Monday, August 7, 2017

Nike Air VaporMax

New York time on the afternoon of March 16, Nike Group President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker, released a series of unprecedented innovations, including: Nike Air VaporMax, the latest definition of the global classic shoes; Nike Anti-Clog Traction, One to prevent the mud blocking the soles of the polymer; NikeAdapt 1.0, on behalf of the movement of the future adaptability shoelaces; new Nike + app, for the athletes to provide personalized service and even more. These products represent the driving force of Nike never stop, not only beyond the expectations of athletes, but also by the dream into a real product to encourage athletes.

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The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 This pair of shoes in the design of the integration of digital, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering in-depth research results. The use of soles of the shoelace controller, for the shoelace and tightness of personal preferences to bring a breakthrough solution. This means that the tie is too tight will bring excessive pressure, tied too loose shoes and may fall these inconvenience will become the past. Now you can manually adjust the precise, persistent personalized lock while exercising.

"These products represent the driving force of Nike never stop, not just beyond the expectations of athletes, but also by the dream of a real product to encourage athletes."

Tingke Hartfield and Nike's senior innovator Tiffany Bills dominated the project. Together with Parker, they foresaw the change of the product due to the wearer, while serving the future of the athlete's needs. This pair of shoes is only suitable for wearing a product of the tip of the iceberg, toward the overall dress with the sneakers and wearing a step forward.

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is only one of the many products of Nike's "personalized movement", and the new NIike +, as defined in this era, helps athletes to realize their full potential.

"We are surrounded by technology and data, but athletes want to really reach their potential to need richer and more meaningful things. They do not need data that they need is to contact," Parker said.

Relying on Nike in sports shoes and sports equipment rich knowledge, Nike + "plus" is defined as "personalized", to provide personalized counseling for members to support the same time to show the best on Nike's custom resources.

Diversified guidance and training content can help in a large number of sports - runners' grades, weightlifters, flexibility of yoga practitioners, and so on. Whether it's a close neighborhood or an international marathon, the Nike + Run Club and Nike + Training Club will bring together sports enthusiasts in the community together to inspire and inspire each other.

This application also applies to newly registered sports enthusiasts. Nike's series of digital products can help them from the primary content began to advanced, the same will give them shoes and product recommendations. Thus, Nike + has achieved a general guideline for sport: the community is a strong incentive to promote factors.

"In the face of today's common challenges, we have more individualized solutions," Parker said. "Today we know athletes more than anyone else. Today, the first time in history, all athletes will benefit from this application service".

In June, the best Nike will be presented through the Nike + app - all this only through a complete registration will be able to understand the most cutting-edge products and related activities of Nike information. In addition to running and training clubs, Nike + is connected to all digital products, including allowing a basketball player to pick the Kyrie 2 shoes that match his jersey color, and make a football player add personality to his Tiempo Legend VI shoes NIKEiD, Nike through the perennial study found that athletes are satisfied with their own wear when there will be better performance.

The new app also brings new ideas for shopping. Through the personalized store for the members, to bring customized product recommendations, and members of the interest of the shoes reserved. It serves the movement of life always, whether it is competition, training or sports and leisure. This innovation explains how sports enthusiasts can get the best sporting products in the world.

Nike knows that when the personalized service to bring more personalized products will be really different, over the past few decades some great sports performance have proved this point - from the Atlanta sprint legend to last summer's record in Beijing The end is all the way. Each of the achievements and then set up a new standard. And Nike will be in every innovation to enhance the breakthrough in these standards.

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