Friday, June 2, 2017

adidas Crazy Fast

Looking back at the 2013NBA All-Star Rookie Challenge, it is not the game itself that is not the game itself, but the "green" adidas Basketball that flew over the full moon weekend New basketball shoes products, wearing adidas contract players at the foot of the audience through this touch of "green" is the protagonist of today's adidas Crazy Fast. Rookie match amazing appearance can not help but let everyone full of curiosity, the following Xiaobian wear On this pair of adidas Crazy Fast on the basketball court to feel it.
When Xiao Bian get this pair of adidas Crazy Fast, and not too many surprises, in the hands can feel in recent years adidas brand basketball shoes products have maintained its pure blood, and consistent line. Just as the front of the adidas Crazy Fast the same light concept to hold it in the hands can be known. It will be worn on the feet is as always, can ignore the sense of presence, the weight of the shoes to control within a certain range, the achievements of the lightweight shoes products, as it is the same name, for now the pursuit of speed on the game friends Said, adidas Crazy Fast is definitely one of the choices.
Footwear is clearly visible Sprint Web words, adidas Crazy Fast on the use of Sprint Web technology uppers, more lightweight composition, bringing more excellent breathable performance, the overall structure of the upper vividly visible, like a shuttle in the upper Within the skeleton, to the wearer to bring not only light and breathable, in actual combat can provide a more fit feet wrapped sense. Tough and easy Sprint Web uppers have a large breathable mesh, for the breathability does not have any concerns to ensure that the comfort of the feet to maintain the fresh shoes in the environment, in the small series of two hours after the actual combat, the upper Good fit, feet still keep fresh, visible Sprint Web contributed
Adidas Crazy Fast in the end is not luxurious, but it is practical. Wearing a sense of shock in the feet is not obvious, double density in the end with EVA insole appear side by side, but the foot feeling is still a little hard, before and after the palm of the small difference is not the overall feedback strong site. This is perhaps what it is asking for the nature of speed. After the actual combat breakthrough, change and other intense action, in the small series of 85KG under the pressure of weight, I am this pair of adidas Crazy Fast overall cushioning and not satisfied, but the pursuit of speed and good breakthrough in the defender-level friends For example, believe that adidas Crazy Fast such a solid and stable in the end is absolutely competent.
Pure blood in the support and reflected in the adidas Crazy Fast is still equipped with a Sprint Frame three-dimensional support structure, to cope with the intense stadium demand for the wearer to bring more protective needs. Sprint Frame appears to be reassuring enough to make the shoes more stable, excellent anti-twist, for the break in the offensive feet with high quality protection.
Today, this pair of black and blue adidas Crazy Fast Although less than the rookie race that field "green" to the ferocious, but on the whole, adhering to the pure blood of adidas Crazy Fast enough to meet your speed on the pitch. In the test Xiaobian deliberately increase the basket break through the attack, feel at the extreme adidas Crazy Fast. Throughout the overall adidas Crazy Fast more highlights exist in its Sprint Web uppers, highlighting the sense of technology, bring good The upper feel. There are sound in the end of the structure, for the different pursuit of friends is different, it is worth mentioning in adidas Crazy Fast equipped with miCoach groove, wearing its friends can use miCoach program to achieve the movement The higher requirements.

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