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Nike helped the Chinese women's soccer World Cup

June 7, 2015, the seventh Women's World Cup will be kicked off in Canada, the Chinese women's football will be the first time wearing a new Nike shirt debut World Cup stage. This is the Chinese women's football after eight years to return to the World Cup, they will be in the opener against the host of the Canadian team. At the beginning of 2015, Nike and the Chinese Football Association to form a new partnership for the Chinese women's football, including 12 Guo Zihao team to provide new equipment.

Fearless Chinese women's new departure

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From the first women's soccer World Cup in 1991 to 2007, the Chinese women's football finals for five consecutive finalists, and in 1999 the third women's soccer World Cup semi-final 5 to 0 victory over the defending champion Norway, and the US team finals, In the Los Angeles Rose Bowl staged an epic penalty shootout, despite the final runner-up, but the tenacious Chinese women's football has thus won the "sonorous rose" reputation. 2014 Women's Asian Cup, the Chinese women's soccer all the way into the semi-finals, and the Japanese team fighting to the last minute of overtime regret, and ultimately defeated South Korea in three or four finals, into the 2015 Canadian Women's World Cup.

Nike for the World Cup in the new women's football to provide a new home and away jerseys - home jersey continuation of "China Red", away jersey was white. The new jersey with the characteristics of the women's players tailored to adapt to the players in the field of maximum freedom of movement; easy to produce heat in the key parts with laser cutting holes, to help players keep the ideal temperature on the pitch; and Nike Dri-FIT material Help sweat quickly evaporate, so that players in the field more focused.

"Football is becoming more and more popular in China, and many young people are beginning to take part in the sport.Keix hopes to encourage more young people to go to the stadium and help them get better performance and we are very honored to be able to To provide support and services, their fearless perseverance and perseverance inspired by generation after generation of young athletes, their excellent talent on the pitch so that they won the real respect for the fans around the world. "Nike Greater China vice president of marketing Cai Zhandong ( Steve Tsoi) said.

"Sonorous rose" look again bloom

For the last World Cup missed the Chinese women's football, despite the ups and downs, but "sonorous rose" spirit has been inspired by generation after generation of women's football players return to the peak. The start of the opener is a start of a new journey, although the team of 25 players no one had the World Cup campaign experience, the team average age is only 23.5 years old, but the history and the law has always been rewritten.

"The stadium is the best stage for us to show football talent, for the love of football let us on the pitch fearless, perseverance." The new women's football captain Wu Haiyan said, "as the captain, I not only play a personal role, but also need Constantly motivate teammates, leading the team to the final victory.

Now the women's football player's mind is more calm and mature, the team's overall performance is more tacit understanding and smooth, mutual trust between teammates, so that they freely show their talent in the field, and toward their own dream of the World Cup jumped a big step forward. "As a striker, I have to attack the opponent's goal in the World Cup, every time you start running must pay 100% of the effort," striker Li Ying said, "young is not the pressure, but the power, for the upcoming game, We are ready. "

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