Saturday, August 12, 2017

NB Fresh Foam 1080

New Balance in March launched two new running shoes single product, the flagship cushioning performance Fresh Foam 1080 shoes is fascinating, "run away" concept, let running shoes in Fresh Foam large data cushioning technology continues upgrade. Then it's where the specific magic is reflected in it?

Red is very bright red is very bright
Overall look at running shoes, lines are very smooth, mainly in red red shoes, looks very eye-catching, and blue soles just to ease the red Mingyan, reflective signs in the night when running can also be a "small light bulb" with. When I ran across the road in the evening, I saw a young man staring at the foot of the running shoes to see. This pair of running shoes weight of 255 grams, if with some of the ultra-light gimmick running shoes compared to really heavy a lot, but still still feel relaxed to wear, little effect.

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The weight of running shoes
Now let's take a look at the shoes. Vamp design, the use of leather + fabric, shoes, front face of the extension of the strong, which allows running shoes in the running process to maintain ventilation, but also for both sides to provide a very solid support. The tongue and the upper integration, which can enhance the upper of the package, the instep and the upper of the paste a higher degree, but also can improve our feet when running the stability of the feet to prevent the feet back and forth in the shoe sliding The

Upper: Artificial leather + fabric upper: leather + fabric

The sign on the tongue is slightly harder and the tongue is slightly harder
Insoles for the yellow, the whole red and yellow shoes, "three primary colors" with classic, insoles in the heel of the location of the logo printed with the brand and Fresh Foam's technology, people at one glance to see the function of shoes, the back of the blue, Brand logo and so on in the soles of the feet position.

Insoles insole
The soles of the part is very much like this, it is this shoe is the main project, the soles of the material is rubber, before the publicity said that this shoe with a new Fresh Foam large data cushioning technology, thick one Bottom design. I think it is embodied in the magic of the "honeycomb" where. Soles, honeycomb shape, grip is very strong, I accelerated in the asphalt pavement, there is no slippery phenomenon. Soles around the design, the gradient color is very fashionable, "honeycomb" style is very vivid, "bump has caused" three-dimensional sense is very strong. It is reported that such a design, concave into the "honeycomb" can provide cushioning protection, and highlight the "honeycomb" more reflected in the support and rebound.

Cushioning technology of cushioning technology of soles
"Honeycomb" design "honeycomb" design
My feet are relatively slim, this pair of shoes to wear, the front part of the package is very good, fully embodies the advantages of the tongue and the integration of the upper tongue tongue signs some hard, but this feeling only in the Wear time will feel that run up did not affect the. There are some fat in the heel, but most people should be appropriate.

Night run shoes logo clear night running shoes logo obvious
Put on running shoes first ran three kilometers, I was in the asphalt and sidewalks alternating night run, and ran down to feel more comfortable in the asphalt pavement. At first, when doing warm-up, I feel good rebound, especially the forefoot. So, before starting my main forefoot to the ground, ran about half a kilometer, the most direct feeling is the foot is very soft, flexible, but some small enough, reflected in the strength of the forefoot with the increase, the rebound The intensity is slightly less.

Beautiful lines beautiful lines
In the speed, I personally feel that when the speed of 6-7 run the most comfortable, with the speed of 8-9 and sprint when the feet can feel a little bit of weight shoes. The first run shoes ran 3 km, then ran 5 km, two contrast down, run 5 km feeling better, this is the Fresh Foam 1080 full runners to meet the long distance running demand concept.

Take a look down
In the breathable, the shoes are not hot, remember the first run is at night, the day the temperature of Beijing reached 28 degrees, and very hot, and I was running, still wearing a pair of thick socks, although the process of running for breathless Obvious feeling. However, the run down did not feel hot and uncomfortable.

Shoes are very beautiful shoes very beautiful

Finally sum up Fresh Foam 1080 this pair of running shoes, if you want to run long distance in the spring and autumn, then this pair of shoes is undoubtedly the best. If you want to run at night or run on the road, then accept this pair of shoes.

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