Sunday, June 18, 2017

Air Max LeBron VIII China do not pay attention to the National Day debut

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max LeBron VIII was officially released today and will be available on October 26. Fusion of Chinese classical elements in particular to create the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China will not be listed on October 1 pre-listed in the occasion of the National Day Festival to the Chinese fans.

Excellence in science and technology, achievement Nike Air Max LeBron VIII

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII soles using basketball dedicated MAX AIR 360 unit and flying line technology, giving shoes excellent extreme cushioning effect and light comfort, and more solid control.

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII learn from the fashion shoes uppers of the classic process and injection molding technology, to create a fine workmanship, soft texture of the all-natural leather uppers. Completely integrated seamless breathable mesh boots are comfortable and breathable, and the structured TPU injection molding frame of the flying line technology is ergonomically designed to provide excellent cushioning for the most needed parts. The MAX AIR 360 cushioning unit provides excellent cushioning and impact protection, with a molded PHYLON material and a perfect response to the MAX AIR 360 cushioning design, helping to steer the direction and further enhance the ride effect.

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII increased the height difference between the shoe collar and the heel, improving the stability and flexibility of the Achilles tendon site. Shoe collar with double density injection mold built-in foam, enhanced the package and comfort. The eyebrow staggered arrangement makes the dress more fit, the top of the shoe eye with double pull 8-shaped design, easy to enhance the lock effect of shoelaces.

In appearance, Nike Air Max LeBron VIII Nike swoosh back to the rear of the shoes to form a unique shock effect of the ring, representing LeBron James on the pitch extraordinary speed. The lion pattern on the tongue represents LeBron James as the king of the stadium. Tongue on the back of the signature label, design inspiration from the stadium outside the special custom clothing, highlight the production of shoes in the superb craftsmanship.

Soles around the functional details of the design not only provides excellent flexibility, but also fully reflects the LeBron's own personality. Outsole with a geometric structure and X-shaped elastic heel combination of shock absorption design, can be dispersed and pressure. The flexibility of the forefoot of the deep groove to achieve the best range of motion control, lightweight multi-directional character design for LeBron James tailored to adapt to its first step and high-speed change in the demand.

China do not note, highlight the talent

In the occasion of the National Day holiday, Nike launched the Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China Note, the gift of Chinese fans. This pair of Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China do not note the use of pure white leather to create the whole body with Chinese red to be decorated, highlight the atmosphere of elegant aristocratic demeanor.

China is known as the Oriental lion, and in accordance with China's feng shui theory, white lions can resist the demons from the East, so guarding people's homes. Therefore, the ancient Chinese people often wear with a lion pattern of white shoes to show auspicious. Nike's designer in the tongue to join the lion pattern, to create a rare white lion, meaning the LeBron James in the new season invincible blessing.

Heel with the use of another unique Chinese characteristics of the lion element - lions statue. In modern China, the lions are a common form of artistic expression of the lion, and people think that the lions have a strong patron saint, and they are usually standing in the palace, temples and imperial temples. This form of heritage so far, with the lion statue guarding the door in China is still everywhere. Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China do not note this design for the heel, both the meaning of the lions guard LeBron James in the kingdom of basketball status, but also to bless James in the new season invincible. This element is also used in the soles, the basketball placed on the lions above the claws, full of strength and domineering.

The label in the tongue is made of noble satin fabric, "Designed And Engineered To The Exact Specifications Of Mr. LeBron James", expressed this pair of Chinese note is LeBron James special gift of Chinese fans wish. The number 82 represents the expectations of the 82 regular season and the win. Left and right shoes head of the metal signs were printed on the Chinese font "LeBron" and "James".

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII China will not be listed on October 1 from the market, the main market push on October 26 full listing, the price is 1388 yuan. LeBron will also debut in the first new season in a new boot.

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