Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Adidas football limited edition champagne set, inspired by football in the history of the most classic shoes color one, and re-launched one of the most popular football shoes in the history: Falcon Mania, ghostly cream combined with iconic red tongue, heavy Now the bloodthirsty face. The entire series of products are equipped with Adidas latest technology, classic and innovative fusion to a perfect interpretation.

To celebrate the re-release of Falcon Mania, Adidas Football teamed up with Beckham to shoot a group of extremely shocking pictures, intended to pay tribute to the Falcon Mania ad in the late 90s. These charts are painted through Beckham to dyed bright red tongue to highlight the most iconic design of the falcon Mania: red tongue.

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Adidas champagne suit also includes a red PURECUT footwear system and 360 ° no dead cream cream PRIMENKNIT boots face ACE17 + PURECONTROL, both to make the shoes become effortless, but also to make the foot even in the complex movement can also be maintained Absolutely stable. This pair of boots boots also equipped with Adidas industry-leading BOOST technology, each step will feel the unparalleled kinetic energy feedback.

X16 + PURECHAOS boots equipped with PURECUT footwear system, hidden lace design to provide the ultimate fit wearing experience. Its NON STOP GRIP (NSG) 3D bumps enhance the ability to control the upper. While the outsole is used SPRINTFRAME technology, high-speed movement can also guarantee stability.

"The champagne color was once the most classic of the many matching colors of the Adidas Falcon Mania soccer shoes," said Sam Handy, vice president of soccer design at Adidas. "Through this champagne suit, we were able to reproduce this classic color to the world and The field and the field of cutting - edge technology combined, which is football enthusiasts have always wanted to see.

Falcon Mania has a creamy upper and iconic Predator technology. In addition to the unique asymmetric lace design, this pair of falcon Mania's upper also retains the original Predator friction bar, used to provide more strength and accuracy of the boots. Modern Sprintframe outsole, taking advantage of lightweight support and superior balance.

ACE 16+ PURECONTROL UltraBOOST is also included in Adidas's Champagne Set. It will Adidas football Primeknit uppers and industry-leading BOOST technology combined to meet the players in the stadium outside the wearing needs.

Copa is Adidas champagne series of ending, carrying the pair of famous boots born 35 years of congratulations. And the first year Copa, the shoe uppers made of kangaroo skin, embodies the distinguished and excellent stadium temperament.

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