Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nike released ZK6 upper imitation snake skin in the bottom thin feet closer to the ground

And Kobe Bryant today officially released Nike Zoom Kobe VI basketball shoes, inspired by Kobe Bryant on the pitch nickname "black Mamba." This design is inspired by the ferocious black mamba snake, while the integration of low to help the main functional elements of basketball shoes, weighing only 10.6 ounces (300 grams, the US version of men 9).

"Kobe VI is a very personalized shoes, with a strong 'black Mamba' mark." Bryant said, "As always, we in this shoe design using a lot of advanced technology, and strive to build a pair of Excellent functional basketball shoes, from the appearance, I think you never see more shoes than it is. It will be my favorite black Mamba into reality.

Nike sports shoes creative director Eric Avar led the design team and Kobe Bryant will be "black Mamba" presented in the Nike Zoom Kobe VI basketball shoes. Texture imitation snake skin unique polyurethane "bump" size, covered with the entire upper, to prevent surface wear, and can accurately improve the specific parts of the wear resistance. Shoes outside the front engraved with "Venomenon", highlighting the fatal venom of the black Mamba.

"Kobe believes that the black mamba is one of the deadliest predators on the planet," Avar said: "This is his way in each game to win - accurate and fast.

Customized fit experience

Kobe asked the designer to create a pair of shoes with excellent degree of fit. Nike in particular the use of innovative double-layer memory sponge insole, according to the player foot-shaped automatic adjustment to improve the degree of fit, bringing a unique, tailor-like fit experience. Phylon injection in the end of the foot more in line with the profile, to provide better cushioning effect; after the palm and forefoot to join the Nike Zoom air cushion unit, giving the player a non-general golf course comfort.

In order to enhance the performance of Bryant's track, Nike designer team followed a successful Nike Zoom Kobe V lightweight low-help shape. This year's new basketball shoes to reduce the thickness of the bottom, so that the feet closer to the ground, improve stability and comfort on the field. Bryant want a running shoes or soccer shoes like the real low to help basketball shoes, low to help the design of the new shoes are in line with their needs.

Nike Zoom Kobe VI incorporates the three-storey uppers designed into Nike's innovative Flywire technology. The innermost layer is a mesh covering the foot of the material, the middle of the use of Flywire technology, the outermost layer of polyurethane bumps with mesh material, better to prevent wear. This unique structure brings a lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable foot experience compared to the flywire vamps used in the Kobe series.

To ensure the best grip, Nike Zoom Kobe VI with hard rubber outsole, inspired by the black Mamba improved shoe pattern. Part of the Chinese version of the shoes also used XDR (ultra-wear-resistant rubber), for the outdoor basketball court rough surface to provide lasting wear resistance.

Technology and the perfect fusion of art

Nike Zoom Kobe VI is the Nike team and Kobe Bryant in the direct exchange of birth, so as to ensure that the shoes and their basketball style perfect fit.

"I often say that good design should be a balance between technology and art, and our cooperation with Kobe Bryant, the best is Bryant in each communication are based on this idea, everything starting from the technology." Avar said.

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