Monday, August 7, 2017

Jordan Ultra.Fly

Jordan "Panthers" nickname for inspiration Jordan launched the new Ultra.Fly

Michael Jordan will maintain a high degree of focus in the playoffs. His agility, elegance and those fatal blows, so that he has a "panther" this nickname. This nickname is a high degree of appreciation for Michael Jordan's unparalleled ability. He always persevered in continuous fighting, and at the right time to give a decisive blow.

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With Michael Jordan's "Panthers" nickname as inspiration, Jordan brand recently launched a new shoe Jordan Ultra.Fly. This pair of actual combat shoes using Kurim material uppers, the surface of the hollow texture for the feet to provide customized fit and flexible structure. This shoe design also used to imitate the spotted leopard skin pattern.

The second layer of skin-like fit

Kurim is a very soft and durable material, it is strategically placed in the boots of the upper, so that shoes like your second layer of skin, as the body quickly move.


The Zoom ir unit of the forefoot nine chamber provides excellent feedback and cushioning. The Zoom Air unit block is mosaiced in a curved groove so that it can move as you change your footsteps.

Inner boots

A light mesh material made of inner shoes like a sock-like fit, extremely comfortable wrapped around the foot.

Jimmy Butler (Jimmy Butler) will be the first time this week wearing Jordan Ultra.Fly debut match.
Jordan Ultra.Fly starting three colors

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