Thursday, August 3, 2017


Today, Nike (NYSE: NKE) and 27 of the world's top athletes gathered in New York, Nike Women for the new spring and summer series unveiled, and demonstrated a large number of professional sports category, sports products and digital services to complete the company to accelerate women Business growth goals.

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"Sports and fitness are driving a new shift in a global lifestyle for women," said Mark Parker, president and chief executive officer of Nike. "We have a friendly relationship with 65 million women in the digital community, Product innovation is the source of our power and confidence, hoping to 2017 fiscal year *, our income can be increased by $ 2 billion to $ 7 billion. "*

Global women will use Nike products during fitness and running. Nike + Training Club application has been downloaded 16 million times, 9 million women have downloaded the Nike + Running application. The Nike + digital community will be a global ecosystem that is full of inspiration and optimism, with knowledge and through sharing and motivating women. In order to allow different levels of female athletes to better understand themselves, Nike will be female consumers and their goals directly linked.

Nike Women 2015 spring and summer series show a new professional sports modeling and designer cooperation products to meet the modern women's new sports lifestyle in all aspects of demand. This includes a variety of new products from Nike's running, fitness and sports lifestyle, from high-performance tights, NikeFlyknit sneakers to innovative sports lingerie.

The team's global squad in New York is the two-time Grand Slam champion Li Na, Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix, Sanya Richards-Ross, Adelina Sotnikova and Skylar Diggins, a professional basketball star.

Nike also demonstrated its cooperation with the Brazilian designer Pedro Lorenzo (PedroLourenco) launched a financial performance and unique style in one of the training clothes and training shoes series.

"With the variety of ideas in the movement such as fire broke out, coupled with running and fitness in women's daily lifestyle has become increasingly important, making Nike have the best development orientation," Nike Women Vice President / General Manager Ai Amy Montagne said, "Today we are the most comprehensive and innovative series of women ever made by Nike."

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