Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saucony Hurricane ISO 2

Although people's life is getting faster and faster, but the stability is still foothold, today's test is to stabilize the protection of running shoes as Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, let the small tape with a taste of it!
Everyone on the appearance of the aesthetic are different, when Xiaobian see this pair of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 at first glance, it was fascinated by its appearance. The heel position of the "Logo" and the middle of the shoe similar to the general ISOFIT support material so that it looks so rounded, Xiao Bian such "bread control" really a little love. The same use of EVERUN cushioning technology makes the foot experience has become the only desire!
The lace tied tight, the biggest feeling is that it is indeed wrapped like the same, stable and practical. After the heel and high leg lift, in addition to EVERUN cushioning technology to bring the soft, the biggest feeling is Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 outsole unusually large, but not the shoe last hypertrophy brought insecurity, perhaps this is the stability of the Department Running shoes the biggest bright spot. Nonsense not say that the road running test began!
Since it is stable running shoes, Xiao Bian will be the length of the test for the 10KM. Probably run less than 50M, mentioned above Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 wide outsole will play a miraculous, Xiao Bian just stepped on a sort of a small stone, but because the outsole wide and stable, did not happen Wei Feet or other discomfort. Cold sweat fall, continue to feel, this pair of shoes in the end of the EVERUN cushioning technology and no other series Saucony running shoes to the soft, but still full of flexibility, the whole test down, there is no pain in the foot,
This pair of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2 work problem is still relatively unsatisfactory, too much overflow glue and flaws or let a lot of friends want to start a difficult, so it is recommended to buy counter, so you can also have room for selection.
Summary: stable and yet lose weight, this is the best summary of Saucony Hurricane ISO 2, the current price of 1299 yuan, although there are little regret, but yet a pair of excellent training running shoes.

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