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Nike Flywire football shoes

2013, Nike for the new generation of offensive players released a new "poison front" series of shoes. Including Nei Maer and Wayne Rooney, including players around the world immediately put on this new war boots on the track, siege. At the same time, Nike's design team has never stopped, they do everything we can to make the next generation of "poisonous front" shoes more outstanding

"As with the design for the players, we extend the boundaries of 'possibilities' without interruption, and we are innovators who never stop."

- Nathan Van Hook, Nike football footwear product senior design director

Nike's design team focused on the "poisonous front" second-generation shoes to create a ultimate agility of the ultimate boots. "We started the design process in a very simple way, and some members of the team were wearing white socks and spraying them on the socks when they made a unique movement of the football." Nike football footwear designer Phil Woodman said. "When they stopped moving the foot, the unstained area formed a clear curved groove on the white line. This experiment quickly contributed to the Nike Sports Research Laboratory visit, and with our scientists We discuss how to get the foot in the case of wearing shoes to achieve the best movement, so as to obtain the ultimate agility.

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In order to achieve the design team expected physical anatomical coordination with the state, Nike Flywire fly line technology is strategically implanted "poisonous" second generation shoes, and attached to the ball area of ​​the slot is to improve the touch. Flywire fly line technology and has a different density and rapid response of the mesh area integration, which is covered with the first generation of "poison front" shoes uppers design very different. This is just the beginning of a number of improvements in the design process. Overall, the first generation of "poisonous front" shoes in every part of the "poison" in the second generation of the design to be improved.

"Players like the first generation of" poisonous front "shoes, but does not mean that we can not do better.As long as the shoes to achieve the best condition, make more changes we are not afraid to wear 'poison front' Shoes players tend to look forward to more. "- Marx Blau, Nike football shoes vice president of products

"This is the best design for the foot-based design. All the linear angle of the shoe body matches the natural rhythm of the foot.Flywire's flying system brings the fixed system to prevent the feet from sliding within the shoes. The shoes do not work for the feet, but work with the feet. "- Nathan Van Hook

"Phaeo" is the second generation of golf course for those who are born with a confusing game style offensive players designed shoes - they can move in any direction on the pitch, often contrary to the opponent's expectations. This shoe is to achieve these mobile build, but also has a strong sense of fashion. "Wearing the 'poisonous front' second generation shoes so I am full of confidence.I can be any change, accelerate, do not hesitate to get rid of the defensive player, and I love the appearance of this shoe." - Nei Maer

"When the first generation of 'poisonous front' shoes come out, the dynamic fit shoes collar has not yet appeared.Our cycle experiment with a variety of shoe collar design, the final design of the new dynamic fit shoes to avoid the Achilles tendon design, Not only to enhance the comfort, but also to make the players more focused. "- Phil Woodman

"Poisonous front" second-generation shoes is the first will Flyknit shoes and enhance the mesh upper combination of Nike football shoes, NikeSkin and All Conditions Control (ACC) technology to make it more perfect.

"We got the players' positive feedback on the upper." Flyknit's dynamic fit shoes collar was used as a player to think of a beautiful way to connect to the upper, which was one of our designs. Strengthen the comfort and fit and the iconic look they desire. "- Phil Woodman

Flyknit dynamic fit shoes collar in the bend to show a touch of hidden color, fashion sense into the performance. The overall design of the shoes is aggressive, bold, energetic and avant-garde - just as the players who wear it. "Vampire players" to complete the change in the narrow space to reflect the agility of the famous, their change always fool defensive players. This ability to confuse the opponent just reflects the side of the foot of the functional folding line lines.

"The side of the shoe body is indeed eye-catching, while the side of the design also achieved the foot of the foot, the foot from the soles of the transition to the upper purpose of the side is not as hard as the soles, not as soft as the upper Just to provide a comfortable part of the transition between the two, while the foot firmly in the soles, will not flip. "- Nathan Van Hook

The hole in the eye area of ​​the design of the same design with a broken line, distributed in the shoes outside, which not only makes the shoes hit the ball area larger, while eliminating the interference of shoelaces. Foot from the shoe can not feel the existence of shoelaces, reducing the possibility of interference and discomfort.

As a response to the feedback from the players, the "poisonous front" of the second generation of soles than the first generation of "poisonous front" more soft compound material, to enhance the comfort. The soles of the soles are separated from the design and the agile and grip modes allow the player to respond quickly when suddenly changing. Excellent surround pattern beautifully decorated with soles and shoes side.

"We have learned a great inspiration from nature, and in the design of the second generation of poisonous creatures, we have carefully studied many animals with special colors under the body, which often represent the toxicity of these animals at first glance Innocent and harmless, so you see their colorful patterns, I am afraid it is too late.We will this 'beast of the belly' aesthetic concept to 'poison front' on the second generation, to those who can only be 'poisonous front' The wearer left behind the defensive player left a deep impression. "- Phil Woodman
Female models "poisonous front" second-generation shoes will also be the first time, and in June this year by the United States, England and France and other women's national team players wearing debut. "We are committed to the product at the same time serving the women's players, and provide women's shoes size," Blau said. "This is the first time, but it is not the last time."

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