Friday, June 23, 2017

Reebok's new launch of ZigSlash thin boots

2010, Reebok has launched its brand of top sports technology, can reduce the leg muscle wear up to 20% of the innovative running training shoes - ZigTech. 2011 spring and summer, Reebok this top sports technology into the new basketball boots-ZigSlash. The new launch of the Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes, Reebok sports shoes from the training field, expanded to a more intense basketball stadium.

Reebok ZigTech energy return technology is designed to reduce the impact of exercise on the foot muscles. The core of the ZigTech series of sports shoes is the use of the most advanced energy to return technology - its unique zigzag soles, to absorb the vertical impact, and with the movement of each step forward, the energy will continue to pass along the serrated horizontal , Back to the movement itself.

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Basketball is easy to have a huge impact on the foot, and ZigTech energy return technology can reduce the impact, thereby reducing energy consumption. Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes, is the use of ZigTech energy return technology revolutionary "upgrade" shoes. Using a slightly tilted midsole to ensure stability, and a deep "human" shaped rubber outsole that has been proven to provide sufficient ground traction for athletes with frequent horizontal movements. In reducing foot muscle wear at the same time, but also allows athletes to get sufficient propulsion, so that athletes have a shocking energy feedback experience. "Since last year, Reebok has launched ZigTech running training shoes, and we firmly believe that this series of bold and innovative design will change people's traditional concept of sports shoes; and ZigTech energy back to the technology to bring the shock absorption of the technology," said Chris Froio, Reebok Men's product leader. Benefits, will make ZigSlash in the basketball court shine.

NBA early this season, as the NBA10-11 season champion and Washington Wizards rookie John Wall's royal boots, ZigSlash stunning debut, completed in the NBA game "debut".

"It's fantastic to play ZigSlash in the field," said Wall. "Unlike any pair of shoes I've worn before, ZigSlash kept me in the first season of my career in a very good condition. "

Reebok Zigtech series of sports shoes have been favored by many sports stars. John Wall has just become a member of the Reagan ZigTech family, including the US National Football League star Payton Manning, Chad Ochochenko and DeMarcus Will, the National Hockey League star Sidney Crosby, Alexander Owachiken, US Major League Baseball Red Tim Tim Linden, David Ostiez, soccer star Thierry Henry and the world's youngest F1 champion Driver Lewis Hamilton and so on.

In addition to Zigtech's cushioning technology, the breathable mesh uppers make Reebok ZigSlash basketball shoes light and comfortable. Not only that, ZigSlash also offers a variety of color options, blue and white, black and white blue, and white with the same time in February launched the Wizards away color matching limited, I believe will become the hearts of countless consumers favorite.

In addition to ZigSlash, Reebok also introduced a new ZIGRETURNXT training shoes, with ZIGTECH energy return technology and full of young and dynamic color, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear, become the focus of attention.

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