Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hoka One One Clifton 3

There is a recognized fat in the running world - that is, Hoka One One. Although it looks too large, but both comfortable and protected are absolutely first class. Today to tell you about Hoka One One Clifton 3 running shoes.

This section is a heel of the heel is very close to the height difference between the running shoes, the most suitable for daily or fast-paced training in the damping shoes wearing shoes, suitable for normal foot or outside runners use.

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Clifton 3 is the third generation of the popular Clifton series. This series maintains a soft cushion and super lightweight features.
This section than in the past, have a more solid soles. In the end thickness thicker than before, shock absorption performance is very good. The toe parts are slightly wider and the upper garment is made of new mesh material. This design will allow the runner every step to feel the comfort of the buffer and soft strong and lasting support.

CMEVA foam material to the end of the end without weight, the United States on the 9th each weighing only 8.6 ounces (about 243g). The weight of many flat shoes is the same. The upper seamless TPU material stretch and breathability are very good, even if you will not feel hot in the summer. Widening the forefoot to run on the way to the lateral pressure of the toes to reduce, but also to ensure a more fun breathing, running feel more comfortable.
The design of the curved sole is similar to the technology of the snowboard, so that the foot is more smooth in the movement, regardless of the direction of landing or how to fall on the ground, gravity will push your feet forward. Forefoot 24mm, followed by 29mm, this is only 5mm before and after the gap will let you run more easily.

Apply a high-wear rubber material to the outsole at a strategic location and wrap it to the toe of your upper. Of course, CMEVA's foam is also used on the outsole, but it does not affect its overall ruggedness, but makes it more comfortable to wear.
If you want to have a pair of multi-functional running shoes, this Hoka is your choice. Maximum cushioning combined with lightweight weight for you to wear it at any distance; upper stretch and breathability as well as wider forefoot design for you to wear it in any season; curved sole design and smaller The heel forehead height difference, suitable for you in any case of road wear it.

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