranged in a radiant geometric pattern from the inside to the outside, and each beam diverges to blacks In the bloom of the wonderful moment to pay tribute.

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