Sunday, June 25, 2017

Freedom ISO

As one of the world's four major running shoes brand, Sokoni in the United States enjoy the "sports shoes in the Rolls-Royce" reputation. Recently, Suo Conony new flagship running shoes Freedom ISO available, and its beautiful appearance and superior performance so that the majority of running shoes lovers lifted.

In general, Freedom ISO has four major advantages: full palm EVERUN outsole has excellent energy feedback; strong outsole to provide exceptional wear resistance and resilience; fashionable ISOFIT design perfect fit foot type; eye-catching appearance Design very seductive. However, everything is good and bad, its price is 10-20% more expensive than its competitors.

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Suo Conner Freedom ISO is the first pair of this exciting new series of running shoes, but it's a pair of 1983 with a pair of Freedom training shoes known as "one of the most innovative and advanced running shoes" Somewhat similar. It is not just Sokoni's boast, Freedom training shoes as a pair of groundbreaking running shoes may still be comparable with some modern running shoes. Brand selection "Freedom" as the name of the new series is to hope that it can be the same innovation and advanced.

Compared to Sokoni Kinvara 7s, the Freedom ISO is like a "Big Big Brother" - although it weighs a little more, it is more durable, resilient, and trustworthy in the long run. The design is designed to provide a pair of stylish and comfortable running shoes to all levels of runners, and is resilient to just five miles (about 8.05km) after running 500 miles (about 805km).

Freedom is a new series of running shoes for Sokoni, which aims to increase the energy feedback, resilience and cushioning limits. There is no pair of Sorconi running shoes like it, of course, almost no other running shoes brand has a pair like his use of the whole palm EVERUN (TPU foam in the end), which gives 83% of the runner's energy feedback and EVA foam more than 3 times The durability. In addition, it maintains a better cushioning rate than other foams at low temperatures.

In addition to the whole palm EVERUN in the end, this pair of running shoes also used Sokoni's another new technology "crystal rubber" - that is, a transparent and durable rubber. It feels more durable than sponge glue. Sokoni with the whole palm EVERUN midsole shock, and with crystal rubber bear wear.

The heel height of the running shoes is 19mm, the height of the forefoot is 15mm, and the heel height difference is only 4mm. While the 9 ounces (255g) weight also made it a pair of lightweight running shoes.

At the same time, as part of the ISO series running shoes, Freedom ISO like other Sokoni ISO running shoes (including Hurricane, Zealot and Triumph series), are using ISOFIT technology. However, the more streamlined design in giving you the same familiar with the comfortable fit, and will not let you produce uppers more bulky feeling.

The upper is mainly made of very breathable fabric, and in the vicinity of the toe with edge reinforcement. This is very sensible, because the toes near the more easy to wear, so usually runners hope that some more solid. Heel, a very thin plastic trim so that heels can get more support.

Shoelaces can be firmly on the side of the running shoes tight, and comfortable tongue will not be exposed from the top of the shoelace. In the vicinity of the shoelace hole, but also with a clear chic, almost no attention to the letter spell "ISOFIT".

Sorcone's other excellent design on the upper is the triple combination of reflective material, color and logo. From the outside, the brand's primary goal is to make it a pair of compelling and not ridiculous running shoes. Its color is "bright blue with double fluorescent outsole", there are more soft charcoal and more eye-catching orange with yellow series.

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