Friday, June 9, 2017

Gel-Nimbus 14

Love running friends must be on the Ascy of the world's four major running shoes brand familiar, this relatively low-key brand and not too much publicity and carpet bombing, but each time the launch of the running shoes are real "real guy." As the world's countless professional athletes and running enthusiasts most trusted brand, Asic has been the pursuit of continuous innovation, this entrepreneurial spirit also let it in the sixty years of brand history, for us to leave a pair of classic running shoes, and today we Protagonist Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 can continue classic? let us wait and see!
Always adhere to fresh and breathable
As a pair of shoes on the breathability of the pursuit of almost harsh, even so a pair of cushioning as a selling shoes, Gel-Nimbus 14 in the upper breathability is also unambiguous, a large number of mesh design so that the double Gel-Nimbus 14 Of the permeability rose to the other running shoes can not reach the height. For the running process, the heat generated by the foot can be the most timely release, and multi-layer fiber material can effectively inhibit the temperature rise in the shoe, and through the capillary phenomenon of sweat and hot air exclusion, so as to achieve dry feet the goal of. In the author nearly three kilometers of running, the foot is always keep the dry state, in the scorching sun season, my feet like to open the central air conditioning, so that every step I can play full, get rid of hot. As a pair of cushioning running shoes, Gel-Nimbus 14 breathable enough to shoulder any pair of breathable thin as a selling point of running shoes, which is the tradition of Asics, Gel-Nimbus 14 is also the first step closer to the classic running shoes.
Long journey support protection
Gel-Nimbus 14's support is remarkable, and on the way to the three-kilometer run, the author does not feel any tiredness and soreness at the foot, thanks entirely to the Gel-Nimbus 14 tray at the arch, This kind of Asics patented support system is not susceptible to temperature impact of the material, in the course of running the repeated impact of heat will not be deformed, for the author of the journey of three kilometers is really a lot of useless. The excellent support of the arch allows the wearer to run on long distances, nor will the support of the shoes fall, so that the foot fatigue and even damage, so Gel-Nimbus 14 recommended to long-distance running enthusiasts. In addition to the support at the arch, the Gel-Nimbus 14 is also a big fuss in the upper support, and the designer adds the TUP-like material to the main force of the vamps without affecting the breathability. Greatly enhance the support of the upper, but also to Gel-Nimbus 14's upper is not weak. The use of PHF technology to Gel-Nimbus 14 of the joint feet of excellence, PHF's own memory function can quickly according to your heel shape, thus changing their own shape, so that shoes more fit. In general, the Gel-Nimbus 14 is satisfying in terms of support, no matter how long your journey is, it will always protect your feet and make it hurt.
The king of the strong earthquake
I believe that many of my friends are still remember the experiment that year, in the experiment a raw egg from the height of 20 meters down in a mysterious substance on the mat, eggs intact, and this mysterious mat material is the famous Asics Trumpet damping technology GEL cushioning rubber. On this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14, we saw that the GEL was placed in front and back, so the author was confident in the performance of the Gel-Nimbus 14 in shock absorption, and it did not disappoint me in actual wear , Full of elastic shock absorption so that every step of the author to enjoy, especially in the back of the shock after the shock, the author once dreaming of "one step bomb" feeling, in the Gel-Nimbus 14 body to achieve The The first thing you can feel in every step is the unparalleled damping that GEL brings, and when you step up this step, flexibility will take your feet and make your every step full of power. fast. And this is not all, Gel-Nimbus 14 is still used in the end of the Solyte technology, which often appear in Asics various running shoes technology, using a molecular structure and density is different from ordinary EVA material, it has And EVA the same performance, have a good shock absorption, while with a certain degree of flexibility, which in the end of the GEL coincide, but because of the low density, so only half the weight of ordinary EVA, you can make shoes Reduced weight, Solyte technology and GEL shock absorbers give this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 powerful shock absorption, Gel-Nimbus 14 worthy of Asics damping shoes in the king.
Challenging the road is rocky
Gel-Nimbus 14 in the cushioning of the outstanding performance and can not cover it in the stability of the excellent, before we said, GEL shock rubber flexibility to the author left a deep impression, but in the surprise at the same time, I also Gel-Nimbus 14 stability expressed concern, after all, the shock absorption of the excellent tend to make the stability of the shoes greatly reduced, but in the running process, Gel-Nimbus 14 in the stability of the performance so that the author really satisfied, IGS system Efficacy in this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 to play the most vividly, every step it is the right to guide your feet, so that your feet in the most suitable way to run, even the foot of the runners do not have to worry about IGS The effectiveness of the system, similar to the bionic outsole, so that every step of your steady rock, and even poor road conditions, you do not have to worry about the feet will be hurt. IGS as the Gel-Nimbus 14 core stability system, it can guide you every step, choose the most suitable for the most effort of the way, which is IGS most commendable place. According to the bionic design of the outsole, you can make the complex road in the smooth, although not as exaggerated outdoor shoes, but for running enthusiasts enough.

After the completion of the test, I can not help but lament this pair of Gel-Nimbus 14 is indeed the first four running shoes Asics launched ace running shoes, set light, cushioning and stability in one, in the cushioning area is doing particularly well, the whole pair of shoes The high tech is dazzling, but when you wear it run up, the real enjoyment has just begun.

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