Saturday, June 24, 2017


The latest IGNITE NETFIT shoes in the upper use of the PUMA new NETFIT technology to a full range of customized strap system and personalized strap selection for the runners to provide a stable and comfortable running support. The upper is a combination of PUMA unique "evoKnit" knitted fabric to build socks upper, in the further realization of comfort at the same time, the interpretation of fashion appearance. The heel of the TPU Heel Clip enhances the support effect and the stability of the heel. Finally, the rich choice of lace, so that runners can be more free publicity personality, and further show NETFIT family of customization concept.
IGNITE NETFIT in the end with PUMA Ace cushioning material IGNITE foam, with a new zigzag design, for the runners to provide superior energy feedback and comfort, and Molded EVA socks with the inside together, so that every step out Have the best comfort. The soles provide the perfect platform for the runners, so that every step is full of self-confidence, PUMA EverTrack outer sole rubber for your feet from the toes to the heel to provide durability and contraction, but also with elastic grooves in the toes from the ground Produce the best elasticity. In addition, this shoe also added a redesigned, extending from the heel to the toes, to simulate the runners of the natural gait conversion line, as far as possible to create the most smooth pace.
IGNITE NETFIT is committed to creating a full range of comfortable wearing experience, so that runners have the opportunity to adjust the shoes to the most comfortable feet with the favorite shape. PUMA's product development team is currently designed with five different strap demonstrations for reference, and in fact, NETFIT strap method there are infinite possibilities. These five straps include the standard strap method, the normal leg of the solid system; wide banding method, for the "wide enough" to release more space; narrow banding method, as "narrow" foot runners And the need for more foot support runners of the Gospel; heel support strap law, enjoy the heel and running shoes close fit.

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