Wednesday, June 14, 2017

HE NORTH FACE Ultra Protection Fast pack cc88

Thousands of miles began in the next step, long-range walking, the feet not only bear the weight of the body, need to deal with complex road conditions. Both inside and outside the double pressure, select a pair of suitable for their own footwear will become the primary problem.
The current period into the Sina outdoor evaluation room is designed for the light speed of the THE NORTH FACE Ultra Protection family series Fast pack cc88. Cc88 upper material using Gore-Tex waterproof film, Pebax, Flashdry. The soles are made of Vibram, Ultra Airmesh, and Cradle, Snake Plate. Single foot weight 327g, the whole pair of shoes 654g. In addition to the inside of the whole shoe underwear, the whole foot with Gore-Tex waterproof film, tongue and upper suture, waterproof height theoretical value up to the top of the first two shoes at the hole. Feel light weight, estimated waterproof ability is good.
First check the shoes work, the key point is the glue and the upper suture. Look at the outside of the whole shoe without excess glue remaining, no thread exposed, the upper foot flat. Remove the insoles, the internal suture neat. In contrast to the details of the end, the whole bottom are all large lines of design, the front foot for the four groups of lines, divided into two pairs of internal and external lines for the triangle along the edge along the edge of the distribution. One of the inner lines is similar to the lateral lines, but with its reverse and slightly smaller shape, the other group is transverse lines, the front palm 4 groups of staggered co-cast cc88 grip performance. The posterior foot palate is divided into four groups: the left and right groups, the left and right groups are similar to the lateral veins of the forefoot, followed by the TPU Cradle followed by the stability technique. Appearance evaluation :, exquisite workmanship, rough at the end.
It is worth mentioning that the first time to get the shoes, the shoe box pattern will cause my attention. In the next spring and autumn, it will attract a large number of backpackers from all over the world who like hiking hiking, which is also echoing the theme of the Fast pack CC88 - shoe.
Try to experience
Cc88 shoes within the larger space, should be fitted with professional outdoor socks. Toe up, standing when the toes in the ground state, soles hard, followed by a solid. Shoes for the pursuit of light and breathable almost non-woven fabric to add, Gore-Tex film and heel synthetic leather material hard, so the first experience of foot feeling more "hard", soft experience in general. In the heating foot temperature of up to 20 ℃ above the indoor long time wearing, the foot feels hot, the upper warm material and breathable function show, also shows that cc88 is not suitable for warm indoor environment wear, weekdays working time with caution.
water-proof test
In the room were trampled with water and water test, including light foot shoes to step on the water for 1 minute and from the top down the second shoe hole position to the tongue at the water 20 seconds. After the test, the shoes remain dry, the upper moist, foot temperature drop. Indicating that the inside of the waterproof effect is obvious, the upper material quick-drying but not water. After the warm and breathable material of the outer layer is warmed, the warmth performance is canceled by the water temperature. The ventilation effect makes the foot temperature drop rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the upper dryness and prevent the foot from wandering in time. importance.
Actual combat detection
With the last week of Shenyang drip hole hiking activities on the shoes were field testing. 2 km before the hiking for the formation of the road, cc88 toe up design, making the whole foot rolling rolling smooth, light speed. Try to run, 654g shoes to make the foot without bulky feeling and footsteps light. After the process of walking through the dirt road, Vibram outsole and Cradle technology makes the stability of the cc88 stability. Dripping holes located in more than 30 meters cliff bottom, downhill steps and muddy gravel road slippery, cc88 soles of the snake plate outsole, firmly control the road, easy escort. Visible cc88 hiking shoes should meet the spring and autumn light long-range walking, performance significantly. After half a month try to experience, view the upper, outsole, no defect, wear performance is good.

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