Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nike LEBRON 12 Red White

Turn back drama
In the summer of 2014, Lebron James made another important decision in his career, leaving Miami to return to Cleveland, where he began his dream. So heavy events move a time to let the entire alliance as many as changeable as clouds and rain, negative comments also appeared in the first time blowout. For the return of James, believe that more emotional factors will reach a climax in this period, we align the perspective of personal signature shoes James, team changes in the future is bound to affect the overall color layout of shoes. And James will be back on the back of 23 to do so for the future of personal Logo will not have an impact, will become an important element in the future development of its shoes.
Objective elements play the leading role
A lot of speculation about the shoes before the start of the new season, all of which also let everyone on LEBRON more than and 12 a little look forward to. From the first color to individual Logo changes, etc.. However, because of the development of shoes for several months, before James announced the return of the research and development has been completed, so in the original form, we can not find the return signal from the shoes themselves. As the current active players in the development of the longest series of personal signature shoes, LEBRON 12 body gathered many of the connotation of the Nike brand, from the core technology to the practical application of three-dimensional elements of culture is so. When you get the LEBRON 12 kind of time, by the inherent temperament to lead in the style of the design is still maintaining the James signature shoe series domineering connotation.
The core idea of form change
First we look at the bottom of the LEBRON 12 changes, familiar with the Zoom Air air cushion in another form presented in front of. The location of the distribution in the sole of the foot in the form of an independent unit. The product with the previous arrangement in the air cushion insole soft foot different air Air Zoom unit LEBRON 12 unit is presented to the feet is shock feeling is moderate. With Zoom's traditional feeling, only because the distribution in different regions, and the unit type and integral form of difference, for foot feedback compared to the previous works have significant difference, but the more moderate response effect is more suitable for routine combat.
From the face of the domineering
Nike LEBRON 12 Nike two upgrade and vamp gathered, Hyperposite and Megafuse, Hyperposite has been applied in the first material has a generation of products, the Foamposite material again optimized materials have the same area of lighter weight and more whole solid lines based on such application of protection in the shoes and shoes are greatly improved weight control is to kill two birds with one stone. Look at Megafuse it to the fabric of another material in the fabric of the outside, this double upper strength and better comfort, to sum up Nike LEBRON 12 upper texture is hard, and the tongue and the shoe body separate design form, set Hyperposite and Megafuse package the whole experience is excellent.
Big bottom eye-catching elements
As everyone knows this with the adjustment of science and technology in the bottom, at the bottom of the form is more eye-catching, to the outer end of the hexagonal partition form with stable TPU film implanted midfoot position, and the material crystal at the bottom of the application, with the more complex variety of graphics in the grip on the line, its role is very obviously.
The emperor's new armor
Nike and LEBRON 12 in the comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the overall texture can be found, it still represents the number of development to the pure blood of today, from the overall design to deal with the details in process in process of mixed today I believe Nike LEBRON 12 to be recognized. Compared with the current trend of light, the overall emphasis and more heavy feeling is wearing short board shoes itself, but in the use of natural science and technology will not increase too much doubt, the new season cycle can hope that the emperor is a wonderful drama as a heart like shoes design.

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