Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Under Armour elite 24

Following Emmanuel Mudiay's visit to Under Armor's global headquarters in Baltimore, Under Armor announced that Mudiay was the new generation of its elite basketball team. Mudiay will come to China this month to prepare his first show at CBA (China Men's Basketball Professional League). Because of his physical, speed and the feeling of the game almost perfect, many experts predict that Mudiay will be in the 2015 NBA draft to become the top five.

"After Mudiay joins our team, Under Armor has a young rising star," said Matt Mirchin, executive vice president of global marketing at Under Armor. "As a young player, Emmanuel has a complete The game experience, he is a leader, when you see him standing on the pitch you can see that he highlighted the tough and powerful.When you put this tough and powerful with his investment in training and his positive attitude together, Will find that he has the potential to become a long-term special player, we can become a part of his basketball career and feel very proud. "

Mudiay was born in the Congo, where his basketball career began in his high school in Dallas, Texas. His high school and summer league in the outstanding performance so that he quickly made the country's attention. Recognized as a stadium leader, wanted to win the game's strong desire, Mudiay won the state championship at high school and was twice selected in the Under Armor-sponsored elite 24 National Classic. In the 2014-2015 season CBA (China Men's Professional Basketball League), he will play for the Guangdong Bank of Guangdong.

"Joining Under Armor is an important step in pursuing the ultimate dream of the highest level of competition," says Mudiay. "Under Armor is the best partner because they are committed to providing athletes with excellent sports equipment and they know their shoes How the performance of the product, so that athletes become better.

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