Thursday, June 8, 2017

adidas T-mac 1

In our memory, McGrady never grow old, elegant dry jumper, sharp breakthrough ability coupled with always sleepy eyes, these have become McGrady's label, and this season just signed CBA Qingdao team, let us And finally can close to appreciate that "even the old days are moving crying" man. Coincidentally, adidas is also this year for us to bring this T-mac 1 engraved version of the shoes, familiar with the appearance of our memories once again pulled back to the era of scoring, but what performance, and now Let us go to the stadium to experience.
Full sense of the foot feeling
With the rapid development of footwear technology, this pair of adidas T-mac 1 in the end of the configuration is already not the top. The front of the adiPRENE +, the arch at the Torsion System stability device, authentic technology configuration so that this double engraved adidas T-mac 1 foot feeling has a strong chronology, although not the top, but the classic configuration to bring But also because the back palm adidas T-mac 1 did not use any shock absorption technology, so the author felt the lack of shock when the fall, which is the same as the first year version, It is no wonder that as McGrady's first pair of signature shoes, this light weight, the ball wind elegant players for the back of the shock and not too harsh requirements.
Inherited the first edition of the breathable and parcel
This pair of engraved version of the adidas T-mac 1 in the breathability is not too many bright spots, in fact, the first year of the version of the permeability is also unsatisfactory, upper large leather synthetic leather in the texture is very outstanding, but then, people can not To solve the problem of coexistence of texture and breath, which is why adidas T-mac 1 in the breathable unsatisfactory reasons, just rely on the tongue of the fabric heat is clearly stretched, but the strong package is adidas T-mac 1 Of a major feature, through the perfect shoe with a very tough synthetic cortex, can be the wearer's feet tightly "locked in" shoes inside, it can be said engraved version adidas T-mac 1 Breathable and parcel are completely inherited the first year version.
Just the support of the right
Due to the use of the low to help the design, so whether it is the first year version, or our hands on the engraved version, adidas T-mac 1 in support of the feeling is weak, but through the first year version of the friend All know, adidas T-mac 1 support is not imagined so tasteless, but there is a "just right" feeling, and this double engraved version of the adidas T-mac 1 still inherited the classic, without losing the flexibility At the same time, given the foot full support, and now the low-heeled shoes is completely different, this between the balance between the two can let you in the field free to switch the guard and striker position, and McGrady's style of the wind coincide , With a defender of flexibility and mobility, but also has the striker's height and scoring ability, it can be said that this pair of adidas T-mac 1 is the McGrady Stadium on behalf of.
Perfect grip
In fact, the most do not have long talk about is adidas T-mac 1 engraved version of the grip, and completely the same as the first year of the field to ensure that the adidas T-mac 1 engraved in any course are extremely excellent grip, and The performance of the word pattern is not to mention, the earliest from the car tire lines not only excellent grip, but also the greatest degree of durability, so that shoes "service" longer, and adidas T-mac 1 Classic "shell head" design, but also to make the shoes before the palm contact area larger, not only can further enhance the grip, but also provides unparalleled stability, do both.
Familiar with the shell head, the classic vamp design and technology configuration, are the re-engraved adidas T-mac 1 inheritance of the original tradition, and now we can say that this adidas T-mac 1 not only inherited Classic appearance, and even the performance and the first year version is almost the same, look tired of today's new shoes, so a pair of appearance and performance is almost no difference with the first year of the engraved version of the shoes is what we really want, perhaps In our hearts, this is not "minus" the shoes, called "engraved version of" shoes!

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